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CONTINENTAL RECFEST SEASON FOUR, ROUND SIX. FIGHT! ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ RECAP: Congratulations to SteakByrnes for winning round five! Round five focused on Japan. Two contestants were eliminated, two-time winner tyman128 and round two winner porcupinetheater. Thanks for participating in season four! Please take a seat in the spectator lounge and help yourself to the free popcorn and Netflix streaming! ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ IN ROUND SIX, the theme is SOUTH AMERICA. Up to 0.5 EXTRA POINTS will be earned for album art. You have no idea what kind of album art I like, so if you're trying to earn extra points via album cover art, just pick something you like. Does that mean it's a good idea to recommend an album based solely on artwork? Nope, not unless you have no idea what to rec. To be clear, this is an incentive to focus on artwork, which is worth less than 10% of the total score, so if you find yourself drowning in a swimming pool and see a naked baby swimming by himself, maybe just save your own dick. ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ Most importantly, but not a requirement: have fun!
1North (BRA)
Hermeneutics II

Up to 0.5 extra points for good album art.
2Invocation (CL)
Attunement to Death

Recommended by Sniff
Black metal band from Valparaíso, Chile
This is some of the most fourish music ever. I thought it was fantastic from start to finish, but I couldnt discern one song from the next, and it's nothing I would think about listening to later. It's a good random album for a large playlist, but heavy rotation is out of the question. Decent album art suiting of their sound.
4.0+0.3 = 4.3 (ELIMINATED)
3Elza Soares
A mulher do fim do mundo

Recommended by Trifolium
Jazz rock artist maybe from Brazil
Great songs! This was a really fun listen when Elza wasn't gargling her spit (it's so gross on the title track). The songs were quite unique with strong melodies that would probably make me want to sing along if it was in English. I really liked the guitar tones as well. Subtracting a full half point for making me gag on the second track. The album art has a nice clean look, but there's nothing to it that couldn't be done with MS Paint.
4.2+0.2 = 4.4
Chaos A.D.

Recommended by Uzumaki
Death metal band from Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Yeeeeaah. I realize this was made in '93, so I'll give it some credit there, but that street cred doesn't translate to a higher rating, unfortunately. The sound on this album is so ridiculously generic that I'm going to have to quote something I read earlier today. "It's like those fake bands in tv series or movies that suppose to be a background music when protagonist walks into local basement venue to look for someone." -advancedwarfighter, talking about a different band. One song that stuck out to me, though, was "The Hunt," which sounds like it was written for a pop punk band like The Ataris, but was completely ruined by a Sepultura cover. Also, "Chaos B.C." was pretty decent, but I think it was just a remix of "Refuse / Resist". The album art details up close are pretty neat, but as a complete image it looks kind of dumb.
2.2+0.2 = 2.4 (ELIMINATED)

Recommended by SteakByrnes
Postcore stuff band from Cali, Colombia
+0.2 points for winning previous round
Somewhat of a less edgy post-hardcore album with a lot of added reverb. At first it gives in a shoegazey impression, but then it really has no other gazey vibes at all, so that kind of fades away. The vocals are a very archetypical representation of earning post-hardcore, and not in a bad way. The booming, hanging notes of the vocalist have this characteristic where they kind of flow gracefully and punch assertively at the same time. Album art is decent. Not sure if it really suits the music though.
4.3+0.3+0.2 = 4.8
6Dead Moon Temple

Recommended by Deez
Atmospheric black metal band from Chile
Great sound and production on this. It's got a really great dark feel to this. The vocals are what you'd want for this style of black metal, plus there's some good hints of choir-style vocals and some cleaner yell-screams to mix it up. A lot of it does sound the same, but it doesn't really get old. I think the rhythm variance helps out a lot. Album art is straight up bad. It looks like the stuff I drew when I was 13 where it started out good, and I fucked it up by trying to put an eyeball in the sky that I didn't have the skill to incorporate.
4.2+0.1 = 4.3 (ELIMINATED)
7Os Mutantes
Os Mutantes

Recommended by someone
Tropicália band from Brazil
I was really intruiged by the premise of this band, but I honestly wasn't expecting to like it nearly this much. I typically don't like music prior to the turn of the mellennium, but honestly, the instrumentation on this was so good that it sounds like it could have been recorded recently in a low-budget studio. There's a small hiss, but the actual full accompanyment is fresh. The only part that really even sounds dated at all is the Beatles-style harmony in the vocals, and the rest just sounds like hipster faux-throwback stylings. They pull some guitar shit on "Bat Macumba" that I've never heard before... and they use all this grand experimentation to make good fucking songs instead of showing off. The album art is acceptable for how old it is. It's reminds me of The Addams Family for some reason.
4.7+0.2 = 4.9
8Devilish Dear
These Sunny Days

Recommended by budgie
Shoegaze band from Rio de Janeiro and Orkut, Brazil
Dang gurl. This has some uncomfortable dissonace in the background that I really dig. The songs are really good, and the beats themselves are jams. It's hard to make a drum loop bop as hard as "I Wanna Do It," without much else accompanying it. The album art represents the feeling I get from the music: a cute, yet haunting gaze reaching out and gripping my chest.
4.6+0.4 = 5.0 (WINNER)
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