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Top 25 Favorite Albums

No order
1Superman Revenge Squad
Hmmmm... Meet The 'All New' Superman Revenge Squad

Superman Revenge Squad, despite the silly name, is the best artist I've found in a long time. Ben Parker, the singer/guitarist from Nosferatu D2 created this project after Nosferatu D2 disbanded back in 2007. This time, Ben is no longer accompanied by his brother, bur rather by an acoustic guitar and some strings on a couple tracks. No drums, nothing. What really sells it, besides the fact that his voice is awesome and irs just him and a guitar, is that these three albums have some of the,
2Superman Revenge Squad
We're Here For Duration... We Hope!

if not THE most honest and heartfelt lyrics I've ever heard. While most artists will write a poem or actually compose lyrics for the songs to give emotion, Ben brings it by almost talking through the songs. His lyrics are so relatable and just..real. He's really just telling you stories and insight into his life, but it doesn't feel forced and it's not melodramatic or trying to be emotional with deep lyrics. He makes it feel like you've known him all your life with these short but impactful
3Superman Revenge Squad
This Is My Own Personal Way Of Dealing With It All

songs/albums. There's a reason Nosferatu D2 is so acclaimed and it's because of Ben Parker. Whether it be his lyrics, his guitar playing, or his relaxing, yet pained voice. His accent isn't erased through his singing and it definitely helps.
4Nosferatu D2
We're Gonna Walk Around This City...

Dark Emo/Indie that is utterly heartbreaking, depressing, and chill inducing, as all good emo should be. Not only does the instrumentation bring that rainy day feel, the lyrics are the real seller.
5Panic! At the Disco
A Fever You Can't Sweat Out

Once I finally checked this album out, I instantly learned why The Dear Hunter's first three albums get compared so much to Panic! At The Disco. Though I don't really care for the bands other albums that I've checked, especially the painfully generic and boring Death Of A Bachelor, this album is a standout for not only Emo Pop/Pop Punk but in music overall. At least for me
6R. Kelly

R. does something that a lot of r&b albums I've found have a tough time of doing - being consistent, and not only that, it's a double album full of party songs, ballads, and even a posse cut with Jay-Z, Cam'ron and others. I've never found an album that has so many ballads and so many ballads that are actually good. Whether he's rapping, yodeling, or passionately singing about being with a woman, R. Kelly does it all perfectly with his sexy yet vulnerable voice.
7We Were Promised Jetpacks
These Four Walls

The goal of We Were Promised Jetpacks has always been to make dark, slightly angry, rainy day indie rock. On These Four Walls, they achieve this goal. From the first strums of the guitar on "It's Thunder and It's Lightning" to the quiet plucking on "An Almighty Thud" they do it all right and it doesn't hurt that the singer has a thick Scottish accent (go figure a Scottish band would) that bonds ir all together into this beautiful cohesion of indie rock goodness.
8The Weeknd
House of Balloons

Whenever I read a review for this album the main thing people say it brings to mind is sex. I guess I can see it but that's not really what I get. What i get from House Of Balloons is dark, cold, and moody experimental/alternative r&b. I can't just throw on this album when I feel like it, I've gotta be in the mood. Wicked Games is utterly devastating. Coming Down is creepy with the repetitive phrase of "I Always Want You When I'm Coming Down." And more moods
9The Drums

Something that has been made clear to me by Cl0ver is that Portamento is generic and kind of dull in places. If you were asking me about The Drums' other two albums, I'd say the same. While their debut sounds very immature and their album after this sounds like a rehash of what this albums succeeded in doing. Portamento really is a simple Indie Pop album. I can say that. But there's something about it that makes me love it. Whether it's the simple, yet heartfelt lyrics, the booming synths on songs like "If He Likes It Let Him Do It", or even just the random noises the singer makes, it all comes together perfectly
10The Notorious B.I.G.
Life After Death

Ahh Life After Death. The superior Biggie album. While Ready To Die does have the raps and really nice beats and hooks, it's just a rap album. That's not to say it's bad, it's just lacking. Life After Death has so much to offer. It's got party songs, gangsta songs, r&b mixed songs, and storytelling songs. LAD has far better production and I love Biggie's voice far more than on RTD. The features really stand out on this album. Jay-Z's and Bone Thugs n Harmony's appearances really stand out and R. Kelly's appearance on Fuck You Tonight is just bliss, and 112's appearance on Sky's The Limit is just bliss. Sky's The Limit. If you say this isn't the best Biggie song or rap song period you're just wrong.
11Kanye West
My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

One of the albums on here where everything possible I could say about it has pretty much been said before. I guess I'll say Blame Game is best song on here fight me. This whole album is stunning. I couldn't rank it if I tried. There's too much goodness.
12Jeff Buckley

Like MBDTF, everything has already been said. It's impossible to pick a favorite from here because they're all so consistent. Sometimes I think it's Mojo Pin, sometimes I think it's So Real, sometimes I think it's Eternal Life. Even in the mere 10 songs on here, it holds so much power that there's nothing needed.
13Jeff Mangum
Live at Jittery Joe's

What do you get when you take Aeroplane Over The Sea and make it live with other NMH songs and general talking with the crowd? A fucking amazing live album that any fan of Neutral Milk Hotel needs to hear. It doesn't have every song from Aeroplane, but it has many of them and certainly all the ones that matter the most.
14Neutral Milk Hotel
In the Aeroplane Over the Sea

Emotion. That's what I, and everyone gets from this album. Whether it's the strain he puts on his voice in Two Headed Boy or how utterly broken he sounds on Two Headed Boy Pt. 2, Jeff clearly has a strong passion for whatever he thinks he's singing about. There's always something different I feel strongly about everytime I listen to this album. Sometimes it's just the general tone of King Pt. 1, the climax of Ghost, or the chills I actually get nearly everytime in the beginning of Holland, 1945.
All Eyez on Me

The second disc is better. In fact, the second disc is possibly my favorite rap album of all time. If you're.not familiar with this album, its commonly thought that the fist disc is a classic and the second disc is complete filler. I dont really understand it. Maybe it's just my bad taste popping up again, but I love the feel of the second album and Johnny J's production is A+. There are a couple flaws with this album. Those are Life Goes On and No More Pain. While these aren't bad songs, they aren't very good songs. As well, the closer is the most anticlimactic closer I've ever heard. Ain't Hard To Find would've been MUCH better but w/ever
16Avenged Sevenfold
Avenged Sevenfold

While I do have a lot of nostalgia for this album, and a very strong personal connection with the song Gunslinger, I think this album gets far too much hate than it deserves. I personally love Dear God, and A Little Piece of Heaven. God that chorus on Piece of Heaven. This album isn't perfect as Critical Acclaim exists but it's easy to look past it as if you ignore the lyrics, it can still be a quite enjoyable song.
17Brand New
The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me

The mascot of SputnikMusic for good reason. Pretty much the ultimate rainy day album. While I will agree with people who say the first half beats the second half, I don't think it falls off after You Won't Know. I love Not The Sun and Archers so much. I don't get the hate for Not The Sun, what's so bad about it? When people told me that I NEED to listen more than once to appreciate it, I took the advice and boy did it pay off. When I first listened I has the mentality "I'm supposed to love this" which kind of held me back, bur after two more listens I completely forgot about that and just enjoyed.

Probably the longest lasting favorite on here. For the past two years I've always held this album very highly. It's never even left my top 10 fav albums. There's something about it that just keeps up even after so many listens and such a short running time. I need to get this on vinyl as elliootsmeuth always likes to make a point of how the vinyl is 10000000x better.

Even after listening to Drake's other albums, Views has always held up as his best for me. There's something about the gloominess of it all from the first track "Keep The Family Close" to "Faithful". Minus Hype of course. The dancehall tracks are all very nice, especially Too Good with that sweet Rihanna feature and Hotline Bling even gets me emotional sometimes.

This is no doubt going to be the elephant in the room. Pretty much the ultimate rainy day rap album. I guess I can see all the hate for this album, but I don't feel any of it. I LOVE the beats, Eminem's singing, and the over the top lyrics on songs like Rain Man and Ass Like That. Listening to Encore is like looking into the mind of a madman. You can't understand what was going through his head and neither can he. Will probably write a review for this in the future to fully explain my love for it. Also Spend Some Time is best Eminem song
21John Mayer

While there isn't much to this album other than it being a dozen or so soft rock songs, John Mayer does it so well that it doesn't even matter. So many strong highlights from this album like I Don't Trust Myself With Loving You, The Heart Of Life, Vultures, Stop This Train, Slow Dancing in a Burning Room, Bold As Love, and In Repair.
22Snoop Dogg
Tha Blue Carpet Treatment

A grower for sure. This is usually considered his second classic after Doggystyle but I think this is far and away his best. This is the definition of what a new West Coast album should be. The beats are A+, the lyrics are A+, and all the features serve a purpose and greatly improve the song to something amazing, whether its Nate Dogg, Ice Cube, or Dr. Dre. This album is criminally overlooked, like much of the rest of his discography because of the giant shadow Doggystyle casts. I'd only put Doggystyle at like 6th favorite Snoop Dogg album, but again that's probably just my weird taste.
23Snoop Dogg
R&G (Rhythm & Gangsta) - The Masterpiece

If Encore isn't the ultimate rainy day rap album, this is. While this album is much more bumpy then Tha Blue Carpet Treatment, at least int he beginning, ots highs are very high. The banger Drop It Like It's Hot, the tropical Let's Get Blown, the beautifully melodic Promise I, and many more are so so good and bring this album up so high. Also, the b-side to Drop It, "Get 2 Know U" is one of the best songs on here that was kept off the album for some reason. If you are to check any post-Doggystyle albums from Snoop, make it Blue Carpet or R&G.
Guerrilla Funk

I will always be in debt to Keyblade for putting this classic on his G-Coast list. Like he says, Paris takes his hardcore political lyrics and puts it on top of G-Funk beats and the outcome is pure gold. Paris produced the whole thing and honestly deserves a reward for it. The production on this album is some of the best I've ever heard and that's exactly what you want in a West Coast album. This album isn't completely political but there's always a sort of political tinge in most if not all the songs. Even with this, Paris creates complete bangers like the title track, "Guerrilla Funk" and "It's Real".
25Ariana Grande
Dangerous Woman

Right when I first heard this album it clicked for me. Every song, well nearly every song, is just amazing and highest quality pop. I still hold to my opinion that my favorite "three track run" is Touch It, Knew Better/Forever Boy, and Thinkin Bout You. Knew Better/Forever Boy being one of my all time favorite songs.
26Green Day
1039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours

Honorable Mention that can't be ranked because it's too important of an album for me to give a ranking. This is the album I get the most emotional about and also just is a good piece of music.
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