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Megadeth ranked

I made my girlfriend listen to their discography so i decided to rank'em. Just my opinion.
Super Collider

Sure one of the worst albums made by one of my favorite bands. This is bad in the worst kind of way,
Take Machine head's catharsis for example, aside for a pair of songs it's terrible, tracks like kaleidoscope and bastards are so ugly that became memes. Super collider fails also to deliver it's ugliness, it's just...hollow. Entirely forgettable.
The World Needs a Hero

A bland attempt to get back to the roots. Almost every song sounds tired and lacking energy, despite Al Pitrelli's masterful skills. Disconnected may be their worst opener, and the attempt to recall their older sound feels just ridiculous at times, Return to hangar is the best example.The album isn't entirely garbage though, the most experimental tracks such as warhorse and dread and the fugitive mind raise the quality a bit. Promises is a great symphonic ballad and probably one of their most overlooked works ever but 3 songs are not enough to make TWNAH decent.

I'll admit it, i DON'T hate risk. Sure, it's bad, just not THAT bad. I appreciate the attempt to create somerhing completely different from the previous work, but for the most is a failed experiment, in particular the radio-friendly tracks feels terribly cheesy (i'll be there, crush'em, etc) still i really like breadline. The electronic elements doesn't work well with most of the songs besides insomnia, other songs feels just incomplete. But i have to say this: Prince of darkness is one of my favorite songs by them, if they only tried to keep the album that way it could be a lot higher.

I was disappointed by this album primarily because of the opener. Seriously, sudden death may ne on of their best modern works, unfortunately the rest of the album never reach that peak. The main problem is how the album is stretched out with fillers and restored old material just to reach 13 songs, a shorter version of Th1rt3en could be a lot better. That said the album is not bad, there are good bangers such as never dead and public enemy, plus the closer is pretty great. A fine effort that could be so much better.
Cryptic Writings

With this Dave and friends totally abandoned metal. Still unlike risk, it works pretty well. Trust is a magnificent opener and one of their best songs ever. There are lots of influences put in CW, such as blues, hard rock, punk and even some country. There are a couple of let downs in the middle part but aside for that it's a pretty varied work with many great songs.
United Abominations

The main problem with UA is how Dave put all the best works at the beginning, so the rest of the album feels watered down compared to the first 4 songs. Seriously, Sleepwalker and washington is next are modern Thrash classics. Never walk alone managed to sound awesome even if it's about jesus with it's great chours and melodic approach. The title track is a groovy political song, after these, the album lower the expectations, i mean, there are no bad songs here, just not comparable to the first 4, aside from the awesome closer. Great soloing as always
So Far, So Good... So What!

I know, it's a blasphemy to put this so "low".However my list, my picks.
I actually enjoy this album, the two openers are great, haunting slower songs such as Mary Jane and In my darkest hour are terrific, the pissed off "liar" it's pure fun and i love the riffs and solos in "hook in mouth" and "504". That said there are some minor flaws: the production is worse than the firt 2 albums, some lines such as "i'm not a fish, i'm a man" are funnily over the top and Sex pistol's cover is just...useless (i do appreciate the covers on the previous works). So it's a great album and a must have for any thrash fan, i just like other works more.

The big return to thrash. Endgame has, hands down, one of the best productions in modern thrash. The bass sounds perfect and the guitar work is majestic, plus, this may be their heaviest effort ever. The openers are like modern and even better "into the lungs of hell/set the world afire". Headcrusher is a modern thrash anthem, "the hardest part of letting go" is a nice experimental work and slower songs such as "the right to go insane" works great as well. There are a pair of songs that i skip often and Dave's vocals are poor (not that he has ever been a great singer, but you can tell it's pretty tired here), aside for that, this is an awesome return to the roots.

Softer, more melodic, completely lacking thrash elements, still some of their best songs ever.
While leaving metal elements behind, there are energic tracks such as train of consequences and the title track that will please the older fans but Youthanasia focuses more on melody and songwriting: i thought i knew it all, a tout le mond and addicted to chaos are some of their best works, the lyrics are pretty great too, ranging from death, loss, love to domestic abuse, alcohol and addiction. Don't worry there are lots of great solos all over.

One of the reasons of my love towards dystopia is super collider. I would never expected such a great work after that, my fear of losing one of the most iconic thrash acts out there has been shattered. The whole album is filled with a great apocalyptic atmosphere, Dave's raspy vocals perfectly fits it. The title track is basically the hangar 18 of modern megadeth, Loureiro did a fantastic job here, as well Ellefson and Adler. While the Thrash roots are welcome my favorite track has to be Poisonous shadows with it's eerie atmosphere and creepy vibes. Death from within and fatal illusion are terrific too.
The System Has Failed

Without doubt their most underrated lp. TSHF is varied, experimental and fun to listen. While not returning to their roots there are majestic thrash works such as the terrific opener, "kick the chair" and the nostalgic "back in the day". Mid tempo tracks like "die dead enough" and "of mice and men" works as well, so it does the complex "truth be told" but the highlight is indeed "the scorpion", maybe my favorite modern song by them. Unfortunately the ending is watered down by a bland closer, aside from that a great overlooked work.
Countdown to Extinction

A transition album, a sort of bridge between the older metal style to a softer one. The eerie atmosphere works perfectly with mid paced heavy songs like the almighty "symphony of destruction" and the deranged "sweating bullets". Up there with TSHF and CW this has to be among their most varied works with epic tracks such as "ashes in your mouth" (Menza is sublime), classic heavy metal like "skin o'my teeth", the melancholic title track and foreclosure and even some humor like "high speed dirt". It's a simple yet complex work of music.
Killing Is My Business... and Business Is Good!

Maybe countdown should be up there but i always loved this one from the neoclassical intro to the classic mechanix. The sound it's primal and raw but fits perfecly the over the top mood of the songs. Some jazzy signatures were ahead of their time for being in an early thrash work. The guitar sounds insane (the intro of skull beneath the skin is a perfect example), the masterpiece of the album is indeed "looking down the cross", with it's slow burning intro, melodic bridge and hauntin atmosphere. As a megadeth fan i must admit that i prefer "four horsemen" over "mechanix" still KIMBABIG's energy aged perfectly after all this years.
Peace Sells... But Who's Buying?

Every single moment from this album is gold. This album is way ahead of it's time with it's sophisticated aggressive sound perfectly balanced with dark atmospheric moments such as "good mourning" intro, relentless rough moments such as the conjuring and epicness like the change of tempo in "my last words".
Rust in Peace

What can i say about RIP that has not been said. This album is perfectly structured drom start to finish. Ffriedman's solos are out of this world. The album manage to stay aggressive (that gang part in take no prisoners is flawless) yet elegant. It's technical yet catchy. One of the best crafted albums both in metal and in music.
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