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MCU bad lol

EDIT: jk idiots it's my MCU binge, hope you like this title better Storm ig //// og summary: my and my bro have been watching the Marvel movies because what else are ya gonna do
Let There Be Rock

Iron Man: 4.5/5
Yeah I love this one but I gotta give it a rewatch.
2Foo Fighters
One by One

The Incredible Hulk: 3/5
Yeah I don't love this one but I gotta give it a rewatch.
Back In Black

Iron Man 2: 3.4/5
Yeah, so I still think this movie is a bit over-hated, but it’s far weaker than the first. The core of the problem here is that Tony Stark’s arc is far less engaging here. He has to learn to be his own man? Something like that. RDJ is excellent as always in the role, and elicits the needed sympathy from the audience that the plot doesn’t. We have two somewhat forgettable but actually solid villains that are both trying to be different sides of our protagonist—one trying to steal his Tony Stark persona, the other trying to be Iron Man. What makes this work overall is the competent direction from Favreau, which lands some great comedic, dramatic, and action beats all around. The script just doesn’t set up something at the level of the first, but as far as action flicks go, this one delivers.

Thor: 2.7/5
This one simply did not age well. While the Asgard stuff is neat and Thor’s central arc is believable, most of the film’s flaws are many and easy to spot. Thor spends too much time in rom-com mode on Earth, his chemistry with Natalie Portman is non-existent (which might just be poor direction, they’re both fine actors), and the stakes are constantly shifting. Luckily, Hiddleston manages to be so charismatic that Loki’s oscillating goals aren’t as much a problem as they should be, and Hopkins gives a commanding performance as Odin. But the root of the problem is this: the action (what little there is) doesn’t work, the comedy isn’t funny, and the drama stutters because it fails to realize what the core of the movie is (Thor and Loki’s relationship) until the very end. When it finally does realize it, we get a solid climax to cap off a not-solid movie. Oh well.
Hold that Tiger

Captain America: The First Avenger: 3.9/5
This one DID age well. There’s a bounce to this film that helps it hit the ground running. A sharp script from the same guys behind the rest of the Cap films and the final two Avengers makes it immediately clear who this guy is and why we should like him. His goal is constantly clear and his arc is a strong one, and the romance to this one actually really works considering the limited amount of time spent on it. The action soars in an old-fashioned way, and the film smartly eschews the naturalistic look of the MCU predecessors to give us something a bit more bright and shiny. This is just great action filmmaking with a good-natured heart. It’s a fun time all around while managing to lay foundations for the MCU without making it seem like homework.

The Avengers: 4.2/5
While nothing will beat the pure ecstasy of seeing this in theaters the first time, The Avengers holds up really well even looking back. This is largely due to Whedon’s confidence in ensembles. Even if his dialogue can be overly quippy and witty at times, he manages a tone for each character that rings true and plays them off of each other in exciting ways. The film is smartly not about them just fighting together but learning how to fit all their egos in a box in order to save to the day—the best way to handle a picture like this. Loki remains a frustrating villain, but again Hiddleston makes it clear why he was a fan-favorite. The action, humor, and drama all work well—the only weakness that’s more clear now than before is the limited emotional scope compared to the Russo brothers’ work on later films. Ah, well. Now that we have Justice League, we can see just how badly this could’ve gone.
For Those About To Rock We Salute You

Iron Man 3: 2.9/5
This becomes more of a mess every time I see it. Okay, so I admit, I do really enjoy the action in this Shane Black is an action director, and his muscle and inventiveness in these sequences shows, especially in the climax. The humor is occasionally spot-on as well. That’s about as far as my praise can go. While it’s more engaging than you’d think it should be, it’s got an actively terrible villain with confounding motivations and a plot that’s more driven by cool shit happening than anyone doing anything in line with their set motivations. Pepper is hostage? Sure, the villain had a thing for her. Terrorist bombings to get Iron Man interested? Yeah, the villain is fronting a fake terrorist because… he wants control over the president? Idk man, cool shit go boom, there are some expertly handled scenes here and there, but overall its just a nice bonfire to watch if there’s really nothing better you could be doing.

Thor: The Dark World: 3.3/5
Okay, so hear me out… this held up a lot better than the first. We spend a lot more time in Asgard and really understanding the power dynamics of the family which is a lot more interesting than the Earth stuff in the last one. The Earth stuff here is a lot sparser and more amusing. The romance… okay the romance still doesn’t work but Portman and Hemsworth both feel far more comfortable than they did before. Most importantly, even while the villain is still lacking, the plot and action are propulsive, menacing, and pack a serious punch. Even with a messy climax, act two is carried by exciting action setpieces and well-executed twists. The visuals and design are top-notch, probably the best for the MCU at this point. So as far as action films go, this is a winner through and through. It fails on a few key notes, but it’s far more convincing in pretty much every way than the original.
9Pink Floyd
Wish You Were Here

Captain America: The Winter Soldier: 4.3/5
This film largely succeeds from it's social angle--similarly to the first Iron Man, this is a superhero film that remains grounded in real-world issues to create a tightly woven action-thriller with an engrossing character arc. This is both why the film succeeds and why it falters--with much of the action being one-note action choreography. Often characters will just stand in one spot punching each other for about a minute before getting thrown into another place. It's well directed and solid, but it's not as creative or engrossing as anything the Russo Brothers pull with the conflicted character of Steve Rogers or some of the great narrative tricks they pull here. Just how excellently this builds on the first (becoming more of a sequel than any really expected) and the character of Captain America cannot be overstated. While the third act and the action lose a bit of steam, the brilliance of the thriller bones of this project help it to soar.
10Soundtrack (Film)
Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Mix Vol. 1

Guardians of the Galaxy: 4.2/5
More than maybe any other Marvel film up to this point, this succeeds at being an exciting, fun, action blockbuster with a ton of heart and fun explosions. Purely as an enjoyable experience this is probably the most re-watchable Marvel film in Phase 2 (even Phase 1), and even some narrative shortcuts don't really diminish the engaging connection of its characters through past trauma. The tone of this film is really well handled, the humor or drama rarely feeling out of place. It juggles a ton of characters while (mostly) doing a good job of keeping their arcs clean and purposeful. Is the villain cartoonish and underdeveloped? Yes. Is the climax cliched and contain over-simplifications of their problems with each other? For sure. But the creative action sequences, visual flair, and fairly engaging characters simply have so much to offer, and it shouldn't be cast aside. This one is a total jam.
Boygenius Demos

Avengers: Age of Ultron: 3.5/5
This is a severely frustrating film for me. It feels like Whedon really wanted to make a straight drama film with these characters (and the group drama here is... really good actually), but was forced to make a superhero action film... which of course this needs to be. Unlike the Russos, he's unable to make the action click with the characters and emotion of the plot, so this falls apart real quick. There are some very strong beats throughout (the Ultron intro scene is just excellent), and Spader's performance as Ultron grounds Whedon's scattered vision for the character. And even with some visual flair, overall there's just not enough joy this time around, and the action feels like its weighing these characters down rather than giving them the ability to break free.
12Christophe Beck

Ant-Man: 3.4/5
Again, a good film that could've been a lot more. Paul Rudd is strong in the lead role, but none of the other characters really pop out. Michael Pena is funny and the step-dad is great, but the romance here feels forced and the villain is beyond bland (even though his costume is kinda sick). What really makes this one work is just that it's a different beast than the other films, which helps it stand out. The heist elements are amusing and fun, and the action in this thing is just so creative and fun. It's not a great film by any means thanks to some wonky pacing and not a strong enough emotional bond between the two Ant-Men, but it works well enough.
13Henry Jackman
Captain America: Civil War

Captain America: Civil War: 4.4/5
The Russos prove themselves here as masters of the genre. The way they manage to give so many characters strong roles and arcs over the course of this story is incredible. The action here is far more enjoyable and creative than in The Winter Solider, and each sequence gives the characters room to breathe and let their personalities shine through the combat (without nearly as many quips as we might sustain through Whedon's tenure). I admire how the film somewhat addresses the moral quandry of superhero films with the political "collateral damage" angle, yet I wish they would've come to a more definitive message on this before going off for the more (understandably, necessary) personal side of the story. Maybe it's too much to expect from a franchise like this to be that self-aware, but it really could have elevated it. Overall, this is a fantastic action film with strong characters that works to deliver a captivating and convincing message on guilt.
14Michael Giacchino
Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange: 4.1/5
A much stronger entry than most perople give it credit for, this film combines impressive character work with imaginative action—something that most Marvel films sorely lack. While better emphasis should’ve been placed on his romantic relationship and friendship with Mordo (I literally had to look his name up), what worked was the intensity of Mikkelsen’s villain, and Strange’s disillusionment with the Ancient One. This carried over well into the third act, stringing us along with excellent action set-pieces and Cumberbatch’s on-point performance. All this and a rock-solid third act, this works as one of the better action films in the franchise.
15Soundtrack (Film)
Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Mix Vol. 2

Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2: 4.2/5
This one actually grew on me a bit, I’d even say this is a touch better than the original. While it’s not nearly as fun or rewatchable as the first, its emphasis on character drama and emotional logic comes to be a lovely surprise. While the drama does come at a cost in terms of the lazy plotting, a solid (though not stellar) villain and eye-popping visuals add up to make this an incredible experience overall. The action may not be as exciting as before and the third-act falls into more generic superhero territory, but the way that Gunn creates several separate character arcs and completes them with grace is honestly astounding for a film with this budget. You can tell it’s a very personal project, and it’s for sure one of the most moving projects in the MCU, if not one of the best.
16Michael Giacchino
Spider-Man: Homecoming

Spider-Man: Homecoming: 4.2/5
Bristling with quick pacing and great visuals, this one kicks ass It definitely lacks focus early on, and a lot of the time spent at high-school doesn’t fully pay-off later on in the film, but once it settles into itself, it delivers a lean and mean second half. Michael Keaton is a fucking machine (THAT scene is still one of the strongest of the whole MCU), and Holland brings an easy charm to both sides of the persona. Top that off with top-notch action and director Jon Watts’ tight grip of tone, and you’ve got one of the better Spider-Man films right here.
17Led Zeppelin
Led Zeppelin III

Thor: Ragnarok: 4.3/5
I’m not gonna be able to say anything about this film that others haven’t said--but this has definitely grown on me. Almost everything here works. It’s got an excellent light touch yet the stakes are always real and scary. It’s densely plotted, funny when it needs to be, even more menacing when it needs to be, and every damn performance shines. This is pretty much exactly what superhero films needed in 2017—a great director like Waititi to check their ego just a little bit.
18Soundtrack (Film)
Black Panther The Album

Black Panther: 4.0/5
This is a surprisingly strong film as a drama, and it makes leaps and strides thematically over other superhero films, which makes it all the more frustrating when it folds into itself for a by-the-number third act. The film’s weight is placed in an argument over privilege—what black people with wealth and power owe their communities. This much is handled with grace and guides an incredible character arc for T’Challa (thanks especially to Boseman’s killer performance). Not so convincing is the action and plot, which starts out strong (and is impeccably directed), but lacks the same imagination that was placed into the characterization and themes. Still, the stakes are always high and the villain is captivating, so this is a clear winner in the end. It’s just a shame that it’s more important of a story than it is game-changing. R.I.P.

(Also, the production design, score, and costumes all deserved their Oscar wins. Brilliant stuff.)
19Alan Silvestri
Avengers: Infinity War

Avengers: Infinity War: 4.5/5
Further proof that the Russos should direct ever ensemble superhero film ever, this one crackles with even more energy and drama than Civil War. Most important is the way that they establish emotional stakes with more emphasis than even the physical ones (and those are insanely high to begin with) the way that (almost) every important character is set up with a clear arc for pay-off in the next film is wondrous, and the script delivers everything clearly and with great skill. The biggest problem with this is pacing. There are some subplot that are just obviously not as enticing as others (I’m looking at your Thor) and the film could really have used a slight shave. Still, the choice to make Thanos the protagonist of this film was THE choice that made it work on this level. His characterization is complex and weighty, and his sacrifice makes it really feel like he earned it, even if it spells tragedy for the heroes. Man does this one work.
20Christophe Beck

Ant-Man and the Wasp: 2.5/5
When I saw this one in theaters I decided it was my least favorite film in the MCU. While Thor might’ve topped that since, I was even less impressed with this one the second time around. Again, the best thing about this movie is Paul Rudd. He’s just a charming guy, and scenes of him riffing with other actors (which seem improvisational) are often amusing enough. There’s a lightness here which is fun and pleasant enough, but when the conflict is so thin that it could’ve been solved with a quick convo, that all kinda goes down the drain. Most of the actors (esp Michael Douglas) seem just plain checked out, which adds to the whole obligatory feel of the movie, which is a shame because it could’ve been a great change for the franchise to do a straight comedy. The action is bland, as is the cinematography (with the blandest color palate since Phase 1). It’s just not very funny, not very exciting, and not very good.
21Snail Mail

Captain Marvel: 3.4/5
This are some really great ideas here, but none of them are fleshed out enough to work. The action is attractive but messy, and the humor is pleasant but rarely lands. The closest thing to compelling comes from the drama (likely due to the directors’ indie background). Captain Marvel’s arc is actually solid on paper, as is Jude Law’s villainous turn, but none are given the proper time needed to really work. As everything listed above ends up being sacrificed for each other, the film becomes increasingly thin and stutters to an unconvincing third act (though Marvel’s triumphant overpowered finale is a lot of fun). At the end of the day, this film is pleasant and entertaining enough (and admit it, Brie Larson gives a good performance) that I can definitely say that I like it, but it’s thin script and half-hearted stab at “Disney feminism” is never as engaging as it should be. Oh well. Next time?
22Alan Silvestri
Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame: 4.7/5
Nothing will ever compare to seeing this movie in theaters. It’s a cultural phenomenon that proved to be just as satisfying and thrilling as everyone hoped to be, laying rest to characters in a way that felt fitting and even emotional. It’s chock-full of fan service, but in a way that advances the plot and characters far more convincingly than another franchise-ender from the same year (seriously, fuck Rise of Skywalker). While it’s faults become far more apparent (the time-travel hubaloo never works quite as smoothly as they hope, the soundtrack kinda sucks, the Hulk, etc.) on the small screen of Disney+, I can say that in many ways it’s just as stellar bow of a franchise that ruled this planet for ten years. And whether it succeeds for the next decade, I give it a lot of credit for allowing an ending for fans that were starting to get worn out. For perhaps the most pop film ever, there’s a lot of beauty, wit, and heart to leave us with pleasant memories.
23Michael Giacchino
Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home: 3.7/5
Yeah, I really don’t feel like rewatching this one so I’ll just spitball this. I like this movie, but I really hate some things it does. Big problems: we never actually get to see Spider-Man be Spider-Man because he spends the entire fucking film trying to be Iron Man, or crying about Iron Man. The villain is literally an Iron Man villain. This is practically Iron Man 4, and is barely a Spider-Man movie. The emphasis on the high school comedy doesn’t work nearly as well here as in the first one, and more clearly distracts from the plot at hand. So why do I like this movie? Well, Jon Watts is a crazy talented action director with a great eye for flashy visuals that don’t distract from the plot, Holland is too compelling a lead to ignore, and Gyllenhaal’s turn as Mysterio is easily the most fun of the MCU stars-turned-into-villains roster. I love the third act, most of the Mysterio shit, and yeah. It’s a lot of fun when the movie lets you have it.
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