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All Songs Ranked: Alkaline Trio (63-21)
43Alkaline Trio
Good Mourning

63. If We Never Go Inside
Terrific drumming, terrific chorus, terrific lyrics. One of Dan’s catchiest songs to date and another example of Good Mourning’s lack of filler.
42Alkaline Trio
Maybe I'll Catch Fire

62. Maybe I'll Catch Fire
Dan can do no wrong
41Alkaline Trio
Broken Wing

61. Balanced on a Shelf
Matt please let Dan get more songs per album. That way My Shame is True could’ve been somewhat tolerable in the back half.
40Alkaline Trio

60. Prevent This Tragedy
One of Crimsons’s most synth laden tracks and a song that is elevated a lot by its studio tracks. The gentle synths that open up the song give it a dark, melancholy and haunting feel, which is only elevated by the topic of the West Memphis Tree. The song maintains this atmosphere throughout as an organ fills up the verses before a more traditional Alkaline Trio chorus breaks out. Melodically this is one of Matt’s best, and the modulation on his voice that comes off as distracting on other songs works very well here. This is definitely among their more studio oriented songs and shows that while the polish added to Crimson in some areas feels out of place, other times it does a lot to elevate the song.
39Alkaline Trio

59. Dethbed
Crimson’s catchiest track hands down. This track has a similar chord progression to Agony & Irony’s “Calling All Skeletons”, but in the context of the song paired with Skiba’s vocal melody it doesn’t feel quite as upbeat (although that could also be due to the lack of handclaps). Matt delivers yet another fantastic chorus but melodically his best moment of the track is the verses. The song has tight musicianship as always from Grant and Andriano and is another example of the many fantastic catchy as hell moody pop punk tunes the band produced during this era.
38Alkaline Trio
Agony and Irony

58. Into the Night
Out of every song on Agony & Irony closer “Into the Night” easily has the most energy. This is easily the song most old school Trio fans would be able to enjoy on this album as a lot of their fanbase felt alienated by the mainstream arena rock direction they took this record in. This is once again another insanely catchy perfectly executed tightly performed pop punk tune that the major label production only assists filled with guitar effects and synths that only help increasing the range of the song. Rules
37Alkaline Trio

57. Southern Rock
The lowest Matt song off Goddamnit. The song features some of Andriano’s best bass playing on the album, and a fantastic chorus on Matt’s part like always. It’s a fantastic song that’s only real problem is it’s kind of outshined by a lot of the other tracks on the album. A fantastic cut nonetheless.
36Alkaline Trio
Alkaline Trio

56. I Lied My Face Off
The I Lied My Face Off EP is where we first see Dan’s improvements as a songwriter. While this isn’t quite on the level of “This is Getting Over You” it’s still an excellent cut. Dan’s voice still isn’t quite there yet but it matches the raw sound of the song too well for it to be a demerit against it. The bridge towards the end elevates the song even more, containing some of the band’s most pessimistic lyrics yet, containing lines such as “maybe I’ll stay down the next time I get hit by a train”.
35Alkaline Trio

55. As You Were
One of the most energetic songs off Goddamnit easily, and the ending contains one of Skiba’s best vocal performances ever. While Dan’s backing vocals don’t sync up that great, it works in the context of the song as it’s a raw blast of energy through most of its 2 minute run time. The 2nd half of the song is the clear standout as it eventually breaks into half time before building up back towards the end with Skiba’s yelling of “praying for you to fall so fucking pitiful” elevating the track to another level before Andriano breaks into one of his best bass moments on the album as the final three chorus and cymbal hits smash through perfectly wrapping up the track. Hard not to love. Edit this is criminally low it should probably be in the top 20 maybe top 10 but idk where to put it now and what to shift down would be a pain to edit
34Alkaline Trio
Agony and Irony

54. Love Love Kiss Kiss
This is gonna turn some heads now isn’t it
It’s hard to stand up for a mid-tempo super poppy Alkaline Trio song who’s choruses opening lyric is “love love kiss kiss blah blah blah”. It’s especially harder to defend placing it above songs like “As You Were” and “I Lied My Face Off” as it barely has a pulse to it and even instrumentally it doesn’t do much that’s particularly interesting.
But there’s just something about it man.
I can’t think of a more melodically satisfying song off of this album. Hell, I can’t think of a more melodically satisfying post Good Mourning song quite like this one. It’s a perfectly executed mid-tempo pop rock track executed with vocal harmonies, studio tricks and hand claps that I could imagine is sickening to fans of Goddamnit and the self-titled. But everything about this song is so perfect for what it’s going for that I have to give it a pass especially because of Matt’s terrific bridge. I love every second of this thing
33Alkaline Trio

53. Hell Yes
A kickass song in the style of “Private Eye” about Satan. What’s not to love
32Alkaline Trio
Good Mourning

52. Continental
A pretty typical Good Mourning era Alkaline Trio cut until the ending where after an instrumental bridge where the song reconstructs itself Skiba vocally completely lets loose and belts out one of his most memorable vocal performances on the album.
31Alkaline Trio
Good Mourning

51. Fatally Yours
Another pretty typical Good Mourning era Trio song, complete with an A major key signature, stellar drumming, a great chorus from Matt and semi dark lyrics about a broken relationship. Only complaint is it doesn’t do much to differentiate from a lot of their other stuff, but it kicks ass regardless.
30Alkaline Trio

50. Mercy Me
Decided this couldn't be at #68 anymore. Dan's part of the chorus is such fucking bliss
29Alkaline Trio
My Shame Is True

49. Only Love
From a lyrical standpoint this is among the best songs Dan has ever written. How the fuck did we get so much Skiba sobbing into a middle schooler’s diary and we only got 4 songs from the guy who during these sessions penned the opening line
“How young are you gonna be when you die? I guess I've never really thought about that you're dying when you start thinking like that”
One of Dan’s best post Good Mourning songs easily.
28Alkaline Trio
From Here To Infirmary

48. Mr. Chainsaw
One of the most upbeat sounding songs off Infirmary paired with the band’s usual dark comedic lyrics about heartbreak as Matt “took a hammer and two nails to [his] eardrums long ago” and “took a blowtorch to [his] lungs a long long time ago” in typical Trio fashion. Paired with the upbeat instrumentation this is among Infirmary’s pop punkiest tunes.
27Alkaline Trio
Good Mourning

47. One Hundred Stories
The organ that fills up most of Crimson makes it first appearance here, as this is one of Good Mourning’s most ominous sounding songs. Paired with some of Dan’s saddest lyrics and Matt’s fantastic backing vocals at the end and you have yet another fantastic Good Mourning cut.
26Alkaline Trio
Alkaline Trio

46. For Your Lungs Only
Maybe the melodic peak of the EP of the same name. Also has one of the tightest instrumentals on any early Trio cut.
25Alkaline Trio

45. Dead End Road
Lyrically this is easily one of Matt’s strongest songs perfectly showcasing his usual blend of morbidity and lightheartedness that can be found all throughout their discography. One of Remains’ best cuts easily.
24Alkaline Trio

44. Cop
A total fucking blast of energy. An eternal jam.
23Alkaline Trio

43. San Francisco
One of Goddamnit’s lyrical highlights referencing a plane flight Skiba was on back from San Francisco and how miserable he was having to get back to the cold of Chicago and his heavy drinking on the flight as a result referencing “salted peanuts to stretch [his] miles”, “4 dollar pints” and how “there’s no telling what [he’ll] do if he doesn’t return to you”. The song after the 2nd chorus just comes in at full force and doesn’t let up until the gradually slowed down chord hits at the end. One of many reasons why Goddamnit is a must listen for any fan of the genre.
22Alkaline Trio

42. Queen of Pain
Considered by many to be a Trio classic, and for very good reason. Fantastic ominous guitar work paired with some of Matt’s best lyrics and a chorus that stays lodged in your head forever, it’s undoubtedly one of the best Trio songs to never make a proper album.
21Alkaline Trio
Alkaline Trio

41. My Friend Peter
A two minute burst of fun about drinking to forget your ex. Early Trio boiled down to its core.
20Alkaline Trio

40. If You Had a Bad Time
Easily the highlight on the BYO Split containing one of the most anthemic Alkaline Trio choruses and (as usual) fantastic lyric writing from Dan. The bridge towards the end is undoubtedly one of my favorite moments of his that never made it on to a proper album.
19Alkaline Trio
Agony and Irony

39. I Found Away
The best track that made it on to Agony & Irony and is probably the best example of studio tricks being used throughout the album. A whispered sample sets the mood at the beginning of the track echoing repeatedly to fill up your headphones as the delay laced guitar palm mutes before Skiba’s vocals come in, opening the song in an eerie fashion. The rest of the band kicks in during the chorus at full force and it becomes absolutely massive, with Skiba delivering one of his most anthemic choruses to date. The instrumental is top notch and definitely the best on the album and studio tricks appear throughout to make the song as big as possible, and in this case it does wonders to the song. The synths that pop up before the final chorus is one of the strongest parts of the entire song before the vocal layering at the end, which is definitely Skiba’s vocal highlight of the record. This song shows radio polish done right
18Alkaline Trio
Alkaline Trio

38. Snake Oil Tanker
The shortest Alkaline Trio song and the opener to their debut EP, there’s not much to “Snake Oil Tanker” but it packs one hell of a punch during its minute and a half runtime
17Alkaline Trio
Alkaline Trio

37. Bleeder
Absolutely massive chorus that alone makes this one of the highlights of their early days. Skiba’s at his best here as well, and some of their best lines yet.
16Alkaline Trio

36. Nose Over Tail
One of the most recognizable songs off of Goddamnit, “Nose Over Tail” is one of the album’s highest energy songs. The song is at its fastest during the verses gradually building into the chorus where Skiba flies off his hinges. After the 2nd chorus the song breaks into an instrumental section that spends a lot of its time building up before paying off massively at the end of the song making it one of the most memorable on their debut.
15Alkaline Trio
Good Mourning

35. This Could Be Love
Perhaps one of the most notable examples of Skiba blending morbidity into his lyrics this is the closest thing a pop punk band can get to brooding. The song features a minor key guitar riff and vocal melody before the major and more upbeat chorus describing “cutting off fingers one by one”, showing the band’s general tendency to bury darker themes in lighter sounding songs. The dual vocals between Matt and Dan when the song slows down in the bridge elevates it even more as the song builds into the final chorus which ends with Matt’s shouting of “one by one” while the drums relentlessly pound away along to the sound of bells giving the song a much more explosive feel. The perfect opener to the closest thing the band has to a practically perfect album.
14Alkaline Trio
Alkaline Trio

34. Cooking Wine
The highlight off the For Your Lungs Only EP, this song starts off with Matt singing in his lower register building into an as usual fantastic chorus. But what really steals the show is the 2nd verse where Skiba belts out the lyrics of the song. The lyrics show Skiba at his most drunk yelling “and I can’t see straight but the two of you look awfully pretty you’re fucking beautiful” before the band basically jams the fuck out of the rest of the song.
13Alkaline trio
Maybe I'll Catch Fire

33. Keep 'Em Coming
Maybe I’ll Catch Fire couldn’t have kicked off on a better note. A song that interchanges between mid-tempo and fast, this song in its 4 minute runtime shows the slightly darker tone Catch Fire has that its predecessor only hinted at. With plenty of classic Trio lines such as “It's a song sung from a fallen milkman who's drinking bleach instead I'm much like him” and “I'm now huffing gas and sniffing paint to take away this buzz that I call you”, as well fantastic playing all around making this one of the band’s best openers.
12Alkaline Trio
Good Mourning

32. We've Had Enough
Much like the ending of “This Could Be Love”, this song ironically opens with a drumroll accompanied by ringing bells which add to the brooding feel set by the first few tracks on Good Mourning. This is helped by Skiba’s wicked sounding vocals, due to his throat being fucked up during the recording of the album which leads to some of his absolute best vocal performances. The chorus of “that said we’ve had enough please turn that fucking radio off” is super super pop punk but for the song it’s absolutely perfect and helped by Skiba’s fantastic melody it’s hard not to enjoy. Helped by Keith Morris’s fantastic backing vocals and you have one of their strongest singles hands down.
11Alkaline Trio
Maybe I'll Catch Fire

31. Sleepyhead
The closest thing Alkaline Trio has gotten to heavy, the song crawls along very slowly paired with the chugging powerchords from Skiba and pounding drumming to make the song even darker sounding. Skiba tears his throat apart here, with the remarkable second half of the song as he starts off in his lower register singing “nothing to see here but the rain there’s nothing to hold you but the flames” before completely ripping the song to shreds repeating the line over and over again until the chorus close out the song. And on top of that it still somehow manages to be insanely catchy. It’s one of Maybe I’ll Catch Fire’s best forays into darker mid-tempo type songs easily
10Alkaline Trio
Agony and Irony

30. In My Stomach
Remember when I said that Dan would later try to perfect what he tried to do on “Smoke”? Well this is where he did it, and BAFFLINGLY it didn’t make it on to Agony & Irony yet fucking “Live Young Die Fast” did. Either way, this is one of the best Alkaline Trio songs that you’ve probably never heard. Dan’s melody on the track is both chilling and beautiful at the same time, paired with his lyrics showing him at his most scared featuring lines such as “I prayed that I was all wrong about prayer” and “I can’t move I can’t sleep terrified by my own bloodshot eyes”. Add an eerie organ and a chilling string section by Ulver and you have probably the creepiest sounding Alkaline Trio song ever penned.
9Alkaline Trio
From Here To Infirmary

29. Trucks and Trains
This is easily among the most underrated songs that Matt has ever penned. The penultimate track in the incredible 3 song run that closes out Infirmary this song has one of Matt’s best choruses there is. The melody is absolutely fantastic and the way he belts out the chorus has got to be one of my favorite performances of him on the album. The modulation added to his voice on the bridge surprisingly works as he yells “feel the ocean blue engulfing you I view the deep blue sea it's turning red right in front of me” which is among my favorite bridges throughout the entire record and hell from the band in general. This song gets nowhere near close to the amount of love that it deserves and second to one other is it the most underrated Skiba cut in their entire discography.
8Alkaline Trio
From Here To Infirmary

28. Bloodied Up
On the topic of fantastic Matt songs on Infirmary this is the first song in the aforementioned 3 song run that wraps up the album. This song contains some of Matt’s most iconic lyrics, especially in the chorus of “you have every right to be this appalled with me join the club I signed up a long time ago”. This is accompanied by possibly the catchiest melody he contributed to the album which leads to one of his most memorable cuts from the sessions.
7Alkaline Trio
Maybe I'll Catch Fire

27. 5-3-10-4
THIS is in my book the most underrated Matt cut. While it isn’t quite as emotionally hard hitting as a lot of the other songs on the record are (not much they’ve made is as emotionally hard hitting as the song that follows it especially) it’s still among the most energetic and best that the album has to offer. Lyrically the song is basically a passive view through Skiba’s eyes while he watches the monotony of the same routine over and over again “through 5-3 eyes”. It’s a ridiculously overlooked tune who’s unfortunately just placed between two of the best songs in their discography which unfortunately makes it easy to skip over, but it’s one hell of a song that’s definitely the most underappreciated song that Matt ever wrote.
6Alkaline Trio

26. My Little Needle
Just listen to the final chorus and you’ll know why it’s here.
5Alkaline Trio
Maybe I'll Catch Fire

25. You've Got so Far to Go
One of Dan’s cuts on Maybe I’ll Catch Fire’s Dan cuts that perfectly illustrate how much he’s improved since Goddamnit. This is one of the earliest instances where we see Dan’s more personal lyrical style which works outstandingly on the song and gives the song a slightly lighter feel in comparison to the generally darker tone Skiba’s songs carried on the album. The moodiness is still there, but there’s almost a slight sense of hope on the song or at least in comparison to what Skiba’s doing on the album. The addition of a fantastic bassline (borrowed by Tom DeLonge on “Cat Like Thief”) and you have easily one of Dan’s most beautiful songs
4Alkaline Trio
From Here To Infirmary

24. Armageddon
One of Trio’s most identifiable songs and for very good reason. Containing some of Skiba’s best lines such as the opening lyrics “I wrote the words of this song on the back of a photograph behind your back” and one of their most infectious choruses this is undoubtedly his best track off Infirmary. What really takes it to the next level is the ending, where he completely flies of his hinges and delivers one of his best vocal performances to date. A classic Trio cut in every sense of the word
3Alkaline Trio
Alkaline Trio

23. Goodbye Forever
A classic trio cut in every way. This song has easily one of Dan’s best basslines, some of Matt’s best lyrics, and one of the best choruses Matt has ever written. Not much else to be said besides that it’s a classic.
2Alkaline Trio
Alkaline Trio

22. This is Getting Over You
Definitely among Dan’s most memorable vocal performances, this is the best of his rawer sounding songs easily. This is Dan at his most emotional sounding and as the song progresses that only increases and increases until a tempo change leads into the incredible second half of the song where he and Skiba overlay each other and both are tearing their throats to shreds making for one of the most powerful moments in their entire discography. It’s pretty fucking incredible
1Alkaline Trio
Broken Wing

21. Sun Burns
The highest song from the My Shame is True sessions and holy FUCK what a song it is. Maybe containing the best set of lyrics from Dan during these sessions, the song uses plenty of traditional Alkaline Trio darker lyrics describing “eating what’s decayed sleeping with snakes in this cold grave” while also showing him at his most regretful delivering lines such as “I haven’t really made the most of this life” and “one time I told my heart to shut up but I can’t win back her trust I owe at least that much to the both of us”. What really elevates the song is the ending though, where Dan perfectly wraps up the Broken Wing EP with the repetition of “one more look might change it all” (each line replaces the word look with a different word four times until the last time where it finishes with look again) giving off a somewhat hopeful tone melodically almost calling back to the ending of “Sorry About That”. Another beautiful tune from Mr. Andriano
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