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How'd you all make your usernames? Always found the stories behind people's usernames interesting. I'll put it up whoever comments.
1Falls of Rauros
The light that dwells in rotten wood

Mine's pretty simple. I used to play kingdedede a lot on smash bros with my friends, and so I decided when I made my first league of legends account I'd name it "kingdedethefifth" because I misspelled kingdedede like a cunt and thought saying the fifth was funny and had a nice ring to it. So yeah that's what I named this account.
2Shade Empire
Omega Arcane

Drifter-"The way I got mine was I was sitting in my room trying to think of a really good name for this site and so I started thinking of characters in video games and I thought of "The Lonesome Drifter" from Fallout: New Vegas and thought it was genius"
3Imperial circus dead decadence
Sangeki no Chi ni Kagayaku Somatta Ai to Zetsubou

Pizzamachine-"Basically I had a brilliant thought which is a common occurrence for me, and then that thought bloomed into the accumulation of an instance of awesomeness."
The sound of perseverance

Evilford-"I started out as ford84prefect. which dom will never let me forget lol...I'm a fan of both the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy books and the movie, and I love Ford Prefect, especially mos def in the movie. and I love the band Death (obvssssssssssssssssss) and I got the "evil" prefix from Chuck's "evilChuck" so combined for "evilford" and wallah"

The academy-"i bought this account from a once prominent user for 300 dollars"

Ephemeraleternity-"Title of a song / some meaningless but semi cool sounding oxymoron

In any case it's probably better than my last few"
7Deathspell omega

Undineparty-I've always liked mythology from all over the world and I'm also a water sign (July 14th) and party because I like messing around and having fun

Cryptologuous-"i wanted a name that looks like a real word but isn't and is thus not taken on any form of social media. was surprised to find no one had taken my name on basically any platform, regardless of me only coining it when i first joined sput"
9Killswitch engage
The end of heartache

Aliensobserver-"name of a grouper album. got it changed to what it is now after being bullied for my old handle being a twenty one pilots song (heavydirtysoul). glad i couldn't take the tough love though because this name is much better shout out to jom"
Cryptic writings

Mynameispencil-"I had no idea what to put as I didn't want to use my steam username and I saw a pencil on my desk and the rest is history.

or the cooler, very much a lie story is a vague ode to a Drives Like Jehu song"
11Cattle decapitation
Monolith of inhumanity

Deschutes-"I'm a simple man, so mine's fairly simple: I was drinking a Deschutes Black Butte Porter while creating my profile, Deschutes wasn't taken, so I went with it."

Adolfchrist-"years ago i got banned for something really stupid, so i made an offensive account name involving Hitler, just trying to be edgy and piss off the mods. after a few Hitler accounts got banned, i ended up making my next account JesusHitler named after the Carnivore song. that one got banned too so i made a variation of that and here we are."
13Katy Perry
Teenage dream

Ebola-"i think it's a funny word"

Dive-"My wife used to sing in new wave style band. She's the "diva" and I'm her man."
Angels Fall First

Lifefeedsonlife-"Loosely based on an old Nightwish lyric I thought was deep and existential when I was, like, 15. I'm still debating on whether or not I was a complete idiot back then."
Dark Light

Dewinged-"It's a song title I wrote some years ago, about getting confronted with reality when trying to live a dream, cheesy, I know. Also couldn't find it in google and that makes me feel... shpecial."
None So Vile

Meatsalad-"some shit inside joke I've completely forgotten the details about from when I was 16-17"

Deathschool-"it's like life, because life is just learning how to die"

Budgie-"the band"
A Blaze in the Northern Sky

ScuroFantasma-"Stole the Scuro bit from Ghost's "Con Clavi Con Dio", stole the Fantasma bit from...somewhere. Separately they were just words I thought sounded cool, and I put them together because they kinda juxtapose, a Dark Phantom as it were."
Slumber of Sullen Eyes

demigod!-"I was really into slumber when I was 16"
22The Ghost Inside
Get What You Give

Steakbyrnes-"I simply love steak for the most part, but when I first got into high school I made a lot of new friends. I got close to a couple of them and got invited to a stayover to play video games all night, and we started playing Marvel Ultimate Alliance and I needed to sign in to a tag. Low and behold "Steak" was one of the options, and me just saying it had everybody laughing, and from then on my friends started referring to me as Steak, and it stuck. Byrnes is my last name so I just combined the two"
Ghost Reveries

Avagantamos-"mine is from a video from my favorite youtube channel, penguinz0/Cr1TiKaL. he names a box he comes across during a gameplay & commentary video avagantamos. (3 minutes into the video)"
24David Bowie

TVC15-"Contrary to popular belief my first username LPFTW did not stand for Linkin Park for the Win, however people have told me what it actually stands for is much worse. When I changed the name, I was starting to really dig Bowie's Thin White Duke stuff (prior to that I've inly heard his deep cuts, Earthling, Outside, and The Man Who Sold the World). Basically TVC15 is a Bowie song"
The Flesh Prevails

Rigmarole-"rigmarole is a word that describes my life"

UniqueUniverse-"I think I just saw it somewhere (maybe it was even someone else's username on another website) and I liked it so much at the time that I kept it (Looking back at it now, I probably should have chosen something else)...yeah, not exactly an inspirational story, aye?"
Oath Bound

Oisoncoleman64-"It's my name with a number at the end"
28Kid Rock
Devil Without a Cause

Sowing Season-"I'm just very passionate about farming"

I chose Kid Rock because I always imagined farmers listened to this tbh
29August Burns Red
Found In Far Away Places

SitruK6-"Last name with a 6"

FullofSounds-"Was listening to a Soundgarden song.

And was not quite full of them sounds yet."
Blackwater Park


Watched this with my cousin when it came out in '96."
32Alkaline Trio
Good Mourning

Mercurytohell-"Alkaline Trio's 'Blue In The Face'.

And all that followed fell, like mercury to hell, somehow we lost our heads for the last time."

Anatelier-"i can't remember"
Dol Guldur

Sweeneytodd-"Mine just comes from a nickname I got in college, back then I had jet black hair, and it was big and messy. For whatever reason, a streak of my hair started turning blonde, and eventually turned grey. I liked it so I didn't dye it, and people started calling me "Sweeney Todd", after the character's appearance in Tim Burtons adaption. Since leaving college and losing touch with old friends, and my hair now being a dirty blonde, the nickname died out, but I associate it with the fonder memories of my youth"
35This or the Apocalypse
Haunt What's Left

Thiswastheyear-"one of my friends was in a band called "this was the year to lose friends", I always kinda dug it -- popped into my head when i was making my account on here 7 years ago but i haven't used it for anything else tbh"
Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses)

ZippaThaRippa-"I was originally Zippermouth, after the cover of Slipknot's Vol. 3. Then I got banned. Came back as just Zip, since that's what most people called me. Then I got banned.

So I combined Zip with the video game Parappa The Rapper, a game I have never played.

Chaos is Me

Archelirion-"Mine's a variety of lily, which is my favourite flower. m/, right?"
38Dropkick Murphys
Signed And Sealed In Blood

Leprecon-"I'm Irish and my name is Conor so I thought it was a funny play on words at the time. It isn't funny at all."
39August Burns Red
Rescue & Restore

FreddieDelaney31-"I'm a huge Archer fan and my favorite episode is the one where he gets breast cancer and kills that old dude. Turns out his name is Franey, not Freddie, but w/e"
Close to a World Below

Lethalpaintball-"ive gone by lethalpaintball/lethalpaintballguns on every website since 2014"
Here in After

SteveoffProbation-"there's this guy who live round here and on dacebook his name was such, and it was a proper fucking riot to me and friends for a good while"
42Porcupine Tree
The Sky Moves Sideways

BlazinBlitzer-"Ready for cringe?

I asked my brother to come up with a Minecraft name for me, and since my favorite Pokemon type was Fire, and I really liked football, he came up with BlazinBlitzer. I used that alias for about 4 years until I moved on to SidewaysSky (from the Porcupine Tree song "The Sky Moves Sideways")."

Tyler-"I have no idea"
44Black Malachite

BlackMalachite-"My original "ASnideRemark" (had a lurking account before then but didn't do anything so I'm considering my snide one my first one) was basically because I made snide remarks.

"ASnideReturns" because I was Snide, and I returned.

"BlackMalachite" because of my project "Black Malachite"

Also if you haven't checked Void it's pretty good btw

Sinternet-"so my original account was called astorian or something around that because the goonies but that either got nuked/banned or something w/e I barely used it

Sinternet came from a joke when i was like 14 with some friends about a browser just for porn which was Sinternet Sexplorer and over time it just shortened"
Terminal Redux

Roguenine-"Wanted a name to reflect Star Wars, so I came up with a squadron and a number. Turns out the name belongs to someone in the expanded universe I believe."

Butcherboy-"my grandfather was an abortionist.."
48Mr. Bungle

Arsmoriendi-""Ars Moriendi" is a song off of Mr. Bungle's California, which was my favorite album at the type of creating my account"

Masochist-"Literally just a cool word I heard when I was younger. Thought it was edgy"
Whisper Supremacy

Teamster-"I've been a member of International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 200 for 26 years."
Call Of The Wretched Sea

Tunaboy45-"Tunaboy45- my old football teammates used to call me 'tunaboy' because whenever we had a tournament I'd always take tuna sandwiches for dinner and the '45' because tunaboy without a number was already taken so naturally I went straight to 45."
52Red Hot Chili Peppers
Stadium Arcadium

Storm in a tea cup-"Been Storm In A Teacup for over ten years. It is the best Red Hot Chili Peppers song off of Stadium Arcadium. Also, I was Kripes for two years before Storm. That was just a random username because I was like "cripes I can't think of a username". The K made it more unique."
Fundamental Elements of Southtown

Satellite-"i'm a huge p.o.d. fan"
54Giant Squid
The Ichthyologist

Sevengill-"Straight up the song from Giant Squid, whom you need to listen to if you haven't. the song is from the point of view of sharks waiting for a man to jump off a bridge while his wife tries to talk him out of it. It's morbid and beautiful.

I like sharks.

They get fed in the end."

Also yeah Giant Squid rules pretty hard.
55Tokyo Shoegazer

Aberf-"'abe' is my nickname amongst my friends + 'rf' is my initials"
56Hyperion (SWE)
Seraphical Euphony

Titan-"the name of my deceased dog"
Make It Big

wham49-"my nickname and my college baseball number"
58Artificial Brain
Labyrinth Constellation

Xenorazr-"At the time I was really into the Alien movies and thought Hellraiser was a really cool-sounding name, so I thought "hey, they refer to the Aliens as 'xenomorphs' and I like the sound of Hellraiser, so why not combine the two? Xenoraiser." Besides, how crazy would it be to just summon Xenomorphs, kind of like an Alien queen on fast-forward? Shortened it to Xenorazr because every site I tried using the full name on apparently had someone else with that username."

Jasdevi087-"Anime character, random numbers unfortunately"

Neekafat-"I had a dog who's name was Neeka who was also fat. She's dead now. It's also the name of my film studio and basically everything else on social media."
61Caladan Brood
Echoes Of Battle

Gameofmetal-"Uh I liked Game of Thrones a lot and metal so I slapped them together really lazily. Now it would just feel wrong to change."

TheMrAlexK-"One time in like 6th grade my teacher asked the class to make an account on this classroom type website. Me and a friend thought it would be funny to add a whole bunch of words in front of our names to make them sound cooler then everyone elses. These girls thought it was hillarious so we pushed it to the absolute limit and got yelled at by the teacher and made us shorten them, and TheMrAlexK was the remnant of all that, and it's kinda just stuck with me over the years. I don't really like it that much anymore though."
63Bring Me The Horizon

sempiturtle-"Mine's pretty self explanatory I think.

Edit: It's a play on the album Sempiternal."
64Cradle of Filth

piglet-"My name is Patrick Glen Taylor




hesperus-"i took mine from the 5ive album. not because i liked the album a whole lot (it's a cool album, but not one of my favorites ever), just because i thought the title sounded cool. and it was also the name of a person (or rather, a figure from greek mythology) so it worked well as a username"
With Tired Arms, Tired Eyes, Tired Souls

InbredJed-"My mother bestowed it upon me when her habits rhymed with my given name, or maybe I just love thrash metal.

You be the judge."
67Childish Gambino
"Awaken, My Love!"

Conmaniac-"usually my nickname is Conman8xD but I wanted my sputnik account to be different for some reason so I came up with this and thought it was clever"
Arcane Rain Fell

BlushfulHippocrene-"All of these are so interesting... Mine's just a pretentious Keats reference from 'Ode to a Nightingale:' "O for a beaker full of the warm South,/ Full of the true, the blushful Hippocrene." Just something I've loved since I read it; Hippocrene's a fountain on Mt. Helicon in Greek mythology, and it's supposed to be a source of poetic inspiration and whatnot. Chose it on a whim because I was writing a lot at the time and I needed a username. Kinda wish I picked something cooler sounding, but it works."
69Living Colour

RosaParks-"Rosa Louise McCauley Parks (February 4, 1913 – October 24, 2005) was an activist in the Civil Rights Movement , whom the United States Congress called "the first lady of civil rights" and "the mother of the freedom movement".[1] Her birthday, February 4, and the day she was arrested, December 1, have both become Rosa Parks Day, commemorated in California and Missouri (February 4), and Ohio and Oregon (December 1).

On December 1, 1955, in Montgomery, Alabama, Parks refused to obey bus driver James F. Blake's order to give up her seat in the colored section to a white passenger, after the white section was filled. Parks was not the first person to resist bus segregation. Others had taken similar steps, including Bayard Rustin in 1942,[2] Irene Morgan in 1946, Sarah Louise Keys in 1952, and the members of the ultimately successful Browder v. Gayle 1956 lawsuit (Claudette Colvin, Aurelia Browder, Susie McDonald, and Mary Louise Smith) who were arrested in Montgomery for not "
...And Justice for All

MO-"username used to be MetallicOpeth (amazing I know, 13 year old me is still proud of it). decided to retire it's awesomeness and abbreviate like all the cool kids"
71Reel Big Fish
Turn the Radio Off

DinosaurJones-"DinosaurJones was my nickname back in high school. A couple of my friends still call me Dinosaur, but yep. That's it."
In Their Darkened Shrines

Onionbubs-"name is a homestar runner reference"
73Poison the Well
The Opposite of December

accompliceofmydeath-"Mine is the final lyric in the song 12/23/93 by Poison the Well. Just thought it was cool. Seems too long now."
The Somberlain

Chamberlain-"Got an award when I was at college but they spelt my surname wrong, then announced it in front of about 500 people that way. The nickname caught on pretty quickly after."
75Bloc Party
Silent Alarm

A Ghost is Born

AmericanFlagAsh-"Wilco's Ashes of American Flags is one of my favorite songs, but also like political reasons because trivial things like flag burning make people upset."

Dbizzles-"My middle and last initials are D.B. which is what most of my friends call me. I also think there was a Brand New shirt way back in the day that said Brand Nizzle, so that may have contributed, idk.

Fun fact, they also like to point out that it could stand for douche bag as well."
Funeral Dirge For The Rotting Sun

xGoatfuckersx-"I fuck goats."
The Note

WhatKeepsMeHere-"I changed the Us to Me from the song "What Keeps Us Here" by Bane. There are some cool username stories on here :)"
80Toby Fox
Undertale Soundtrack

VirtualBlaze-"My dad helped me come up with this name about 3-4 years ago. He wanted me to base it off of things I like. I told him I liked video games and fire. So I just combined the attributes of video games and fire. Now he really doesn't like this name."
81Aesop Rock
Labor Days

Fliptrackz-"I made my username when I was 13 and wanted to have an edgy rap name. I chose FlipTrackz and the name has stuck ever since. Honestly, I've just been too lazy to change it."
82Arcade Fire

Ocean Of Noise-"t's an Arcade Fire song. Just thought it'd be a cool username I guess."
83Sir Mix-a-Lot
Mack Daddy

SirDrumsAlot-""Baby Got Back" by Sir Mixalot was popular when I was in Jr. High. People knew I played drums. Only natural."
84Grand Belial's Key
Judeobeast Assassination

Tastepolice-"I was pissed off with people only discussing shitty non-bm in the annual black metal threads on /mu/ so I put a trip on to fight for black metal purity and wholesomeness"
Annihilation of the Wicked

Hal1ax-"my name means bison hoof in egyptian"
86Ghost (SWE)

GhostOfSarcasticBtrd-"Account 1: SarcasticBastard

Status: Banned for calling Andcas a faggot.

Account 2: SarcasticBastardV2

Status: Also banned for calling Andcas a faggot (separate occurrence).

Account 3: GhostOfSarcasticBtrd

Status: Will probably get banned if/when Andcas finally returns and I justifiably call him a faggot."
Arcane Rain Fell

Xenophanes-"Had a different name for six months but I hated it and changed it during a classics class covering xenophanes"
Transcendence into the Peripheral

BMdrummer-"named after my first band, blue mist. just thought it looked alright so chose it in the 5 seconds it took me to make this account. contrary to popular belief, not black metal or bowel movement drummer."
89Sum 41

Guitarded_Chuck-"made this account when i was like 13 or something, sum 41 was my shit when i was a kid and in the cd booklet of one of their albums they all had nicknames for themselves, the guitar guys named was guitarded whateverhisnameis"


ov rot

it's pretty kvlt"
The Shape of Punk to Come

Milliondead-"Million Dead is pretty much by favorite post-hardcore band and one of my all time favorites, period, because of their album A Song to Ruin. They really got me into punk and stuff. Plus I think it just sounds rad"
92Plain White T's
Hey There Delilah

SnakeDelilah-"my name is jake which rhymes with snake and people would also sing hey there delilah to me a lot"

Magicuba-"My nick used to be magicdeba before but that was too similar of my e-mail cause deba is a part of my surname, so I changed the second part and I had a hoodie with written on it cuba so the hybrid magicuba was created. I was a prepuberty obviously and into tropical socialism"
Watch Out!

Swallowtales-"blatantly stole mine from the first song on an emo record, no shame"
Where Lovers Mourn

0GuyMan0-"I was reading Neil Gaiman's Sandman at the time, and, like most who read it, felt like my life was changing and forever on I'd refer to the two time periods as "before Sandman" and "after Sandman".

Chose 0GuyMan0 for a Starcraft II name, because X's were lame as fuck, hilariously."
The Essential John Denver EP

Chortles-"my dad made mine for me"
97Dave Weiner
Shove The Sun Aside

Weinercum-I don't think this needs much explanation, but "I got my name from the stuff that comes out of my pecker when I pull on it repeatedly."
Winds of Creation

Devastator-"I was like 15 when I made my sputnik account and I thought it was cool and brutal."
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