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CONTINENTAL RECFEST SEASON FOUR, ROUND ONE. FIGHT! ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ THE CONTINENTAL RECFEST, also known as the CONTINENTAL REC TOURNAMENT, has been an annual tradition in the Sputnik community since 2018. Originally hosted and judged by Sharkattack, it is a tournament traveling the world (and perhaps beyond!), compiling album recommendations from specific locations into a battle royale of sonic warfare. SEASON FOUR picks up a little (a lot) early with its new host Bloodshy, a former tournament contestant (and loser, a bad, bad loser), determined to keep this precious tradition alive! We will be kicking off with an invitation to Sharkattack: please participate as a contestant for the very first time! As a booster to help keep him in the running for at least two rounds, he receives a +0.5 score for the first round, just like the winner of the previous season will. UPDATE: BOTULIST IS WINRAR OF SEASON THREE CONGRATULATIONS TO BOTULIST!!! ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ In round one, we find ourselves in NORTH AMERICA. It is a forefront of musical talent, a melting pot of genres and stylings. A single state alone from the USA has enough musical output to fuel a tournament. The country has high standards of production, quality, and skill, but let's not be too hasty... If you choose to recommend an album from Mexico or Canada, you will receive +0.2 points to the score I give! It is up to you to choose an album from anywhere in this continent as you see fit, that will please me to my personal standards. Feel free to browse my ratings and choose an album I have not heard, that might coincide with my musical tastes. ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ Most importantly, but not a requirement: Have fun!

+0.2 points for recommending outside the USA.

Spiritbox is one of my favorite bands, and they're from Vancouver Island in Canada.

How does the scoring work? Example: If I hadn't heard Spiritbox and Botulist had made them as a recommendation, he would have gotten a 5.7 score, since this album is a perfect 5.0 for me, Botulist having won the previous tournament gets a +0.5 this round, and since it's Canada (not USA), a +0.2 according to this round's rules...

If you're trying to play it safe, recommend deathcore or something. While deathcore is hardly ever spectacular, I don't remember the last time I full-blown disliked a deathcore album.
It probably isn't wise to recommend thrash, punk, or twang country unless you're feeling brave. While I do enjoy some, it's pretty rare.
In general, I like just about every genre, so if you're convinced it's good, go for it! I'm excited!!!!!
Sailing the Seas of Cheese

Recommended by ArsMoriendi
Experimental rock band from El Sobrante, California, USA
I had heard Jerry The Racecar Driver and the South Park theme song, which was enough that I had put off listening to anything by this band indefinitely. So when listening to this album in its entirety, I at least found that I sort of liked one of the songs here... Song six, Eleven... Uhh... ...But honestly, the combination of the guy's voice and noodling of the bass really kind of turns me off.
3Young Thug

Recommended by ColeT
Rap/trap artist from Atlanta, Georgia, USA
At first I thought I was going to like this a lot, because some of the beats are heavy or crunchy or smoooooth... but then he kept doing shit like 2:30 into Swizz Beats where his voice is just so bad it's grating. Or he talks about his dick for an uncomfortable number of times. And the rhyming scheme is intentionally lazy and repetetive, which I think appeals to people who want to remember the words or something, but that really turns me off too. He "arfed" in RiRi, btw. Like a doggo. Arf arf.
Here's some quality lyrics from Swizz Beatz, my favorite track, you're welcome: "I need some brain from your baby mama / Lil mama she wet like a boat, a boat / Lil mama, she wet like a boat / Lil mama she wet like a boat, a boat / Lil mama, she wet like a boat / Lil mama, she ready for war / She ready for dick in her ass and her throat."
4Lakota De Kai
Big Dad Wolf

Recommended by Minushuman24
Post-hardcore/hardcore metal band from Kent, Ohio, USA
Classic post-hardcore sound. Some of the songs hint at a fun southern groove, like Hell in a Cell '98... but sometimes I do feel like the vocalist tries too hard during the spoken-word parts to emulate The Chariot, and I think those parts fall a little flat, especially in the beginning of A Boy Named Sad. The vocals in general are really good, though. The album as a whole is pretty killer. Standout track for me: Leslie Americus.
5Future Bible Heroes
Memories of Love

Recommended by Divaman
Indie-pop/lo-fi band from Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Fantastic melodies and harmonies. Production is top notch with some really fun sounds. It's got really depressing vocals with happy beats, IDK. Pretty cool I think.

Recommended by LeddSledd
Post-hardcore band from Puebla, Mexico
Some really great atmosphere on the guitars. Not a whole lot I can point to that I like about this, I just like it. Hola!
4.2+0.2 = 4.4

Recommended by Avagantamos
IDM artist from Austin, Texas, USA
These beats as so damn crunchy, but it's still chill. It strikes me of a cross between The Field and Haujobb. There's not a lot of music that I've found like this, so this could have some serious replay value.
8Broken Social Scene
You Forgot It in People

Recommended by JohnnyoftheWell
Indie rock band from Toronto, Canada
Quality songs on a solid album. The playstyle itself really sounds ahead of its time too, kind of surprised this was released in 2003. I'm also surprised I have never heard this. 700k monthly listeners on Spotify?
4.3+0.2 = 4.5
9Strapping Young Lad

Recommended by SlothcoreSam
Heavy band from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Less heavy than I expected, after hearing a lot of bragging from rando's: "STARPIN YOUNG LARD SO HEAVY IS HEAVEST," but it was essentially just really good. Smart, dissonant melodies, a bit of Townshend quirkiness... I'll definitely be listening to this after the competition.
4.6+0.2 = 4.8

Recommended by Sniff
Sludge metal band from Toronto, Canada
The peaks and valleys are pretty extreme on this album. Let me tell you about the part that really stuck out for me. Halfway through the album, the song, "Sun for Miles," begins to have its way with me. It serenades me in a beautiful, fragile moonlit walk. Then toward the end of the song, Mare is like, "Fuck. We forgot to show you our final form." Layers of sound crash around me, and a wall of sound-rubble forms. It begins to loom over me, hinting that it might topple. I take a step back. Budgie is under a table rocking back and forth. Then the song abruptly ends. The album ends. That's when I learned the album was an EP, and the band was dead the whole time.
4.6+0.2 = 4.8

Recommended by Dewinged
Post-rock/classical group from Montreal, Canada
God damn, this is good. Instrument choice (what is that, a sitar?) and playstyle are eargasmic, the all-important post-rock flow is so perfect from start to finish. The melodies in here are quite memorable, which is a feat in itself when you're playing post-rock. I love this. It has the potential to really grow, too.
4.7+0.2 = 4.9
12Sonny Sharrock
Black Woman

Recommended by botulist
Jazz artist from Ossining, New York, USA
Sonny Sharrock does an extended 31-minute mic check.
1.7+0.5 = 2.2 (ELIMINATED)
13Le Butcherettes
A Raw Youth

Recommended by Sharkattack
Indie punk band from Guadalajara, Mexico
A few of these songs have them pesky punky entry-level guitar chord repetition, but I enjoyed a lot of the album quite a bit: the darker, slower portions. "Witchless C Spot" definitely hit the spot for me. The good spot. It hit the g-spot. C Spot run. Witch sees pot, witch brews hit, see? I really just need to end this blurb befo
3.8+0.5+0.2 = 4.5
14Natalia Lafourcade

Recommended by Trifolium
Folk/pop artist from Mexico City, Mexico.
Two seconds in, I could tell this was going to be good. I was like, Beirut? Mexican Beirut plz? Actually, this is more comparable to Madredeus, a [band?] I really love. That unassuming hint of slide guitar in Soledad y el Mar really does it for me. I'll close my eyes for this, imagine I'm a spy, dancing on the coast of Cancun with the lovely target whose ID card I hav eto steal, but she ends up stealing my decodder pen instead. I';m typing this with my eys closed .
4.75+0.2 = 4.95 (ROUND ONE WINNER)
Relentless Mutation

Recommended by Uzumaki
Death metal band from Vancouver, Canada
Very safe choice. The programmed drums and low, featureless growl remind me a lot of Dethklok, but not in a bad way. Quite enjoyable. If my hair was longer, I'd metalcopter all over this. Not sure what the correct terminology is for metalcoptering. Metalcoptering, like when you 'copter to metal? m/ m/ IDK.
4.4+0.2 = 4.6
Anchoress is Ruining My Life

Recommended by SteakByrnes
Punk/post-hardcore band from Vancouver, Canada
Seemingly heartfelt screams, this sound kind of has a nostalgia to it. It sounds a lot like early mewithoutYou. Each individual song is fantastic, but I don't feel like they build much of an album together. Besides the last two songs, they blur together a bit for me.
4.2+0.2 = 4.4
17The End (CAN)

Recommended by porcupinetheater
Metalcore/mathcore band from Mississauga, Canada
Great choice... this style is right up my alley. It felt fresh, even though it's 2007. It brushed on some nu-metal (that's the fad again), it was exciting, production sounded great. Good variety as well, especially evident on the last song. What a killer ending!
4.5+0.2 = 4.7
Sacred White Noise

Recommended by Deez
Black metal band from Toronto, Canada
I liked this based on the sound and atmosphere alone, but there really wasn't a whole lot there song-wise to really put this over the top for me. I might not be as adept at listening to black metal, though.
3.8+0.2 = 4.0
19Author and Punisher
Drone Machines

Recommended by someone
Industrial artist from San Diego, California, USA
There are a lot of sounds here I can really sink my teeth into. The rhythm and atmosphere are really welcoming for such a heavy industrial project. And it's a bad-ass album.

Random 3.0 from budgie
Psych-rock band from New York City, New York, USA
The vocalist really reminds me a lot of Sorry... Anyway, the melodies and vocals are really good and the soundscapes are fantastic. Sometimes I find the poppiness and the soundscapes don't really complement each other very well, though, so it's kind of like alternating pizza and ice cream every bite. So it's really good, but I could have enjoyed it more with different placement.
21The Number Twelve Looks Like You
Wild Gods

Recommended by tyman128
Mathcore band from Bergen County, New Jersey, USA
Very ambitious album. I find myself in anticipation of the clean singing in the songs, even though the heavy parts are consistently vibrant and engaging. There's really a lot here to unpack with so many unique pieces to the songs, similarly structured to how a progressive metal band would write.
22Helena Deland
Altogether Unaccompanied Vol. III and IV

The actual album recommended by budgie, oops
Indie pop artist from Montreal, Canada
This is what pulled budgie out of the ashes like a fiery phoenix.
4.3+0.2 = 4.5
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