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Unknown Post-Punk #5

So back in mid-2019, Papa Universe (formerly UniqueUniverse, sputnik's home post-punk maester) shoutbox'd me and asked if I would do some things for him. One of those things was continuing his "Unknown Post-Punk" series. Being the slowpoke I am, it took me nearly a year to finish. Papa, if you're reading this: I'm sorry it took so long. The first 11 entries are Papa Uni, the rest were done by me. The "other thing" he asked me to do will have to remain a secret for now.
Red Therapy

For as wild and oddball no wave can be, this one is surprisingly mild. That is not to say that it is more timid in its song-writing, but rather that its energy is more bewildering than actively insane, as it tends to be with the genre.

City Drugs, Ragged Andy's, Fear
Shadow on Everything

Brooding, atmospheric post-punk, but not exactly one that hits all the emotive spots for me to truly appreciate. I like the spacy, but simultaneously sharp production and the vocals are also properly apathetic, but the overall execution is just too unfocused for me.

Dark Circles, Doe-Eyed Girl, Monument, Wild Fires, Back Home
3Cavalier Song
A Deep Well

shoutout to GhandhiLion for introducing me to this band
Prog-post-punk. Nuff said. (well, actually not just that, but a lot of other stuff too)

Adams Apple, Shields, Eborakon Part II
4Convex Model
Life In A Glass Cube

Say what you will, but I am glad that this kind of music, this minimalistic electronica that reeks of sepia-filtered world, is still being made and has a place in at least some form of subculture.

Dream Pilot, Tin Man, Waltzing in a Toy Garden, What Happened to the Sound of Choices?
Odd Talk

Ganser try to either reinvent the wheel and fail at that, or they are doing no such thing and it's just this concept of theirs isn't very well thought out. As unfortunate as it is, this album expands very little on the promising sound established on the band's EPs. The album sounds extremely messy and the already lacking song-writing in combination with the highly questionable production choice just makes it all reach from jarring to boring most of the time. However, it's not like this sort of all-over-the-place direction doesn't have its audience. Quite certainly it has, since the majority of people have the opinion opposite to mine.

Satsuma, Avoidance, Aubergine, Touch Insensitive
6Human Tetris

By-the-numbers, dime-a-dozen, run-of-the-mill, middle-of-the-road, all-over-the-place, style-over-substance darkwave-post-punk.

Another Day
7Chain Of Flowers
Chain of Flowers

For fans of Swervedriver and probably Nothing. Yeah, take away the shoegaze production and it's regular indie post-punk, but the production is all that makes this album what it is. It's ethereal in a way only a shoegaze album can be and it is also a little boring in a way only a shoegaze album can be too.

Death's Got a Hold on Me, Bury My Love, Colour/Blind, Follow
8Maggot Heart
Dusk to Dusk

fot naughtcturnal For once, an actually decent goth rock revivalism. This album is not an eyeliner-rocking angsty rant, as many of its contemporaries are. This is much more of a cleverly crafted genre homage with great song-writing and solid instrumentation.

The Killing Hand, Big Kross, Dusk to Dusk, Strange Women, Pinned Like a Butterfly
9Metro Crowd
Metro Crowd

One of the more faithful homages to the late 70s post-punk scenes from a band that after this record suddenly turned all avantgarde and minimal-electronic.

Cancer, Not Men, Heads Have Bodies, Eternaut, Find Them

shoutout to teamster for introducing me to this band
This is one of the more garage rock/emo oriented albums on all of the lists. It screams of that 90s indie tendencies that sometimes only have the bass in common with post-punk. Listen, it's here as a formality, because they advertised themselves as post-punk, but in reality, you'd be remiss, if you thought they were garage indie.

Khandaan, Raptor, Liquid

shoutout to Voivod for introducing me to this band
The cover would have you believe it was some kind of synthwave covers album or an amateur small-town heavy metal revival wedding gigs band. However, they are a surprisingly vibrant and hard-hitting punks.

Andrew Bolt's Twitter Account, The Fly
12Plus Minus Nula

π‘Ίπ’‚π’π’…π’˜π’Šπ’„π’‰π‘©π’–π’ƒπ’ƒπ’π’† π‘Ύπ’“π’Šπ’•π’†-𝑼𝒑𝒔 𝑺𝒕𝒂𝒓𝒕 𝑯𝒆𝒓𝒆

Post-punk with a shoegaze twist and a near unsearchable name, Β±0 hit a lot of the beats you might expect a band like this to hit. Lots of guitar effects, pretty up-front drums, not as much of a focus on vocals. But damn does this group do all of those things well.

Žižkov, Občas, Sami
13...and the Native Hipsters
There Goes Concorde Again...

Recorded between 1979-2001, this compilation by this London group really something strange. Even as the purveyor of strange I try (and fail) to sell myself as, this is weird enough to make me turn my head a bit. Lovely male-female vocals were the highlight throughout. This one isn't really post-punk in it's purest form, with elements of experimental rock, pop, jazz, spoken word, and every other genre you can think of blended in there with it. Still, there is an undeniable post-punk flair here, so I'll allow it. Give it a spin if you're in the mood to get freaky. Just know you'll get more than you probably bargained for.

Which Way, Story of Two Twins

You remember Citizen Zombie? That Pop Group album that came out back in 2015 that confused the living hell out of everyone? Well this record by the UK group Gramme reminds me a lot of that album, except with entirely female vox. Lots of alternative disco/funk influence, with post-punk as the framework that holds it all together. Though this one is much more dance-punk. As one of the few that kind of liked that Pop Group album, I enjoyed this one enough to give it a very light recommendation. Purists may want to steer clear though.

Too High, Rough News
15Hysteria Ward
From Breakfast To Madness

Now this is more my speed: cassette-released goth rock. While the version I listened to was the remastered digital version, I definitely can still hear the crackle and squeak hidden beneath. Should clarify that that's a good thing. Wonderfully-dualtone* gal vox, punchy drums, those angular guitars; scratches an itch only good goth rock can. And with the post-punk/new wave influences here, it's a knockout. *meaningless descriptor I made-up, but it's surprisingly fitting

Vendetta, Free Spirits, Breakfast to Madness, Vietnam, Jungle, The Lodge, Peace Song

Let it be known that this fits the "unknown" descriptor better than I would've ever thought an album from 2015 could. Just tracking this down took a bit of effort, but I did manage to find an incomplete copy of it (missing the first track). And, it wasn't really worth the effort. But fans of glitzy synthpop and gothic (over)tones should definitely give this a try. But for a guy like me, this is pretty much as far away from post-punk as you can get while still being able to technically call it that. Unless that missing first track is ear-meltingly good, I don't really see the need to check this one. They can't all be zingers.

[content not available]
17Sardine V
I Hate You

This EP by Australian new wave-ish post-punk band Sardine V has some pedigree behind it. A lot of this group's members went on to form quite a few well-known Aussie bands (too many to list here). I can't say this blew my mind or anything, but there were some interesting elements, especially the synth/keys/whatever they are. Gives this almost a minimal wave vibe in places. Because of that, I don't know if I would recommended to everyone. But it's pleasant enough for a listen, so give it a try if you're interested.

I Hate You
18Guerre Froide
Guerre froide

A short coldwave EP by some great French folks. Wonderful synthesized drums and keys that complement the purposefully-drab vocals and distant guitars/bass. Was reissued a few times, so it might not be "unknown" in the truest sense of the word, but it's obscure enough to earn a spot here.

19Human Sexual Response
In a Roman Mood

More new wave/pop than post-punk, Human Sexual Response fit a very specific area that should be addressed on a list like this: major-label (via distribution) "post-punk" that still somehow manages to be obscure in some way. I was arguing whether or not to put this on the list, but in the end I decided for it. I always find these "in purgatory" bands to be fascinating. Not quite major, not quite indie, just lost to time. Anyway, I'm not talking much about the music because it's not unlike anything you'd hear on an alternative radio or MTV (which coincidentally started broadcasting just a month before this album released hmmmmm). If you like stuff like that, you'd like it.

Blow Up
20Dom Dummaste
Dom Dummaste

Sweet, synth-y goodness. Dom Dummaste is a Swedish group that has a pretty expansive discog that I should really check out sometime. Because their self-titled debut here is exceptionally great. Lots of minimal synth, out-of-breath gasps and yells for vocals, almost new-wave-y if you could believe it. Split into songs written by Lars Cleveman (Side A) and those written by Martin RΓΆssel (Side B). I dig Side B a lot more, but both bring the jams. Worth the effort of tracking it down. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll be trying to find the rest of their discography. God help me.

Solveig, Sams Son, StΓ₯ltrΓ₯d Γ…t Grabbarna, Men Va Fanken, HΓ€rliga VΓ₯r, TrΓΆtt, Γ„lska Bomben, Lipsill
21Gay Cum Daddies
Really Good

People oft quote the phrase "don't judge a book by its cover," but it isn't until you have a dedicated "Gay Cum Daddies" folder on your computer that you really start dissecting that expression. This Denton, Texas band plays lo-fi, no wave-tinged experimental rock that I am an absolute sucker for. This one here is their first, with 30 1-minute tracks of nutty goodness. While this is just one of their OVER 40 RELEASES (no joke), I'm sure just one listen is enough to catch your interest or make you do a 180Β° in the opposite direction. For me though, this is exactly the kind of BS I love.

Too many to list
X Sticky Fingers X

An archival release by Electric Eels bandleader John Morton. Not sure how I missed this one, but boy am I glad I've gotten around to hearing it! Recorded in 1978, this is good old-fashioned art-punky goodness. The live segments kind of hold this back a bit for me, but this is as close to essential as anything possibly could be. Fans of lo-fi punk: get on this ASAP.

No Non Β’s, A., Your Full Of Shit/Tool Jazz, Approaching The Minimal With Spray Guns, The Social Whirlpool, Dolly Boy
23DK Postoronnih
DK Postoronnih

Coldwave is definitely the post-punk subgenre I listen to the least, but it's not cause I dislike it. It's just that the best coldwave is rediculously hard to find. Insert Π”Πš ΠŸΠΎΡΡ‚ΠΎΡ€ΠΎΠ½Π½ΠΈΡ… (or DK Postoronnih, anglicized). This is a Russian band, playing synth-heavy post-punk with blunt vocals and some reverb-laden guitar. While it's a bit "known" for a unknown post-punk list (it only came out in 2017 and has quite a few ratings on RYM), this is still some prime coldwave. Definitely worth tracking down if you can.

Dead Man's Curve, Progulka, K Postoronnim, Postpravda
24The Laughing Apple
The Ha Ha Hee Hee! EP

The Laughing Apple are a London group that plays a blend of indie rock, post-punk, and dance-punk. They weren't very prolific, with the band releasing only a few singles and this EP, but I was pretty excited to check this one out. After all, short-lived post-punk bands with like 3 releases to their name are my fetish. While enjoyable (and I can believe I'm gonna to say this), the production on this drags it down a bit. Everything sounds like it was mixed way too far away from each other. A bit sterile for this type of music, but pretty good overall.

I'm Okay
A Wish Of Life

"HUN-GAR, HUN-GAR" exclaims this Danish post-punk group on their only album. If there is a more quintessential post-punk release out there, I haven't heard it. Lots of gothic undertones on this one, pretty standard early-80s post-punk vocals and percussion. But hey, when I ever been above classic post-punk? Definitely recommended.

Baby Sea, You Can Dream, Schizophrenia Minds, Grey Day
26Minny Pops
Drastic Measures, Drastic Movement

You want to talk about strange? Minny Pops is a minimal synth band that takes strange to new heights. Especially on this release of theirs. It's crazy how noisy and electronic-forward this is for 1979. Sure, I've heard a few like it from around this time (SPK? Units? Vice Versa?), but few are ever this frank about it. There's entire tracks of just static, atonal rhythms, and/or a single synth line. Ahead of it's time? Probably not. Nevertheless, I'd recommend it; if only because it's an interesting look into synth (and even noise) punk for those unfamiliar with those areas.

Minny Pops, Motor City, Monica, Flash Goes the Eye, M.D. Mania, R.U. 21
Many Nights

This Russian post-punk band isn't exactly new to me, as I've heard two of their albums (2012's Calendar and 2015's Poverty) a while ago. And when I first checked them out, I wasn't really feeling it. Don't really know why, but a few years later, I'm really digging them again. Odd life this is. Nice blend of Editors-esque post-punk, new wave, and classic indie pop. The guy singing (whomever it is, band's had like 20 members) has a great deadpan voice, and I love that damn echo-y guitar. Not unknown by a normal standard, but it barely has any ratings on Sputnik, so I'm adding it.

Second Part, Homewards, Voice From the Choir, No More Time, Bering Island
28Sashcloth and Axes
M.A.R.K. -13

While certainly unique, I don't really think I "get" Sashcloth and Axes. Yeah, he (I think it's a single person) plays synth-laden darkwave (or some strange bastardization of it). Yeah, there probably are people that would dig the pop sensibilities here. But this left me pretty damn cold. Doesn't help that this one is totally not my style, with its over-reliance on synth and industrial flair. It may be a bit harsh, but perhaps it's for the best this one is forgotten.

[content not available]
The Last Detail

A pretty short LP by a Maryland band. Indie post-punk is definitely a treat and this is no exception. However, this doesn't really stand out a whole lot. It doesn't go hard like other independent bands of the time, but it's not accessible enough to be a crossover hit. Not bad, but I wouldn't go too far out of my way to find it.

Reasons Why, The Girl Next Door
Danger Came Smiling

You know Sandwich digs some Ludus. A band I found a long time ago and still love dearly. Enough to consider them one of my favorites. However, this band has been getting a lot more press as of late, with this album sitting at above 100 ratings on Rate Your Music. Are they still "unknown"? Well, on Sput they still are, so I'll count it just so I can have Ludus on one of "my" lists. Seriously one of the best albums ever. Nothing like it.

Too many to list
31Cat Party
Cat Party

2009 SandwichBubble just had a heart attack. How did I not know this band was a thing? Cat Party blends post-punk with indie rock and post-hardcore pretty damn well. Not the biggest fan of the vocals, but I could see this being someone's favorite band. Lots of energy, kind of moody. Actually reminds me a lot of For Against musically. Yeah, I would've had this on a playlist to show off my cred back in the day, absolutely.

Tar & Feathers, Jigsaw Thoughts, Still Life, The Aftertaste
32Mode Moderne
Ghosts Emerging

This Canadian group really digs their synthpop/new wave, cause this has that sound all over it. But goddamn if they don't sell it. There are bands from the first and second wave of post-punk that wished they sounded this good. Don't have very much to say about this one, but it's highly recommended.

Radio Heartbeat, Disco Ruff, Echoes, Waves Upon Waves, Photography, Sudden Changes
In the Dark

This energetic deathrock band from Japan instantly caught my ear with their EP/single "Dancing Death" (my 17500th rating by the way, thanks Papa Uni). And their first and only full-length In the Dark is a proper extension of that sound. Goth punk with some pretty muddy production. But this is a genre where that kind of production is preferred and prefer it I definitely do. Is deathrock post-punk? I dunno, but this is so good I'm putting it up here anyway.

Dark Side, 戦η•₯, Dead End Love, γ‚γ‚„γ€γ‚ŠδΊΊε½’
34Slimy Member
Ugly Songs for Ugly People

Slimy Member is a fairly conventional punk band that infuses elements of deathrock and anarcho-punk in their sound. Skirts the line between being very hard-edge post-punk or just being a normal punk band, but there is definitely enough deathrock in there sound to justify it being here. With only a demo, an EP, and this album under their belt, I gotta admit I'm throughly impressed. I love the production on this; it perfectly complements the dour punk these guys play. And at under 18 minutes (and pay what you want on Bandcamp at the time of this writing), you'd have to be a pretty ugly person to not want to check these guys out.

Bomb Blast / Age Old Time, Oceanic Feeling, No God, Destroy and Resist
35Zru Vogue
Zru Vogue

I kind of went down bit of a rabbit hole with this band, finding them through the work of one of its members, Rick Cuevas. Recorded while the band was reduced down to a duo, this self-titled album is definitely of its time. Funky guitar, art-y weirdness, and a whole lot of slow burns. Definitely reminds me of Talking Heads' Speaking in Tongues, and if you know me, that isn't really a compliment. Still, the highlights here are very good and enough to recommend this to anyone with a fondness for funk and post-punk blends.

The Dream Stops, Nakweda Dream
36Gauche (USA)
Get Away with Gauche

Love me some Bandcamp punk. Gauche (comprised of members from Priests and Downtown Boys) plays really cool art punk that you can dance the night away to. Really great female vox, lots of great instrumentation. Sadly, their newest was just slightly-worse re-recordings of songs off this, but all the OG versions can be found here and they bring the goods. Pick it up for some great gal punk.

History, Copper Woman, Cycles, Boom Hazard, Pay Day
37As Cinzas Do Tempo
Quem matou Vladimir Herzog?

As Cinzas do Tempo is a post-punk project from SΓ£o Paulo, fronted by Dennis Monteiro. While I can't obviously say very much about the lyrics, seeing as they're all in Portuguese, but what I can say is that I found this one "okay". My main issue with it is that it lacks some adventurous spirit; Monteiro plays it very safe both performance-wise and production-wise. No big surprises or shifts (aside from "Amor e hipocrisia"), just very bare-bones post-punk (with some indie rock/pop elements thrown in). Not every album has to be a life-changing experience though, and this is pleasant enough for me to recommend it to anyone who's interested in a much more mellow brand of post-punk. I just like my punk a bit more energetic is all.

Amor e hipocrisia
38Nameless Creations
Upon God's Call

This Polish deathrock group immediately won me over with their first two EPs, which were loaded with tons of wonderful energy and straight-forward, noisy punk. Having enjoyed those so much, I was eager to check their recently-released debut album. While not as amazing as those EPs, Upon God's Call is still pretty damn good. They dial it back on a few tracks, which I could've done without, but the rest is just as loud as their early releases. It's a good middle ground, and it'll probably help them find a audience. After all, they deserve it.

Salvation in a Syringe, Flesh is to Blood, Batseller, WhΓΆrehammer, Keep Them Quiet
39Breaking Circus
The Ice Machine

Homestead Records. Just saying the name feels like putting on a comfy sweater. Breaking Circus is but one band in a sea of incredible bands, so how do they stand out? Answer: they don't really. I enjoyed The Ice Machine for the most part, with its blend of post-punk and noise/industrial rock, but there wasn't really anything that really made it too memorable; especially compared to some of the other bands on this list. If you really like other Homestead bands (Big Black, Sonic Youth, Naked Raygun), then you'll probably really enjoy this. It just fell a bit short for me is all.

Deadly China Doll, Laid So Low, Swept Blood, Gun Shy
40Broken Water

I'm conflicted with this one. On one hand, Broken Water isn't exactly "post-punk" in the truest sense and they aren't "unknown" really. On the other hand, there is a definite post-punk sound underneath a few of their releases. Of all their albums, Tempest sounds the most like post-punk so I chose it for the list. But even then, I'm not sure. It's also really good, so that definitely helped in the choice. Sure, I like their self-titled demo more, but this is still a solid outing. It's definitely more noise rock/pop than post-punk though, so keep that in mind if you decide to check it.

Drown, Coming Down, Yanka Dyagileva, Underground, When You Said
41Paradox Obscur
Paradox Obscur

And now: a minimal review for a minimal synth album. It's okay.

Scourge, Creatures
42Las Kellies

More plain alternative rock than post-punk, Las Kellies didn't really catch me ear at first. Their first album in particular wasn't all that great. But Kalimera is definitely a step in the right direction, if a bit lacking. Actually reminds me of mainstream lady-led new wave, so make of that what you will. I suppose anyone that really likes that sound (and doesn't mind lyrics being in Spanish) should give this a shot.

Intro II, Aereoplane, World Of Freedom, Kleiner Dicker Junge, Le Monde Explose
43Mr. Wrong
Babes in Boyland

I'm toeing a very fine line by adding this band here, since they are more straight-forward punk than pretty much everything on this list. But hey, their Bandcamp has post-punk as a tag: good enough for me. This is Portland punk, so exceptions can be made. I don't think Mr. Wrong are up there with the best Portland bands (at least this early in their career), but this album is definitely an off-beat treat. Nice art-y punk with gal vox. Acquired taste maybe, but hits the spot when the time's right.

Babes in Boyland, Baby Stimmen, Witchy, Dead or Alive, Shadenfruede

Out of all the states in these grand United States of America, Wisconsin is probably not the first to come to mind. This no wave-influenced post-punk group from Milwaukee didn't make it out of the 80s, but they recorded enough tracks to have a archival LP released in 2014. And I've gotta say: I'm impressed. Toes the line between poppy and abrasive pretty well. I've got an evergrowing list of great bands that only recorded a handful of tracks; always nice to add another to it.

Love Slug, So What, Hit Girls, The Cease Is Increase, Strange Brute, Fit as a Fiddle
45Huta Plastiku

According to every source I've read about these guys, they're considered "coldwave". But I honestly don't agree with that; they're closer to a normal post-punk sound. Vague genre definitions aside, this album's great. There are parts where they sound a bit too much like alt rockers for my taste, but that's balanced out with some solid post-punk and even some instances of straight-up punk rock energy. Highly recommended.

Bezlubie, ToΕ„, KoΕ‚a, PaΕ„stwo P.Z., Na bezlubie
46Cable Ties
Cable Ties

This indie rock/post-punk band popped up on my radar back in 2017, but I never gave their debut a chance for some reason. Kicking myself now, let me tell you. Super cool punk with female vox and great guitar work. Perhaps a bit too garage-y for a list like this, but hey I make the rules here. Get with it or get left behind.

The Producer, Can't Hold My Hand, Say What You Mean, Paradise
47Joanna Makabresku
PiΔ…ta Prostytucja

Joanna Makabresku is a Polish post-punk group that was originally active from 1986-1990. They've since reunited and have put out new music, but this was one of only two releases they put out during their initial run. It's a coldwave-type thing with some great guitar tone. Obviously I have no clue what they're saying, but the vocals are pretty decent as well. It's also got saxophone, +1 from me. For a presumed final outing, this is a great collection of songs. Can't wait to trample over that legacy by listening to their 2018 album.

Jest Fabryka, Powietrze, Praca Nowa, Wymuszone Kobiety, SΕ‚oΕ„ce
48Basking Sharks
Shark Island

So this is minimal wave. Blippy, synthy, gross minimal wave. Couple of good tracks, but not enough to save it. No thanks.

Red Rose, Little Death

Band was recommended to be by GhandhiLion. Not this particular release, but this was the one I tried first. Verdict: Christ, this is the goddamn best thing ever. Okay maybe not, but it's exactly what I look for in my zolo/prog/punk/whatever hybrids. And that alone is like finding a needle in a needlestack, so I'll take what I can get.

Too many to list
50TV Dinner Education
TV Dinner Education

This Swedish no wave/punk group has a lot of the tropes I love, I can't deny it. It's messy, artsy (well, sort of), yelped vocals; just a fun listen overall. While short, their self-titled EP definitely left me wanting more, so I'll be sure to check back in with these guys every so often.

Play, Exellent Chois
51Afterimage (USA-CA)

I've only recently come around to listening to compilation albums. I guess it was because I was constantly getting burned as a kid whenever I bought a new one at the record store and it was complete shit. The internet has beaten that prejudice right out of me I'm happy to say, and just in time to find an obscure post-punk band like Afterimage. (Translation: I can't find a copy of their first album, so this will have to do.) Deliciously lo-fi punk stuff, definitely recommended.

Strange Confession, On the Verge, Faces to Hide, Surf Generator, No Dreams, Soundtrack, Breaking Point, Faces to Hide, American Tragedy
52Animals and Men
Revel in the Static

Oh baby. Oh baby, oh baby, oh baby. This is a 25-track collection of post-punk/new wave band Animals and Men (and their previous band the Terraplanes). And my god is it fantastic. Premium punk goodness. Lots of demos and singles, but all of them are quality. It's almost too good to be true, but it's real and it's here. Get on this immediately.

Too many to list
53Bamboo Zoo
Look! Listen! Consume!

This Manchester group had my attention pretty much immediately. The opener off this album is a simple jittery post-punk track, but had so much character that it was hard not to get sucked in. And that describes pretty much every track on Look! Listen! Consume! Simple, but infectious enough to stick in your head for days. It's too bad there's only one LP by these guys, but what a jam to go out on. (Also, I'm noticing a lot of UK bands show up on this list. The exotic land of the United Kingdom is a decent exporter of unknown post-punk apparently.)

Too many to list
54Rape Blossoms

Rape Blossoms (now going by Public Psyche) is a post-punk(?)/post-hardcore(?)/noise rock(???) band hailing from Belgium. This is their only full-length under the Rape Blossoms moniker, and honestly: I'm pleasantly surprised by this one. No slight against these newer post-punk bands, but they tend to play it a bit safe. Ruinenlust definitely does not have that issue, 6 tracks over 33 minutes. Just a solid experimental album with just enough melody and structure to keep it from falling apart.

Saturn, Outlines, Egging Voices, Slow Breath
55Sign Language
Belief And Other Propaganda....

A little over a year ago, I discovered this little EP from a youtube video. It was an immediate 5.0 from me, perfectly blending goth-tinged post-punk and jangle pop together. And now I have a list to put it on. Good things come to those who wait, I guess. So yeah, it's great, go listen to it, it's only 13 minutes long. Like you've got anything better to do.

Belief, Look-Out, From Dream to Dream, Release
56Hound God With a Tumour
Autograph My C.I.A. Assassination Manual

Part of me wasn't sure I could include this on the list, but an obscure project born from the ashes of a decently obscure post-punk band is good enough for me. Hound God With a Tumour (or just Hound God) only released a single mini-LP during their single year active. And it kind of left me underwhelmed. It's pretty good, but nothing to go out of your way for. Check it if you ever check do a Inca Babies discography run or something.

Autograph, Jake's Frag Party
57The Creeping Nobodies
Sound of Joy

This band puts a very 2000s spin on post-punk. No, it's not "post-punk revival" or whatever. It's more… interesting than that. It's got some noise rock and indie mixed in there. In a lot of ways, it reminds me a lot of the bands that bowled RYM brats over last decade. Except it's way better (2000s > 2010s). Also, it was released by Blocks Recording Club, my Canadian love affair label. So yeah, of course I dig it.

Hollow Stems, Pangrammatic Window, Heatseek, Concrete, Sense of Belonging, The Sound of Joy, Fragment
58Luca Prodan
Time Fate Love

Frontman of the already pretty obscure post-punk group Sumo, Luca Prodan took inspiration from many places. But Time Fate Love feels like the culmination of those sounds pressed so tightly together it produced a diamond. This archival release is a blend of reggae, post-punk, art rock, and folk the likes of which you've ever heard. By the time it's over, you'll be humming every song. Guaranteed.

Too many to list
59Foster Body
Moving Display

Utah punk band, huh? Can't say if I ever thought of the state as a "bustling musical hub" or whatever, but Foster Body make a pretty damn good argument. Artsy punk that grabs you with great guitar and awesome vocals. Seriously, the vocals are perfect (at least to my skewed, past-their-prime ears). Recommended if you like your post-punk energetic and unpredictable.

Too many to list
60Nezaboravan San O...
Nezaboravan San O...

Confession time: I have no idea if I listened to the right album when checking this. Finding obscure post-punk is hard enough, but add in everything being in Croatian as a factor and I'm fucked. The version I listened to has 6 tracks of great, scuzzy darkwave, so I'm not too disappointed either way.

Hladni Simboli, Lament Blijedih Zora, Put Vodama Samoće
61The 012
The White Patterns on Her Dress

Accidentally wrote something for an album that was already on a previous Papa Universe list, so here's a near-perfect art punk album I rated.

Too many to list

Would it be wrong of me to add this to the list? I mean, it came out THIS YEAR. Whatever, I'm counting it. Synth-y post-punk EP from Greece, the band's only release (as of this writing). Definitely in the running as my EP of the year though. It just has "it," you know? Excited to see where these monsters end up a few years from now. Could see them getting a lot of attention with a full album.

ΉρθΡ Ξ· ώρα, Catch-22, ΀ρΡνάκι του Ξ€ΟΟŒΞΌΞΏΟ…
63Public Practice
Distance is a Mirror

Little EP with that early post-punk taste. A bit of new wave in there, very similar to early bands like πˆππ’π„π‘π“ π’πˆπŒπˆπ‹π€π‘ 𝐁𝐀𝐍𝐃 𝐇𝐄𝐑𝐄 and πˆππ’π„π‘π“ π’πˆπŒπˆπ‹π€π‘ 𝐁𝐀𝐍𝐃 𝐇𝐄𝐑𝐄. As of this writing, their full-length debut hasn't been released. But if it builds off this in a satisfying way, then there's no way it'll be disappointing. May not be "unknown" for long.

Fate/Glory, Bad Girl(s), Foundation
64Gong Gong Gong
President Piano Co. Tape ηΈ½η΅±η΄θ‘ŒιŒ„ιŸ³

Maybe it's a bit hyperbolic, but I've been waiting my entire life to hear something like ε·₯ε·₯ε·₯ (or Gong Gong Gong since sput can't handle bands with non-English names). This Bejing-based duo play experimental art(?) punk with folk and psych influences. Just saying that gets my heart a-pumpin'. Not exactly "freak folk" or whatever, but just enough to set this band apart from pretty much everything else right now. Not really "unknown," with their most recent release (2019's Phantom Rhythm εΉ½ιˆη―€ε₯ (幽霊γƒͺγ‚Ίγƒ )) getting nearly 200 votes on Rate Your Music, but there wasn't even a page for these guys here on Sputnik so I'm counting it. Awesome album, can't wait to check their entire discography.

Notes Underground, Ride Your Horse | ι¨Žδ½ ηš„ι¦¬, The Last Note, Wei Wei Wei | ε–‚ε–‚ε–‚, Gong Gong Jam
65Gentle Like a Washing Machine and Pretty Like Meningitis
Gentle Like a Washing Machine and Pretty Like Meningitis

Accidentally wrote something for an album that was already on a previous Unknown Post-Punk, so here's this Jewish experimental post-punk album I found on Bandcamp.

I hate copy-pasting Hebrew, it's fucking impossible.

Χ©ΧœΧ•Χ לך מר ΧœΧ•Χ˜Χ¨ΧΧžΧ•ΧŸ, Χ›Χ›Χ” לא גושים אΧͺ Χ–Χ”, יום יום
66Toys Went Berserk

An Australian band I was only vaguely familiar with until a totally horrendous 1.0 soundoff written by sput-resident DoofDoof appeared on The Smiler With a Knife album page. That was enough to make me check that one album out, but now I'm checking the rest of their releases. Honestly Doof, what's wrong with you? Band is a peak goth goodness. Might be a bit late to the game (this one was released in 1987 of all years), but this is mandatory listening for anyone even remotely interested in gothic rock.

Too many to list
Kick and Complain

The mighty Ron Johnson Records, which is my favorite label ever now apparently, put out some of the best dance-punk ever released in my opinion. Exhibit #14208: Twang, a short-lived band that only ever released a few singles and this EP. But what an EP it is. Four quick cuts of perfect post-punk goodness. Hand to god, I first-listen 5.0'd this thing so damn hard my index finger nearly snapped in half.

Cut Candidate, Cold Tongue Bulletin, Sharp, Every Home Should Have One
68Look Back In Anger

I'd usually tell Cyclotron and his 3000 arbitrary 1.0s to fuck off, but this album wasn't particularly all that great. First four songs are pretty good standard post-punk affair. The last two aren't, especially "Inamorata". Christ, what even was that? If you stop after the A-side, Caprice is a pretty decent listen.

Executioner, Torment
69The Dance
In Lust

This funky little number seemed like a surefire win for me at first. Dance-punk with no wave and funk? Sign me up. But in all honesty, I really didn't like this one. Dub is hit-or-miss with me, and this one was mostly a miss. Ploddingly-slow new wave stuff. It's good for a few songs, but nothing to go out of your way for.

Breakout, Surrogate For Hate

Here’s a band with ties to 90s noise rock (shares a member with Trumans Water) that plays garage-y post-punk. Really noisy, blown out stuff. I haven't heard anything by Trumans Water, but after checking all of Sumatraban's stuff, I'm excited to. Hope this isn't the last thing they put out, cause I need some louder stuff like this right now.

Fish Slang, I Ate Collide, Extract, Elements Walk, Survived By, Extra Nervous

I'm really bad at genre definitions, so forgive me if this is wrong, but I think this is a… darkwave(?) band. Really heavy on the electronics, lots of synth. Which, I think, is a signifier for darkwave. Whatever, point is, half of this was really good and the other half was pointless. You have these nice pop tracks intermixed with these boring interludes. A 15 minute EP really shouldn't need filler like that. Ruins what could've been a good little EP.

Ali Rotte

I wasn't sure this one would make the list honestly. I mean, it's "unknown" to an extent, but this is straight-up poppy new wave to my ears. It's got some zolo flair, but I don't think Angletrax would sound too off on a early 80s compilation or something. Decided to add it just so I could have another new wave band on here (it was getting a bit sparse). The parts of this that are actually interesting are so infrequent, I don't think I could recommend this for any reason. Too poppy for a discerning listener, too screwy for a beach party.

Why Not, Preconceptions
My Houdini

What the hell is with Australia and amazing punk? Here's some post-punk of extreme quality. Artsy, catchy, fun. A good chunk of their stuff is on Bandcamp, so no excuse not to check this classic. Get it before its gone, cause their stuff that's not on Bandcamp is borderline impossible to track down. Worth the effort though.

Too many to list
74The Uniform
33 Revolutions + Some Other Minor Skirmishes

This "no wave" revival group (according to them) uploaded two of their albums to Bandcamp, but pretty much no one has heard them I reckon. And apparently they’re still touring on 20 year old material, cause they haven't put out new music since 2001. Well, I don't blame them: this holds up. I wouldn't call it "no wave" though, more like a post-punk/hardcore hybrid. Not the best 2000s stuff I've heard, but definitely an intriguing listen.

Needless to Say, I Pleasured Them All; Heard That Same Crap From Patty Hearst; Not Gonna Drink Your Cyanide Brotha
75Femme Generation
Brothers and Sisters, Alone We Explode

I think I love Canada. Seems like their main export back in the day was excellent indie rock. Add this one to the pile, cause I loved this. Feel like modern post-punk bands don't understand that they don't always have to be brooding/heavy to be post-punk. Puts the "dance" in "dance-punk". Their whole discography is here for free, get it while you can:

Too many to list
76Silent Runners
The Directory

I'm not too keen on putting newer acts on this list, but I will gladly put these Dutch darkwavers on here. Sure, they're popular on Bandcamp (where it probably matters), but they have practically zero presence on Sputnik or Rate Your Music so I'll count it. While I wasn't sure about calling Pazienza darkwave, this I'm 100% certain is in fact darkwave. And really great darkwave to boot. Plenty of pretty synths and brooding goth vocals, so fans of that take note. It's very simple (and borders on being a straight-up imitation sometimes), but the execution is so good I can overlook that. Proves that style is sometimes just as important as substance.

Dark Mountain, Wilderness, Cavemen
Speak Softly And Carry A Big Stick

I listened to these gals before I was asked to continue this list series, so imagine my shock when I saw them on the Universe's to-do list. MyDolls is an art punk group that really blew me away. And while this particular EP isn't my favorite of theirs, it does serve as a good introduction to the band. If this does interest you, the entire EP can be found on the A World of Her Own compilation, which I also would recommend. But yeah, long story short: amazing band. Check this, then check everything.

Christmas Day, 21st Century Compliments, Rape of a Culture
78Detrito Federal
VΓ­timas Do Milagre

"What the hell is this?" I'm obviously missing some deeper symbolism/subtext here, but to my untrained eyes, that looks like a man taking a shit on the cover of this album. So as you might have guessed, this Brazilian group has much more in common with punk than with post-punk. So why are they here? Well, don't be fooled friends. There actually is some post-punk on this release. Mainly in the guitarwork. While they're definitely "unknown", the real reason I decided to add this as an entry was so it could act as a standard of sorts. A "you must be this post-punk to be included" post outside this wild carny rollercoaster of a list. Album just feels like the perfect bridge between the two. It's also just really great, so whatever I'm putting it on IT'S MY BESTOWED LIST I'LL DO WHAT I WANT WITH IT.

Se o tempo voltasse, O vírus do Ipiranga, Bloco K, Angra (A dança das ogivas)
79Kommunity FK
The Vision And The Voice

Before I start, I just wanna say that I love the art for this. Orgy in the Alps, I dig it. With that out of the way, this is a Californian deathrock (goth rock + post-punk + punk) band that seems to do pretty much everything right. But it just falls short of greatness. It's really good, mind you; really, really good actually. But as someone who eats this sort of thing up, I expected to give it a 5.0 or something. Guess I've been spoiled by so many great albums through making this list, I forgot that something being "pretty good" shouldn't be seen as a negative. Shine on, you crazy diamond.

Restrictions, Incompatible Disposition, Fuck the Kommunity
NØ. 1

Here's a lo-fi, noisy release from Vancouver duo PASSIVE. This one caught me totally off-guard in the best way possible. Screamed vocals, sludge(?) metal influence, and all sorts of other crazy shit is stuffed in here. And the crazy part is that most of it works. For most of these artists, there's a certain understanding that they're all playing the same game, but this one's one step away from walking off the field. Totally unique.

It's Only the Sun, Holy Nation of Sedation
Digitalized Human Nature

So before Papa Universe gave me his Excel sheet full of recs, he apparently made a note about Otori's first album I Wanna Be Your Noise: "shoutout to JohnnyoftheWell for introducing me to this band". Well seconded, cause Johnny ALSO introduced ME to this group. Guy gets around apparently. With that out of the way, I decided to go with Digitalized Human Nature for this list cause it's the most "punk" of their two releases (art punk if you wanna be technical about it). Reminds me of a lot of 2000s post-punk, which is always a plus in my book. Totally weird, totally worth checking out.

Human Error
82The Stick Men
This Is The Master Brew

A total pain in the ass to find info about this group, but they're a zolo/no wave/funk(?) group from Philadelphia. Here's the deal: whether or not you'd enjoy this one is based solely on your tolerance for strange vocals. And when I mean strange vocals, I mean strange vocals. Where do I fall on the scale? Like you have to ask, of course I love it. Album falls just short of 30 minutes, but that's all you really need. This is zolo like you've never heard before, guaranteed.

Too many to list
83Hidden Combo
King Of Siam / Music From A Sophomore

What's this? Two zolo albums in a row? The Stick Men and Hidden Combo actually shared a label (Phantom Plaything), so I thought I'd check this one out just for fun. This one is pretty much on the exact opposite of the zolo spectrum though: very minimal synth and sparse in comparison to the wild no wave of the Stick Men. Still, this was a pretty solid EP and I'm glad I decided to check it. But if you had to choose... go with the Stick Men.

Music from a Sophomore
84Say Cheese And Die!
Repetition Repetition

Apparently this group only lasted 3 years and broke up because one of the members had to move. If there was no other reason for the breakup, I'm frankly miffed cause we could've gotten more of this great stuff. Sure, these 2000s indie no wave/art punk bands never really had a long shelf life, but I think they could've made it in the Bandcamp-era of punk. Actually, they just missed that wave, cause these guys broke up March 27, 2008 and Bandcamp was founded September 16th of that same year... Tough pill to swallow. I'm just messing around, I should be glad we even have this much from them.

Anarchy A, Panopticon, Drums, Machine Gun, Double Quarter Pounder & Cheese, Capitalist Hell, Paris '68
85Park Attack
Half Past Human

This list can be divided into two catagories: 1982 and 2006. Not really, but it sure does feel like it sometimes. Plus, a bit of old vs. new never hurt anybody. Who's winning this list? I dunno, but here's an album by Glasgow noise punkers Park Attack that makes a case for the new boys. This is the power of 2006 indie post-punk. Backing synthesizer? Yelped vocals? I'm a junkie, send help.

Too many to list

I'd like to think that this album had a bit of a resurgence because of me. Sounds a bit conceited, but I have my reasons I promise.

1. I rated this on Sputnik May 30, 2017.
2. I uploaded the full album to YouTube on June 9, 2017.
3. Pretty much every rating on Rate Your Music was after August 2017.

So this minimal wave album from 1981 MAY have gotten a bit of popularity because of me. The fame is already getting to my head. Long story short, sub to my YouTube leave a like:

Color Space
87Ground Zero (USA-MA)
Ground Zero [Rave Up]

I've been feeling guilty about all the newer releases I've been putting on this list, so here's my penance… a compilation from 2013. I'm trying, okay? Finding old post-punk is hard enough, but all the old post-punk is already "known". This release compiles Ground Zero's two EPs, for a total runtime of 19 minutes. It's pretty good for early post-punk. No frills, with just enough punk rock to instantly date it to 1979-1980. Any purists should check this one out, for sure.

Nothing, Break Apart
88Stepping Talk
Alice in Sunderland

Few things are constant in life. Death, taxes, UK putting out great post-punk. Yeah, this is pretty late into the first wave of post-punk, but it's a fresh little EP with a lot of great parts to it. Gal vox, slick saxophone, marching drums, a tribute to John Fahey for all the tryhard kiddies out there; all my favorites.

Health and Safety, Common Problems
89Los Violadores
Fuera De Sektor

π‘Όπ’π’Œπ’π’π’˜π’ 𝑷𝒐𝒔𝒕-π‘·π’–π’π’Œ: 𝑾𝒐𝒓𝒍𝒅 𝑻𝒐𝒖𝒓 𝑺𝒕𝒂𝒓𝒕𝒔 𝑯𝒆𝒓𝒆

So we've been to the USA. We've been to Canada. We've been to the UK. We've been to Australia. We've been to all these obvious post-punk havens. So, for the rest of the list, I've decided to find some post-punk from unexpected sources. This one, for example, is by an Argentinian group. That has like 20 releases. The bulk of which are hard rock. But... this isn't? Don't really hear the hard rock, it's mostly just seems to be a pretty decent post-punk album. What, did they just try it once and then never do it again? Fair enough, I guess.

Mas AllΓ‘ Del Bien Y Del Mal, La Era Del Corregidor
90The Seismic Waves
1​/​2 Tablespoon Of My Existence

The next stop on our world tour landed us in Mongolia. Now, there was very little in terms of old post-punk from the region, so I hiked it over to bandcamp and used the tag "Mongolia". Turns out, 98% of that tag is goofball crap by some kids (most likely Americans judging by the amount of MSPaint dicks). But hidden beneath the layers of shit, there was actually a post-punk/shoegaze/jangle pop group: the Seismic Waves from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. I say group, but apparently this release was a solo thing? Not sure. Whoever's playing, they're a bit amateurish, but it's to the album's benefit. An enjoyable little surprise from an unlikely place: I'd call that a win.

91I Tpame I Tvrame
I Tpame I Tvrame

So I'm using a random country generator to pick these and I landed on Albania. Now, I don't know jack about Albania, but I did know one thing: the album I found was probably gonna be some form of coldwave. Sure enough, I was right. Call it intuition. Honestly, if I've learned anything from doing this list, it's that coldwave/darkwave/whatever is NOT my genre of choice. Insert I Tpame I Tvrame, a really sterile, slow album that somehow ends up feeling 2x as long as it is. Save for the first track, this is totally skippable. Like I said in an earlier entry, good coldwave is hard to find. Apparently, mediocre coldwave is buy one, get one free.

92Scrambled Eggs
No Special Date Nor A Deity To Venerate

Another hop, skip, and jump brings the list to Lebanon, a Middle Eastern country. This one turned out to be a bit more than just post-punk, with post-rock, indie rock, and art rock mixed in. But categorizing this as 'just indie/alternative rock' wouldn't really do it justice, so I'm putting it here. Actually, they kind of sound a bit like πˆππ’π„π‘π“ π’πˆπŒπˆπ‹π€π‘ 𝐁𝐀𝐍𝐃 𝐇𝐄𝐑𝐄 now that I'm thinking about it. I'd say give this one a shot. Better be quick though, the only copy of it I found was a track uploads by some hero on YouTube; who knows how long that stuff will be up?

Type Command Period or Esc to Cancel, We Should Share More Than Circumstance, Radio Klank-klanc Dada Von Vostell
93Voz Propia
El Ingreso

"Voz Propia is the oldest, still-active post-punk band from Peru". Alright man, I'll take your word for it. I mean, how the hell would I even go about fact-checking that? Sure, you're the oldest, still-active post-punk band from Peru. While I usually check most of a band's work after putting one of their albums on this list, I don't think I'll be doing that with Voz Propia. I mean, this album is great, old-school post-punk, but they have a daunting back-catalog and I'm just not physically ready to take it on. This is mainly held up by two really awesome tracks, but the rest is enjoyable enough for me to give their other albums a listen someday. Just not today.

Espejo Quebrado, Ellos
Paskutines dainos

Sa-Sa was a Lithuanian group that was active between 1982-1990. As far as I can tell, this is their only release. I don't know if they picked this group's best songs to be on this release or something, but shit this is good. It's like post-punk mixed with synth punk and zolo... or something I dunno. Whatever it is, it's straight-up fantastic. Cannot recommend this one enough, it's wild.

Too many to list
95The Friends of Natasha
HaChaverim Shel Natasha

Does Israel count as an "unexpected location for post-punk"? Guess it's less obvious than the UK or some shit, I'll allow it. This one was unimpressive, and that's being kind. This might be the most middling take of new wave/alternative rock I've ever heard. It doesn't hurt to listen to or anything, but it is so streamlined and pressed it almost feels like pop rock. Does this even count as post-punk? On Rate Your Music it does apparently. There are better Israeli bands/artists out there, no reason to go out of your way for this one.

Shir Acher, Oggi
96K. Remonts

Latvia borders Lithuania, which sucks cause I had a band from the latter only two entries ago. But hey, that's the roll of the dice I guess. This release was compiled using recordings from between 1985 and 1990, a good sampler of the group's new wave sound. I'm surprised at how much I enjoyed this one. It's a bit safe for my liking, but this is as good as mainstream-sounding post-punk gets. Nothing really outstanding, but solid enough to get away with a nearly-hour-long runtime.

Par Lauku (Tevi Un Mani)

So... Mexico counts, right? Finding post-punk from anywhere other than the USA, Canada, UK, and Australia is hard apparently, and I'm starting to crack a bit. Mexico will just have to do. Compilations never really do anything for me unless their complete discography deals, so this is a treat. I love the cheap-sounding synth they're using, I think that might be my favorite sound of the 1980s right there. So distinct. This is fun time, can't go wrong with this one.

Tonight, Grotesque Ornament, GoGo Girl, La Cabellera De Berenice
98Ozan Cam

Our globetrotting journey brings us to Turkey. I was actually gonna go with the band The Moon Illusion for this, but they don't have any LPs/EPs. So here's this guy instead. Ozan Γ‡am's fuzzy sound is definitely appealing. It's like a cross between standard electronic darkwave and neo-psych. It's a shame that nothing really impresses. All the songs here are good, but for a first EP, it doesn't really do much to draw people in. Glad I could check it out, just probably won't come back to it for a while.

Başım Γ‡atlΔ±yor, GΓΌneş Yetmiyor, Uykusuzluktan, Yine
99Satan Panonski
Ljuljajmo Ljubljeni Ljubičasti Ljulj

It's time for everyone's favorite guess-the-genre game: Punk or Post-Punk?: Global Edition. Croatia's Satan Panonski feels like a sort-of cult figure you'd see a documentary about. Had cuts all over him, wore some outlandish outfits, died tragically in war; classic stuff. So how can I dare call this album post-punk? "This is straight-up punk damnit!" cried someone in the audience. Well, to that I say "uhehidunnoiguessyou'reright." But what is post-punk if not taking punk to its logical next step? Or in the case of Ljuljajmo Ljubljeni Ljubičasti Ljulj, an entirely new extreme? This release incorporates elements of freak folk, noise rock, and post-punk within, more than enough for me to put it here. I'm a sucker, what can I say?

Oči U Magli, Iza Zida, Kliktaj, Misli Li Istok, Trpi Kurvo, Pogledaj Mama Krv, Obdukcija, Miliana Ima Gliste, Robija
100The Crayolas
Being There

Our penultimate band comes to us from Paraguay, playing some shoegaze-y post-punk. Guess I should've planned these entries out in some way, because I don't really have much to say about this one. If you like newer indie post-punk stuff, you'd most likely love this. I just thought it was pretty good.

Paris Cinema, Tijuana, Whenever
101Can I Say
In Your Arms

Band's from Austria, album sucks.

This list has pretty much taken over my life over the past year, but I still feel a bit guilty for procrastinating on it as much as I did. Papa Universe entrusted me of all people to finish his list. Sandwich "The Man Who Never Finished Anything" Bubble. So instead of a long writeup for this one, I'll just say: thank you for entrusting me with your list. I hope I did it justice.

Cities, Worlds in Transit
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