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Build-an-Album R2: Off to Paradise

The second part of this crazy comp. What were the results of last round? And what do the contestants have to deal with now? Let's see.
1Fear Factory
The Industrialist

The genre was INDUSTRIAL, the theme was DARK AS HELL, and users had to abide by an 8-song rule. With the added dumb specific that word counts in titles needed to be uniform. Let's see how this was handled!
2Have a Nice Life

Zombie's Album: It seems to me that Zombie aimed for pure ambiance and absolutely nailed it. The atmosphere of the opening two numbers was perfect for the theme, and he even weaved in Slipknot to great effect! This was very ominous and dark indeed. As far as I could tell it didn't have a truly dull moment or part where it faltered. Awesome experience. VERDICT: 4.5
The Ape Of Naples

Sinternet's Album: Given how industrial can fall into the electronic camp, this seemed to be a comfortable space to maneuver in for Sint. While I'm not the biggest electronic guy, Sint went all out and it paid off: there were some lagging portions, but the lurking, creeping sensation generated here was on-point. Better still was the godlike flow, especially moving into track 4--fuckin' seamless. VERDICT: 4.2

Papa's Album: The intro effectively sets an unsettling tone and the album flows well all through the fourth track, displaying a lot of aggression as well. However, starting with track 5, things just fall apart a bit; everything sounds out of place or awkward, and the vocal performances are poor. The closer tries to redeem this, but it's not enough; this was very front-loaded indeed. VERDICT: 3.0
5Nine Inch Nails
Not the Actual Events

goblin's Album: What I got from goblin's effort this round was a weak middle held up by exceptional beginnings and endings. Tracks 3 and 4 in particular were great adrenaline-pumping numbers, but the atmosphere suffered here. Thankfully, the closing tracks brought it back and definitely made things dark as hell. If the rest of the album maintained this, it would have been even better, since I did truly enjoy this one after all. VERDICT: 4.1
Slave Design

Vuvuzela's Album: The introductory tracks were both really repetitive and one-note. Then, everything from track 5 onward is devoid of a consistent tone. Some of them are quite good, like the closer, but they feel so out of place and have no place in the theme. Overall, I got a really underwhelming sense from many of these entries and found them lacking, especially when regarding the theme. VERDICT: 2.4
7Nine Inch Nails
The Downward Spiral

Berry's Album: This album can be summed up very simply as consistently heavy and hard-hitting, but also continuously out of the theme. There wasn't much of a dark presence in here. It was cohesive, flowed decently, and I guess got the job done, just not with much flair or interesting quality to it. Passable. VERDICT: 3.4
8The Fall
The Unutterable

butcher's Album: There's a lot of weirdness and zaniness abound in this one. Many entries have a classic sort of post-punk feel rather than an industrial; toeing the line dangerous here. Track 3 broke the dumb rule, dumbie. Tracks 4 and 5 brought the grit and darkness this album lacked, and the closer helped salvage the rest. Not too shabby, but not too impressive. VERDICT: 3.5
9Rabbit Junk

kalk's Album: There's a track called "Crutch," which feels appropriate, because Rabbit Junk was an absolute crutch for you. While the opener and many other numbers were certified bangers, they got stale after a while since it was just the same artists but with their albums slightly scrambled. The atmosphere wasn't particularly dark and this bordered on stale. Careful, careful. VERDICT: 3.1
10Nine Inch Nails
The Downward Spiral

Uzumaki's Album: This suffered problems similar to aforementioned albums where tracks were heavy, went for the throat, and were overall aggressive, but sacrificed the theme in the process. Track 4 to 6 started a noticeable decline in any darkness present here, and the closer lacked a good punch to it. Saved by some good audio assaults here, but adherence to theme is lacking. VERDICT: 3.5
11Strapping Young Lad

bg's Album: I wrote down that track 4 was a shot into my skull, which was a very positive sensation at the time. What made this really cool were the two closing tracks, each of which introduced a haunting vibe that I wish was present throughout. That ending took me by surprise and was worried it shattered my headphones. Well done, but could have aspired for more. VERDICT: 3.6
12Brighter Death Now

Nero's Album: There were multiple moments here that were just pure fucking evil. The flow was perfect from the get-go, as was the truly unsettling atmosphere. Practically nailed the theme in all honesty. The closer was unfortunately weak and some sections got repetitive, but other than that this was a great listen to sit through. VERDICT: 4.3
Start a War

Storm's Album: Don't have much to say for this one either since it felt very similar to previous albums that didn't have the theme really present but compensated with decent-to-excellent tracks. Some awesome chords and choruses to be found, allowing this to slide by on its merits. Might not get away next time though! VERDICT: 3.5
14Author and Punisher

Steak's Album: This was an amazing combo of electronic elements and metal all mixed together. The opener really established a tangible darkness from the get-go, and man some of these just go IN. The flow was awesome, the placement of each track felt really deliberate--all very well composed. Kudos, this was another pleasure to go through, and it had a notable attachment to the theme through a variety of musical expressions. VERDICT: 4.4

Pheromone's Album: Quite a few moments here were flat-out boring and/or removed from the theme. I didn't get much of a consistent tone or flow out of this, though there were some highlights, most notably in the epic closer--it might have done a looot of work saving you. Overall, not too impressed, but it could have been worse I suppose. VERDICT: 3.3
16Have a Nice Life

neek's Album: Using that same epic track I've heard before, but NOW it's an opener! It works, as do a lot of early choices; I enjoyed the female vox for track 2, for example. I could tell this was rushed since there's very little thematic compliance and some tracks (6 and 7 especially) nearly took this fully off the rails. Closer wasn't bad, but this was hovering close to the edge my friend. VERDICT: 2.9
17Fear Factory
The Industrialist

So, with that being said, the results are as follows:
FIRST PLACE: ZombieToyDuck (4.5)
SECOND PLACE: SteakByrnes (4.4)
THIRD PLACE: NeroCorleone (4.3)
Was a tight race, fellas. I know Industrial was tough, but there were a lotta gems here to pick through and you seemed very confident in your abilities. Unfortunately, though, someone has to go home.
Vuvezela (2.4) is ELIMINATED. Thanks for playing, and make sure to stick around!
18Macho Man Randy Savage
Be A Man

So, I gave you a clue for this round's genre. If you looked closely at the paragraph I posted, specifically the first capitalized words of each sentence, you would have gotten GODSPEED. Is that Anberlin? Or is it an emperor dressed in black?

Well, unless I read the random genre wheel wrong (I AM getting old, maybe my eyes are dying or some shit), you landed on POST-ROCK. That'll be the name of the game for this round, ladies and gents.
20Macho Man Randy Savage
Be A Man

The theme is going to be True Bliss. However you think you can, construct your album so that it feels like a paradise. Gimme some delicious climaxes or wonderful soundscapes--the genre's full of 'em.
21Macho Man Randy Savage
Be A Man

This time around, you are limited to only 5 tracks for your album. Additionally, one of those puppies is going to need to tick over the ten minute mark. Not ten exactly! Not 9:59. At least 10:01 minutes. Them's the breaks, as they say. Who is they? I dunno.
22Macho Man Randy Savage
Be A Man

Oh, and of course there's a dumb rule. Hate to break it to you, but it appears there's a trade ban in effect. Yessiree. No tracks are allowed from any band from the United States or China. Canada and Mexico are fair game, but as soon as you cross the border into the good ol' You Ess uv Eyy, you're in trouble. I don't think I've heard a Chinese post-rock band, but you can't use them anyway. Oh well.
23Macho Man Randy Savage
Be A Man

Genre = Post-Rock
Theme = True Bliss
Requirement = 5 tracks; one is greater than 10 minutes
"Dumb Rule" = no tracks allowed from USA or China
24Macho Man Randy Savage
Be A Man

Papa Universe | ZombieToyDuck | Storm | NeroCorleone80 | Pheromone | Uzumaki | Sinternet | bgellesp | butherboy | goblinilbog | BerryGarlicia | SteakByrnes | neekafat | kalkwiese
25Anna Meredith

1. Anna Meredith - Nautilus
2. Glaswegians - Orwellian
3. Do Make Say Think - The Landlord is Dead
4. Esmerine - Funambule
5. We Lost the Sea - Bogatyri
26Godspeed You! Black Emperor
Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven

1. Lights & Motion - Anamorphic
2. Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Storm
3. Sigur Ros - Njosnavelin
4. Sleepmakeswaves - The Edge of Everything
5. Sigur Ros - Varud
It's Not Me, It's You!

1. Siren by pg.lost
3. Let It Out, Let It Flow, Let It Fly by Tides From Nebula
4. We Flood Empty Lakes by Yndi Halda
5. Colors In Stereo by Moonlit Sailor
The Fall of Math

1. 65daysofstatic - Retreat! Retreat!
2. Envy - A Road of Winds the Water Builds
3. I am the Architect - Walk in Regret
4. Sigur Ros - Glosoli
5. God is an Astronaut - Suicide by Star

1. Weaver - pg.lost
2. Elysian Castles - MONO
3. Vaal - Kassei
4. While We Sleepwalk - Paint The Sky Red
5. Falling Leaf - Distant Dream
Para Quienes Aún Viven

1. Exquirla- Interrogatorio
2. Envy-Crystallize
3. Mogwai- Golden Porsche
4. Solstafir- Samband I Berlin
5. Tall Ships-Will to Life

1. Tycho - A Walk
2. There Will Be Fireworks - River
3. Boris - Untitled (US Version)
4. There Will Be Fireworks - The Good Days
5. We Came From The North - Am Fear

1. Skullflower - Sunset
2. Boris - Flood II
3. Main - Blown
4. My Disco - Sunray
5. Dirty Three - Hope
Para Quienes Aún Viven

1. Exquirla — “El Grito del Padre”
2. Blurred City Lights — “Argue Till We Die”
3. Devilish Dear — “I Wanna Do It”
4. Anna von Hausswolf — “Ugly and Vengeful"
5. Glaswegians — “duress”
34Dirty Three

1. dirty three - in fall
2. do make say think - outer inner and secret
3. the samuel jackson five - skinflick dress rehearsal
4. mogwai - black spider
5. fleshquartet - reception
Into The Half Light

1. Echotide - Into the Half Light
2. Sigur Ros - Hoppipolla
3. Alcest - Into The Waves
4. Echotide - Her Back To The Sun
5. Agent Fresco - Mono No Aware
36Sigur Ros
( )

1. Sigur Ros- Untitled 3
2. Mono- Silent Flight Sleeping Dawn
3. Yndi Halda- We Flood Empty Lakes
4. Toundra- Cielo Negro
5. Exquirla- Un Hombre
37Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra
Fuck Off Get Free We Pour Light on Everything

1. Silver Mt. Zion - Fuck Off Get Free (For The Island of Montreal)
2. Mogwai - Helicon 1
3. Blueneck - Low
4. Arab Strap - New Birds
5. Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Moya

1. Mahumodo - California
2. Envy - Go Mad And Mark
3. Mogwai - Auto Rock
4. Heaven In Her Arms - Turbid Fog
5. Rinoa - Fires In The Distant North
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