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Iron maiden ranked (2021)
17Iron Maiden
Virtual XI

kind of last by default. i'm not a Blaze hater though, while i can't stand his voice his solo project has lots of interesting stuff, but he sounds totally out of place with Iron Maiden. But it's not just Blaze's fault, many songs are lackluster like the infamous "the angel and the gambler" and basically every song aside from the opener and the closer is boring, repetitive and predictable.
16Iron Maiden
No Prayer for the Dying

While virtual xi is pretty bad this is just forgettable. There are some highlights heare and there, the title track is agreat power ballad, hooks in you and tailgunner while terribly cheesy are enjoyable but most of the album sounds tired and uninspired. Bruce clearly didn't wanted to sing and gave the worst performance of his career (while still decent). Average at best.
15Iron Maiden
The X Factor

Again, Blaze is the weakest link here. He sounds out of place on basically every song imo. Plus many tracks are just average. The sign of the cross, edge of darkness and lord of the flies are pretty good despite the vocals, the darker atmosphere fits these song pretty well.
14Iron Maiden

Is the new album bad? Absolutely not! it's many cuts above the previous picks. I'm amazed about how these guys managed to stay powerful after all these years. Still there are some problems here. It's too long-winded. Some tracks like the death of celts and the parchment could last 6 minutes and would be much better. There is little innovation here, the previous albums managed to keep the classic maiden signatures combining them with something new, Senjutsu besides some keyboards does innovate nothing, some tracks recycled riffs (time machine has the same intro of the talisman). besides those flaws they still got energy and passion, Hell on earth is another amazing closer.
13Iron Maiden
Fear of the Dark

i just can't hate this album as many fans does. This album is hated for borrowing the sound of many bands and forsome tracks in particular but...are those so bad? Weekend warrior is the most despised but even if it's cheesy as hell and it's basically ac/dc, i find it enjoyable. Fear is the key is basically led zeppelin tribute and sounds ok. Chains of misery sounds a bit like sabbath and i like it a lot. About the fugitive and the apparition...they are pretty bad. Still the album contains some awesome works like ATSS, the iconic title track, childood's end and be quick or be dead. But the unspoken king if FotD is judas be my guide, how come that song is so overlooked?
12Iron Maiden
A Matter of Life and Death

This grew on me with time. Some tracks are needlessly long, in fact one of my favorites from this album is the opener, which is the shortest track. Still some goliaths works, such as the legacy and for the greater good of god (a modern masterpiece). The darker atmosphere that pervades the album fits perfectly the serious subjects of the lyrics, most of the songs are about war. Brighter than 1000 suns may be their heaviest piece.
11Iron Maiden
The Final Frontier

i think the reason behind the hate for this one is the first 3 songs. The title track has a long proggy intro that flows into a basic track that may be one of their weakest openers ever, el dorado and mother of mercy are even worse, totally forgetable and bland. But when the terrificballad comig home kicks in the album gets better and better with the by now traditional Harris-epics isle of avalon, talisman and wtwwb. The alchemist may be one of their most underrated tracks. The whole album is pervaded by a sort of cheap 70s sci-fi atmosphere that fits perfectly the mood. If they just cut off tracks 2 and 3 this may be in the top 10.
10Iron Maiden
The Book of Souls

Whil the lenght may scare someone it is totally worth time to reach the last 18 minutes of the book of souls. Empire of the clouds is by now my favorite song by them, a majestic closure that made this album reach the top 10. Besides it the longest songs on this are without doubt the best works (title track, opener and closer, the red and the black). There are a pair of fillers such as the speed of light and tears of a clown (lyrically great, musically not so much), but still the majority of tracks are solid nonetheless.
9Iron Maiden
Dance of Death

Without doubt their most underrated, besides a couple of ok tracks this album is incredibly solid. The symphonic elements enrich the epic vibes of some tracks like face in the sand and no more lies. Paschendale basically sets the mood of the whole next album and the title track is perfect, a terrific blend of epic story telling, dreamy atmosphere and majestic execution. Go to listen Nicko singing the age of innocence.
8Iron Maiden
Somewhere in Time

my least favorite of the 80s. Still an awesome work. While Bruce didn't liked it because of his exclusion from the songwriting he gave an impressive performance, as the rest of the band after all. The retro-futuristic production is top notch and besides the classics like wasted years and caught somewhere in timw there are some of their most underrated works such as Heaven can wait, deja vu and the loneliness of the long distance runner. Not a huge fan of sea of madness.
7Iron Maiden

Some fans claimed this is a cheap imitation of the debut. I couldn't disagree more. While it's not fresh or iconic as it's precedessor it still has a lot of charisma and it's own sound. The aggressive punky attitude is perfectly combined with the melodic guitar work. Di Anno gave the performance of his life and...seriously how underrated Purgatory is? One of their best songs ever. Harris and Burr were terrific together.
6Iron Maiden
Piece of Mind

Nicko's debut, Bruce's first songwriting, a nice alternation between more structured songs like revelations and still life with pounding classics like the trooper (a top 3 somg for me) and the opener. This album is basically perfect for 6 songs. And then there's quest for fire, undoubtely their worst 80s song. Then it comes sun and steel, they sing about samurai in the lightest way possible. Maybe their second worst 80s song. At least to tame a land is a worthy conclusion for this album. Those 2 tracks lower the position a bit but Piece of mind remains a terrific work.
5Iron Maiden
Iron Maiden

The one that started it all. One of the best debuts in metal. Their songwriting was already mature, prowler, iron maiden, and Charlotte the harlot are bangers. Remember tomorrow and strange world gave the album a softer touch. Phantom of the opera is among their best works ever, Harris bass playing was clearlu influenced by Budgie.
4Iron Maiden
Brave New World

The reunion album. A combination of the 80s style and modern approach. The production is flawless, songs like dream of mirrors and blood brothers sounds like oneiric fables, while the more aggressive ones will pump you up like their older classics. Catchy, intricate and passionate. That closer is majestic too.
3Iron Maiden

For many their opus magnus. While i'm not a huge fan of losfer words the other songs are marvelous.
Aces high may be one of the best openers ever. The complexity of the title track, the iconic 2 minutes to midnight, the energy of flash of the blade, every moment from this album is memorable. Not to mention the gargantuan 13 minutes closer that features the best atmospheric moment the band has ever delivered.
2Iron Maiden
Seventh Son of a Seventh Son

Maiden's prog album is a wisely written concept about good and evil. The keyboards addition makes the atmosphere uplifting and combined to the masterful skills of the band contributes to create one of the best albums both in heavy metal and in Progressive. I love how the beginning is identical to the end of the album, symbolizing a never ending cycle.
1Iron Maiden
The Number of the Beast

The peak of one of the best bands ever. Every single song is great (yes, i like gangland). The esoteric vibes adds a unique feeling to the songs. Children of the damned has one of their best buildings ever. The lyrics are varied and well written, every song feels different both for subjects and musically speaking. Hallowed be thy name is a timeless classic.
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