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10.20.16 Colombian Brutal Death Metal

Colombian Brutal Death Metal

I've always been a fan of regional death metal scenes that have a linear sound, where a majority of the bands are sonically similar to the point where one can tell the location a band is from if well-versed in that sound, i.e. Sweden, New York, etc. From around 2001-2007, Colombia was a brutal death metal paradise. Tons and tons of sick releases flowed from the country constantly all with somewhat of a similar sound; they all sounded raw, dirty, and perverse. High velocity BDM, unique guttural vocals (not always in a good way), lo-fi production values, etc. Lately, I've really been digging this sound so I thought I would throw together a list of some bands I've enjoyed in the scene. While the Colombian scene is still pretty active, I personally don't think it's quite the world renowned BDM hotbed it once was. The Second World Brutal Death Capital title has been snatched by Indonesia in recent years, but I still await many releases from Colombian bands like Amputated Genitals and Mental Apraxia.
1Amputated Genitals
Human Meat Gluttony

2005: Probably the most well known Colombian band in this list. Famous for their goofy name, they also have the coolest song titles, especially "Vaginal Skin Grind Vomit". Super raw with wet, slurring vocals. Exquisitely complex under the wart covered, cum splattered surface.
2Ancient Necropsy
Deformed King's Mummification

2004: Great music, but the album art is the cheesiest shit ever. I don't mean that in a bad way, it adds to the charm. Oddly melodic, with a myriad of strangely epic riffs dotted all over the damn place.
Cerebral Wrong Settings

2013: Very sick stuff featuring Sebastian Guarin who has played with a lot of bands including Extremely Rotten, Purulent, My Plague and more.
4Blaze Inside
Pure Potenciality

2008: INSANELY RAW with weird tremolo riffs and the grinding, sloppy vocals this nation is known for. Possibly the most chaotic stuff I know of, nothing less than a monstrous vortex that's equally primitive and complex.
5Carnivore Diprosopus
Madhouse's Macabre Acts

2006: One of the other names from Colombia that has grown in recent years as well as relocated to Spain. Perverted atmosphere here, especially on the first two albums, which are a lot slammier than most of their countrymen. Very good Molesting the Decapitated worship here, coupled with the power of the regional sound.
Blood Machine

2008: Another contender for most horrible album art ever. I seriously love how so many album covers from poor countries around 2001-2008 look. So cheesy and bad, but they didn't give a fuck. Just wanted to make sick music.
True Blasphemy

2002: Later relocated to New York. The most Brodequin-esque of all the bands on this list.
8Carnal Blasphemy
Liars Made Authority

Sick and Dirty Thoughts

10Devoured Decapitation
Ammunition For the Land Battle

11Evil Darkness
Malignant Supremacy

2008: Most Colombian lyrical themes are about rape and gore and shit, but Evil Darkness take the old fashion anti-Christian route.
12Extremely Rotten Flesh
The End

2007: Machine-like in it's execution, completely destructive in its result.
Ritual of Flesh

2003: Another more well known band these days. Sound has become much more polished, but the old shit is way more fitting to their location.
14 Incinerating Prophecies
Depravity Incarnate

15Internal Suffering
Unmercyful Extermination

2001: One of the most technical bands to originate here as well as one of the most successful. The early stuff is definitely more "Colombian" sounding; they're all very lo-fi, extremely high velocity albums. Later on, they signed to Unique Leader and took a much more refined approach, but no dip in quality.
Putrified Vaginal Infibulation

2006: I know I use the word "raw" a lot in this list but with Masturbation I MEAN IT. This is among the outer limits of extreme music, complete with a snare that sounds like a cross between a trash can lid and a fucking xylophone.
17Melting Flesh
Good Addiction Butchery

2004: "Good Addiction Butchery". Can you get anymore Engrish-esque than that?
18Mental Apraxia
Cinical-Hypocritical Existence

2006: Great band!! Just released a new album in 2016 on Coyote Records. Weird, off kilter BDM underneath the coarse Colombian exterior.
19Mindly Rotten
The Most Exquisite Agonies

2005: First album is the best. Sounds like Brain Drill mixed with Amputated Genitals. Insanely brutal with random techy bits like sweeps and tapping, seemingly placed without a thought.
20Nihil Obstat
Inherited Primitive Behaviors

Child Burner

Garavito's Pedophilia Tales

2001: RIP David Rairan. One of the first true Colombian brutal death metal bands and definitely a well respected leader in the scene.
23Ripping Flesh
Episodes of Chaotic Extinction

2015: Another younger band, has a single full length out on Coyote Records.
Pain and Suffering

2005: Another staple of the Colombian scene!! Some of the siiiiiiiickest vocals in this scene, especially on the first full length. Insane tremolo riffage.
Tortured Cadaveric Humanity

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