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Black Sabbath Ranked
20Black Sabbath
Seventh Star

This shouldn't even be a Black Sabbath album, just a Iommi solo project but the record company forced him to release it as part of BS discography. This is pretty much an insult to the band itself. At least is it good? Well after several listens all i remember is some generic lifeless AOR/Dad rock. What a waste of talented musicians.
19Black Sabbath

The one that people love to hate, even Iommi. And for several good reason. While i don't mind Ernie's production the whole album feels tired, seems like the band itself has stopped to believe in what they were doing. I like some Rap metal and nu metal stuff but....seriously, that Ice-T feat. is one of the most out of place things i've heard.
18Black Sabbath
Technical Ecstasy

Yes, i hate TE that much to stick it down here with forbidden and seventh star.
The Band continued to experiment like they did in their previous effort, just this time they pretty much failed in everything. Their attempt to reach the new wave influences sounds annoying, almost like the awful production and that fucking synths. It's like they thrown a bunch of ideas inside the writing process but none of them worked. Dirty women is fine.
17Black Sabbath
The Eternal Idol

I feel bad for Tony Martin. He is an incredibly talented vocalist but he has been forgotten for his partecipation in the band's most unstable era. The opener and closer are terrific, but it's all about that. The other songs aren't bad, just forgettable, every song sounds like the previous one.
16Black Sabbath
Never Say Die!

I've mixed feelings about this. I would never dare to call NSD! a good album, yet i enjoy it. It's almost a so bad it's so good thing. The happy sounding tracks sounds wrong and the overproduction makes it too polished. The fact that even Ozzy refused to sing a couple of tracks is hilarious. Yet it's a preety fun listen. The title track is a classic.
15Black Sabbath
Cross Purposes

Maybe their most forgotten work, also due to it's absence on streaming services. I have to say that there aren't bad songs on it, nor awesome ones, besides maybe psychophobia. A fine effort.
Rondinelli's performance is great though.
14Black Sabbath
Born Again

I just can't hate this. The production is awful. Sometimes Gillan sounds out of place, but still i like it. Trashed is a pretty good opener and disturbing the priest may be one of their most evil sounding works ever.
13Black Sabbath

Basically Sabbath's attempt to power metal. And it's surprisingly good, even more surprising is the lack of cheesiness i'd expected. Anno mundi and Heaven in black are great tracks and Martin's performance is great too.
12Black Sabbath

The reunion album has been a pleasant surprise for classic Sabbath fan. While the lack of Bill Ward is felt the gloomy atmosphere works. They clearly tried to capture the s/t song vibes and while the members clearly aged they partly succeeded to this effective throwback.
11Heaven and Hell
The Devil You Know

Ironic how seventh star is labeled as Black sabbath and this one isn't. This is the heaviest album featuring Dio as a lead singer ever. While it drags a little and songs structures are too similar there are some great moments like Bible black, atom and evil and the faster eating the cannibals. The production enlight the heaviness of it all.
10Black Sabbath

This grew on me with time. Unlike previous Dio fronted BS this one is more doomy and much darker. There are some fillers but songs like Computer god and Tv crimes compensate.
9Black Sabbath
Mob Rules

One of the most dynamic and energic works in Black sabbath's career. Faster songs like the title track, turn up the night and falling from the edge of the world works perfectly with slow burn ones like the sign of the southern cross.
8Black Sabbath

Sabbath clearly wanted to evolve their sound, while the songs are much less dark than the previous work they still works. The longer songs feels original and inspired, symptom of the universe is a classic, there are many influences from jazz and a little bit of 70s progressive too. A couple of ok songs drags it down a bit, nonetheless a great work, this is how an experimental album should sound (take note technical ecstasy).
7Black Sabbath
Headless Cross

i'll be crucified for putting this above sabotage but i feel like this one is their most underrated work ever. The atmospheres are pure 80s, while many fans complained about the keyboards i liked the addition. Tony Martin's vocals are stronger than ever and tracks like when death calls, black moon and devil and daughter are among my favorites from the band. An overlooked gem.
6Black Sabbath
Vol. 4

The less original from the first 6 albums, yet incredibly solid. The stoner vibes are stronger than ever and while they pretty much recycled the same formulas from the previous works they did it very well. A couple of songs are more original such as supernaut and changes, others are classics sabbath songs with their traditional formula such as the amazing snowblind.
5Black Sabbath
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath

After vol.4 they wanted to renew their sound and they did an awesome work with Sabbath bloody sabbath. The album combines softer moments with more complex riffs and influences from blues, jazz and even swing like in the terrific sabbra cadabra (one of my favorites by them). Sometimes the synths are too overused (who are you) but aside that a memorable iconic work.
4Black Sabbath
Heaven and Hell

I was to put this in top 3 but a couple of "just good" tracks drags it at the 4th place. The majestic first album with Dio uplift the band to a more epic approach and epic vibes are all over. Die young starts with a dreamy intro that flows in what is maybe their fastest track ever. The slow progression of the title track feels solemn and all the members gave their best for this timeless classic.
3Black Sabbath
Master of Reality

The most famous cough in music lead us to a short masterpiece where every second is worth listening. Sabbath created the sludgy sound that made genres like sludge, doom and stoner what they are now. Children of the grave is out of this world.
2Black Sabbath
Black Sabbath

Basically the creation of metal. The album begins with the infamous diabolus in musica signature that created many controversies at the time, with just one album Black sabbath manage to influence heavy metal, doom and even folk metal (the wizard). The blending of bluesy guitar work, jazzy drumming, Geezer's unimitable bass lines and that wholesome esoteric vibes still sounds fresh after 50 years.
1Black Sabbath

What else could be? Paranoid is one of the most important albums in music. A blending of psychedelic atmospheres, heavy riffs, controversial lyrics, delightful performances and iconic moments all over.
every single track is an highlight
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