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10.04.21 6 years; A berf Summary; top 100 albums 10.02.21 Shoegaze rec for Colton
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01.13.20 Every Ling Tosite Sigure Ranked v201.09.20 Shoegazing the Decade: Aberf's list
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6 years; A berf Summary; top 100 albums

Does anybody actually read this part of the list at all? If you do, then I love you for that
100Panda Riot
Infinity Maps

So basically, I posted this list and everything gets shifted down by 1, IDK what happened smh. ah well.
99Circa Survive

98-94: Users tier list
93-89: Why I don't write too many reviews
88-84: Words of Wisdom that I've gained throughout the year.
83-76: Abe vs (sputnik)music
75-69: Top Anime and Manga
68-59: 10 Questions from anybody. [Please ask me something ty]
58-51: Musings
50-26: Vacant spot
25-1: Actual description of the albums.
98Playboi Carti
Die Lit

Users tier list:
Ryus (best music taste),
Be(de)dex (SoundOff machine + great music taste),
Steakbyrnes (actually listens to my rec)
Archelirion, blush, trifolium.
97Trespassers William
Different Stars

Alamo (best shitposter),
Lordepots, budgie (basically dudes who will make any thread more interesting),
Arsmoriendi (I don't usually use profanity, but, fuck, your music taste is confusing),
JesperL, Loveisamix, Cold, Kevbogz, Keyblade (some cool gazers),
Frippertronics (dude come back wtf)
Everyone who participates in the Song of the Day thread.
96Yung Skrrt
Dumbass Genius

The rest of sputnik
95Linkin Park
Hybrid Theory

Johnnyofthewell (why did you bring me back to this website smh),

Parksungjoon (he eats noodles with his hands ew)
Colton (ok, I moved him already now can you stop pointing that dick at me Johnny? Oh God, that thing is about to cum.)

Confession of why I keep failing to write reviews:
> I get lazy sometimes lol
swimming classroom

> I'm way too hard at myself when it comes to writing, it has to sound good before I can actually move on to the next sentence.
The Circle

> By the time the sentences formed into a paragraph, I read it and it kinda sounds incoherent to myself, so I ended up erasing a lot of stuff.
90Brand New
The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me

> As I'm restructuring the sentences, I ended up losing the purpose of what am I actually trying to convey.
The Great Dismal

> This cycle takes too much time that I just gave up in the end mostly. If any of you can give some suggestions for this, I'd be glad to take it.
The Bungled and the Botched

Some words of wisdom that I've learned throughout my time here:
> Chase whatever brings you joy. Don't let anyone influence you too much. Who cares if you like or don't like certain things.
87City of Caterpillar
City of Caterpillar

> I'm enjoying music more if I just listen to fewer albums. Basically same thing over and over and over again, pretty much.
86Chelsea Wolfe
Hiss Spun

> I used to have a big urge to argue against things that grind my gear. Until I realized that It's mostly a waste of time because most people are looking for the same people who validate their value in the first place, there's no use challenging it. What I do now is just to show where I stand and that's it.
Red Moon

>Though, If you like to be in a meaningless internet drama, then so be it. No judgment is to be made here.
The Distance Between You and Me

> Life probably sucks already, so no need to be miserable here also. Posi vibes are what we need.

My Musical/sputnik Journey Summarized:

>Back in the early middle school-high school, I only listen to stuff I find on youtube, mostly EDM. I was exclusively listen to anything from Monstercat channel. While even before that, I listen to the things that my older brother listened to, which was LP, Muse, Dream Theater, etc.
82Dir En Grey
Uroboros (Remastered & Expanded)

> I found this website after I found a link to the sputnikmusic on Ling Tosite Sigure - Just A Moment album. I got only 39 albums that I remember listening to prior to getting into the web. That's where I started to listen to more stuff.
Modal Soul

>I was lurking the first couple months of joining the web, until mid-2016 that I started to interact with the community. I ended up listening to a bunch of Japanese stuff early on. Stuff like Dir En Grey, Buck-Tick. I also started to listen to more metal. This period was like the soul-searching where I was trying to find what clicks to me the most.
80Off Minor
The Heat Death of the Universe

> Eventually, during the 2017 era, I landed on my first shoegaze album (it's rated quite high in this list btw) which sparked my interest in shoegaze. I started to listen to a bunch of them religiously.

I also found my favorite artist of all time, which is sitting on my profile picture right there.
79Ichiko Aoba
Karisome Otome

> 2018 is the year where I didn't quite understand the appeal of trap music. Why do people listen to this repetitive, inaudible, incoherent type of music? I thought rap was supposed to be about the lyrics!! Real hip-hop is supposed to be like that! My favorite rappers were Eminem, RTJ, and Kendrick Lamar btw.

ร‰cailles De Lune

> I was on hiatus for music for quite a while after the end of 2018 to late 2019. I legitimately didn't listen to anything at all during that time. Probably only Ichiko Aoba - QP album during the entire period.
Worship and Tribute

> One day, I opened sputnik, and I found this dude who shoutboxed me and single-handedly getting me to listen to music again for some reason. Idk if I will be here if it weren't for him. Not like I'm grateful for him that I listen to music again. I mean, fuck you, Johnny, I could've been doing something more productive instead of being here. smh.
76TK From Ling Tosite Sigure

> I don't know if this holds true for other people but my music taste is perfectly described by my pie-chart for some reason. That's an accurate representation of what I listen to nowadays.
Soundtracks for the Blind

Top Anime in no particular order:
Shounen/Seinen/adventure type:
> Hunter x Hunter
> Baccano
> Ping Pong the Animation
> Fate Zero
> Made in Abyss
> Mob Psycho

> Shouwa Genroku Rakugo (also Josei)
> Steins;Gate (sci-fi)
> Shinsekai Yori (sci-fi)
> Hibike! Euphonium
For Long Tomorrow

Cerebral stuff:
> Texhnolyze
> Tatami Galaxy (mostly comedy)
72Soutaisei Riron
Hi-Fi Anatomia

> Saiki K.
> Interspecies Reviewers
> Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun (romance too but...)

> Horimiya
> Kaguya-sama
Demon Days

SoL stuff:
> Kobayashi's Maid Dragon
> Aria the Animation
A Dead Sinking Story

Top Manga:
> Oyasumi punpun
> Solanin
> Aku no Hana
> Horimiya
> Chainsawman
> Tsubasa Chronicle
68Circa Survive
Blue Sky Noise

10 questions and answers:
#1. Why do you listen to shoegaze so much? [aberf]

Back then when I started using sputnik, I listen to this one album and I liked it a lot (not it wasn't Loveless or Souvlaki). As I listen to more stuff from the genre, I realized that I really like this kind of music.
67Kendrick Lamar
good kid, m.A.A.d city

#2. What got you interested in the Japanese music scene? I know the pat answer people give is the anime gateway, but curious to hear how it started and how you grew from that beginning. [Uzumaki]

I think it's not because I watch anime that I started to explore Japanese music. Although, it's undeniable that I wouldn't explore Japanese music if I didn't watch anime in the first place. Rather, I started with Japanese music when I started exploring music in the first place. I believe it was Ling Tosite Sigure as the beginning. Then I started to find Japanese music to have a special charm that I couldn't point my finger to. It's just unique. Shortened answer: cuz weeb.
66Cocteau Twins

#3 If you had to be any amphibian (frogs/salamanders/caecilians/newts etc.) which would specific species you be and why? [ArsMoriendi]

Definitely axolotl. It looks rad af, best animal design tbh. Praise Allah.

#4 What is your favorite word in your mother tongue and why? [Truffle-opium]
This is probably the hardest question I've ever received in my life. I've been speaking English for so long that my inner voice has changed its language. Coupled with the fact that the Indonesian language uses 90% of its daily speech with loan words. I'll get back to this.
Updated: go to #50
My Arms, Your Hearse

#5 how ya doin'? [dedex]

I just spent about 6 hours straight doing this yesterday, hbu?

#6 where do you live(i dont mean it in a stalker way ofc hehe)? [rellik009]

I live in Houston, Texas currently. please visit me for hangout ty.
62The Angelic Process
Weighing Souls With Sand

#7 did you know the moon is an egg? [Egarran]

No, I don't. Interesting question. Thanks for asking.

#8 Which Pokemon would you most and least like to be and why and what Pokemon traits do you look for in a partner? [JohnnyofTheWack]

>Of course, I'm jk whenever I asked "what if you never play pokemon". I only played Pokemon until the 3rd gen though, so I'm most likely Sloth cuz I'm lazy af sometimes. Also, least likely to be Slugma.
> Modest, Gentle, or maybe Bold sometimes. I don't really if that means anything since I'm not even actively looking for a partner in the first place lol.
60Just Mustard

#9 Does aberf stand for afterbirth? [SlothcoreSam]

abe is my nickname rf is my initials. But that sounds cool too ngl.
Boris At Last -Feedbacker-

#10 [open spot]
58A Beacon School

Random Musings/ Hot takes/opinions:
> Tik Tok is cancer to society. God, I hate that platform. It's kinda crazy if you think about it. Some random guy can convince a lot of young teenagers to steal stuff from school and call it a challenge. It blows my mind that this can even happen.

> Nobody is immune to propaganda. Basically, if more people can think more critically and be more careful when sharing information, we would be in a better place as a society.
OK Computer

> Dipping fries in a milkshake is actually pretty good. I like the combination of cold, sweet, and savory flavors that you get from it.
55Chelsea Wolfe

> Chicken comes first. Cuz creationism, duh. I don't oppose the theory of evolution btw. Both can exist at the same time, according to my belief at least.

> The concept of bartending is cool, but alcohol sucks. Nobody should drink alcohol at all. Society would be better without it. Just because some people can drink responsibly, the potential danger when it's overdone outweighs the benefits. It's also the source of all sorts of trashiness. The 18th amendment was right all along!
53Emma Ruth Rundle
Some Heavy Ocean

> Free Palestine & Uyghur btw
The Raingazer's Song

> If you don't want to involve yourself in politics or you're being apolitical, then you don't have any right to complain about exploitation that's done to you by the politicians.
51Giles Corey
Giles Corey

[Reserved for future rando thoughts]
50Clarence Clarity
No Now

My favorite Indonesian word is "Kampret". It means microbat, but we use it as a mild swearing word all the time. It's like saying darn. I used to use it all the time since it's not offensive at all.

My actual favorite word is "takwa" which is a loanword from Arabic. It means to preserve. It is used to describe people who are being mindful and careful of every act to avoid doing something harmful, even accidentally. I like this word because I aspire to be an individual who has "Takwa". This could be applied to my spending, close relationships, responsibilities, etc. I think most successful people have this certain quality within them.
49Funeral Diner
The Underdark

More on that 'Takwa' word. It's actually originated from the Arabic language. It used to describe the manner in which people used to travel through thorny roads. Traversing through thorny roads means that people had to proceed carefully, slowly, and with utmost care. That's the entire definition of what the word 'Takwa' signifies.
The Moon Is a Dead World
Burial Songs
Rainbow Bridge 3
45Shiina Ringo
Kalk Samen Kuri no Hana
Alpe Lusia
Serotonin II
True Color, True Lie
40The Daysleepers
Drowned in a Sea of Sound
The Voyage
Translating the Name
37Dream Theater
Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes from a Memory
36My Bloody Valentine
Origin of Symmetry
The Listening
29Dir En Grey
Dum Spiro Spero
28Porter Robinson
Today is a Beautiful Day
26Sweet Trip
Velocity : Design : Comfort
25Various Artists (Shoegaze)
Mikgazer vol.1

A collection of underground shoegaze featuring Vocaloid Hatsune Miku. This compilation only chooses the best out of all Vocaloid-music producers out there. Initially, I had a very low expectation towards this since most Vocaloid-music rarely produces quality tracks. So then, I was blown away by how excellent this thing sounded. And to this day, I'm still blown away. Why does this sound so cohesive as a various artists' album?
24Kinoko Teikoku

"Eureka is an album of the night and all its connotations, one where the stresses of life meet with cosmic escapism and dreamy contemplation with fittingly stellar results." Once again, Thank you, Ashcrash.
23Ichiko Aoba
Windswept Adan

Ichiko Aoba but with more instruments. Still bangs.
Seventh Heaven

Japanese Idols but with serious singing instead of some bubbly stuff. Quite epic.
All the Footprints You've Ever Left and the Fear Expecting Ahead

Screamo/hardcore Envy is better than post-rock Envy. 2-3 syllables can never sound this good.
20Altar of Plagues
Teethed Glory and Injury

I don't listen to black metal that much. But this is probably the best sound design for a black metal album.
19Mass of the Fermenting Dregs

Mass of the Fermenting Dregs, shortened as Masudore, started from a full female band in which they only released a demo. And after that only the frontwoman Natsuko Miyamoto remained to take the demo and released a full EP with two new male band members. Speaking of this EP, it's massive, in the context of variety and sound for only 6 tracks. The first two tracks are almost sound like post-hardcore; the third track is the most shoegazey; the Fourth track is a long epic post-rock journey for 9 mins, and finally, the math-rock elements came in to close it off. It's an amazing journey for only 30 mins.
13-kai wa Gekkou

For BUCK-TICK fans out there, there are a lot of options to choose their magnum opus. Some people think it's Kurutta Taiyou, some people think it's this one. As you can see here, I choose the latter. This is a long-connecting gothic-rock epic consisted of 18 tracks. The tracks are somehow connected to the next of each, making this a concept album. Wait, is it?? So anyway, this is some goood shit.
17Ling Tosite Sigure

This album by far the heaviest sounding record TK that TK ever released. It's fast, complex, chaotic, aggressive, and also cohesive throughout the album. Personally speaking, it's by far the most jammable release by TK. I dig this massively.

Sick atmospheric shoegaze. I got this album as a gift from users Archelirion. Ty.
15David Sylvian
Secrets of the Beehive

If I can describe this with one word, it would be 'magic'. The musical composition in this album is out of this world. David Sylvian's vocal is like a matured wine. The length of the album is perfect. For something that is made in the '80s, this thing is so ahead of its time.
14X Japan
Art of Life

Cheesy metal to the max. Who doesn't like cheese?

This album has aged wonderfully to me. It's an example of vocal talent that's being explored by a variety of music composers suck as TK from LTS, Taka from ONE OK ROCK, Hiroyuki Sawano, etc. As a result, it expands the limitation of what an album can be.
12Coaltar of the Deepers
Yukari Telepath

Shoegaze with elements of Thrash, Electronic, Jazz, and whatever things these guys feel to be fit in the music yet again. And this time is the peak of Coaltar of the Deeper's creativity. The best use of thrash riffs, electronics synth, and shoegazey texture-out of all of their previous efforts. It's quite a befitting end for such a consistent band throughout their discography. Although, it feels like the shoegaze is just an unrelated tag at this point.
Ashes Against the Grain

I like pretty things more than chaotic things. And with that, it might be easy to separate in which black metal album I would like. Agalloch is the best case of a pretty black metal album. Listening to this record really takes me to the realm of a beautiful winter night. Or maybe even more than that.
Homephone TE

Is Macaroom closer to Macarons or Mushroom? Aesthetically, it's vibrant colored like Macarons. Musically, it's almost as good as being high on Mushroom. So IDK.
9Coaltar of the Deepers

Submerge has these elements: Thrash Riffs, Shamisen sound, Jazzy bass line, Doom Metal breakdown, Glitchy interlude, and electronic synths throughout the songs. And it doesn't feel random. It just fits.
Guilty of Everything

Well, to begin with, this list is leaning to be much more subjective than objective. This album in particular isn't something that is super mind-blowing or highly innovative stuff. But this album is what shoegaze is all about for me. Whether it's the fuzz, the low mix in the vocal (as if it's part of the instrument), the lyrical content, and the overall wall of sound. This record speaks to me like any other shoegaze record. Every time I play this album, I will find myself already reaching the end before I realize it.

Neige does black metal texture in the most cathartic ways possible
6Ling Tosite Sigure
Inspiration Is DEAD

I remember when I listened to I'mperfect and I was like "weeew". And I progressively listen to LTS' discography backward while my "weeeeeeew" reaction was getting longer and longer. Then I finally hit this album. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeew man. This album even has a shoegaze track in it.
The Mantle

Just like Ashes Against the Grain but hits closer and deeper.

Slint is one of few albums that I instantly gave a 5. There are only 2 of them in this top 10. Spiderland is a definitive sound of post-rock. In fact, this album marks the birth of the post-rock genre. And it's easy to see why this album is such a classic. Their composition is mindblowing, especially in the closer 'Good Morning, Captain.'. Every instrument set each of its own pace of repetition with varying lengths to different of them. As a result, the compositions sound differently in each bar. And it's hard to decipher this album and to this day, it still blows my mind every time I listen to this album.
3Kinoko Teikoku
Uzu Ni Naru

POV: You're turning into sound
2Have a Nice Life

Have a nice life takes the concept of death and embraces it. As a result, their sound is expanded to the immortal realm. Transcendental.
1Ichiko Aoba

The mystery behind Aoba's music is something that I will never understand. How can something so simple, sparse, and minimalistic be so enticing? Every melody, every rhythm, every lyric, they scratch an itch inside that nothing else could reach. Her music resonates within my subconsciousness. When I'm not listening to music, I find myself to be humming the melody out of this album. It's just that good.
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