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CONTINENTAL RECFEST SEASON FOUR, ROUND THREE. FIGHT! ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ RECAP: Congratulations to porcupinetheater for winning round two! Round two focused on Europe. Three contestants were eliminated, including Minushuman24, JohnnyoftheWell, and SlothcoreSam. Thanks for participating in season four! Please take a seat in the spectator lounge and help yourself to the continental breakfast! ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ IN ROUND THREE, the theme is OUTER SPACE. Very few people who are not native Earthlings have produced music albums, so what this amounts to is having a band name with a location outside the Earth's atmosphere (no Air Supply, yes Swallow the Sun), or the band's lyrical theme can be aliens, celestial bodies, supernovas that go pop, etc. If you want 0.2 EXTRA POINTS, recommend any album released earlier than 1998, or earn 0.5 TOTAL EXTRA POINTS for anything released before 1962. Does this mean it's a good idea to recommend an old album? I doubt it, but +0.5 points can go a long way. To be clear, this is an incentive to make a bad choice, and if you find yourself down a dark alley and see a dude jerking it, you might want to just turn around. ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ Most importantly, but not a requirement: Have fun!
1Powerman 5000
Tonight the Stars Revolt

+0.2 points for recommending an album released prior to 1998
+0.5 total points for recommending an album released prior to 1962
2Zia (US)
Big Bang!

Recommended by Divaman
Electronic/pop artist from Las Cruces, New Mexico
Album released 2000

She's got a voice for circa '98 style industrial. What I mean is, it's pretty awful and isn't hidden well enough behind her space-pop beep-boops. So how to her beep-boops stack up? They're fine, inoffensive enough. I think "Space Man" had a lot of potential, and the song itself was pretty good. The rest was pretty forgettable for me.
3King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard
Infest the Rats' Nest

Recommended by LeddSledd
Thrash metal from Melbourne, Australia
Album released in 2019

Pretty thrashy, let's play as fast as we can, look at my guitar, look at my guitar. I have a guitar, see it go so fast. It's thrashin', it's fashion, it's fast, look at my entire guitar, see it thrash? Sit me down, now, I went too fast. Sitting in these leaves, I ate the leaves. Leave me to die here in these poisoned leaves, but don't leave me too fast.
4Deltron 3030
Deltron 3030

Recommended by Avagantamos
Experimental hip hop group from California, USA
Album released in 3030, gonna try hard not to take away points for teh lulz

Deltron 3030 put together an album in 2000 using what modern rappers on the radio don't even dare to attempt: lyrical effort. It's a concept album with fun, intelligent language, and very sharp rhymes. I don't mind the old-school charm of the rapping... it's unexpected though with the complex beats and sound samples. The only thing I don't like is how heavy the sampling is, to the point that not much of his original sounds or even notes are coming through. Does it sound good? Yes. But it's also a bit disappointing.
5Artificial Brain
Infrared Horizon

Recommended by Sniff
Grindcore/death metal band from New York, USA
Album released in 2017

They had pretty cool bam-bam ear-scapes crafted by means of do-dah-dissonance, but I think they could have taken the songs to a wha-pow! wheras the wha-wha-wha didn't give me a ba-boom. The gurgle-burgle of the vocal-motion was a bit ho-hum for me. Still good.
6Pretty Maids
Future World

Recommended by Dewinged
Heavy metallic rocks from mostly futuristic Earth but then a couple songs had spacey buzz words on them
Album released in 1987, +0.2 points

Usually when I find hair in my metal I complain to the waiter. But here we go, digesting the whole thing. Objectively, this album is great. It's radio-friendly, but not sickeningly sweet like some of the classic rock that gets stuck in your head for... well, the rest of your life. Subjectively, there's really nothing here for me. I would be afraid to listen to it in public for fear of someone who enjoys it trying to relate with me on a personal level over it. Because to me, this sounds like a giant toad in full armor wielding a sword against the early Transformers cartoons who have combined into an overly convoluted disasterpiece. Then the camera zooms out, and it's the corpse of a dead frog that some kid wrapped in tin foil, fighting against a lego set that wasn't put together properly.
2.5+0.2 = 2.7 (ELIMINATED)
Mothership Connection

Recommended by Sharkattack
Funk rock band from Plainfield, New Jersey, USA
Album released in 1975, +0.2 points

First song is called "P-Funk," and they want to get "funked" by a "P-funk" that is "uncut". Can't tell if they're going for innuendo or not, that '75 lingo was funky fresh. I'm really not sure what to think of this album. It never got old, it was a hell of a lot of fun, but I can't say it was amazing for me either. It was entertaining, so...
3.8+0.2 = 4.0
8Gustav Holst
The Planets, Op. 32

Recommended by Trifolium
Classical composer from Cheltenham, England
Composition completed in 1916, +0.5 points

This might be the first time I'm rating a classical orchestra release. I immediately figured out why when I started listening... there's absolutely nothing I dislike about classical--in fact, I think it's quite good. This album is good. I just can't stay focused. It feels like it isn't even music, probably because I'm only used to hearing it as background for cinema. So all I could do was imagine the show that I was missing. I imagined a war caravan coming over a hill, and there were little ditties for each entity that appeared. A war elephant. A knight on a white horse. The princess in a wagon. The children with swords heavier than them. Then suddenly the Millenium Falcon, because this was the John Williams version, which is where I stopped it early. I liked it, but it was an effort to listen all the way through.
3.4+0.5 = 3.9
9Burnt By the Sun
Soundtrack to the Personal Revolution

Recommended by Uzumaki
Metalcore band from New Jersey, USA
Album released in 2002

At first I was kind of nervous, because this kind of death metal I normally find dull. The songs eventually opened up to me, gave me some good flavor. If they blackened up the vocals and mixed up the distortion a bit, I think I would find it incredibly appealing.
10The Faceless
Planetary Duality

Recommended by SteakByrnes
Deathcore band from Los Angeles, California, USA
Album released in 2008

Masterful presentation of technical prowess with a plethora of complex guitarwork and a substatial array of unique experiences in bite-sized portions, from guitar solos to synthetic keyboard elements, to clean vocal arrangements. I'd be amiss to deny that I yearn for a banquet where any amuse bouche was offered, but it does cultivate an appetite at every alcove. As such, repeat listenings are the remedy necessary to quell the hunger. Brought to you by Highlights: "Coldy Calculated Design" and "Planetary Duality II"
11The Comet Is Coming
Trust in the Lifeforce of Deep Mystery

Recommended by porcupinetheater
Jazz/funk band from London, UK
Album released in 2019, +0.2 points for winning round two

I saw "jazz" and I got nervous, but this had catchy melodies, a good beat, and lacked anyone trying to show off how great they can blow a single note on a god damn saxophone. God I hate that. I didn't hate this. This is great. It grew on me quite a bit.
4.3+0.2 = 4.5
12Nephlim Modulation Systems
Imperial Letters Of Protection

Recommended by Deez
Hip hop duo from Minneapolis, Minnesota and New York, New York, United States
Album released in 2005

Awesome cult hip-hop representation of the dark web. I feel like I'm on one of those web sites that has been up for two decades, created with Angelfire, embellished with retina-burning font-and-background-color juxtapositions, informing the sleeping populus of the secrets of all history, aliens to politics to spirituality. This album has a dark vibe, with quick rhythm, moving fast enough that all you can do is chill. Good listen.
13Jim Sullivan

Recommended by someone
Classic rock artist from the sky
Album released in 1969, +0.2 points

A straightforward rock album focusing on songs, their melodies, and the years Jim spent adjusting to life on Earth. In the song "Johnny," Jim is confronted by his acquaintance Johnny who is suspicious of Jim's true origins. Jim says to him, "Johnny, come down, you’re flying too high / Johnny, tell us, tell us, will you / Just what secret have you found? / Do you really know the answer / How to sail above the ground?" Six years after the release of this album, Jim Sullivan disappeared, technically miles from Roswell, New Mexico, thought to have returned to his home in the sky. (based on a true story)
3.4+0.2 = 3.6
14Lunar Vacation
The Lunar Vacation EPs

Recommended by budgie
Indie-rock/indie-pop from Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Album released/compiled in 2019

Wow, everything you'd expect from budgiecore, but I also found some really great, catchy songs. The style kinda reminds me of Camera Obscura, with a vocalist really similar to Liza Anne (those comparisons might mean nothing to you). Basically, what I mean to say is, you caught me at the school dance, listening to music I was way too embarrassed to like at the time, without anyone to dance with me. Then she appears, the friend I knew I had, but I didn't realize was interested in me. So we dance, and as I remember it, the song played for hours.
The Correlation Between Entrance And Exit Wounds

Recommended by tyman128
Hardcore band from Los Angeles, California, USA
Album released in 2019

With songs short enough for the album to have been mostly be interludes, it was actual interlude, "A Space Marked 'Escape'," that first blew me away. I'd love for that sucker to have an extended six-minute version, but alas, 'twas not meant to be. I really loved the album from start to finish, though. I found the screams pretty impressive, too. The post-hardcore fry scream is great, but when he opens up and does his low screams, it really hits hard. It's not the deepest low, but it has a rich, full sound. This album is in every sense classic post-hardcore, but it has updated vocals and production, so it doesn't feel dated at all. The only thing that could have added another layer to this is some more moderate use of the clean vocals found on "Dissertation..." in spots like standout track, "Late December," to give it more heartfelt emotion and melody.
4.6 (WINNER)
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