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CONTINENTAL RECFEST SEASON FOUR, ROUND FOUR. FIGHT! ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ RECAP: Congratulations to tyman128 for winning round three! Round three focused on outer space. Three contestants were eliminated, including Divaman, LeddSledd, and Dewinged. Thanks for participating in season four! Please take a seat in the spectator lounge and help yourself to the free pastries and hot beverages! ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ IN ROUND THREE, the theme is AUSTRALIA. There's been a lot of exciting music coming out of Australia lately, especially from some of my favorite genres like progressive metalcore and deathcore. I want to see some high scores this round, so if you want 0.3 EXTRA POINTS, recommend an album from a band with a Sputnik-approved genre tag of METALCORE, ALTERNATIVE ROCK, POST-HARDCORE, INDIE-POP, or DREAM POP. Earn an additional 0.2 EXTRA POINTS if the album is from 2017 or is newer. Does this mean it's a good idea to recommend a new metalcore album? Yep, that +0.5 points can go a long way. To be clear, this is an incentive to make a good choice, and if you find yourself down a dark alley and see a shadowy figure drinking blood from a unicorn, you might want to just grab a cup. ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ Most importantly, but not a requirement: Have fun!

+0.3 points for recommending an album with an artist TAGGED ON SPUTNIK as Metalcore, Alternative Rock, Post-hardcore, Indie-pop, or Dream-pop
+0.2 points for recommending an album released AFTER 2016 (no re-releases or extended editions)
The Scepter of the Ancients

Recommended by Avagantamos
Technical death metal band from Hobart, Australia
Released in 2003, +0.3 points

Creepy, the cackling crackle crowed out, casting a clear caricature of this creation. Psycroptic's pure prowess of plucking and playing are paramount, but pave past potential peculiarities. Indeed, it is ideal in instrumentation but it isn't inexorably interesting, i.e. insipid. Sputnik sanctifies such sounds so I succumb to the songs but steadily stop short of supreme satisfaction.
3.2+0.3 = 3.5 (ELIMINATED)
3Thy Art Is Murder
Dear Desolation

Recommended by Sniff
Deathcore band from Sydney, Australia
Released in 2017, +0.3 +0.2 points

Heavy as fuck and this gets darker as the album progresses. So dark the day shifts to dusk as the music pulls inward. The bulbs strain to illuminate the room, and the faces of loved ones all frown deeper than is quite physically possible. Then the final curtain is drawn.
4.3+0.3+0.2 = 4.8
4Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds
Tender Prey

Recommended by Sharkattack
Post rock/alternative rock band from Melbourne, Australia
Released in 1988, +0.3 points

There's definitely something about this album... Something about Nick Cave. The musical arrangements and melodies, the intense feeling of holding back something extravagant. The vocal delivery is consistently but subtly delayed... It all hints at a tongue-in-cheek attitude of dormant genius. So the band delivers songs exemplifying great simplicity, and I'm like a rubbernecker, gawking at the scene as I drive by, but I don't see anything. I'm deriving the most satisfaction from "Watching Alice," and her like-minded friends--the slower songs that require no extrapolation. And I'm actually more interested in seeing what else these guys have produced than what's presented here.
4.1+0.3 = 4.4 (ELIMINATED)

Recommended by Trifolium
Dream pop artist from Auckland, New Zealand
Released in 2017, +0.3 +0.2

Good stuff, catchy and classy. All songs were good, no standouts. I took a look at the lyrics because there were a few parts that kinda caught my attention... All in all, I love how vulnerable they are. They paint a realistic portrait of relationships, not some bubblegum-glamour or falling-apart-longing other artists will have you believing. It's an honest struggle with growth and confidence, and I really appreciate it, especially in music of this style. It really adds to the allure of a low-energy dream pop.
4.3+0.3+0.2 = 4.8
6For All Eternity
The Will to Rebuild

Recommended by Uzumaki
Metalcore band from Sydney, Australia
Released in 2017, +0.3 +0.2 points

God damn. This is so good. The choruses are catchy as fuck and the vocals are vibrant and full. The songs quickly vary from heavy and punchy to light and beautiful without missing a beat. This had 5/5 potential, but they tried to reach for the sun and burned themselves. The interludes become an afterthought, something they maybe thought they were supposed to include because that's the thing to do... And a couple songs had them showcasing their various talents a bit beyond their abilities, which resulted in some childlike singing when belting out notes (which would have worked fine for a different genre, but sounded silly here), and the screams sometimes tried to incorporate a wide range of notes, which absolutely ruined "September" for me.
4.6+0.3+0.2 = 5.1
7Diamond Construct
Diamond Construct

Recommended by SteakByrnes
Progressive metalcore band from Sydney, Australia
Released in 2019, +0.3 +0.2 points

So good, this hooked me immediately. This one got me moving my whole body. Quite the contagious energy in its heavy portions, and the melodic easy playstyles had me swaying in harmony with it. When I got to thinking, "Can they sustain this energy for the whole album without it getting old?" they mixed some rap in there pretty heavy, mixed in some heavy pretty, and went back to pretty heavy. I'm suck a sucker for all this shit.
4.6+0.3+0.2 = 5.1
8Tropical Fuck Storm
A Laughing Death in Meatspace

Recommended by porcupinetheater
Weird band from Melbourne, Australia
Released in 2018, +0.2 points

The accompanying vocals on this album sound BALLER. Apart from the killer harmonies in "You Let My Tyres Down," they're like, "fuck this, we'll just go with different octaves," and it still sounds great. I love the layers of sound and distortion on this, but most importantly, these songs are gooood.
4.7+0.2 = 4.9
Prayer for Terrene

Recommended by Deez
Hardcore band from Brisbane, Australia
Released in 2014, +0.3 points

Having a really hard time digesting this one... it reminds me of the time I bought like five 12-packs of Pitch Black Mountain Dew when it first came out, just because I couldn't figure out the flavor. I tried mixing it with regular Mountain Dew to see if that would give me some sort of revelation, but it just confused me more. So I just drank the fuck out of it, which is the approach I'm taking toward this album. Am I drinking black metal? No, this is hardcore metal. No wait, it's post- something. I can taste a post- in it. I mean, I know I like it... but I don't know how much.
4.3+0.3 = 4.6
10Polaris (AUS)
The Mortal Coil

Recommended by someone
Metalcore band from Sydney, Australia
Released in 2017, +0.3 +0.2 points

This album is solid, and it makes me rock solid while listening. The band sounds like a liquid because album cover, but it doesn't move because it's solid. Like ice. That's just science. Songs are solid, too, solid hooks in every single song. Now I'm listening while pooping, dropping a solid. I swear it would have been like a liquid/solid hybrid or projectile plasma, but the album made it a solid. Playstyle and genre earform are solid, so I'll probably have to check their new album to compare solidness. New album looks fire, because album cover, not sure if fire is liquid or solid.
Solid 4.5+0.3+0.2 = solid 5.0
11Polygon Woods
Post Space

Recommended by budgie
Dream-pop band from Brisbane, Australia
Released in 2017, +0.3 +0.2 points

These guys have a great summery sound. The (slide?) guitar and fuzzy beats, combined with a slow rhythm present a soundscape that transports me to a quiet beach with a cold drink at sunset. Wow, this is the best evening I've had in a long time! Then I look down and see my drink is a Corona, and I'm cool with it, but then I start thinking about it too much... "It's just a Corona, Bloodshy. It was fine in 2019, and it is fine now. Stop being a fool," but the whole day now has kind of just blended together. And now the drink has sat out too long, so it doesn't taste fresh anymore. What I'm saying is, the songs eventually went flat even though it was cool and refreshing.
4.0+0.3+0.2 = 4.5
12Stories (AUS)
The Youth to Become

Recommended by tyman128
Metalcore band from Sydney, Australia
Released in 2015 +0.3 +(0.2 points for winning previous round)

Wonderful! Loved this start to finish. It would have been an added bonus if the extremes were more extreme, but it wasn't necessary. The melodic screams are definitely on point, and the vocal cleans and instrumental slowdowns are so damn good on this. The vibe they exude creates such an epic journey. The tracklist is sewn together especially well with its buildup and release: the ironic transition from "A False Sense Of Security" to "Highwater"; the haunting afterimage of the album presented by "100% Gray;"--even the individual songs masterfully display ebb and flow that connect the rest of the album. Stories is far from just being a collection of singles. For this reason, I don't see the album getting old any time soon.
4.7+0.3+0.2 = 5.2 (WINNER)
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