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Unknown Post-Punk #7

Welcome back. I hope you’ve all had a good year. How’s the family? Good? Good. My 3rd entry into Papa Universe’s Unknown Post-Punk series. And somehow, I managed to complete an entry within the year. Noticeably fewer 𝐄𝐒𝐒𝐄𝐍𝐓𝐈𝐀𝐋! albums here, but I think I make up for it in variety. I hope you find something you like. | And now, the bad news. After 3 years of doing this, I’ve decided to make this my last entry. It’s just taken up so much of my time that I haven’t had time to check new releases or stuff in my back catalog. Yes, really. Plus, writing entries is starting to get a wee bit repetitive. But I’m not going to hoard the rights to the series. If anyone would like to take the reigns, please let me know. As penance, I’ve taken the time to transfer the entire series to Rate Your Music, so that a whole other audience can read Universe’s writings/thoughts/ramblings.
1The Midnight Choir

You can always rely on the good ol' UK to provide solid entries for this list. The Midnight Choir went through a few style changes before arriving at their debut LP. Everything from goth rock to punk blues. And as far as I'm concerned, this is just about the best outcome you could've hoped for after all that constant tinkering. 10 tracks of insanely good post-punk that never lets up. Truly thankful their entire catalog was re-released recently. I'm not sure I would've had the chance to check them otherwise.

Too many to list
Modern Dancing

I don't like making a habit of putting "known" artists on this list, but this album's been out for years and it doesn't have any ratings here on Sputnik. Shame, because I liked this a lot. It's weird to hear this brand of post-punk revival so late into the 2010s, but I really dig the indie/noise-rock-forward bits here. Maybe a bit standard at times, but definitely a worthwhile listen.

Succulent Thunder Anthem, Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme (Love)
3Swell Guys

For this entry of Unknown Post-Punk, I've decided to be more lax with the kinds of releases I put on these lists. Why should bands be excluded just because all they released was a 3-track single? Those bands are early post-punk's bread and butter. For example, this Australian group. Swell Guys are a new wave act that had real promise. They're funny, they've got an ear for pop tunes, and (most importantly) they rule. I could listen to that little guitar line on "Sidetracking" for hours.


Swedish goth rock with a lot of post-punk influence. I won't say they're the most original act out there, especially for 1984, but they do it well. Tons of crunchy guitars and a yelping vocalist that'll probably remind you of thirty other 80s bands you've heard.

Indianer, Se
5Departmentstore Santas
At The Medieval Castle Nineteen 100-Year Lifetimes Since

On paper, Departmentstore Santas (no relation to Dansdepartementet) are exactly the kind of thing I'd fall in love with on first listen. It's a bedroom-recorded indie pop album from the early home recording era. But At the Medieval Castle Nineteen 100-Year Lifetimes Since feels way too loose for me to truly recommend. It's good. It's definitely good. But aside from a few standouts, this is seriously lacking focus. I guess I shouldn't expect so much from what sounds like a cobbled together set of demos, but after hearing so many amazing underground releases over the last few years, it's a bummer.

Bactol, Bank Acct, Photo Album of Baby, Song for a Sunny Day, Monkeys and Organ Grinders
6Over (USA-OR)
To the Teeth

I'll tell you one thing right off the bat, this album art is terrible. Looks like a smelly t-shirt you'd find at a flea market. After enjoying their first EP, I went into To the Teeth with some high expectations. But sadly, this doesn't stack up. Really overbearing production and a more pronounced focus on slower, goth-y songs makes this a really hard listen. Shame, cause beneath the mess, there's a great album. But as is, it's just fine.

7The Neats
The Neats

"Now hold on a second there, partner. This band isn't post-punk. They're some shitty hard rock band." Well rude cowboy(?) commenter, you're (half) right. The Neats became a shitty alt/blues band in the late-80s, but started life as a post-punk/jangle act on the Ace of Hearts label. Even at this early stage of their career, the Neats feel more concerned with being left-dial-radio friendly than making good tunes at times. But there are a decent amount of warble-y vocals and jangly guitars to make up for the weak spots. Tentative recommendation for this one.

Sometimes, Caraboo
8Software Seduction
The Warmest Places Are The Savage Ones

Software Seduction's only release was this EP. Putting out an independent new wave release in 1985 isn't exactly setting yourself up for success, as there were probably a hundred bands mimicking this style of synth-heavy, danceable pop rock. But if they had the chops, maybe, just maybe, they could pull it off. Ha, nope. They probably got lost in the indie shuffle, failed to break through, and called it quits. This is pretty generic new wave overall. Not bad, but not very good either.

Truth Decay
9Earthmen And Strangers
Earthmen And Strangers

This is another borderline case, but I dare anyone to tell me they don't hear the post-punk influence. And frontman Ryan Rousseau describes them as 'psychedelic post-punk' on their Facebook, so I think I'm good. I say that, but this is very power pop forward. Very early-neo-psychedelia-sounding stuff. Again, it's borderline. I will say this definitively though: it's damn great. Released in 2009, sounds like it came out in 1982. Crazy stuff.

Naked To The Stars, Bartender, Medusa

So you've got Burofax the band, Burofax the EP, and Burofax the mini-album. Don't get it confused. Found hidden within the murky depths of Bandcamp, Spain 4-piece Burofax make the exact kind of punk-flavored indie pop I love. Almost twee at points. No clue what lead singer Ana Fernández is saying, as I don't speak Spanish, but she sells it. Short and sweet discography, but hoping they pop up again one day.

Cuero, Tiene que ser, Normal
11Brandy (USA-NY)
Laugh Track

You would think I'd find this sort of noise rock/post-punk on Bandcamp, but I actually found it through Discogs. Their 2020 album was tagged as "parody" and I was really curious as to what the hell that meant. Parody punk? Well, after checking this album, I can't say I get it, but this album kicks ass. Really noisy, garage punk stuff with a clear post-punk influence. That static-y bass is basically comfort food to a freak like me. Be sure to check their second album too.

Two Titles With A Slash Pt. 1, Two Titles With A Slash Pt. 2, Life Jail, Blandy
Spirit Kit 想い出

I'll come clean. Sometimes, I deliberately try to find bad albums to put on these lists. If I didn't, these lists would end up being a total hugbox. Can't have that. So I searched for some gothic alternative rock and found Tigerberry. While it's not nearly as bad as I thought, and even has a few decent moments, it's really not anything special. Though, the moments where the goth rock front just slips and it just sounds like shitty alternative are truly awful.

[content not available]
Red Attack

Unknown Post-Punk is no stranger to anarcho-punk bands. It's also my favorite punk subgenre, judging by how many anarchists are squatting in my 5.0s and 4.5s. Rondos maybe aren't the most impassioned band out there, but they've got the attitude down pat. A lot of the songs on here are short, art-y pieces that end way too soon for my taste, but what is here is fantastic. This one's definitely not for everyone, but my list, my rules: it's essential.

We Don't Need No Speed, Russians Are Coming
14Spirit Bunny
Spirit Bunny

Had no idea what to expect going into this one. It's tagged with 10 different genres on Bandcamp, including: minimal wave, "post ebm," and synthpop. Now that I think about it, that actually does sound right. This was a genuinely nice surprise. Really heavy on the synth and kind of runs out of steam by the end, but it's got a lot of personality. Can totally understand people finding it annoying/overwhelming, but somehow hit the mark for me. Weirdly out-of-character for me to like something like this. I think I should go see the doctor.

Amen Skew, Plan Z

I know it may be a bit annoying to see a bunch of bands off the same label on these lists, but sometimes, you just have to respect greatness. Sister Polygon Records signs a lot of great art punk acts, but for some reason, early signees like Neonates don’t get any attention. Lots of repeats from their past releases, but the production here is much better overall. Vocals might be to shrill and off-key for some, but this is mid-tempo artsy post-punk done right.

Burst of Light
16Rape Tape
Концерт в Вильнюсе

Rape Tape may have a rather unfortunate name, but this Russian group do a lot of things right. Their noise/industrial/synth rock sound lends itself well to this list. This live album (they don't have a full album out as of this writing) is claustrophobic in all the right ways. I guess a live album like this is probably the best way to experience Rape Tape's music. Play this one loud and you'll probably like it.

Я, сверх Я и Оно
Recordings 1981

GhandhiLion rec'd this archival release to me and of course, it's right up my alley. Boston art punk/no wave with goofy yelping? That's the ticket right there. This is pretty much what I want all my music to sound like. The ramshackle audio quality might be a turn-off to some (especially on the live tracks), but the tunes more than make up for it.

Sarah's Braid, Black Sheep, French Fries, Jumping Jack
18Cat on Form
Structure and Fear

Cat on Form might be more on the hardcore side of the "post-" pyramid, but there's more than enough post-punk influence here to earn it a spot on this list. Southern Records signed about 100 bands just like this back in the day, so if you like those bands, you'll dig Cat on Form.

Sell the Kids to the Kids, Action Happening
Kako, Molim?

This Croatian act bills themselves as "probably the only band from ex-Yugoslavia region that's taking strong influences from the 80's post punk & new wave music from the same area." While I can't say if Parnepar's claim is entirely true, what I can say is that this album is great Euro punk and you should listen to it.

Ovca, Apel, Ritmom silnih interesa
20The Beatles (USA-UT)
Meet the Beatles

Just realized that I rarely ever search for "art punk" as a Bandcamp tag. Real big misstep on my part, I'm ashamed. Let's hope I can correct this. Ladies and Gentlemen... the Beatles! You know the one, right? The garage punk band from Utah? Yeah, you know who I'm talking about. As hilarious as it is naming your band the same thing as another more famous band, it does paint you as more of an obscure internet joke than an actual band in the eyes of many. Shame, cause this album is actually great synth punk. Or maybe I just have bad taste. Decide for yourself.

He Died Online, I'm a Glitch
21Terminal Twist
Terminal Twist

Terminal Twist are just about as standard late-70s new wave as you can get. Which, depending on how you like your new wave, could be a good or bad thing. Me myself, I definitely prefer the rougher, less polished stuff like Terminal Twist. But they're poppy enough that anyone could enjoy them. They only released this single/EP and it's been uploaded to YouTube a hundred times, so no excuses not to check.

At The Front, Paranoia Pals
22This Kind Of Punishment
This Kind Of Punishment

Calling this band "unknown" is a fib, but having a few marginal entries on the list is a necessity. I've heard Peter Jefferies' previous band Nocturnal Projections, so I knew this was going to be a winner. This is really sparse, experimental, sometimes folky post-punk that makes great use of slow repetitive sounds and odd vocal delivery. One of those albums that you'll know where you stand on it after listening to track one. You won't find very many face-paced dance jams on this, but there's plenty to like here.

If an Axe Is an Arm, Some More Than Others
23Zero Le Creche
Last Year's Wife - The Collection

Ever notice that every one of these no name new wave bands describe themselves as "legendary" in the press release for their compilations? Being one of many forgotten 80s bands isn't exactly legendary, but maybe Zero Le Crêche are notable for some reason? After listening to this career-spanner, I can't say I heard anything that was all that impressive. It's definitely solid, with a lot of poppy hooks, but legendary? Nah. Good for a listen though.

Close Your Eyes, Colder, Sometimes, On the Wire, Crashing
24Spread Joy
Spread Joy

Yeah yeah yeah, new releases really shouldn't be on this list. I understand that, but since I took over Unknown Post-Punk duties, almost every post-punk album I check ends up on this list. Even the recent ones. Spread Joy may not win very many popularity contests online, but I enjoyed this little mini-album. Songs are way too short to really latch onto the arty hooks or the lead vocals, but what is here is pretty good.

St. Tropez, Semantic, Sepia, Violence
25Pop Dell'Arte
Free Pop

I listen to a lot of experimental rock/post-punk hybrids, so Portuguese act Pop Dell'Arte definitely caught my eye. Free Pop is a great debut if I've ever heard one, which is so eclectic and strange, of course a freak like me liked it. Maybe not the easiest listen at times, but there's definitely a new wave edge to a lot of the tracks here. Give it a shot.

Rio line, Pi latão
26Rabbota Ho
Фельдфебельский романс

Never have I ever heard a zolo-ish album as middling as this. There really isn't a bad track on Фельдфебельский романс, but at the same time, nothing really stands out. The vocals are pretty interesting and there are some good guitar lines, I suppose. It seems like a lot of late-80s bands in Eastern Europe kind of had a similar take on post-punk, so maybe it was just the style at the time. Or maybe not, who knows? I'm not an expert or anything.

Идиот, День рождения, Фельдфебельский романс
Alternative Pop Music

Lovely minimal wave from the United Kingdom. From the short blurbs I've read about him, Mex seems like an interesting guy. Was in a bunch of punk bands before and after this project, founded a few labels, worked with people like Robert Wyatt. Album has elements of jangle pop, new wave, art punk, dub; basically stuff you would've heard if you had your ear to the ground in 1980. Cool, cool, cool.

Valley of Mystery
28Cyan Revue
Four Wounds

Cyan Revue aren't the most original group on this list, taking a lot of influence from the goth rock/post-punk of the era, but you have to admit: they play the part well. A good mix of slow burners and rockers here. Though, Cyan Revue are at their best when they're going a little more wild. I will say, the vocalist kind of drags this one down a bit for me. Nothing against him personally, but he's not exactly breaking the mold with this one. That aside, this is quality 80s goth. Very accessible and well worth a recommendation.

Consecration, We Dive, Rats
29Lori and The Chameleons
I Love, I Love, I Love Japan

Yep, another single for the list. And it’s a reissue. But I had to include it because the track they added to this ("The Lonely Spy") is really good. Like, noticeably better than the other two tracks. It's quality new wave/synthpop ramblings. Big and bombastic, with some amazing production; like it was made for a movie soundtrack. As a complete package, this is whatever; check out "The Lonely Spy" though.

The Lonely Spy
30Dead Neighbours
Strangedays : Strangeways

Prequel band to the popular dream pop/post-punk band Lowlife. I got this band's name confused with a newer Bandcamp band. Frontman Craig Lorentson is doing his patented "drowsy off of cough medicine" vocals here, which would carry over to Lowlife, but I think he's a lot clearer here. Other than that, this is pretty standard mid-80s post-punk. No bad songs per se, but nothing that really stands out as a must listen. Wish they tilted more in the psychobilly direction than they do. Album definitely could've used some more crazed yelping.

Wreckage of Your Mind, Turmoil, The Ultimate Goal
31Arch Criminals

𝑼𝒏𝒌𝒏𝒐𝒘𝒏 𝑷𝒐𝒔𝒕-𝑷𝒖𝒏𝒌: 𝑳𝒂𝒔𝒕.𝒇𝒎 𝑪𝒐𝒓𝒏𝒆𝒓 (31-40)

If you didn't know, has a fairly big database that allows for you to find obscure bands of certain genres really easily. I haven't really used it at all, so I thought it would be a fun idea to try and find the next 10 entries using this method. First up: just plain old post-punk! Page 44 on brings us a short gothic rock EP by Arch Criminals. I'd never heard of 'em, so I put it on. And I have to say, my dumb roulette idea is already bearing fruit. This EP is a stunner. Proper deathrock/goth stuff with great vocals and scratchy guitars. We're 1-0 on the idea.

Falling, End of an Era
32A Second of June
The Inside Laws

Another generic "post-punk" search brings up A Second of June, a post-punk revival/indie rock/shoegaze/"whatever else" band. I say shoegaze, but this is way more plain indie rock to my ears than anything. This is a pretty good debut album, but an album like this probably seemed a bit tired by 2009. Probably not gonna set your world on fire or anything, but there's some great guitar and some nice spacey flourishes that really raise it up.

Shy Ink, Dago Bay, Malka
33We Seem To Have Misplaced Our Igloo
Science Will Bring Us Together

Next tag search: dance-punk! This Belgian band is a borderline case, as they are more post-punk revival than anything. But I won't deny there are clear dance-punk elements here. Wasn't expecting anything from the cover, but this is actually alright. Very late-00s indie though, with the dumb electronica elements pasted in haphazardly. Not a fan of those, but there's a couple of decent tracks.

Rubik's Revenge
34Disco Drive
What's Wrong With You, People?

Digging through the "dance-punk" bands on, I think I've found a flaw with this system for finding bands. Well, it's a flaw depending on how you look at it. You see, most of the bands on seem to be bands from the 2000s and 2010s. Not great for list variety. Me, I could listen to indie post-punk like this all day, every day. Some dub, some post-hardcore, some indie. They've got the guitar down pat, but it's mixed way too low. Put that shit up front, for the love of God. It's always something with these bands, amiright?

The Leaving Feet
35Qua Dance
Qua Dance

Up next on the tour: "new wave!" Was excited for this genre search, because I knew I was gonna find some long forgotten 80s group in there. And sure enough, I found Qua Dance. I almost skipped it because the sketchy Zippyshare link I found on Blogspot was long dead. Luckily, some (presumably) Dutch folks uploaded their stuff to YouTube. This is some proper goth-flavored new wave. Vocals (done by Marieke Smit, I think?) are perfect for this type of rough, cassette tape pop. Most of it is a little to moody/slow for my tastes, but it keeps its head above water well enough for a listen. If you can find it. Who knows? Never trust a big conglomerate like Google to care about archiving hard-to-find art.

36Cock C' Nell
Boys Tree

Oh, what wonders await us on page 17? Why, a Japanese new wave band, of course. After checking out their awesome 1981 EP, I was pretty excited for this one, but Boys Tree isn't really a hit with me. It's an art-y piece, and no doubt interesting, but it's one of those albums where the band's more interested in crafting unique sounds as opposed to good music. Call me greedy, but a little of both sides would put this over the top. In this form, it's just okay.

少年の木, 夜の歌
37Moira Scar
Scarred For Life

Well, we did “new wave.” Why not try the absence of wave? Or “no wave” for you laymen 😎. Moira Scar has actually been on my checklist for a few months now, but fate seems to have brought us together yet again. I don’t think I’d call this genuine no wave, but it’s clearly an influence on this album. Vocals might take getting used to, but this is an energetic, experimental rock joyride. Random saxophone, laser-gun-sounding synthesizer, trash can drums. Must be a SandwichBubble recommendation.

38The 1985
Nerve Eighty

Noise rock/post-hardcore bands tend to have at least some no wave influence, so I guess it’s no surprise that isn’t giving me a ton of pure no wave. Still, this album is post-punk enough to make it on the list. I liked this one a whole lot. 90s indie hardcore vocals on point. I could absolutely see this being a hit with the Sputnikmusic crowd.

Warning Shot, 1981, 1982
39Xex (USA-NJ)
Group: Xex

“Coldwave” is one of those genres that people throw around a lot to describe bands that may not actually be coldwave, so I’m expecting my search to reflect that. And sure enough, our first band is actually minimal synth, not coldwave. Even I, the guy that gets genres wrong all the time, can tell they’re not coldwave. This album is almost all synthesizers and cynical attitude, so it might not be for everyone. But after I got used to it’s strangeness, I found myself really digging this one. It’s really infectious and goofy, despite being so minimal instrumentally. Low rating on Sputnik, so you know it’s good.

Rome on $5 a Day, Saint Vitus' Dance, Svetlana
40Joy Before The Storm
Silence Ever After

Our final entry on “ Corner” ends off with another incorrectly-tagged “coldwave” band. As I said, probably isn’t the best place to find your coldwave recs. Joy Before The Storm is actually minimal wave. Not to be confused with it’s subgenre, minimal synth. Got it? Good. I liked this one, plain and simple. Perhaps it was a blessing in disguise that I wasn’t able to find any actual coldwave, since I’ve historically been cold (not pun intended) on it as a genre. The synthpop/new wave flavor makes this. Nothing new for 1985, but still a treat.

We're All Alone, Cheerleader
41Supreme Cool Beings
Survival Of The Coolest

I think I deserve a treat for getting this list done at a reasonable pace (compared to the last two times I’ve done it). So, have you heard of a band called Beat Happening? They’re pretty underground and I definitely don’t talk about them every day. Supreme Cool Beings features a member of Beat Happening (Heather Lewis) and Calvin Johnson as the “producer.” First glance, this might be proto-Happening, but this is about as far away from their future work as you could get. This is actually an art punk goof-off with sax and stuff. And I love it. So glad I finally can listen to this after so many years. If I wasn’t such a braindead fan of what Lewis and Johnson did after, I might’ve not minded this band continued on. Would probably be a neat alternate universe.

Who's That?, Don't Panic, Brain Thing
42Swallow Tongue
A Stain Upon the Silence

Found this one off of a new Cherry Red compilation, “The Sun Shines Here: The Roots of Indie Pop 1980-1984.” Though, I think this was included more because it was released on Cherry Red back in the day as opposed to it being “the roots of indie pop.” Swallow Tongue play left-of-the-dial new wave that you probably would’ve heard on early MTV and college radio. At the same time though, it’s entirely accessible. Not anything I’d listen to often, but it doesn’t deserve to be forgotten like it has.

Animation, Hitch Up Honey, In Touch, Got To Be There
43Sick Muse

It’s been way too long since I just randomly grabbed something off of Bandcamp’s new releases. I’m pretty sure Sick Muse is a single person and you can tell. The recording is ramshackle and lo-fi, the singing is amateurish. This full-length/EP/mini-album feels like someone (probably young) who was just excited to release something out into the world. I can respect that. This is actually pretty decent. Some of the songs are quieter than the others, but if you can forgive the production, this might just be the beginning of an up-and-coming star. Or not. RYM has latched onto random things before, so why not this?

Ossuary, Marble Hornets
EP 2

Accurately described as “deep lofi shit from the basement,” bzdet writes short little art punk/zolo snippets. I actually chose this EP to feature on the list because it’s longest of the three releases they’ve released thus far. The vocals are so muted, this might as well be an instrumental release. Other than that, I thought this ruled. I’ve got no clue why Poland has so many amazing Bandcamp punk artists, but far be it from me to complain. Stuff like this is why my “objectivity” on Sputnik keeps dropping. Worth it.

Tylko dobrze, Pójdę pieszo bo chcę być eko
45Cerulean Veins

Oh good, another goth rock throwback. As far as 2010s goth goes, Cerulean Veins does it a bit better than most. For one, their vocalist has clearly been cribbing notes of the classics, as is the rest of the band. There’s a weird echo effect on the voice that is clearly a digital studio effect of some kind. It’s not too obtrusive, but I definitely noticed it and kind of brought this down. It’s all very flat, with no big variations or mix-ups. Predictable. It’s pleasant enough if you like synth-y goth stuff. Can’t see myself ever going back to this one though.

Zelda, Be Still
46The Work
Slow Crimes

I don’t care if this isn’t actually “unknown.” It has 3 ratings on Sputnik. I actually lowered this from a 5.0 to a 4.5 recently, but it’s still mandatory listening. Avant-garde, experimental post-punk that rocks and rocks and rocks. Check Live in Japan too. I’m done writing now, go listen to it.

Too many to list
The Speed of Hope

Dole? Like the banana? No, like the Belgian new wave band, silly. One of those bands that’s probably better known in Europe than anywhere else. Surprisingly, I found myself liking this album. It’s full of mid-80s new wave/synthpop cheese, but it’s apparently produced by Adrian Borland of the Sound, so it balances out. This is radio-friendly and accessible pop to the max, but post-punk enough for this list. Give it a shot if you’re into new wave, for sure.

Maybe Tomorrow, A Day, Third Man,
48Dos (USA-CA)

From Dole to Dos. This here’s a post-punk band featuring members of Minutemen and Black Flag. I’ve never heard of this group. I mean, I know they were on the same label, right? And members of those bands have collaborated before, so this has to be (at the very least) good, right? Apparently not. This is the kind of stuff I fall asleep to. Slow, boring guitar noodling. No vocals until the final track. This is like something you hear at a depressing bar. Or what someone learning the guitar would play to practice. People on Rate Your Music call this post-punk, but I really don’t hear it. Still, who am I too go against the grain? This list needed some bad stuff anyhow. Going to sleep, see you in the morning.

[content not available]
49Nurse Beach

The random Bandcamp search does it again. While Nurse Beach isn’t as explicitly post-punk as you’d think, there is an undeniable 2000s indie dance-punk feel to them. One of the tags they used on Bandcamp is “casiothrash,” so you can guess what this sounds like. My only qualms are that this isn’t longer and they never released anything else (as far as I know). Why must the good die young?

In Deborah, Mr. She
50Kitchen and the Plastic Spoons
Best Off

I actually found out about Kitchen and the Plastic Spoons through another band (Man Klan) and ended up putting this band on the list instead. Prime zolo/synth/minimal new wave from Sweden. A lot of goofy effects and early-80s electronics play atop a great vocalist and some very simple guitars and drums. Parts of this sound like the soundtrack to a Halloween party in a B movie or something. I’m glad this compilations exists, because I probably wouldn’t have checked them otherwise.

Too many to list
51A Black People
Red Eyes

The massive Excel document Universe gave me is full of over 2000 bands and albums, so I thought I’d just go to the very top and pick one at random. Number 25 on that list was A Black People’s Red Eyes, a 30-minute gothic rock EP from a band I can’t even find the location of. Listening to this release, you can tell the band indulges in quite a bit of classic deathrock, but there’s some newer flavor here with the more noisy shoegaze feedback they infuse into each song. Is that enough to make this stand out? Not really, sad to say. Everything here kind of blends together, aside from the hazy spoken word track (“The Hermit”). It’s good, but not much else to me. Sorry, guys.

Isolation, The Fool
5234 Vampires
34 Vampires

I have been looking for this album for a while, and one day, out of the blue, 4 people on a certain p2p application had it. Wild. Anyway, after all that anticipation, I finally put it on. And it really didn’t live up to my (inflated) expectations. I like the ghoulish lo-fi/darkwave sound they’ve got going here, but a lot of it is just a keyboard/synth and a drum machine. Or if it isn’t a drum machine, it may as well be, as the beat on almost every song is a simple waltz beat. Not all that exciting. I think this is a case where the aesthetics were put ahead of actually making songs. Nothing wrong with that, but it’s not one I’ll be going back to often. Unless it’s Halloween or something.

Looking Down From Cloud Nine
53Leben und Arbeiten
Leben und Arbeiten [Das Cassetten Combinat]

Neue Deutsche Welle is a subgenre I should really be checking out more. Noisy German new wave/post-punk that’s lo-fi in all the right ways. This is exactly my shit.

Meine Enkel, Amanita, Hundebesitzer
Dziura w getcie

altertide0 recommended me this group on RYM, saying that he’d be “extremely surprised” if I didn’t like it. First off, how dare you insinuate that I’d enjoy something. My tastes are eclectic and not at all easy to pin down. It’s not like a jazz/no wave/noise rock band from Poland- okay, yeah you got me; I loved this a lot. Bleating saxophones and great guitarwork on this. Just barely misses my arbitrary definition of “essential,” but it’s damn close. Check it for a good time.

Giganci Jazzu
55Richard Strange
The Live Rise of Richard Strange

Why the hell does this guy’s name sound so familiar? I don’t think I’ve heard anything by this guy, and he’s relatively unknown (aside from being in the glam rock band Doctors of Madness). I’m thinking that his name is so generic, I’m mixing him up with someone else. Richard Hell? Billy Strange? I mean, this Richard is a lot less strange than his stage name implies. This album is pretty safe new wave stuff, but there are a few interesting moments. But most of them are contained in the middle on the album, with the bookends being a bit flat. It’s got some tunes, but overall, it’s not all too memorable.

The Hero Runs Away, International Language, Gutter Press
56Whirling Pig Dervish
Out of Time, Out of Tune and Out to Lunch With Hairy Stan

Here’s some indie noise rock/post-punk out of Glasgow that kicks a whole lot of ass. The version I have is missing a track (I think), but practically nothing could bring the rating down out of “essential” range. Love the scratchy guitars on here. I get the impression that the vocalist is a classic hardcore punk type from his vox here. This has a really low rating on RYM for some reason, so here’s hoping this band gets its day in the sun sometime soon.

Slug Balancer, Fat Rich Spam & Stupid Spam, King Tubby, Face Ache
57Von Spar
Die uneingeschränkte Freiheit der privaten Initiative

I’ll just forgo the usual intro for this one and just tell you flat out: this is an ugly-sounding album. It’s covered in awful synth and everything’s boosted way to high. It’s cluttered and suffocating in that 2000s indie dance kind of way. But somehow, I still like it. There’s a chaotic energy that just meshes really well with the vocals. As you can tell, I’m a bit split on this one. If you like turn-of-the-century dance-punk, I guess try this out? Anyone else should probably back away slowly.

Schockwellen auf's Parkett

This Austrian darkwave band probably won’t light a fire in you or anything, but I’m sure they have their fans. I’m not really one of them. Really middling mix of stock synth and guitar riffs. The vocalist does a really good 80s goth impression, so points for that.

59Deaf Dance
A Cold Gaze

Apparently darkwave is calling my name, cause here’s another album from the subgenre. This one suffers from the same issues as Orgreave, but I think the actual songs are much stronger here. There’s a faint (and I do mean faint) shoegaze hint here and there that helps out a lot. While this still isn’t something I’d go out of my way to check again, the highlights are good enough to pluck out for a playlist or something.

Follow Your Light, Are We Not Insaaane Yet, King is Dead
60Plain Characters
Invisible Yearnings

From the label that brought you a bunch of really great British punk bands (Abstract) comes yet another really great British punk band. This album’s a mish-mash of art punk, dub, glam, new wave, and goth styles into one malformed package. Depending on who’s judging it, that can be a good or bad thing. It tricks you into thinking it’ll be a lot more conventional than it actually is. There’s some radio-ready hooks here, but also a lot of underground oddness. One of those bands that probably would’ve gotten signed eventually and watered down their sound for execs, but thankfully imploded before that could happen.

Menial Tasks

𝑼𝒏𝒌𝒏𝒐𝒘𝒏 𝑷𝒐𝒔𝒕-𝑷𝒖𝒏𝒌: 𝑬𝒔𝒐𝒕𝒆𝒓𝒊𝒄 𝑨𝒍𝒍𝒆𝒚 (61-70)

What the hell is this, you ask? Well, Rate Your Music has the option to list out underrated, yet highly received albums within a certain timeframe. So, for this run of albums, it will be “esoteric” post-punk albums released between 1977-1989. And our first pick is already intriguing to me. Not because it’s particularly good, but because people on RYM think this pop/blues rock album is somehow influenced by post-punk and new wave. I mean, maybe a little? Reminds me more of power pop than anything, but far be it from me to go against the genre grain. Black is a mixed bag overall, but is a perfect example of why this “Esoteric Alley” gimmick is going to bring this list some much needed variety.

ABCPW, Naked Country
Cadê as armas?

I’m not sure why this one’s considered “esoteric” on Rate Your Music (its got well over 200 ratings), but it’s only got one rating on sputnik, so that’s good enough for me. This is a really short, riot-grrrl-influenced, Brazilian post-punk album with repetitive guitars and great female vox. So obviously, I dug this. No idea what they’re singing about, but you can tell they’re not happy about whatever it is. Album has a solid mix of mid-tempo and high energy tunes. While it’s only unknown because it’s in a language that’s not English, and I’m sure Brazilian music geeks go gaga over these gals, I’m fine putting Mercenárias here on a technicality.

Lite Life

Who would have thought that an “esoteric” list would bring us yet another SST no name. Seems like I had it all wrong about SST all these years: not every one of their acts became big names. But if any band deserved to continue that trend, it would be Angst. This alternative take on country punk is very of its time and many, many bands would take their turns trying on leather boots and flannel combos. But the thing is, Angst just do it so well. It’s also really short, so you’ve got nothing to lose checking this one out.

The Poor (Shall Refuse)
64Sturm Group
Sturm Group

Sturm Group’s best element, for better or worse, is the mixing. Now, I’m not entirely sure if the version I’m listening to is a remaster or remix or something, so maybe that’s why. But whichever version I listened to, it sounds great. With the bass and drums mixed way up in front and everything all fuzzy, this has a level of un-polish that I like. It gives this type of jangly post-punk an even sweeter flavor. While it might be a tad generic when it comes to vocals and lyrics, I can’t help but love this album. Call me easy, I know I am.

Loaded Life
65The Proletariat
Soma Holiday

While straight-up hardcore punk might not be the best fit for this list, I will say that this is a case where the post-punk elements warrant it a spot. Just about half of this is post-punk, while the other half is your bog-standard punk. The length is this album’s biggest issue. By track 10, this album loses steam in a major way. Nothing really too special here, but a decent listen if you like early-80s punk.

Splendid Wars, Events / Repeat, Hollow Victory, Condition, Avoidance, Scars, Decide on Change
66The Method Actors
Little Figures

Athens, Georgia was a hotbed for great post-punk/new wave, at least for a little while there. While calling the Method Actors “esoteric” is not really truthful, I’m at the mercy of the RYM list algorithm. This is basically a Talking Heads album. I try not to compare bands so plainly like that, but there’s no getting around it. Vocalist is doing his best David Byrne impression and jittery new wave hooks abound. The Method Actors do it well enough, but because this band’s a duo, the songs often feel half-baked. There are some great tunes on this for sure, so give it a shot.

67Still (DNK)

Well now, what’s this? A little jazzy, funky number? With only 2 ratings on RYM? Yep, another win for the esoteric list. Trazz is a ton of fun, but is also depressingly short: 7 tracks, 15 minutes. Still (see what I did there), I think this has enough personality and saxophone to hook any self-respecting post-punker.

Nouveaux Riche, Flyvetur Igen
68Bazooka (NLD)
Zwevende Vlakken

In concept, Zwevende Vlakken seems like the kind of thing I’d be really into. It’s mainly an avant-prog type of deal, which means chanting, plonky pianos, and improvisation (I’m assuming). While I liked it well enough, it’s just missing something. Maybe the copy I have is a poor rip, but this felt really flat as a whole. Very midtempo, which seems to be my criticism of choice these days, but it’s true. I need some variance, damn it. Not gonna recommend this one, but if you’re really curious, it’s out there.

Blauwe Vlammen, B Nummer Twee
Breaking The Silence

Opposition (or the Opposition) is a group I’ve already heard music by, but is apparently “esoteric” enough to be here. While I remember enjoying this a lot, this listen didn’t do much for me. It’s got that cold, dreamy post-punk/new wave sound that was popular at the time; very similar to a lot of critical darlings that get over-eulogized online. It’s still pretty solid, but nothing that you haven’t heard before.

Moving Targets
70Dada Fish
Limpin' Gazelle

The last entry for our short esoteric binge is a genuine article. Nothing says unknown like cassette only, recorded on 4-track, lo-fi messes like this. I always appreciate when these underground artists put their hard-to-find stuff on Bandcamp. But is it worth the download? Depends. Mason Jones, the person behind Dada Fish, lists “Foetus, Big Black, Sisters of Mercy, and Swans” as influences, so that should tell you what you’re gonna get here. Limpin' Gazelle’s amateur style and low fidelity might be a turn-off for some, but I enjoyed it a lot. Genuine shame that Dada Fish only released two albums.

Calling for No One, Let Us In, Shared Experiences, Mother's Child

“I know this band. Therefore, it’s not unknown. It’s known. You’ve failed.” Shut up. Anyway, I had only heard their first live tape prior to this, but tectactoe reminded me that I still hadn’t checked this. And now I have. I’ve always thought this band was more post-punk than no wave, but there is definitely no wave in here. See: saxophone, noise rock, various experimental flourishes. Uncharacteristically of me, I actually think the vocals are the weakest part of the album. But even then, they’re still great. Definitely one to check if you like Blast First bands and sloppier post-punk.

Confidential, Phoenix, Bedouin
72Das Wesen

I found this band through a split release with Bazooka and really liked what I heard from them, so I thought I’d check out the rest of their stuff. This is some classic post-punk right here. The last song specifically, “Beat / Kongress,” is a wonderful little jaunt. Funky guitars, percussion solos, wailing/screaming. It’s great. Wish the rest of the EP was like that song, but it’s still worth a listen otherwise.

Beat / Kongress
73Drinking Electricity

Minimal wave is as minimal wave does. Whole album is plodding, synth-heavy, and monotone. Not gonna make your ears bleed or anything, but if I’m being totally honest with myself, the songs just aren’t there. Real first draft music, by design. I can see an 80s-obsessed weirdo somewhere calling this their favorite record. For me, it’s just passable.

Discord Dance
74Scoundrels (NLD)
Don't Cry For The Moon

While Scoundrel’s first record was more straightforward punk rock, Don’t Cry for The Moon has faint post-punk undertones. Some might say too faint, but the band themselves calls themselves “no wave” on the reissue for this on Bandcamp (which sounds awful, by the way). Sure, whatever you say, man. The music itself is pretty great. A little too samey, and it loses steam by the end, but it’s worth a check.

Daydreamer, Big Joke

From one Dutch band to another, I guess. While this was released relatively recently, I dug it a lot and it doesn’t seem to be getting too many ratings. The guitars are on-point and probably the best part of this EP. When the song just turns into a wall of repetitive guitar, I just love it to death. The songs themselves aren’t anything special, almost bordering on parody. Still, I’m a sucker, so I liked it. Add this to your 2020s punk playlist.

76Ropes of Night
Impossible Space

Ropes of Night isn’t your typical melancholy, sat-in-the-corner goth rock. They’re the kind of goth rock you play loud. The production is smothering, the singer’s moody, the guitars are noisy. I wasn’t expecting too much out of this one, but I was pleasantly surprised. Impossible Space is a well-crafted piece of goth post-punk worship that even a snob could appreciate.

Lunacy by Which We Kneel
77Panic Worm
Elusive Magic

Can’t say Chinese post-punk is one of my fields of expertise. I didn’t even know there was a big indie scene in Wuhan prior to finding this band. Elusive Magic is very similar to a lot of 2010s post-punk that’s popular with online critics. Their stuff is a little more tasteful than some of the messier post-punk they’re trying to emulate. The vocalist, by the band’s own admission, sounds a lot like Mark E. Smith. Very heavy indie rock influence. Mixing is not great though. Probably not going to blow anyone’s socks off, but it’s incredibly accessible post-punk that has a few solid tunes. Have a feeling these songs would be a lot better live, but that might just be me.

Chicken Spit, 装饰性幻觉 Decorative Illusion, Elusive Magic, 陰謀之夢 Omen, 驚魂記 Hypnic
78Dirty Hands
Lost in Heaven

90s alternative rock and post-punk don’t always mesh. At least, to my ears. This French act does it well enough that I can’t be too down on it, but when they start playing that diet grunge shit, I shut down. Overall, Dirty Hands are just kind of middling. And their later stuff is even worse, so it’s hard to recommend. All you true alt rockers know I’ve got bad taste in alt rock though, so you should probably check it for yourself.

Money's Back, Troubled Times, Piece of Fun, You
79Garage Class
A Coffee Table Vision on a Metal Grid

Archival compilation of UK band Garage Class. I have no clue when each song was recorded, but apparently they were active between the late-70s and the mid-80s. This is one of those cases where I’m saddened the band in question didn’t continue on. The selection of tracks here paint a picture of an obviously talented band influenced more by the underground and burgeoning UK indie scene than anything else. While not every track is a masterpiece, I think if they stuck around, they would’ve put out a classic eventually. The band’s members thankfully went on to other groups, so I’ll definitely be checking those bands out soon. Great, garage-y punk stuff.

Terminal Tokyo
Sweating to the Lonelies

Dunno if I made an unconscious decision at some point, but there seems to be a noticeable lack of synthpop on this edition of Unknown Post-Punk. Synthpop just doesn’t do it for me in general; adding slow goth pastiche to it just makes it really boring. Albums like Sweating to the Lonelies just feel so predictable to me. You’ve got your loud synth, vocals hidden under layers of electronics, repetitive drum machine beats. And it’s all midtempo as hell. It’s all aesthetics and faint wisps of songs. Can’t say there’s any good reason to check this, even if you’re big on synth stuff.

House of Kaboodles; Daniel, You and I
81The Diodes
The Diodes

We’re going all the way back to 1977 for this one. As a major label punk band, I guess I should hate this. But this was 1977 and from a Canadian band, so I’m more willing to forgive. And plus, this is actually pretty good. But it’s totally the kind of thing you’d hear on oldies pop rock radio once, think it’s okay, and totally forget by the time the next song comes on. It’s earworm-y enough to get a good rating from a goober like myself. This might be a bit too pop for this list, but there’s a light new wave flavor to it. I’ll allow it.

Red Rubber Ball, Death in the Suburbs, Shape of Things to Come

I can always appreciate it when an artist records their music by themselves, without any outside influence or interference. Even when they’re playing kinds of music I don’t necessarily like. Astrowey is a bedroom artist and plays a kind of music I do actually enjoy (indie post-punk/new wave), so why don’t I adore this? Well, it’s trying to be professional-sounding studio stuff. Big mistake. You can hear how the tracks are layered so clearly, it’s distracting. Plus, sometimes the tracks are audibly out of sync. But mostly, it’s that all the tracks kind of sound the same. Glitzy, synth-y gloss and program effects. It just feels like it’s trying to be fuller-sounding than it actually is. Does that make sense? Probably not. It’s an EP, try it out yourself.

U Gotta Know
83China Shop
21 Puffs On The Cassette Master

Being a post-punk band from New York that was active in the 80s, China Shop was bound to get an ill-fitting “no wave” descriptor plastered on top of them. They have much more in line with new wave than any other kind of wave. But pedantic genre policing aside, this compilation is decent. It might be a little too odd for some listeners, what with all its strange noodling and and performances. Even I thought it got to be a bit much at times and the later tracks kind of suck. If you like your post-punk just a little strange, you may enjoy this. But maybe give their 1983 EP a shot instead.

Monkey Talk, Newer Homes, Kow Tow
84The Enemy (NZL)
The Enemy at the Beneficiaries

I’m a big fan of seeing how far back “post-punk” seems to go on Rate Your Music. You’ve got Eno singles from 1974, Pere Ubu, Chrome, and (apparently) bootlegs. And if this bootleg they did is anything to go by, they absolutely should’ve booked studio time. This band is said to be very influential to New Zealand punk and I believe it. This is beautifully angry punk rock at its best. Clear Stooges worship though; points deducted. Barely post-punk, but there’s something to it, isn’t there?

Nothing, We Hate You, Pull Down the Shades, I Wanna Die With You
85Toy Love
Toy Love

While their bootleg tape does rule, it’s still a shame the Enemy never recorded anything. OR DIDN’T THEY? They did, as the sequel band Toy Love. Not unknown, but also very important and very good. More new wave influence than their Enemy stuff, but it’s tasteful. Perfectly balanced. I say that, but the original mix of this album sucks so bad the band broke up after they heard it or something. I think the rereleased version I checked was remastered, cause I loved this. You can hear the Aussie alternative sound all over this. What a killer album.

Bride of Frankenstein, Toy Love Song, The Crunch, Pull Down the Shades, Frogs, Fast Ostrich
86Spherical Objects
Past and Parcel

Another (relative) oldie, but with a twist. This is, get this, a folk/post-punk hybrid album. And no, it isn’t as awesome/shit as it sounds. Both elements are incorporated at the most basic level and not much else. The post-punk elements are fine. The folk are also fine. A few good songs and one really good one carry this album across the finish line, but I doubt anyone except obsessive post-punkers would want to seek this out.

Situation Comedy
87Daily Ritual
Daily Ritual

Garage punk with just a smidgen of post-punk. A morsel of post-punk. Fast-paced and political punk. You know what it is.

The Wall, You Represent Decay, The Siren, Coldstore Operation, Surveillance
88Neue Mode
Neue Mode

Discogs is doing something right. I was researching another band when Neue Mode showed up in the recommended section. I know it doesn’t actually find bands that sound similar; just bands that are from the same country and play the same genre of music (I think). Very minimal post-punk/new wave. Not too heavy on the electronics though, so not minimal wave. Some pretty great tunes here, but very tame stuff musically. But sometimes that’s all you need.

89Twelve Cubic Feet
Straight Out The Fridge

I tried finding their Squares On Sunday release, but this EP will have to do. Fun, poppy post-punk with a female lead vocalist. Proto-twee pop if I’ve ever heard it. If I ever do find a copy of Squares On Sunday, I’m sure it will be just as good, if not better, than this. What a gem.

Blob, Hello Howard, Tuesday Afternoon

Very sparse, art-y, beat poet no wave from Italy. This thing is 27 tracks long and most are only a minute long. Lead singer is monotone, the guitar is repetitive, and the songs are basically improvisations. Suffice it to say, it’s not an album you pick and choose tracks from for your morning playlist. If you are gonna check this, be prepared to listen to the whole thing in one sitting. But I’d say it’s very much worth doing so. Though fair warning, it might not be for everyone.

Cingulato, Pavesiana, Maddalena: la distanza, Cavalcata, Occhio all'infinito
91The Grinning Plowman
Days of Deformity

Days of Deformity feels like a great way to close out the “standard entries” portion of this list. What we have here is just your typical post-punk/goth blend, but with the dramatics turned up to 11. And I love it. It might seem like over-compensating at times, but doesn’t all the best goth stuff? Get on it.

Inquisitions, Land in my Head, Splashing the Red, The Killing Floor
92Their Royal Highness

𝑼𝒏𝒌𝒏𝒐𝒘𝒏 𝑷𝒐𝒔𝒕-𝑷𝒖𝒏𝒌: 𝑷𝒐𝒔𝒕-𝑴𝒆𝒕𝒂𝒍 𝑷𝒐𝒔𝒕-𝑷𝒖𝒏𝒌 (92-101)

*Not actually post-metal.

This final run will all be post-punk mixed with some form of metal. Because after doing this list series for a while, I guess I just now realized there has been 0 metal. Probably for a reason, but let’s be kind to our metalhead brethren and give all of these bands a fair shake. First up, this Polish gothic metal shit. Mindless, midtempo riffing and a mewling vocalist trying to inflect soul into his soulless voice by grumbling through his lines. Instrumentals are fine, but they sound very artificial and fake. It’s not terrible, but I liked the non-metal parts of this metal album the most, so that should tell you where I’m at with it.

Pamiętam, Raj, Stake, Redblood (Upiór)

Now we’re cooking with gas. This doom(?)/sludge(?) metal band from Sweden takes cues from post-punk and post-rock to make a very aromatic, tasteful blend. Also, it rocks. Love the rough vocals and noisy production. I’m not a big sludge guy (I like my metal fast usually), but this is so good, I can’t not give it a recommend.

Du tar min kraft
94Girls in Rapture

Rate Your Music is giving me some odd picks for this portion of the list, let me just say. Here’s a new one for you: free improvisational atmospheric black metal no wave. Sure, man. Whatever you say. This album is one long improvisation session on an RYM user’s netlabel, if I understand correctly. So there’s a part of me that wants to be forgiving. But honestly, this isn’t really something anyone has to listen to. It’s noise. Appreciate the free download though.

[content not available]
95Morbid Silence
Dark Labyrinth

Corny death metal with some post-punk. I really do hate being so clearly biased against this kind of metal, but I just can’t listen to this crap without laughing. Those growls the vocalist’s doing are comical to me. I’m coming to the realization that dedicating an entire portion of the list to metal was not the best idea.

[content not available]

In hindsight, maybe this whole “metal post-punk” portion was a mistake. It’s surprisingly difficult to find albums that match both criteria. So here’s an EP instead. Death/black/thrash metal with post-punk undertones. Mostly in the backing guitar on a few songs, but it’s there. It’s fairly standard otherwise though, but I’m sure any self-respecting metalhead would enjoy this. But I doubt this would change anyone else’s mind.

97Gorsedd FM
The Promise of Rot

About time we got some neofolk metal on here. Was wondering when it was going to show up. Another recent release (sorry), Gorsedd FM tries their hand at meshing three different genres together on this album: black metal, folk, and post-punk. While I appreciate it, the record does come off as a bit clumsy. Which is crazy, because these guys had years to perfect their sound before releasing this debut. I like the concept, but not the execution I guess. All this said, I’ll be looking out for their next release. I have a feeling that they’ll get it right. Eventually.

His Careful Mistake, Empathy Expiry
98Crooked Necks
Alright Is Exactly What It Isn't

Crooked Necks did a split release with a better known post-punk/metal band (Circle of Ouroborus), so they’re not as “unknown” as I would’ve liked. Whatever. Simply put, this band is a shoegaze/slowcore/post-punk band with black metal vocals thrown in. Does that make it blackgaze? I don’t really know or care. This is probably a lot more mellow than I expected it to be and I actually think I liked it more because of it. But, and it’s true: this would be better without the screams. But they’re so far down in the mix, you can basically ignore them if you really wanted to. Not that the whisper-y vocals are any better. I enjoyed this one well enough; definitely give it a try.

Streets With Teeth, Forgetting to Remember to Forget, Hearts and Colors
99Four Stroke Baron
King Radio

I don’t think I can think of a scarier combination than progressive metal and new wave. Apparently I’m the only one who thinks that, because Four Stroke Baron are one of the more popular acts on this list. Scary stuff. Alright, I’ll stop being inflammatory. This actually isn’t horrible, but it’s still really boring. I will freely admit that there are a few good songs here, but the rest is middling “faux-epic” metal bullshit. The new wave influence is so minimal, it may as well not be on here. If you like progressive rock/metal, yadda yadda yadda I’m never gonna listen to this again.

It's Over, Great White, Beloved Jakarta
100In the Colonnades
Scrap Metal Value

You all have no idea how difficult it was to actively not fill this entire section with goth metal. But the temptation is much too strong. And this is some of the worst I’ve heard. Not only is it bad gothic metal, but it’s also bad hard rock. Terrible, save for one or two songs. And one of them is a Sabbath cover. End my suffering, please.

Grind'em Down, Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
101 Spear of Teuta
Spear of Teuta

I didn’t mean for this portion to be so insufferable. I promise I’m not trying to hate metal. It’s just a natural reaction. Like fight-or-flight. So lets end on something that I actually liked. This “blackened post-punk” (like blackened chicken, I guess) band out of Croatia may not display a lot of variety on this 3-track EP, but they do their shtick well. Also, quick thank you to the obsessive metalheads of the internet for adding most of these bands to Sputnikmusic and Rate Your Music so I didn’t have to. You’re the real MVPs in my heart.

A Rain of Blazing Arrows, Sunken Ships at the Port of Ardiaean Kingdom
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