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Mars2020: What to Listen For

I've done this in years past. Basically, these are artists that are recording/started recording/finished recording and may be releasing new material this year--most of these don't have set dates. These are artists I follow/have liked in the past; as such, it's a relatively personal collection and might not include artists that I'm not aware of or I don't follow as closely. Hopefully, this is a helpful guide to things that may be worth your time in the future!
1Macho Man Randy Savage
Be A Man

This is a placeholder for a local power metal band, Solar Flare, that will be releasing their debut May 23rd. Their singer works part-time as a DoorDash driver, so I met him when working at my job at a deli store. Told him I'd keep an ear open and would rep the band when they got the disc out; I didn't forget, driver dude. Will probably review.
2The Hirsch Effekt

Set date for May 8th. These guys have been the epitome of progressive rock/metal for years now, and yet they still don't have the attention here they deserve. It's gonna be a crazy experience per usual, and you can bet I'll be putting a spotlight here. Potential AoTY candidate.
3Aversions Crown
Hell Will Come For Us All

June 12th release date is set in stone. These guys are probably the only deathcore I can stomach anymore (with an exception, mentioned later), and they've yet to release a dud. Admittedly haven't heard the singles, but I expect this to at least be business as usual.
4Noise Trail Immersion
Symbology of Shelter

According to the band, they have written most of what will be their third album, and it's going to be released this year. It's apparently going to be a significant departure from their previous works since they're worried about repeating themselves. Considering how I felt about these guys back in 2018, well... is it time for a hype train?
5Au Revoir

Solid post-metal/post-rock. They've been in a bit of a album limbo, but the promise of a release/getting material together remains, and they're still active. This may be the year new work comes out of their camp.
It's Hard to Have Hope

These guys were part of what I called the 'British Invasion' of metalcore alongside Palm Reader and Rolo Tomassi. Emotional metalcore/hardcore that's worth many spins. They've been recording all throughout this year thus far. 2020 might be too early, but if they keep up the progress they've shown, I wouldn't be surprised to see album #3 in the second half of the year.
The Light Years

This was a super fun album to jam to, and the instrumental arrangements were very compelling. They've hinted at a third album, but whether it's complete/in progress is unknown. Perhaps a single is around the corner? I'm all for it. Jazzy metalcore/prog metal goodness.
8Palm Reader

Speaking of Palm Reader, they have stated that recording is finished for a fourth record. Braille was one of the best albums of 2018 in my book, and with Svalbard joining the fray, the Brits might be taking over the core scene again. Let the invasion commence.
9Barely Civil
We Can Live Here Forever

A new record has been in the works since last year, and they've teased something new coming around the corner. This album really caught me off guard, and it still makes me feel very strange listening to it: Nostalgic, depressed, longing, happy, thoughtful--a whole odd mix. Probably remains a favorite of mine, and I hope to see more of the same in 2020.
10In Vain

It feels like Currents was released just yesterday, but In Vain seemed to have immediately got to work after publishing it. Pre-production has started since the end of February. Big riffs and hefty melodies are comin', boys and girls and aliens.
11Trophy Scars
Holy Vacants

They started tracking last year and are currently recording vocals. 2020 is pretty speculative, but boy would it be a treat. I'm still just happy the boys are back and producing and seem to be happy doing so.

After releasing a monster of a single, the Hopsefall camp teased in the comments that they might have something in the works--not a full length, however. Perhaps an EP or something similar? It could just be that they'll begin recording, and it'll be for a 2021 date. We'll have to wait and see.

They've been recording for some time now, and they've apparently got a near-12 minute epic closing track waiting on deck. If it's got those same delicious melodies, there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. No dates, but I foresee 2020 being the year.
14Deviant Process

This album was a great testament to the power of technical death metal in a time where song compositions are getting tossed aside, replaced instead by shallow expression of musicianship. They've been hard at work recording every component for a sophomore effort--acoustics, bass, drums, and currently, vocals. Given their progress, 2020 definitely seems to be in the cards.

Not sure how far along Izah is in recording--they had a series of unfortunate circumstances last year that held them back--but they apparently have played a new track before for live shows. They DID say 2020 will bring good things... Sistere was massive, so I'm hoping for something even bigger.
16In the Silence
A Fair Dream Gone Mad

The single released recently apparently doesn't reflect what the band will produce in the future, and it was rather the brainchild of one member. I'm unsure what exactly is to come--the In the Silence camp has been quiet for years to begin with--but it seems that songwriting and recording are well under way. I'm thinking perhaps a fourth-quarter release (somewhere within October to December).
17 Tacoma Narrows Bridge Disaster

Solid post-metal that has been teasing new material for a while. Let's see it, gents! Quarantine means there's no better time to be locked up and mastering new material, eh?
Machina Viva

While Machina Viva disappointed me--one could argue my expectations were simply too high--it still had plenty of merit to it, and the vocals remained excellent per usual. Recording has been a go for a few months now and it seems as though things are becoming finalized. These guys can really nail a somber atmosphere in progressive rock; I hope they can show up in 2020 and replicate Communication Lost, or even top it.
19The Sleeper

New material is in the works and perhaps finalized. I'm not sure if I'm sold on their direction exhibited in their EP release and singles, but I'll keep posted on their updates. Aurora remains a criminally underrated gem in progressive metalcore; jam that as we wait. Why not?

He's been busy writing and apparently has released a new song that was performed live. Not sure if that'll be a sign of things to come or not, but Plini tends to be pretty productive. He has yet to disappoint, so I foresee 2020 being another mark of consistency.

This should come with a huge question mark. These guys have teased material and have been a near ghost town for a while now, so whether or not their most recent posts will amount to anything is fully up to speculation. Given how long it's been, I would hope 2020 would be where the boys emerge from their slumber. Time will tell, but I'm not optimistic.

Updates have been sparse regarding progress on another album, but they apparently started back in July last year. 2020 is a guess/hope. It takes time to compose songs as grand and epic as those on Maestro, so whatever time it takes, take it; I'll be ready whenever album #4 drops.

Similar to Winterhorde: All quiet on the update front, but recording has allegedly been going on for a decent stretch of time. The inclusion of a saxophone into black metal may be seen as more of a gimmick than a novelty at this point, but it's worth keeping in mind these guys have been doing it a bit longer than others. Fingers crossed for some 2020 goodies.
Applause of a Distant Crowd

Not sure how far along album #3 is, but at the very least, drums are down. There could be much more going on behind the scenes, which makes me hopeful for a later-year release. Anything that remains in the vein of Applause will be a sure-fire winner.
25Shadow of the Colossus
End Game

The exception to the deathcore rule, just like Aversions Crown. I never expected this project to become active again, but here we are: New material is slated for 2020. I recall the last single they released in the bygone days of 2017 being lackluster, sadly, but all that could change. Let's see what happens here.

Debt is a formidable beast of fast-paced grind with a black metal attitude. I'm down for more of that, and it seems like a new album has been in the works since last year, with new songs being played at live shows. I'm thinking 2020 is it.
Party, Grind

Haven't listened to this band in a while, but they remain an entertaining bunch, crafting enjoyable, tightly-composed songs will retaining a carefree sense--AKA everything that Attila will never be. A new album has been built on for quite some time now, so if there's any appropriate time for it to be revealed, I'd expect it to be now.
28Jardin de la Croix

Mathy goodness is planned for 2020. I think they're doing some kind of multi-release project or something? I'm not exactly sure, but new music is on the way in some form or another. Rocks.
29Hundreds of AU
Mission Priorities on Launch

These guys turned a few (not enough) heads last year. They've been finishing up some new songs as of late. I imagine some speedy, hard-hitting emo assault will be upon us shortly.
30The Ocean Collective
Phanerozoic I: Palaeozoic

Give us part 2 please. Pretty please?
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