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Steak's mf 2021

Goodass year fellas and bros, don't think it was as strong as last year but there were some ultimate bangers. Only gonna do a big description for number 1, I have a lot to get through here. Got a lot of honorable mentions as I jammed a lot of shit this year, here you go pals happy new year
84Magdalena Bay
Mercurial World

Static Dress - Prologue...
Imminence - Heaven in Hiding
Plebeian Grandstand - Rien ne suffit
Silk Sonic - An Evening with Silk Sonic
Sentinels (US) - Collapse by Design
Kraus - View No Country
Magdalena Bay - Mercurial World
A Ritual Sea - A Ritual Sea
Eidola - The Architect
RP Boo - Established!
If I Die First - They Drew Blood
The Killers - Pressure Machine
Meet Me @ The Altar - Model Citizen
Unreqvited - Beautiful Ghosts
Lorna Shore - ...And I Return to Nothingness
Tinashe - 333
Foxing - Draw Down the Moon
Lantlos - Wildhund
Yanari - Bottom of the Universe
Nightlife - new low
Doja Cat - Planet Her
Votto - Quindi noi sbagliando facemmo giusto
Observist - From the Ashes
Circuit Circuit - s/t
Genghis Tron - Dream Weapon
Dreamwell - Modern Grotesque
Snail's House - love songs
Landon Tewers - Frontal Lobe Submission
Sithu Aye - Senpai III
Beldame - Unrequited
Cacola - A Gift to Us All
83Ryo Fukui
Live at Vidro '77

High Honorable Mention

Piano Jazz

This man was a genius
Origin of Symmetry: XX Anniversary RemiXX

High Honorable Mention


Very rad that they did a redux of this album, it meant a lot to me growing up and Matt Bellamy was my inspiration to play guitar
81Mental Cruelty
A Hill to Die Upon


Nice deathcore to start us off hi!
80The World Is a Beautiful Place...
Illusory Walls

Post Rock/Midwest Emo

This thing is long and very pretty at times!


This guy likes Silent Planet!
MΓ₯sstaden Under Vatten


The wait for this was excruciating in the first few years, then felt nothing, and then it was actually coming out and hype! Very good stuff!


Fun little EP from Aussie land!
Viribus Unitis

Power Metal

Epic and bombastic and cheesy!
75How to Care for Flowers
The Clutter of Old Love: A Birdwatcher's Diary

Emo/Post Hardcore/Screamo

auberginedreams made an EP and it was good stuff!!
Tales of Othertime

Melodic Black Metal

Rad as hell meloblack stuff!
73Japanese Breakfast

Indie Pop

Cutesy indie pop that gets dreamy too !
72Tyler, the Creator
Call Me If You Get Lost

Experimental Hip Hop

The dude from the internet with the memes!
71Shame (UK)
Drunk Tank Pink

Post Punk

These guys are british as hell!
Death Doula


Look at the cool turtle!
69Telomere (CAN)
Where Are We Still

Mathy Post Hardcore

This is fun and cool!
Ascension Codes

Prog Death Metal I guess with beep boops

More like ASScension Codes amirite lmao but ya this album is good
67Devil Sold His Soul

Post metal/ Post rockcore

First album in 9 years and hey it's pretty good!
66Julien Baker
Little Oblivions

Sputcore/Indie Folk

The sputcore darling!
65Cara Neir
Phase Out

Black Metal/Screamo/This time it's like video game roguelike music

I'm crawling around in a dungeon getting loot while a man is shouting at me
Bleed the Future

Tech Death

Obnoxiously over the top tech death that makes me laugh at how fun and stupid it is
Diamond Destroyer of Death

Indie Rock/Indie Pop

Neat little indie gem
62Full of Hell
Garden of Burning Apparitions

Deathgrind/Grindcore/Grind your damn nuts

Batshit insane grind cool!
61Tokenai Namae
Taimu mashin ga kowareru mae ni

Shoegaze/Noise Pop/Dream Pop

This is very nice and cool and johnnyofthewellcore
Symphony of the Night

Power Metal

Embrace the cheese folks!
59MouthBreather (USA-MA)
I'm Sorry Mr. Salesman


This beats ass
58Ad Nauseam
Imperative Imperceptible Impulse

Jac Disso Death

It's Ad Nauseam! Very cool disso black death metal !


very pummeling and headache inducing in the best way, Frontierer rebounds back from a sophomore slump to release their best album woo!
56Youth Novel
Youth Novel


Estado de Imago

Screamo/Alt Rock/Melodic Post Hardcore

Cool screamo boys from Colombia !
54Portrayal of Guilt
We Are Always Alone

Blackened Screamo

The first release of the year from them and it goes hard who knew!
53Pupil Slicer


This goes dummy hord
EAT (NXT Soundtrack)

Poppycore but with a screaming twist!

Poppy does the scream! and it's good!


This shit beats you relentlessly with a hammer
50Tim Reaper
Teletext EP


Very fun beep boops
49Avalanche in Kyoto

Progressive Metalcore

Progcore from Chile! These guys rule! And I'm assuming they like Novelists a lot!
48Brand of Sacrifice


I am by no means a deathcore kid anymore like I was in 2012, but this shit goes so hard and Kyle (rip The Afterimage) is a fantastic vocalist

City Pop/KPOP

She is back after her phenomenal debut last year with a more mellowy EP, still fun and funky tho!
46Sleigh Bells

Electropop/Noise Pop

This band is a Poison the Well member lol fun noisey pop stuff!
45Billie Eilish
Happier Than Ever

Alt Pop I guess

It's Billie Eilish!


It's kpop okay it's fun okay!
43Sweet Trip
A Tiny House, In Secret Speeches, Polar Equals

Dream Pop/IDM

IDM means I'm Da Man
42Rx Nephew
Slitherman Activated

Trap/Experimental Hip Hop/idk ask Ryus he'd know better

This dude insane with the funniest bars imaginable on top of sick as fuck beats let's go my children
41The Armed


Ultrapoop lmao
40Death Goals
The Horrible and The Miserable


really dope mathy screamo !


I have been beaten to death
38Psychic Mirrors

Synth Funk/Yacht Rock

This album trapped me inside a sega genesis a month ago and I cannot get out
37Der Weg Einer Freiheit

Atmospheric Black Metal

If you told me a year ago that I'd get somewhat into black metal I would kill you on the spot
A Book About Itself

Prog Metal

Idk wtf a Karmanjakah is but this is rad proggy metal with a good vocalist!
35Origami Button
No Parking

Math Rock

Math Rock!
None of the Above


They're back! I saw these guys at a bar in 2013 and they beat ass lmao
33Mirrors (AUS)
The Ego's Weight

Progressive Metalcore

Progcore from Australia you know the drill, solid as hell boy
32Portrayal of Guilt

Krusty Krab/Blackened Screamo

Album number 2 from them this year and it rules despite what the nerds tell you!
Better Days


Look at the kitty!
30Remi Wolf

Contemporary RnB/Alt Pop/Indie Pop

Extremely funky fresh and fun pop music!
29Olivia Rodrigo

Taylor Swift/Paramorecore/tik tok

Zoomer sensation that I was almost stockholm syndromed into liking makes a good album showing potential for something even better down the road!
28Lost For Life
Don't Let It Consume You


Ex-For the Fallen Dreams vocalist who released a nostalgic EP last year makes debut LP and it's good!

Post Hardcore

These guys are very fun and get noodly on the guitars, vocalist is pretty distinct in that he has a lower register voice in a sea of higher pitched vocalists!
To Live With Purpose

Progressive Metalcore

Progcore that is much like apple pie, nothing I haven't had before but it's solid as hell and good!
25Spirit Breaker
Cura Nata

Progressive Metalcore

Rad newer progcore that tries to have its own identity rather than just leaning on what the pillars of the genre do!
24Gold Necklace
Gold Necklace

RnBcore/Post Hardcore

Vibey sexy Kurt Travis post hardcore!
23Kayo Dot
Moss Grew on the Swords and Plowshares Alike

Avant Garde Metal lol

This sounds like the soundtrack to going through a dnd campaign!
22for your health
In Spite Of


Very good screamo from early in the year, got some fun mathy noodling going on too!

Hardcore Breaks

This shit fun as hell, talmbout beep boop with the breaks big man wassup
Eternal Blue


This band was everywhere and you couldn't get a word in edgewise without hearing this band's name, and then the album dropped! Cool stuff! Lady vocals and she scream! Ah!
Factory Reset

Pop Rock/Alt Rock/Electropop

Tilian comes out with his best solo album yet, full of disgustingly catchy hooks and very fun instrumentation, yay!
18Future Foundation

Easycore/Pop Punk

Japanese supergroup consisting of members from Crystal Lake (Ryo Kinoshita, Yudai Miyamoto), SHADOWS (Hiro, Kazuki, Takahiro), and NOISEMAKER (AG, Hide, Yu-Ki, Uta), incredibly fun little EP!
Survivors Guilt: The Mixtape//

Emo Pop Punk

This is very Blink-182 and very fun! Travis Barker is on this because of course he is, and my man Kenny (I assume PHD Dr. Kenneth Hoopla) goes hard on vox let's go like it's 2000 bros
16Knocked Loose
A Tear in the Fabric of Life


Beat you the fuck down hardcore that almost has deathcore elements in it, goes hard!!
15Silent Planet

Metalcore/Progressive Metalcore

Rebounding back from the somewhat weak WTEB, this album goes hard as hell and is driven hard by Garrett as he continues to impress and grow as a vocalist, even showcasing some cleans! Ah!
14Don Broco
Amazing Things

Alt Rock/Alt Metal

This guys know how to make fun stupid bangers, and this album is no exception. Gumshield one of the best songs of the year fr fr
13The Amity Affliction
Somewhere Beyond the Blue

Metalcore/Post Hardcore

I've always had a soft spot for these guys, but this is the best this band has sounded since Let The Ocean Take Me. Ahren brings back some screams along with bringing back some genuinely strong choruses, Joel's screams are always getting better, and this EP just rocks bros it's rad.


Michael Barr came back and this band sounds fresh and full of life again. His screams rip through the air with a jagged knife and his chemistry with Myke is unreal.
11Musk Ox

Neofolk/Dark Folk

This is just skyrim/witcher/enter other fantasy rpg music lol it's good!
10Hail the Sun
New Age Filth

Post Hardcore/Swancore

One of the last pillars of swancore left standing, Hail the Sun delivers their best album since Wake! Donovan does the cool singing and the guitarists do the noodles and riffs!
Teeth Restoration

Breakcore/Hardcore Breaks/Jungle

Getting into jungle and breakcore a little bit this year was fun, it always feels like I'm being pelted with Sega game code. This is crazy and beautiful.
Dear Lemon House, You Ruined Me: Senior Year

Mathcore/Post Hardcore

After finding these guys last year I immediately wanted an album, and lucky for me they dropped this fantastic debut earlier this year. Peter pushes his vocals to almost wacky levels (which only cowards don't like lol fight me bih), and the aural assault of math riffs is mesmorizing and fun!
7Invent Animate
The Sun Sleeps, As If It Never Was

Progressive Metalcore

What an ass beater this is. Just a 3 song EP but man was this impressive, showing that the comeback album last year was no fluke with their new vocalist.

Post Hardcore/Alt Rock/Pop

Bilmuri continues to impress me with his interesting mix of genres and sounds, seamlessly going from screeching heavy sections to singalong choruses without breaking a sweat. Jam this shit dudes
5Every Time I Die


I don't need to tell you about this album, it's ETID you already know what it is. Fun metalcore with riffs and beatdown breakdowns galore at a breakneck pace, with Keith at his absolute best.
Glow On

Post Hardcore/Alt Rock/Hardcore I guess lol

This record is fun as hell dude! You got fun pit stompers, surf rockin bangers, vibe heavy alty shit, listen to it!

Progressive Metalcore

Erra has been the most important band in my life. I first found these guys on a youtube 'best breakdowns' video in 2010, with their song 'Of Rare Reform' gracing my ears for the first time. To say I was blown away would be the understatement of the century; I knew then and there that I had just found my new favorite band. They would go on to make my then favorite album 'Impulse' in 2011, then one upping themselves and making my favorite album ever 'Augment' in 2013, and life was amazing for a young steak in a blossoming progcore scene thanks in part to Erra, Northlane, Elitist, etc. Then in 2014 tragedy would strike in my world with a single headline: Garrison Lee was leaving Erra, and along with him was the departure of Alan Rigdon, leaving Jesse to fend for himself in the songwriting department for the first time in his Erra career. With a small EP full of Augment b sides out of the way, the new era of Erra had begun with now frontman JT Cavey.

My metalcore bros can tell you what my thoughts were on this new lineup, and it's that the new lineup was a huge drop in quality. To say the least, Drift was one of the most disappointing albums I had ever heard (though I do like it), and Neon was more of the same; the Erra of old had disappeared, and in its place was a neutered shell of what had made the band so special to me in the first place. JT was a monotonous and boring frontman who couldn't drive a song like Garrison or even Ian before him, and while Jesse was always technically improving as a guitarist, the songwriting department took a significant dive. There were always flashes of brilliance captured in each album, but nothing was showing me that the old Erra was ever going to come back.

Then Eye of God dropped. This song was the absolute best song they had released since Augment with each band member firing on all cylinders. JT brought variety to his harsh vocals, Jesse was soaring over the music with revitalized hooks, and the production was finally sounding beefy again. Every single that dropped was showing a newly reenergized Erra, and I was confident this would be the best album they had released since the glory days of this band. Come album release, and I almost wanted to cry tears of joy from what I heard. Jesse was pounding out riffs and melodies that sounded like they were made in a jet turbine, JT delivered his best vocal performance ever recorded with much needed variety, and everything just sounded so FULL and BEEFY. Erra returned to me, and that made me happier than I could've ever imagined.
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