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Clover's Dopest 2016 Jams 1

I've decided that this year I would push forth efforts to try to listen to a lot more music so I too can be a soulless pit of hate and music like everyone else on this site. These lists will also not be including anything I've rated below a 3/5. I'd rather share good things instead of wasting everyone's time with garbage. I probably won't be doing these weekly or anything, but I will be uploading them if the amount of albums I listen to start pushing the 30 mark. All albums here listened from January 1st-6th. Also bonus question: how do you people go about finding new music? for the most part i dig around bandcamp and this website for stuff and thats about it. yeah.
1David Bowie

[Electronic/Experimental Rock] Yeah, yeah. It's cool that Bowie is in his 60s and can still release quality music and Blackstar was an outstanding song and what not, but I think overall the album is just "good"... or great, since that's what a 3.5 equates on here. I do like the dark atmosphere of the electronic based production and the jazz interludes on tracks like Blackstar, Lazarus, and Dollar Days are outstanding. But I also think that a few of these tracks like Tis a Pity and I Can't Give Everything Away are very underwhelming as a whole.

Still, props to bowie on this one. I think Bowie fans will love it. 3.5/5
2The Hounds Below
You Light Me Up In The Dark

[Pop Rock] The Hounds Below are an obscure bunch of fellas (most popular video has a measly 9000 views on youtube) which have a pretty good sound backing them for those who like the cutesy pop/alternative rock junk. Influences of new wave and dream pop make their way here and there that help diversify the album as a whole. Just good ol fun from a group that could use some more attention. 3.5/5
3Matthew Good
Hospital Music

[Folk/Rock] This album is about as upbeat as a hospital. If that hospital also had a morgue, that is. Matthew's Hospital Music is a folk-ish rock album that features Matthew at his most bitter. Spouting about the bitter thoughts of humanity with a nice arrangement of poppy hooks to boot. Being a bitter jack off has never sounded this good. 4/5

[Electronic] I loved Thomas' work on the Machinarium soundtrack, so I thought I'd give his other work a spin. Really great and chill electronic album with a nice blend of organic instruments and minimalistic electronic elements that give the sound a slight abrasive texture. Like finely gritted sandpaper. Great for chilling to! 4/5
5Funeral Advantage
Body is Dead

[Dream Pop/Shoegaze] Pretty well composed dream pop stuff. Vocals on this album are so sweet and the falsetto that comes and goes makes it all the more endearing. Go spin it! 3.5/5
6Muscle and Marrow
The Human Cry

[Gothic] A pretty good and dreary gothic record with the bleak atmosphere and Kira's rough vocals mixing together very well. Downfall comes when Kira decides to push her vocals with falsetto which can be very grating at times. Still an enjoyable listen but Kira needs to settle down a bit. 3.5/5
A Voice Within

[Metal] I like Mike as a vocalist. His voices are a little more immature on here compared to Rest Among Ruins, but he still has the drive and power that makes it worth checking out. Instrumentally speaking this album is a little weaker than what these guys usually produce, or did produce since everyone pretty much jumped ship, with Mike being the obvious centerpiece of the album. This causes some boring sections of pointless riffing here and there. Still, these guys had their strengths and it clearly shows on this album. 3/5
8Instead of Flowers
Their Loss is Something to Remember

[sputnikcore] BrandNewBac's album. This is a pretty outstanding blend of hardcore, drone, and gothic sounds. The mixing on this is pretty great personally, I like the vocals being mixed just below the noise of all the instruments like they themselves are being immersed in the chaos. Darkness and whatnot, go listen to it. 4/5
Beneath The Toxic Jungle

[Rap] This album needs a little more repping. Rav's flow and attitude on this album are greeeeeeat. Theres a warmness to the snappiest of the jazzy production and Rav comes off as a character over their head with false-confidence. It's an interesting as hell feel and it makes the album all the better. Also features some pretty good lines from KILL BILL on a couple tracks. Go check it out. 4/5
10Nick Lyons
Unauthorised Broadcast

[Experimental] So... does anyone remember Kanyequest?

It was an RPG-maker game that dropped in 2013 that garnered some mildl attention for the absurdity of it. Kanye is teleported into a future where an evil clone of LilB has taken over along with other evil clones of popular rappers and he must save the world. Then in 2015 it came out that the game was potentially a front for a recruitment program from the cult of Ascensionism. A cult that doesnt have much information on it outside of a small webpage and website that had existed prior to the creation of Kanyequest. While internet sleuths are trying to break the puzzle that official Ascensionism pages have been teasing, you have their Bandcamp page which hosts a lonely Mr. Nick Lyons.

Who is he? no one knows! there is literally zero information on who this artist is outside of this bandcamp page. all of this only makes Unauthorised Broadcast even more spookier. Noise/Experimental/Jazz. 3.5/5
All in the Circle

[Rap] Super unique hip-hop. I love how tremendous Shahmen sounds on this record, with his deep and calming voice and the smooth rock vibes of the production. Hard to write my praise just take my word on it this is good. 4/5

[vocaloid metal] i'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy this. Vocaloid meets metal that manages to just barely avoid sounding like a gimmick thanks to Utsu-P's competent production and songwriting skills. But there are instances where you're (painfully) reminded you're listening to vocaloids death growling and the cheese becomes too real. 3/5
13Willow Smith

[Art Pop] I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy this. [2]

Willow Smith make an artsy fartsy pop record that actually manages to be good despite what people on the internet are suggesting. Sia-esque delivery and some genuinely cool production. That said, it IS a 17 track album and there are a fair share of grating tracks. Pick your poison on this album, but don't dismiss it because this chick and her brother are the laughing stocks of the internet. 3.5/5
14Amanda Palmer
Theatre Is Evil

[Pop Rock] Amanda Palmer recently made his discography free as she switched over to a Patreon format for payment. So this is a nice little treat to get to hear this. Mix of orchestra and rock with Palmer's signature empowering deviousness serenading a great number of rock bangers and emotional ballads. The Grand Theft orchestra add great depth to it.
15Koan Sound & Asa

[Electronic] The best of both artists coming together to make a great EP. Koan Sounds hard, metallic glitch work and Asa's softer instrumental fusions help create a very atmospheric and pretty electronic album for those who like pretty electronic albums. 3.5/5

[Electronic] I'm surprised that Diplo was producing music like this back in 2006. More chill stuff, trip hop, amongst other laid back genres with a fair share of vocal guests to help give it a little more "umph". 3.5/5
Aim and Ignite

[Baroque Pop] tbh I've only listened to Be Calm. but that song is the best song to ever exist so 314/5.
Sam's Bedroom

[Folk Pop] Dorky folk stuff with emphasis on poppier hooks and some great sax and piano inclusions. Cynical dork folk for those who hate themselves.
19Tears for Fears
Songs from the Big Chair

[New Wave] My workplace basically plays just about every song from this album, and theyre great songs. Everyone on earth has listened to Tears for Fears so who needs a description? 4.5/5

[Soul] Side project of Britney Howard. The name alone is reason enough to check this out. 3.5/5
21System of A Down

[Alt Metal] I figured it was a good idea to listen to the last of SOAD's discography. This album is a pretty fun record, but there doesn't feel like much going on after a few tracks outside of "oh wow thats really IN YOUR FACE KICK IN THE NUTS metal quirkiness" which isn't that big of an issue, but grows stale near the end. 3.5/5 i guess?

[Rock] Japanese rock trio with a great ear for infectious hooks and pretty fine vocals. Quirky and smooth and other random adjectives go listen to them. 3.5/5
23Old Man Markley
Down Side Up

[Bluegrass/Punk] Fat Wreck Chords very own Old Man Markley has some of the funnest and smoothest bluegrass/punk fusion in the game. Actually, they're probably the ONLY bluegrass/punk band in the game. Anywho, super infectious instrumentals and some great insightful lyrics. Have a fun ol' time. 4/5
24Mirror Kisses

[George Clanton] George Clanton with a poppier sound. Still super amazing and catchy like his other work. More influences of electropop and new wave on this record. 4/5
In Flames

[Blues] Very gritty, dark soul-based music. Kandle has a very captivating voice and it works well with the dreary electric guitars. 3.5/5
26Cœur de Pirate

[Pop] Super cute french pop artist with plenty of piano and mixture of english and french vocals. I think you guys might really like this one. 4/5
27Sam Gellaitry

[TRVE Trap/Electronic] Sam's second EP is just as great as his first. Very energetic and quirky melodies despite some cliches (another electronic song with deep Jamaican chanting?) which are guaranteed to get your lil booty shakin' and what not. 3.5/5
28Nick Diamonds
I Am an Attic

[Alt] That guy from the Unicorns with his own album. Just as quirky and weird as ever. 3.5/5

[Country] I actually had no idea these guys were as obscure as they are. As in, I had to add them to the database. My music appreciation teacher used to do gigs with them and so he talks about them every now and then during class. Really awesome country music that goes beyond with it's very finely atmospheric soundscape. Pretty outstanding actually, go listen to it. 4/5
30Life Without Principle
Life Without Principle

[New Wave] Obscure 80s new wave band that no one has ever heard of. I think it's pretty great. 3.5/5
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