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More plebs, more lousy opinions, and more cool jams. **All ratings out of 5
Cottonwood Hill

AlexK - I usually dig psych but oh man I fucking hate this thing. Cottonwoodhill features some good if by-the-numbers instrumentals, but the album is plagued by harsh and irritating production and this girl who will not shut the fuck up. The album is supposed to be like the musical equivalent of an acid trip, so either a) this theme/idea was horribly executed, or b) acid trips are just not for me. Probably a little bit of both. - 1.5
Bloon - A fun '70s psychedelic album that manages to be enjoyable, strange, and vibrant, despite being very repetitive, a bit grating, and a little to big for it's britches. In terms of psychedelic music, you could do a lot better and a lot worse. - 3
Sounds - This is what it's like to go through an anxiety filled acid trip? The girl goes on about nonsense, trying to articulate *something*. All while stimulating sounds wash over your ears. It's an experience - 4.1
50 - weird ass psychedelic orgasm shouting stuff. - 3
Cottonwood Hill

Highest rating: 4.1 (Sounds)
Lowest rating: 1.5 (AlexK)
Average: 2.9
Temporary Forever

AlexK - Sounds like he's trying to be the hip hop Captain Beefhart here and idk it just doesn't work for me. A lot of cool flute driven instrumentals (which sound way different from the ones seemingly everyone uses today), some real witty and "'~intelligent~'" lyricism that may or may not mean anything at all, but Busdriver raps in like the most obnoxious and annoying way possible and I just can't stand him on this album, which is ironic cause I fucking love anything Danny Brown touches. - NANANANA NAH NAH (he rated it a 2.5, going with that)
Bloon - Shameless review plug... :dab: - 5
Drifter - Huge thanks to my geography teacher for reccing me this. When i first listened to it i didn't care for it really, but when i came back at the end of june, I realized how awesome this album is. If you're into underground/alternative hip hop, this is definitely something you need to hear - 4.5
Temporary Forever

50 - Now THIS is what I'm talking about. Really organic hip-hop with bursting personality, songs that ACTUALLY progress, excellent instrumentation, various melodic elements, and an unbeatable vibe. My only complaint is it slightly drags occasionally. - 4.5

Highest rating: 5 (Bloon)
Lowest rating: 2.5 (AlexK)
Average: 4.18
5Ground Zero
Last Concert

AlexK - Idk what exactly is going on throughout this album but I dig it. Sound Collage is a cool genre(?) and I should check more of it. - 4
Bloon - It may have heart my ears really bad, but it was enjoyable and got my blood pumping. Not really for me, but it's probably one of the better migraine headaches I've ever had. - 3
Sounds - First song is 5/5, rest is disorienting and noisy in a good way, but don't reach the harmony of the first song. Really cool sound to it. - 3.7
50 - First song is a bunch of pointless blee-bloops but the last 2 songs are noisy and polarizing bangers - 3.5

Highest rating: 4 (AlexK)
Lowest rating: 3 (Bloon)
Average: 3.55
Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill

AlexK - Album is super chill and has a cool aesthetic but idk the songs weren't really there for me but this is probably a grower. - 3
Bloon - This is some top tier sad jams. Everything about this album is super emotional and depressing and it's some flipping good ambient stuff. - 4
Drifter - A good album but just not consistent. There are some real nice and chill moments on here, but some really boring moments as well. - 3
Sounds - This is pretty much a cathartic masterpiece. Ghostly vox over peaceful strumming? Hell yeah. Get some sleep Liz - 4.7
50 - I get why people dig this, I really do. However, the emotional-filled instrumentals didn't have said effect on me. Rather, it was a calming album that lost me at times. - 3.5

Highest rating: 4.7 (Sounds)
Lowest rating: 3 (Drifter / AlexK)
Average: 3.64
7Jon Hassell
Dream Theory in Malaya

AlexK - Some cool sounds on here but not really for me. I should try getting into ambient though. - 2.5 (I don't "get" it)
Bloon - While it might be a tad too simplistic in places, this is still quite relaxing and emits some nice vibes. This ambient style manages to keep the album engaging by incorporating unorthodox and experimental sounds, as well as tight writing that makes the album stick out amongst many other ambient projects. - 4
Sounds - Filled with natural progression using sounds from nature, it flows well and feels good. - 3.4
50 - A frankly boring, uninteresting album with slight moments of creativeness. - 2

Highest rating: 4 (Bloon)
Lowest rating: 2 (50)
Average: 2.98
8Master P
MP Da Last Don

AlexK - It's a 107 minute Master P album, not much else to say. However, "Mama Raised Me" is probably the greatest song 2Pac never wrote. "Imma thug but still mama's baby" lmao how great is that line? - 2
Bloon - Master P pulled together some good songs and then decided to make his album an hour and 46 minutes long, for whatever reason. The beats are alright, but most of these songs range from lackluster filler to laughably bad, with only a few standout tracks. I'd rather just listen to Doggy Style. - 2
Drifter - Shame i was the only one that enjoyed this. This album, and most other No Limit albums are all about getting a bunch of material out in a quick amount of time. Cheaply made and not very creative, thought provoking, or ground breaking. That's not the point though. I love No Limit and all the constant appearances by the rest of the tank. It's make it feel like a collaborative album. It's just a fun gangsta album and really doesn't deserve the hate it's received - 4
9Master P
MP Da Last Don

Sounds - lol this is waaaay too long, Jesus Christ. Has a few solid songs but most of it sounds like crap stretched way too far. - 1.6

Highest rating: 4 (Drifter)
Lowest rating: 1.5 (50)
Average: 2.22
10The Mercury Tree

AlexK - Really great modern (avant?)prog rock album. Compared to the majority of the genre today, I'd say there is more emphasis on songwriting here, and the wankier sections are a bit more tasteful. The album has a secondary 'math rock' tag on rym, not sure how appropriate that is though. The vocals are quite good but never steal the show, and are a lot less polarizing when compared to seemingly all prog vocals. The bass and drums are tight af and the guitar tones sound pretty original. Highly recommended to all the prog boys and girls. - 4.2
Bloon - Some proggy math rock that, despite some experimental ideas that seem good in theory, goes on way too long, meanders, and only gives enough material for a 30 to 40 minute album. Too bad it's an hour and 6 minutes. - A light 2.5
Drifter - Really good for the most part. One or two songs kinda lost my interest but it started and ended strong. - 4
11The Mercury Tree

Sounds - This is really solid, but has some maaajor flaws that hold is back. The song's that harmonize and go through many evolutions are the best. - 3.5
50 - Interesting prog with some electronic elements that sadly becomes dull at times. Musicians clearly know their shit though. - 3.5

Highest rating: 4.2 (AlexK)
Lowest rating: 2.5 (Bloon)
Average: 3.54
Mirror of Vibrations

AlexK - This is a pretty good melodic black metal album. Although a little underproduced, the songwriting is there, and the vocals are pretty rad. The band is also from Egypt, and it definitely shows in the music. There's also a good amount of symphonic elements on here, which kind of turn me off. Still a good album tho. - 3.5
Bloon - A pretty fun black metal album that wears it's egyptian heritage on it's sleeve, without sounding gimmicky. It's hard to take seriously, due to it's melodic approach to songwriting, but it's worth a listen for someone who's looking for a slightly less agressive and interesting take on black metal. - 3.5
Drifter - I'm not a big fan of extreme metal, at all. But this is actually pretty good. It was a lot more interesting than most metal records I've heard because of all of the extra egyptian sort of effects. The biggest problem with this album is the god awful sound quality - 3.5
Mirror of Vibrations

Sounds - How I like my black metal, combining neat little influences to contrast to usual black metal sound. Brings in middle eastern sections that feel right at home in each song. Oh yeah, the vocals and riffs are evil as hell too. - 4.4
50 - Very interesting black metal that unfortunately relies on the Egyptian themes a bit too much. However, said themes are pulled off to an astounding success (mostly). - 4

Highest rating: 4.4 (Sounds)
Lowest rating: 3.5 (AlexK / Bloon / Drifter)
Average: 3.78
14The Receiving End of Sirens
Between the Heart and the Synapse

AlexK - This band reminds me of the majority of the guitar-based bands on the Madden 06/07/08 soundtracks so there is a little bit of nostalgia here even if I've never heard these guys before. Album starts out really good but just kinda luls itself the rest of the way, and doesn't really justify it's 70 minute length. - 3
Bloon - Whiny emo bullshit, but the good kind. It could be shorter, but this is cathartic and sappy in an enjoyable way. - 3.5
Sounds - First off, mixing leaves a lot to be desired. The songwriting is pretty decent in places when they utilize their three vocalists to create a crescendo of sorts, but otherwise this was weak. - 2.7
50 - An album too time-wasting and gay for its own good. - 2.5

Highest rating: 3.5 (Bloon)
Lowest rating: 2.5 (50)
Average: 2.93
15L'Enfant De La Foret

AlexK - Ehh not too into Dark Ambient really. This particular album reminds me of Black Malachite quite a bit, except here a majority of the tracks are a lot more fleshed out, not to mention "darker". Now on paper that sounds like a good thing, but in reality it makes the tracks drag on for way too long, and because of this, the album drags on for way too long. ABRAXAS isn't exactly bad, it just doesn't really do anything at all, in spite of what some hyperbolic bandcamp descriptions may say. - 2.7
Bloon - It's some experimental dark ambient that, while making a dark atmosphere, ended up leaving me bored in a few places. This being said, its usage of trip-hop elements did keep me paying attention. This would be leagues better if the ideas were more fleshed out. - 3
Sounds - What a tease with that first song. Rest falls off hard. - 2.5
50 - The first half is fantastic, dark, atmospheric trip-hop that straight up bangs. The second one is just a bloated and needless addition - 3
16L'Enfant De La Foret

Highest rating: 3 (Bloon / 50)
Lowest rating: 2.5 (Sounds)
Average: 2.8
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