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My Music Taste Progression

Not that anyone on this website really cares, I pretty much just made this little chronicle for my own self indulgence
Greatest Hits

My first real foray into music I liked growing up was through several guitar hero games I played when I was young, including Guitar Hero Aerosmith.
2Three Days Grace

I remember when I was about 8 years old my older brother showed me some retrospectively cringey video of some game trailer or something for the Sonic spin-off game Shadow The Hedgehog with I think Riot playing in the background. Strange way to get into a band but shortly after I started listening to more Three Days Grace.
The Very Best of Kiss

Around age 9 I had some huge obsession with Kiss. I Love It Loud was my favorite song.
4Led Zeppelin

In 5th grade I was obsessed with Led Zeppelin, and I thought it made me some sort of great intellectual.
Rust in Peace

It was the summer right before my first year of middle school and there were these two youtubers I liked who reviewed metal albums, and both had said Rust In Peace was their number one favorite metal album. Already interested in the genre, I decided to buy the album, instantly falling in love.
Vulgar Display of Power

After getting more into 80s thrash as well as some classic metal in the coming months after discovering Rust In Peace, it was right around New Years 2014 I got obsessed with this album. I listened to just about nothing but Vulgar for a good month, month and a half.

I remember there was a short period when I was first getting into metal where I was really turned off by extreme metal vocals, but it was this album that kind of got me over the hump. I fell in love with the convoluted music on this instantly, still one of my top favorites.

Since one of the above mentioned youtubers I liked, coverkillernation, had said in his videos Opeth were his favorite band, I decided to give them a go and bought their first album first, and went into their discography chronologically.
9Mercyful Fate
Don't Break the Oath

Holy hell, when I got into Mercyful Fate around the summer from 6th to 7th grade I was crazy about them. Both of their first two albums still in my top 10 or 15 all time, these two albums are just the perfect mix of old school and NWOBHM style metal, and the extreme metal that was to come in the following years. Brilliant albums.
Still Life

Getting into their whole discography in order, it was when I hit this album that I pretty much knew these guys were to become my number one favorite band. I remember one Friday night after school watching on youtube the royal albert hall performance of The Moor and just being completely in love. Beautiful, brilliant album.
11Porcupine Tree
Fear of a Blank Planet

Not that this album or band really changed my music taste, I just have to put this here because of another good memory, watching the live in Tilburg performance (you can find it on youtube) of Anesthetize for the first time, and it's one of the first times I really loved a progressive rock song. Also another band I discovered because of coverkillernation.
The Mantle

Also a band I found out about first through coverkillernation, Agalloch really gave me a love for music with a strong sense of atmosphere and a heavy theme of nature. Brilliant album, in my top 5 all time favorites.
13Pink Floyd
Wish You Were Here

Another album which made me fall in love with progressive rock, Wish You Were Here now I would claim to be my number one all time favorite album, with Shine On You Crazy Diamond being my all time favorite song. So many good memories listening to this masterpiece.
A Blaze in the Northern Sky

It was the spring of 2015, I was in 7th grade, when I fell in love with black metal. There were a lot of albums, the handful I'm sure you're thinking of, that I discovered at around the same time, but it's A Blaze that really sticks out as the album that first got me into black metal, especially with Kathaarian Life Code and In The Shadow Of The Horns.

One of the few bands I discovered because of bands and albums Fenriz mentioned in the commentary companion discs to the recent Darkthrone reissues actually. This really got me to go and listen to a lot of first wave black metal stuff, Bathory, Poison from Germany, etc.
16At the Drive-In
Relationship of Command

Yet another band I first found out about because of coverkillernation, this album didn't really inspire me to dive deep into punk, as I still find most of the genre absolutely boring and overrated, but I do love this album.
17Neutral Milk Hotel
In the Aeroplane Over the Sea

From the summer of 2015 I didn't really tread any new musical ground until I discovered this album in probably 2016 some time. Classic indie folk album.
18Joy Division
Unknown Pleasures

Joy Division were another band that broadened my horizons a bit within the world of rock. A favorite album to this day.
19The Stooges
Raw Power

Another punk album that I absolutely love, even though in general I'm not crazy about punk. Over the last year and a half this thing has soared within my favorite albums list.
20The Beatles
The Beatles

Obviously, I've known about the Beatles since I knew just about anything, like anyone in modern Western culture, but it wasn't until last summer, and again especially this year that I've really started listening to the Beatles.Today I would say Abbey Road and then Rubber Soul are my favorite Beatles albums, but it was the White Album I bought and listened to first.
21Marilyn Manson
The High End of Low

Another band that I've known about for years being a metalhead, but haven't started listening to until recently. I have owned and dug Pale Emperor for about two years now, but it was last fall I totally dove right into Manson's discography and have found to absolutely love just about every album he's done. It's this 09 offering that I actually find to be my favorite, despite it being the lowest scored album on this site.
22Talking Heads
Remain in Light

Here's another album in a new style for me I've gotten to love more recently. Really should dig more into Talking Heads and this kind of rock.
23Kendrick Lamar
To Pimp a Butterfly

Although I don't ever see myself getting to into rap, this spring I had a little period where I was really digging Kendrick Lamar, and bought this album and Good Kid m.A.A.d City on vinyl.
24The Beatles
Rubber Soul

Haven't really explored any 'new' musical territory since then, I listened to shit tons of Beatles this summer, and lately have just been listening to a huge mix of all the stuff above and likewise on the list. I've been collecting vinyl now for about 3 years and now own about 300 records. So yeah, music's good br0.
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