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CONTINENTAL RECFEST SEASON FOUR, ROUND TWO. FIGHT! ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ RECAP: Congratulations to Trifolium for winning round one! Round one focused on North America. Three contestants were eliminated, including ArsMoriendi, ColeT, and season three winner Botulist. Thanks for participating in season four! Please take a seat in the spectator lounge and help yourself to the complimentary drinks! ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ IN ROUND TWO, we travel across the pond to EUROPE. It has a rich history in classical music, and its contemporary music varies greatly from country to country. As a declaration of fairness to all genres, I will be awarding 0.5 EXTRA POINTS to any recommendations that are heavily PUNK or THRASH! This means no extra points to thrashy metalcore or to indie-punk, and if you try to bend the rules, I will have to judge them on a case-by-case basis. Does this mean it's a good idea to recommend thrash or punk? I doubt it, but +0.5 points can go a long way. To be clear, this is an incentive to make a bad choice, and if you find yourself down a dark alley spotting a dude with a knife, you might want to just turn around. ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ Most importantly, but not a requirement: Have fun!
1Black Tongue

+0.5 points for recommending thrash or punk (at your own risk)
2Viagra Boys
Street Worms

Recommended by Minushuman24
Post-punk band from Stockholm, Sweden

I liked this... It was kind of fun, even funny at times (especially "Sports"), but the novelty wore off toward the end of the album. On another note, I feel like this is what Nine Inch Nails would sound like if you took the industrial away from him.
3Deep Cut
Different Planet

Recommended by Divaman
Alt rock/shoegaze band from London, England

Some really great Pop Rocks and gazey songs here, but Emma's subpar vocals become very evident on Swimming Against the Tide, which would otherwise have been my favorite track on the album.
4Agent Fresco

Recommended by LeddSledd
Progressive/math rock band from Reykjavík, Iceland

I'm rating this lower than I expected. The band is quite talented and sound pretty, but I didn't really get into the songs much. "Destrier" and "Mono No Aware" were highlights for me, and the second listen was better than the first.

Recommended by Avagantamos
Minimal techno artist and/or group from Berlin, Germany

Good background music. The tracks really blend into one another, and the album just happens. I could see myself listening again if using it as a soundtrack for gaming in water zones or futuristic areas, but that's about it. I liked it.
6The Clash
London Calling

Recommended by JohnnyoftheWell
Punk band from London, England
+0.5 points
I'm not sure if a lot of people consider this punk for the ages, but it seems more to me as punk for all ages. The kind of band you invite to play at the county fair. I mostly just can't stand this repetetive in-your-face simplistic bass and guitar cycles. I know an even better argument can be made against open-chord deathcore bass, but you can't really fix someone's taste. Furthermore, they managed to mix in some surf rock and ska into some of the songs which I really disliked. Highlights: "The Card Cheat," "Hateful". Lowlights: "London Calling" (there was a whistly guitar?/pulse sound that hurt my ears), "Brand New Cadillac," "Wrong Em Boyo," "Revolution Rock," "Train in Vain,"... "Train in Vain," sounded like a cover of someone else's song that they ruined, but I guess it isn't, and they ruined their own song.
1.9+0.5 = 2.4 (ELIMINATED)
7Stiff Little Fingers
Inflammable Material

Recommended by SlothcoreSam
Punk band from Belfast, Northern Ireland

After listening to punk music for about three hours, I'm pretty spent. The um, the album wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for how the songs sounded. All the songs sounded the same. Halfway through I had to play something else to figure out if it was just me in a bad mood, or if I just didn't like any of the songs... But it's just the songs. Then when I went back to Inflammable Material, my roommate walked into the room, gave my computer a funny face, and she said "Bloodshy, why does your music sound weird, like it's playing through your phone?" "Because, Roommate," I explained, "this is punk music and was recorded in 1979." Lowlight: "Johnny Was"
1.6+0.5 points = 2.1 (ELIMINATED)

Recommended by Sniff
Skr0nky progressive metal band from Hudiksvall, Sweden.

Very nice, heavy, atmospheric. The melodies could be stronger, but the experience as a whole is very solid. I listened to their 2019 single... pretty killer. Let's hope they release another LP.
Heavy Yoke

Recommended by Dewinged
Progressive thrash band from mostly places in Europe.

After listening to the whole album, I am realizing there was too little thrash. I swear to God, when I listened to snippets I hit all the thrashiest parts. Anyway, I already okayed it, and now I've thoroughly enjoyed the album. Here's what I thought was the most bizarre, though: with former drummer and guitarist from Extol forming part of this supergroup, it's the vocalist that really gives me Extol vibes.
4.3+0.5 points = 4.8 (minus 0.0001 points because I only want one winner) = 4.7999
10The Damned
Machine Gun Etiquette

Recommended by Sharkattack
An undeniably punk band from London, England

The vocals helped a lot here. I enjoyed the songs because of the vocal melodies alone.
3.5+0.5 points = 4.0
11Cocteau Twins
Heaven or Las Vegas

Recommended by Trifolium
Dream pop/rock from Grangemouth, Scotland

Good album, especially the song "I Wear Your Ring." That song alone makes the whole album worth listening to. After hearing this, I can see what other artists of today are still trying to emulate.
4.3+0.2 points for winning round one = 4.5

Recommended by Uzumaki
Metallic hardcore band from Laval, France

Sick tunes, relentlessly heavy with a few smart "breakdowns" that gave the album some breathing room from the chaos and added atmosphere. I had fun with this.
13Novelists FR

Recommended by SteakByrnes
Progressive metalcore band from Paris, France

This is right up my alley. The punchy guitar work is well-executed, the clean vocals are placed very well for some nice transitioning from the heavy parts. "Antares," had just about everything in it, God damn. Solid album.
14Anna von Hausswolff
Dead Magic

Recommended by porcupinetheater
Dark indie artist from Gothenburg, Sweden

Listened to this on repeat for most of a day and enjoyed every listen as much as the first. Somehow this album goes by too fast. I keep thinking, "Where are the rest of the songs?", even with a 47-minute playtime. What a grower.
4.8 (WINNER)

Recommended by Deez
Post-hardcore band from Luleå, Sweden

Wow, this was way sludgier than I expected. I haven't heard a new sludge band this good in a long time. Good grooves. Intriguing outro, too... makes me wonder what they would have had planned for a follow-up album.
The Essence Has Changed, but the Details Remain

Recommended by someone
Black metal band from Kraków, Poland

Again, sludgier than I expected, what's going on here? Some really great, heavy cycling, very subtely and slowly changing patterns to keep the repetition fresh. This could be another grower... The only thing I think an album like this could use, is a break from the heavy in its many variations. It's like a chocolate cake with chocolate drizzle and a fudge core and chocolate ribbons on top. It makes every bite exciting, but it becomes very rich.
Everything Else Matters

Recommended by budgie
Post-shoe band from St. Petersburg, Russia

Pretty good. None of the songs really stuck out to me, but I liked it a lot as a whole.
18Orbit Culture

Recommended by tyman128
Death/groove metal from Eksjö, Jönköping Sweden or something, Jesus Christ I thought English was hard.

I didn't really care for the singing... it sounded kinda cheesy to me. But then I really like the screams. The drums/drum machine was kinda fun. I like the precise feel and the high production quality it gives. I can really get into the songs, actually, so I don't know, I feel conflicted with this because of the singing. Bottom line, would I listen to it again? Yeah. Maybe.
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