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Ranking albums I've listened to in 2018

I haven't listened to a large amount of new albums, instead getting lost in the discogs of 70s-80s rock, Bruce Springsteen, Radiohead and Modest Mouse, but I want to change that. Got any recommendations? Let me know below!
11Soundtrack (Film)
Black Panther

Fuck this album. Still haven't seen the movie, but I want to bad.

This was billed as Kendrick's next masterpiece and I fell for the marketing hook line and sinker. Kendrick does a good job as a producer, and some of the early tracks are damn good, but rest is just a whole lotta 'meh.'
10J. Cole

I had high expectations and by no means is this album bad --- it's just not terribly memorable. It's more disappointing for me than bad.
Here Come The Runts

Again, not an awful album by any means, it has some moments, and Handyman is the brightest moment on the album. I really loved dseeing the band experiment with less electronic sounds and a more intimate sound. Other than the musical changes, it sounds like any other AWOL album, for better or worse. I like Megalithic and Run, but this feels too similar to stand out.
8Kanye West

I need to give this album more chances, but I was pretty cynical about it upon release, expecting trash. It's interesting and something that, I assume, will require more listens. Pretty decent, not terribly memorable
7Speedy Ortiz
Twerp Verse

I love Speedy Ortiz so much. Their garage/indie/noise rock sound with Sadie Dupuis' witty lyricism is so charming. Awesome to see live, and Foil Deer is one of the better rock albums of the decade. They toned down the feedback and made an accessible album, and that's not a bad thing, they deserve more exposure. It's not super memorable. Major Arcana had MKVI, a passionate, crushing, guitar driven ~7 minute epic. Foil Deer had infectious ear worms in Raising the Skate and The Graduates, two criminally underrated rock singles. Twerp Verse's standout moments come early, Buck Me Off and Lucky 88, and it's pretty ho-hum from there.
6Jack White
Boarding House Reach

Twerp Verse seems like a tighter, more focused (perhaps better) album than this, but I think Jack really reached for the star here, he tried to to push the boundaries of his sound a lot here and it doesn't really work on some tracks, but you can hear the determination in finding something new and great. Boarding House is a really ambitious album with some good tracks, and I could see public opinion shifting as time goes on. At the least, it's a craft White has yet to master, but soon will.
The Now Now

Wayyyy better than Humanz. It's more focused and isn't riddled with filler deep cuts. It has some high spots. Humility, Lake Zurich and Souk Eye are good to even great, and Kansas is a damn good song, easily my favorite. Hollywood is a massive disappointment bringing in Snoop for an unmemorable verse. It's a breath of fresh air, and a great album to take a summer stroll to, but it blends together in the midsection and is difficult to not get into lull when listening to.
4Kids See Ghosts
Kids See Ghosts

I've only given this album a couple of listens, and I need to spin it a few more times, but from what I've heard, I really dig it. Cudi and Kanye spit some fire verses, the beats are sick, and there's some good topics on here. The more I listen to it, the more I expect it to rise.
3Arctic Monkeys
Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino

It's a divider, for sure, but I loved this album the instant I heard it. Lyrically, it's AM's most mature record and I'm always a sucker for concept albums. I'm a fan of lounge music at times, and I think it fits the purpose of the album well. Tracks 2-4 are unmemorable to me, but everything else is good-to-great.
2Jeff Rosenstock

Never listened to him until this year. I do really like Worry, but this feels like Jeff perfecting the sound he started on the previous album. I love the story of writing it, in the Appalachians after the 2016 US elections, and USA is a perfect representation of the frustration, fear, and anger a privileged faces after stepping into unknown territory of political unrest. It's hooky punk rock, and for someone who isn't a fan of punk, this album works so well.
1Let's Eat Grandma
I'm All Ears

My lord, I love this album. I made this list to whine about how there hasn't been an album to blow me away yet, but this has done it. Took a chance on a band I've never heard of after seeing the rave reviews, and man do I love this.
It's not often that a sub 2 minute instrumental opener hooks you as well as Whitewater does. What a dope intro, and Hot Pink has this infectious spunk to it. It's dreamy, enticing with its experimentation and hopeful and reminiscent in lyrics. It's not perfect (In my opinion, DAMN and Melodrama were two perfect or near perfect albums and they were both released by this time a year ago), but I think it's the best 2018 has offered so far. The middle of the album slowly loses the steam initially built, but it's an enjoyable ride. Right to the weakest track, Ava, Donnie Darko recaptures the magical essence the first two songs established. This is one helluva record.
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