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My Journey In Music

These records are important to me, some if only because they defined my early taste.
1Linkin Park
Minutes to Midnight

2009: For about a year, Linkin Park were my favorite band. Say what you will about them, but they were my first exposure to the idea of rock, so they were kind of exhilarating to me. I don't listen to them at all now, but I'll always appreciate them for getting me started.
2Green Day

I got into them around the same time as Linkin Park. I haven't listened to them in a long time, but I feel like this and Insomniac hold up pretty well in a way that #1 doesn't.
*Stops writing list for nostalgia listening
Enema of the State

2010-By this point, I was over Linkin Park and riding the pop-punk bandwagon because of Green Day. I feel like now the guitarist's voice would get really under my skin, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't listen to "Adam's Song" every now and then.
4The Offspring

Same as above. I don't really remember these guys all that much, since I moved on to other stuff pretty fast.
...And Out Come the Wolves

2011-Same as previous two pretty much. I feel like I could go back to this and it would hold up pretty well. Fuck, just remembering this, there were some kickass songs on this.

What can I say that hasn't already been said. Kind of a precursor to me digging into older punk and indie rock. Great album, just not one I listen to all that much anymore.

2012-I got bored with the bands I like, so my dad let me dive into his CD and record collection. This included the IRS era R.E.M. records, with this probably being my favorite.
9The Replacements
Let it Be

Same as above. This one kind of weirded me out at the time, and I liked Tim better. That being said, this became my favorite album for a long time (Now I probably couldn't pick, but I'd more than likely say this if asked).
10The Beatles

Dove into 60s rock at the same time. I was and still am partial to early/mid era Beatles, and this is probably my favorite. I won't pretend I can say anything new about Revolver.
11 The Rolling Stones
Exile on Main Street

2013- Same as Beatles. I was talking to my friends about the Stones, and it kind of sucks how people seem to lump them in with cock rock like Motley Crue. There's a Maron podcast where Patrick Stickles says he used to do the same thing, and I really don't get it. The Stones kick ass
12The Strokes
Is This It

Got me into the idea that just maybe there was good music after Nirvana. I don't really listen to the Strokes all that much anymore, but I'd argue that was an essential realization.
13Vampire Weekend
Modern Vampires of the City

First foray into newer indie rock. I'll still defend Vampire Weekend with my life
14 Pavement
Slanted & Enchanted

2014-Slanted is really important, as it marked the point when I started seriously digging for music outside of my parent's collection. I don't listen to this religiously anymore, but still a great record.
15Cloud Nothings
Attack on Memory

I'm from Cleveland, so it was really exciting to have a local band this popular and this good.
16Titus Andronicus
The Monitor

Fucking behemoth of an album and a band. I remember, after knowing and really liking the album for about a year, listening to this over Christmas break. Then I realized this was one of the greatest albums of all time, and Titus one of the greatest bands. Kind of weird since I was happier than I normally am at the time.
17Patti Smith

First exposure to New York punk outside of the Ramones. It just felt so out of the world compared to traditional punk, and it quickly found its way on my all time top 10.
Marquee Moon

Same as Patti Smith. Made me take my guitar playing a lot more seriously.
19Kendrick Lamar
To Pimp A Butterfly

2015-First serious introduction to hip-hop. Maybe a bit daunting of an introduction, but a great one all the same.
20Elliott Smith

Kinda ties in with what I said about the Monitor. I know talking about depression and Elliott Smith is the cliche of all cliches, but I went deep into his catalog as I found myself more and more in a dark place. Still one of my favorite artists, but I try not to listen to him too much, for fear of bringing back shitty emotions and memories.
21Modest Mouse
The Lonesome Crowded West

I saw a video of Elliott waxing poetic on them, so I got obsessed with their early catalog. Kinda like Television, where they shaped how I write songs (and moreso) lyrics.
22The Hold Steady
Separation Sunday

Got me more obsessed with lyrics and the idea of telling detailed narratives in music.

2016-Converted me into a DOOM obsessive and made me legitimately see sampling as an art. I never hated it, but I never really thought about it much before.
24Tom Waits
Rain Dogs

I don't even know. Folk-jazz-blues, whatever the fuck he does.
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