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bgillesp's 2010s Albums of the Decade (100-1)

My 100 favorite albums of the decade. It feels weird to finally post it after working on it so long. Anyways, this should be self-explanatory at this point, so here it goes.
100Agnes Obel
Citizen Of Glass

4.3 (2016) Some new-age singer classical folk stuff that has such a deep and haunting orchestral sound.
99The Necks

4.3 (2013) The Necks are probably the most unusual group on this list relative to the others (though my next slot would be the other contender). This is basically one long jazz minimalist track, and I have no idea why I like it so much, but its simplicity is entrancing. Shouts to tacos n stuff!
98The Tiger Lillies
Either Or

4.3 (2013) The Tiger Lillies are weird. Think early 1900’s vaudeville Brits making crass singalongs over accordion music. This one happens to be one of their best out of their many, many albums.
Ten Stories

4.3 (2012) It'll be a theme on this list, but I am a big fan of concept albums. This one is a unique concept of related stories, which is my favorite part.
96Beach House

4.3 (2018) My sort of unpopular opinion is that this is their best album. To me, their back catalog has always had a killer vibe, but never had anything that worked perfectly all the way through in terms of writing. This one felt like the culmination of all their vibes and experience into one album, that I treasure as my favorite Beach House.
95Flying Lotus
Until the Quiet Comes

4.3 (2012) For sure this will be an unpopular pick for a favorite FlyLo album, but something about it is just the perfect mix of his sound for me.
94Silversun Pickups
Better Nature

4.3 (2015) Another of my unpopular opinions for favorite album from a band. I think Better Nature is their catchiest work for sure, and that's the kind of band I like these guys to be most. Loved seeing them do a lot of these songs live.
93Flying Horseman

4.3 (2018) Really interesting dark post-punk blues, etc. genre blend stuff that's pretty hard to describe, but well worth your time. Shouts to Papi!
92The Dillinger Escape Plan
Option Paralysis

4.3 (2010) I think most people would have this or dissociation as their favorite TDEP of the decade, but I honestly love OOUITK a little bit more. Regardless, the insanity of this album is still something very special, and I am very sad these guys are done making music.
91Murder by Death
The Other Shore

4.3 (2018) I have twice bought tickets to see these guys live and couldn’t go because I or my wife was sick : ( . See my review for this album, link:
90Der Weg Einer Freiheit
Live in Berlin

4.35 (2019) An incredible live show from one of today’s best black metal bands with just the perfect amount of crowd noise to bring you into the experience, but not too much to overpower any quality. Perfect mix of tracks from all their releases for the setlist, too.

4.35 (2018) This is the best I've heard from them, that's for sure. Although I'm now inclined to give their other stuff a more proper chance now since I'm not confident I have.
88Tim Hecker

4.35 (2018) My latest addition to the list come in with an album that really should’ve been on my 2018 list. I really didn’t think I would like something of the minimal electronic persuasion, but after checking Anoyo on a whim and loving it, I knew I had to come back to this one before I posted the list. Glad I did because it ended up with a full fledged spot.
87Deathspell Omega
The Furnaces of Palingenesia

4.35 (2019) Another sludgy, broken mess of an experience that is captivatingly dark. Up there with Fas for my favorite from them.

4.35 (2018) One of my slow growers for the list. I always liked the album, but it took a long while for it to go from 4.1ish to here. I guess the difference in vibe/production was what threw me off a bit at first, but now I've grown to love this as top 1-3 mwY album depending on the day.
85The Slow Readers Club
For All Here To Observe

4.35 (2018) Something about this album is just so right for me, and it is really hard for me to say what. This is basically a live EP of songs mostly from their latest release along with older tracks. Shouts to Papi!

4.35 (2014) Slugdge is one of those self aware bands that just makes you feel good/happy when you listen to them. I have always loved cheesy metal so this is right up my alley, but this won't be for everyone for the same reason. See higher up for my favorite Slugdge.
83More Than Life
Love Let Me Go (2016)

4.35 (2016) Really haunting and slow burning emo/hardcore release. 2010 original version was great but re-release in 2016 is slightly better for me.

4.35 (2016) Both of these Khemmis releases are basically interchangeable for me in quality. Hunted was my first introduction to falling in love with their exceptional ability to make older traditional heavy metal sounds become so new and vibrant again. Desolation maybe did that just a bit better 60% of the days you ask me.

4.35 (2018) Hunted was an awesome album, and Desolation followed up the sound with a simple and logical progression. Their sound evolved just slightly, but essentially had the same things going for it. If I had to recommend only one of their albums, I'd pick this, but all their work is worthwhile.
80Godspeed You! Black Emperor
'Allelujah! Don't Bend! Ascend!

4.35 (2012) I think this is the best album these guys have put out this decade. I still love F#A# the best, but this comes pretty close to filling those same emotions for me.
79Manchester Orchestra
A Black Mile to the Surface

4.35 (2017) This album took a while to grow on me. From the second I heard it, I loved the production and vibe, but for a while, I felt that same production smothered the songs to some degree. I still feel that a little, but with more listens, the songs were able to break through a bit more.
78Kishi Bashi

4.35 (2014) Lighthgtgg is a light and whimsical indie pop album. It may be one of the lightest and most fun albums of the year. It’s so simple and that's where its greatest strength lies.
77Sturgill Simpson
Metamodern Sounds In Country Music

4.35 (2014) Progressive country is a good thing. I love Sailor's Guide the most, but this was awesome too.
76David Bowie

4.35 (2016) Obviously this is such a complicated album to talk about. Unfortunately, I never got much into Bowie until right about the time of his death. This album got so much more meaningful when its circumstances were revealed, which is so sad to say. This album is therefore beautiful, heartbreaking, and nostalgic too soon. It is not quite my favorite Bowie release, but it was an incredible farewell.
75Between the Buried and Me
Coma Ecliptic

4.35 (2015) This album got a ton of hate from BTBAM fans at its release, but I have no clue why. I think this is on par with some of their best work and even got to see the whole thing live, which was also awesome.
Feathers and Flesh

4.35 (2016) One of my favorite pure "fun" albums on this list. Avatar is gonna be a polarizing band for most because they are cheesy and theatrical, but I love it, and this concept album is very well done. They're awesome live too.
73Janelle Monae
The ArchAndroid

4.35 (2010) Great eclectic pop/hip-hop release. I wasn’t a huge fan of her latest release, but she’s definitely a talented artist.

4.35 (2016) Indie dream rock/pop. Not one I have jammed a ton, but I have to thank the “Sput Song of the Day” lists for finding this album. Maybe I’ll get back into those once I start back in school.
71The Roots

4.35 (2011) I’ve got no idea how they have stayed this good for so dang long. One of the most consistent groups of the past 3 decades, and probably my favorite hip-hop group ever. They managed to modernize their sound exceptionally well on this release.
70Kendrick Lamar

4.35 (2017) GKMC was Kendrick telling his story. TPAB was Kendrick telling THE story. Damn. is Kendrick taking a step back off his soap box and making an album he wants to make for the people he wants to make it for. In some ways that is an improvement over those two classics, but in a lot of other ways, this one doesn't quite live up. Still very worthy of a high place on this list though.
69The Dillinger Escape Plan
One of Us Is the Killer

4.35 (2013) I think this is the most underrated TDEP album, probably because there is a greater use of melody than in the past. They pull off the shift really well though, and I'll jam "When I Lost My Bet" any time.
Mass VI

4.4 (2017) "A Solitary Reign" is definitely one of the best songs of this decade and would be a good contender for post/sludge metal song OTD. The rest of the album is great too.
67Soccer Mommy

4.4 (2018) Out of all the sadgirl indie albums to trend in the past few years, this is my pick for the best. She was awesome when I caught her live too.
Black Messiah

4.4 (2014) Not near the level of stuff like Voodoo from his earlier days, but he is still a heck of an artist putting out some great modern soul.

4.4 (2015) Bluegrass black metal is a glorious thing.
Splendor and Misery

4.4 (2016) Incredible concept rap album from one of the coolest sounding rappers of the decade.
63Makaya McCraven
In the Moment

4.4 (2015) Jazz artist of the decade with another awesome album, but not quite as good as his entry higher up on this list.
62Shakey Graves
Can't Wake Up

4.4 (2018) Shakey Graves is one of the most improved artists of the decade for me. He started out with low 4 type releases and worked his way up to hear. Not to mention I saw him live in 2019 and his performance is among my favorite live performances I've ever seen. Never have I seen someone command a stage so well as a (sometimes) one-man band who can howl with the best vocalists of this age.
61Trampled By Turtles

4.4 (2010) Most of this album is great, but not quite to the level required to get on this list. However, the track "Wait so Long" single-handedly brings up this album almost half a rating point. I love that song so much I once listened to it on repeat for over 4 hours. Jam more bluegrass Sput. Shouts to Lefty!
60Two People
First Body

4.4 (2019) This thing is just so dang chill. I love the vibes on here so much. It has such a familiar sound like you’ve heard it all before somewhere, and I think that is why it sticks with me. Shouts to Dewi!

4.4 (2011) Blackgaze with more emphasis on the "gaze" than bands like Deafheaven. Thanks so much to JustJoe. for introducing me!
58Pierce the Veil
Selfish Machines

4.4 (2010) I am not ashamed to love Pierce the Veil, and this is one of my most listened to albums on this list. I know every word and will love this forever, and none of you can change my mind.
57Protest the Hero

4.4 (2013) I think most days of the week you ask me, this would be my favorite PTH album although it is hard for me to decide at times. I like how this one has simpler song structures so you can enjoy the great moments more than just a few seconds.

4.4 (2015) TBH I'm sad to see Bjork so low on this list since she's one of my favorite artists of all time, but then again, most of her best stuff was 2000s. Vulnicura tops her 2010s output, but her other stuff was still excellent.
55The Bamboos
Night Time People

4.4 (2018) Ridiculously fun modern funkepop album with an absolutely killer vocalist. like a modern EWF a la Spirit. Admittedly the songwriting here is predictable and not the strongest suit of the album, but if this isn't the most fun vibing album idk what is. Shouts to Dewi!
54Devin Townsend Project

4.4 (2011) Devin Townsend goes ambient prog rock. Even if you don't like most of his work, there is a great chance you'll love this.
53Hidden Orchestra

4.4 (2012) One of my favorite finds from my "trip hop journey”, this one is not fully trip hop, but is a really interesting blend orchestral ad electronic sounds. Check the track "Disquiet".
52Devin Townsend Project
By A Thread: Live in London 2011

4.4 (2012) A series of four concerts recorded in 2011 where Dev played live versions of the first 4 DTP albums. Ghost sounded amazing in the cathedral he played in, and Ki and Addicted sounded great, too. Deconstruction does not hold up as well live unfortunately, though.
51Floating Me
Floating Me

4.45 (2011) Australian modern heavy prog rock. Shouts to Sammich from his original “Let Me Rec You Something” series, which never disappoints.
50Typhoon (USA-OR)
A New Kind of House

4.45 (2011) Typhoon's 4th entry on this list is their early EP. I spin this one more than Hunger and Thirst d/t owning the CD and the ability to get a full listen in so quickly.

4.45 (2015) Instrumental prog metal "djazz" compilation of 3 EPs. Love this, but see 34 for higher praise.
48Danny Brown
Atrocity Exhibition

4.45 (2016) Schizo hip-hop. Checked this b/c of the Sput hype, which is one of the reasons I really love this site.
47Rainbow Kitten Surprise

4.45 (2015) The third entry from RKS on this list. See 37 and 19. Check 'em out folks.
Relatives In Descent

4.45 (2017) Modern post-punk. This one took a bit to sink in for me, but once I did, I became a post-punk convert. Shouts to Papi!
45Makaya McCraven
Universal Beings

4.45 (2018) Really awesome modern jazz album bringing together distinctive styles from the 4 cities in which it was recorded with help from the local musicians.
The Destroyers of All

4.45 (2011) Ulcerate brand death metal (see 21)
Welcome to Bonkers

4.45 (2018) Absolutely Bonkers! Objectively, this is not one of the better albums of the decade in terms of musicality, but if this isn't one of the most fun albums on this list by leaps and bounds then I don't know what is. This album is hilarious at every moment and it is gloriously self aware of how dumb its gimmicks are. I wish upon the magic spider that more people will check this. Shouts to Balls!
42Damien Rice
My Favourite Faded Fantasy

4.5 (2014) Slow indie folk/singer-songwriter. First found this thanks to a little rec comp among friends trying to find a good 3000th rating and while it did not win, it was certainly an appreciated rec! Shouts to neek!
41Son Lux

4.5 (2017) A short EP from Son Lux that rivals their best full length releases. Electronic indie trip-hop. Shouts to Potsy and Papi!
40Kairon IRSE!

4.5 (2014) This thing is wild! It’s psychedelic, it’s heavy, it’s dreamy, it’s sludgy, it’s post-rock like you’ve not heard before. But you should hear it if any of that sounds interesting to you. Shouts to Abe!
Luv(sic) Hexalogy

4.5 (2015) Japanese chill hip-hop. Not a ton to say other than this one really puts you into a trance. It’s not like American hip-hop with the constant braggadocio, which is quite refreshing at times.
38Ben Howard
Burgh Island

4.5 (2012) To me, this is just as good as IFWWW, but because it is so much shorter, it falls down the line a bit. The biggest flaw of this EP is that it is so good that you want more songs than you get. That's why IFWWW is in my top 15.
37Rainbow Kitten Surprise

4.5 (2013) Rainbow Kitten Surprise. How could you not love a band with that name? They've got 3 in my top 50 this decade, and I really think they deserve it. If you want to know what they sound like, its a really campy indie rock that isn't flashy or big, but is a whole lot of fun. Check tracks like "Devil Like Me" or "First Class" for an intro. The surprise is that they are actually really good. BTW this slot is for the combo Seven+Mary.
36Blood Incantation
Hidden History of the Human Race

4.5 (2019) An interesting mix of spacey and brutal sounds with really great flow from moment to moment. I didn’t love my intro to this band, but this album really changed my mind in a big way.
35Sturgill Simpson
A Sailor's Guide To Earth

4.5 (2016) I never thought a country album would end up so high on any list of mine about anything. This was the album that changed my mind about a whole genre, and while there is still a lot of trash on the country-rock radio, I now know that real good country music exists, too.
Handmade Cities

4.5 (2016) Plini is my favorite from the instrumental prog metal "djazz" scene. His first full length did not disappoint in the slightest. I'd love to see him tour in the States one day and I anxiously await his next release since his newer EP was great too.
Outer Isolation

4.5 (2011) This is my unpopular choice for second best Vektor album. Being the shortest, I find it easier to digest while still having all the great qualities and intensity of their other albums.
32Nothing More
Nothing More

4.5 (2014) Nothing More is one of the bands I credit for really getting me into music in general. Ten seconds into my first time hearing their lead single "This is the Time" on the radio and I had already decided to buy the whole album. Until then, I had not had any music affect me that deeply and quickly essentially in my whole life. This album is a string of hit single-quality hard rock jams one after another without a dull moment. More people oughta check this one, too.
31Pusha T

4.55 (2018) I'm not the biggest Kanye fan out there, mostly because I don't love his lyrics all the time. But, one thing Kanye does that I respect a huge amount is his ability as a producer. Put that together with the rapper I prefer in Pusha T and you get a killer album. Despite its short runtime, this album bites with every line and Push raps like a guy who knows he's headed for the top.
30Benjamin Clementine
At Least For Now

4.55 (2014) This is one of those albums that despite being deeply loved by me, I have not actually listened to it so many times because the artist has an album I love more. With I Tell A Fly, Clementine put out a masterpiece for the ages, so it is hard for me to revisit this one as often. Regardless, he is an incredible artist, so his previous album At Least For Now is also quite amazing. Shouts to Papi and Sowing!
29Gang of Youths
Go Farther in Lightness

4.55 (2017) Cello , like saxophone, is one of those instruments that can make most anything sound better. Gang of Youths have no problem using that to their advantage on this album. Lots and lots of cello sets the vibe on killer tracks like "Achilles Come Down" throughout this album, and I am looking forward to seeing what is to come from the guys in the future. Shouts to Papi!
28Son Lux

4.55 (2013) A couple summers ago, I dedicated my listening to discovering the genre of trip-hop, and out of the 100+ artists I listened to, Son Lux was in the top handful. They combine indie stylings with those chill trip hop electronics into something very smooth and listenable. Lanterns would probably be their most accessible album, but it is also one of their best. Shouts to Papi and Potsy!

4.55 (2011) I like djent and I don't care who knows. Ever since I started playing percussion through school, I always dreamed of finding music that relied on heavily syncopated rhythms to drive the feeling. When I found out a couple years later that it existed, I was beyond happy. One, in my opinion, was one of the best albums to come out of this genre, fad, whatever you want to call it. The closing track Eden is one of my favorite songs on this whole list, too.
26Fire! Orchestra

4.55 (2019) I had a hard time coming up with a solid description for this for my year end list when all my thoughts are summed up more eloquently in Dewi’s review, but I do want to say that this subdued wildness combined with these ethereally haunting vocals make for a solid 2019 AOTY, despite it being the lowest AOTY on this list. Shouts to Dewi!
25Casualties of Cool
Casualties of Cool

4.6 (2014) I love Devin Townsend, and anyone who knows me knows that. Casualties of Cool, though, is not typical Devin. You may love or hate him, or just not know him, but this album above all others is his album that I can recommend to anyone. As an ambient country collection of "Haunted Johnny Cash" songs, he and Che Aimee Dorval created a relaxed journey that anyone can enjoy here. Also, any artist that can pull off extreme industrial metal and ambient country deserves respect.
24Typhoon (USA-OR)
Hunger and Thirst

4.6 (2010) I love Typhoon, and anyone who knows me knows that. Hunger and Thirst ironically rarely gets play time from me despite being in my top 25 of the decade because even though it is this high, Typhoon claimed my number 2 and 3 slots as well. However, if it were not for those two masterpieces overshadowing it, Hunger and Thirst would be a major standout of the decade that I would spin a lot more often. Check Typhoon people.
23Teho Teardo and Blixa Bargeld
Still Smiling

4.6 (2013) This might be my weirdest choice of the top 25 in some ways. This album is very hard to describe for me because I have not really heard anything else much like it. This is an album about vibe more than about writing. It is dark with a lot of cello to drive the atmosphere. Beyond that, I don't know what else to say, but Id recommend this album very highly for more people to check. Shouts to butcherboy!
22The Afghan Whigs
In Spades

4.6 (2017) In Spades was my first introduction to the Afghan Whigs, for which I am very grateful. While it is no longer my favorite album of theirs, it is their best this decade. I am so glad they made a comeback as good as this so that I could discover their whole back catalogue, too. This one has grown off me slightly after my initial obsession with it, but it is still undoubtedly excellent. Check it if you like grunge-y indie rock. Shouts to butcherboy and Papi!
Shrines of Paralysis

4.6 (2016) Ulcerate took a long time to grow on me. I'm not really sure what happened to flip the switch, but I did not like this album at all on first listen, and now it is one of my favorites. Their brand of death metal is (or rather, was) unique, and I respect their innovation a huge amount. A lot of other bands must have thought so too with all the clones that popped up. Abrogation is one of my favorite openers on this list.
20Perfume Genius
No Shape

4.65 (2017) "I'm here, I'm weird!" Perfume Genius was a surprising find for me in 2017 in that I did not expect to fall in love with this album nearly as much as I did. I think 2017 has to be my favorite year of this decade when something as good is this takes the third slot for the year. I love how this album manages to stay so quiet and reserved while still twinkling loud and proud its anthems of love and accepting oneself. Now that I've hit the top 20, the descriptions are gonna start getting longer I think. Shouts to butcherboy!
19Rainbow Kitten Surprise
How to: Friend, Love, Freefall

4.6 (2018) RKS are a semi-local band to my area, so their influence has still yet to spread to anywhere near mainstream. However, I still think these guys are one of the best groups OTD. Freefall is their most recent album and, in my opinion, their best with the pseudo-title track being my favorite song of theirs. I'm guessing most people reading this will not have heard of these guys, so I would recommend this to anyone who is a fan of campy indie rock that's just a heck of a lot of fun. There is nothing flashy about how they play their instrument, but man can they write a fun song. This album is above their others for me, though, because they also showcase how well they can write a song with a more complicated structure and still have fun. See my review for deep analysis:
18Kendrick Lamar
good kid, m.A.A.d city

4.65 (2012) Kendrick is a master storyteller. GKMC tells a simple story, but it means so much. There aren't a whole lot of things I can say different about this album from TPAB (see 7) because I love them for the same reasons. While I feel the scope of this one is not as broad and that is probably why it falls slightly lower on this list, it is essentially just as well executed. One of the best artists this decade no doubt.

4.65 (2013) This is one of the few black metal albums I can get my wife to listen to because although it is black metal, it is just pink enough to be palatable. Dream House and Pecan Tree get me every time, and it might be soft, but I love the emotional music in this album. This isn't one I revisit all that often, but every time I do, I'm happy about it.
Esoteric Malacology

4.65 (2018) I love self aware music like I love self aware film and comedy. I liken this album somewhat to the Sharknado movie series in that it makes fun of itself as it goes. However, this album is not a "so-bad-it's-good" case because the musicianship and songwriting are still very good. Maybe not to the level of the other greats this decade in skill, it makes up for it and more in entertainment value. To quote my favorite self-aware artist Devin Townsend, "music, well it's just entertainment folks", so if you cant love something for making you feel good, then why do you listen to music at all?
15The Tallest Man on Earth
The Wild Hunt

4.7 (2010) While I am a little disappointed with the sow decline of TTMOE over the course of this decade, there is no doubt he started off the decade with a bang, putting out one of the best albums of 2010. His unique voice almost brings up memories of Bob Dylan along with his songwriting talent. I don't have any immense emotional connection to this album, but I cannot deny how well written and enjoyable this work is.
Slow Forever

4.7 (2016) I had a very hard time deciding my 2016 favorite between this and Vektor. They are essentially tied for me, but for whatever whim this ended up one spot lower for the list. Anyways, I still have massive respect for this album as one of the most inventive genre-benders of this decade. Swirling together old western sounds with black and sludge metal made for a surprisingly good combo while Charlie Fell provides some of the most unique vocals in metal that I am a huge fan of. It may be 80 minutes long, but this album is no chore to get through. Check it out if you think this combo of influences sounds cool.
Terminal Redux

4.7 (2016) When I first started getting into using Sput, this album was getting hyped like crazy. Sometime between then and now, it got cool to say this album was overrated, but I'm sticking to the hype train as a massive fan of this epic. Obviously the musicianship from these legends is insane, but I can't get over how much I love the shrieking style of the vocals as well. This remains my favorite Vektor album, and while I'm sad they split, I'm glad they ended on a high note. And while this is my second lowest placed AOTY from this decade, 2016 was still a great year, especially for metal. AOTY 2016.
12Ben Howard
I Forget Where We Were

4.7 (2014) Somehow, I do not feel like I have a ton to say about this album despite it being one of my absolute favorites. This album was one of my first indie discoveries I made w/o the help of my wife. It was actually recommended to on Sput and was one of the first albums I checked because another user specifically told me to. I'll always be grateful for that rec because the slow haunting dream Howard weaves through this album is near and dear to my heart.
11Devin Townsend
Ziltoid Live at the Royal Albert Hall

4.75 (2015) Live albums are biased by opinions on artists much more than studio, so if you love or don't love Devin, that'll settle your opinion of this. For me, this was an almost perfect show. While the first set basically just running through the Ziltoid storyline was awesome, it was nowhere near good enough alone to be this high on the list. The second set, however, has to be the greatest live set I have ever watched (I have the Blu-ray). As a by-request set, it includes most of Devin's best songs, but the coup-de-gras was easily the "Funeral-Bastard-Death of Music" suite to (basically) end the show. The version of "Death of Music" from this concert is probably my favorite song/performance of all time. I am genuinely floored every time I hear/see it. Bastard is my favorite studio track ever, but this performance of "DoM" tops it. If you love Ocean Machine, you HAVE to witness him perform these tracks back to back for the first time in his career.
10Devin Townsend Project
Ocean Machine: Live in Plovdiv

4.8 (2018) Again, it may be unfair to have live albums so high on this list since how much I love Devin biases live albums more than studio, but whatever. It's my list. Plovdiv is probably my favorite live album overall and it barely edges out his Ziltoid show because of the strength of the first set consisting of several songs from Transcendence with several other classics. The second set solidifies it as a classic since they played Ocean Machine (a top 5 favorite album OAT) straight through. Ziltoid live did better on the "Funeral-Bastard-Death of Music" suite, but overall, this show was too good throughout. I'm also grading this as the Blu-ray version, so even more unfair, but who cares.
9Arcade Fire
The Suburbs

4.85 (2010) The Suburbs might be an unusual pick for a favorite Arcade Fire album, but for me it takes the spot securely. I subscribe to the theory that this is in part an album in response to ungrateful fans complaining pseudo-intellectually about their transition from Funeral to Neon Bible (see flagged review, one of my favorite reviews on this site). With that perspective, the attitude conveyed through this conceptual album makes for a very fun listen. It may be cliché, but Sprawl II is one of my favorite songs of the decade, too. Before hearing this, I thought indie/alt-rock was my lest favorite genre of music, but these guys helped change my mind enough that indie is one of my most represented genres on this list. AOTY 2010.
8Benjamin Clementine
I Tell A Fly

4.85 (2017) Benjamin Clementine is an interesting artist. I like to make the strange comparison of him to Nick Cave not because of musical similarity, but attitude. Nick Cave is the kind of artist who can make a simple song sound so deeply and darkly enchanting just from the swagger of his voice. Ben Clementine has that similar kind of attitude in that he can howl at the moon over a old time poppy piano melody in a way that doesn't make immediate sense, but the confidence and energy with which he does it turns it into something huge. Probably my slowest grower on this list, I Tell A Fly went from a low 4 on first listen to a solid 5, taking over a year to get there. If you're looking for something a little out there that combines new and old sounds with thoughtful lyrics to boot, this could be for you. Shouts to Papi and Sowing!
7Kendrick Lamar
To Pimp a Butterfly

4.85 (2015) A lot of people out there would consider Kendrick the King of the decade, and I think he makes a very strong case while certainly taking that title within the genre of hip-hop. TPAB is one of my favorites, if not my favorite hip-hop album ever. Along with GKMC, Kendrick has proven his ability to tell a story through concept album is exceptional. TPAB was Kendrick trying to do something very very big and trying to send a real message to the world, and he succeeded without a doubt. An album with this kind of depth and scope in message is incredibly hard to find, at least when it is pulled off this well, and that is my biggest reason for loving it. It is probably the album that most strongly shaped my tastes when first getting into rap/hip-hop. Hip-hop OTD.
6Pierce the Veil
Collide with the Sky

4.85 (2012) If you've been reading all the entries to this point, you wont be shocked to see the third and highest entry from a band many on this site despise. If you're skipping ahead and have no idea why this is here, get over it. PTV will always be one of my favorite bands and are probably my most listened to artist OTD, and this album is probably my most listened to OTD. When I first discovered this album, it was a bit of a rough period during my senior year of high school. This album was what I turned to in those time and I know I listened to it well over 100 times that year alone and many more since. This album is so high a lot because of my personal connection to it, but I also genuinely think Vic Fuentes is an exceptionally talented lyricist with his beautiful use of synesthesia. Tony and Mike on guitar and drums always find moments to flourish. If you listen objectively, you'll hear their merit, but I think people often hear the vocals and trash them in 10 seconds. AOTY 2012.
Para Quienes Aún Viven

4.85 (2017) This is by far and away the most slept-on album of the decade and probably one of the most in history. More people have heard of Toundra, the Spanish post rock band, but Exquirla is Toundra accompanied by Nino de Elche, an unorthodox modern Flamenco superstar. Now, even if you know both of these artists on their own, I would argue that their union has produced the best work from either by far. This album is a collection of gorgeous post-rock set behind flamenco cantations of a book of beautiful Spanish poems. The power of the poems is elevated by the immense vocal strength of Nino de Elche, and Toundra's music fits it perfectly. If you like post-rock and/or Spanish music/vocals, you NEED to check this album. AOTY 2017. Enormous shouts to Sniff and Dewi!
Juggernaut: Alpha/Omega

4.9 (2015) I am well-prepared for how many times I'll get called an idiot for this pick, but guess what. I don't care. I love this album and wouldn't trade it for hardly anything. I get some (most?) people hate Spencer's vocals, and some (most?) just hate the "djent genre", but regardless of all that, I don't think anyone who gives this album a fair chance and fair analysis can deny it is one heck of a concept album. The storyline and how well it is conveyed through the music are essentially unmatched. Even the instrumental tracks move the narrative forward so clearly that lyrics aren't needed. I've always wanted to write a review for this one explaining that to people, but I just never got around to it. Anyways, nobody is gonna change their mind reading this, so I'll continue to love this, and yall can continue to miss out. AOTY 2015.
3Typhoon (USA-OR)

4.95 (2018) Offerings shows my love for concept albums done right (concept albums take 3 of my top 5 slots and 5 of my top 10). This album is one of a handful that I instantly 5'd upon first listen (I actually 5'd it before the release, but I was willing to change it if necessary). Of course the fact that I knew I loved Typhoon going in affected my listen, but 20+ listens later, I love it just as much as ever. While I think White Lighter barely edges it out for their "masterpiece", it is hard to find anything resembling a flaw in this album other than the fact that I need to be in a bit of a specific mood to properly enjoy this. It is dark and emotionally heavy, so I may not revisit this every week, but I will always love it for how it makes me think and feel. See review I wrote (AOTY 2018):
2Typhoon (USA-OR)
White Lighter

5.0 (2013) Typhoon based on this list is obviously another of my favorite bands taking 2nd, 3rd, another in the top 25, another in the top 50, and an honorable mention. My artist OTD would be very tight between Devin and these guys, but I think I'd give the edge to Typhoon. White Lighter is in my opinion their truest masterpiece. It was the first album I ever heard from them and it grew from an album I loved to one of my favorites of all time over the years. I first discovered this album when snooping through my girlfriend's Spotify account, trying to figure out what records I should get her for Christmas. She is now my wife, and her taste is music is one of the reasons I love her. This album was one of the first non-rock/metal albums I fell in love with and I credit it heavily for expanding my tastes. AOTY 2013.
1Devin Townsend Project

5.0 (2011) This is my favorite album of all time, and it will probably remain that way forever, so unsurprisingly, it also tops my decade list. This album is definitely not for everyone, and also not even likely to be the favorite of most Devin fans, but it holds a special place in my heart. It was the first Devin album I fell in love with way back years ago when I was first really getting into music. I'm not sure if the crazy circus-like vibe this puts off has always been my style or if this album is the reason I love that stuff in the first place, but either way, I couldn't imagine a more perfect album for what I love in music. AOTD and AOTY 2011.
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