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Top 55 horror movies of all time

Ranking my favorite horror movies. No spoilers List won't include comedy horror.
55The Haxan Cloak
Midsommar (Original Score)

while the plot is somehow predictable and the characters are annoying (but i guess that's the point) the whole movie is direct with majesty by Aster. The whole movie is colorful, trippy and shot in the bright light of day. Haxan cloack's soundtrack fits perfectly the weird over the top situations, plus the northern culture is always interesting and the depiction of grief is one of the most accurate ever.
With a more original plot this movie would be near the top.
54Philip glass
The Music of Candyman

Anti-racism horror before Jordan Peele's (which are pretty good tho)
53Akira Yamaoka
Silent Hill 4: The Room

Shot in 1962 with only 30.000 dollars this movie shows that you don't need a huge budget in order to create a good horror. The macabre organ scene is still creepy nowadays

I always found Dario Argento overrated. I said it! He hasn't produced a good movie in the last 30 years.
Suspiria is pretty great though. While the plot is pretty bland, the photography is stellar, the oniric atmosphere that surrounds the whole movie supported by Goblin's awesome score makes the entire movie a cult.
The Crystal World

I'm not a huge fan of rancorous spirits horror movies but Shimizu delivered this kind of J-horror all over the world. The ghosts are pretty uncomfortable to look at, the whole atmosphere is tense and the low budget production makes it even rawer.
50Fabio frizzi
THE BEYOND (Original Soundtrack)

Fulci's depiction of afterlife may be one of the eeriest ever. One of the most original zombie movies ever. Oneiric, esoteric and pretty gory. Sure he has take lot of inspiration by Suspiria, still his original touch made this even better in my opinion.
49Christopher Young

A recent scientific research claimed this is the scariest movie ever....eeeh, actually no. But it has it's moments.
Personally i hate when in horror movies the script explains too much the paranormal entity, the thing that scares the most is the unknown! But for 3/4 of the movie the atmosphere is dreadful, those snuff films are actually pretty scary (lawnmower, anyone?).Bagül is a nice creature (basically a mash up of slipknot's guitarists) and the soundtrack is great too.
Life Is Peachy

A smart metaphor of depression and guilt. The creature animated with claymation works very well.
Wiseman was great for being just a kid (i must admit that the "why can't you be normal" meme is funny). A great psychological view of the boogeyman.
47Marco Beltrami
A Quiet Place

A silent paradise. If it wasn't for some hyper-hearing carnivore creatures. A smart idea used in one of the most original horror-thriller of the last years. The action scenes are well shot and the creature design is intimidating enough. Some characters makes some pretty retarded choices sometimes but the actors performances makes it forgivable.
46Big black
Songs About Fucking

Flanagan's adaptation of King's novel works even better than the book imo. A risky choice that exceeded expectation that managed to keep the audience focused with such a static concept. There are a pair of gruesome scenes that will make the weakest stomachs turns and the night scenes are pretty creepy.
45Ludwig van Beethoven
"Pathétique" Piano Sonata No. 8 in C minor, Op. 13

Considered the hugest influence for horro cinema, this expressionist work was something totally new in the 20s. Sure nowadays it won't make the same impact but it's still a must watch, both for importance and surreal imagery
In Rainbows

This remake of the 50s sci-fi classic adds more paranoia and some practical effects that aged pretty well. Southerland's performance is still iconic, THAT scene became one of the most recognizable ever.
43Iron maiden
Brave New World

the original one, not the one with Mr. Cage screaming AAAH NOT THE BEES.
A satirical folk horror that never reached some countries because of religious themes. The bizarre atmosphere and cult imagery became so popular that many movies, books and games borrowed the same style. The ending is truly something.
42Riz Ortolani
Cannibal Holocaust

While many people thinks that the found footage was invented with the blair witch project (maybe one of the most overrated horror ever) Deodato made it 20 years before. One of the most controversial movies ever for it's disturbing imagery, sexual exploitation, marketing campaign and animal cruelty (which I don't approve). However there is a strong anthropological criticism and a totally new approach to moviemaking that made it a cult even today.
41Elliot Goldenthal
Pet Sematary

A nostalgic choice, sure it has it's problems such as idiotic characters that makes idiotic choices but overall is a great adaptation. The whole dark tale atmosphere, the childish approach to death and Gage's scenes contributes to create an enjoyable horror. When i was a kid Zelda scared the shit out of me

HAXAN (1922)
An old docu-film about witchcraft and satanism. Maybe one of the most aged well movies of the 20s due to it's beautiful dark yet poetic imagery, plus there's the first jumpscare in history. The iconic Chimers album artwork came from Haxan.
Jane doe

Domestic horror/thriller about envy, jealousy and loss of success. The main subject is about an ex child actress being forgotten and the hate she feels for her disabled successful sister. The rivalry between the movie stars Bette Davis and Joan Crawford was important for the movie development.
38Dragged Into Sunlight
Hatred For Mankind

If you're claustrophobic stay away from this. A whole movie set into a subterranean cave surrounded by anthropomorphic primal creatures.
37Joseph Bishara
The Conjuring

The revival of haunted mansion subgenre. While not particularly scared by these it's undeniable that the movies contains some of the best scenes in recent horror. The wardrobe jumpscare is truly frightening, the hauntings are actually dangerous while in most movies the ghosts just seems playful guys, Annabele became an icon and Valak was utterly terrifying before the nun came out (seriously wtf was that). The main characters aretty charismatic even though probably the real ones were charlatans.
36Pig Destroyer
Prowler in the Yard

Seriously, avoid this if you're somekind of sensible or if home invasion scares you.
This found footage is actually one of the most disturbing movies in recent years, some scenes will stay with you forever. Pretty sick view.
Walk Among Us

A vampire movie by the director of Oldboy (one of the best movies ever).
In a world where twilight saga dominated the vampire romance scenario you got this psychological, sick and passionate movie about a priest affected by vampirism that falls in love with a mistreated wife. I won't spoil anything, go watch it!
Fearless Undead Machines

Another South Korean movie, this time about ones, i mean, faster than any zombie ever.
Almost the whole story is set on a train and like most South Korean movies there is a powerful social commentary that represents the real horror. The characters are amazingly written and acted, the zombies are among the best ever in recent cinema. A rollercoaster of emotions.
33Ice Nine Kills
The Silver Scream

Freddy Krueger. Need something else? Englund's performance as the serial killer haunting Horny teenagers dreams remained one of the most recognizable icons of the 80s. The idea of being chased in your dreams was pretty fucked up too. The only problem i got with this is when Freddy get tricked outside the dream, that scene feels like Home Alone. The rest is delightful.
32Sigur ros
Untitled 1

Underrated haunted mansion movie from the 60s. Basically any haunted house horror borrowed something from this. The story is both sad and creepy, the hauntings are genuinely terrifying for the times. A unique atmosphere surrounds the whole mansion.
31Christopher Young

Barker's novel adaptation contains some of the best practical effects in horror movies, such as the reincarnation scene. The Chenobytes sadomasochistic design is delightful, that weird monster that chases the characters is pretty laughable though, aside from that, a perverted iconic work that still lives today.
To Be Kind

The last of Polanski's apartment trilogy.
This movie is the perfect depiction of persecution mania. The whole neighborhood is hateful, a nice metaphor of immigration. The whole downward spiral that Mr Trelkowski goes through will make you feel uncomfortable. Plus, i love how it's a regular movie for the first half and then the whole story sinks into the abyss.
Boris At Last -Feedbacker-

South Koreans knows how to make a good plot twist, the whole film is filled with a dreadful sensation and you sit there, awaiting it to explode. The transition from investigating thriller to horror is priceless
28James Newton Howard
The Sixth Sense

Speaking about plot twists, Shyamalan's paranormal drama contains maybe the most notorious mindfuck in movies. The characters development is pure gold, as like the performances. The whole story is both tragic and hopeful. I wonder how the fuck this guy switched from this to after earth.
27Howard shore
The Fly (1986)

THE FLY (1986)
Aaaah Cronemberg, the king of body horror. I remember traumatizing my girlfriend with the nail scene. The whole movie depicts the physical and psychological downfall of a scientist after a failed teleportation test. Not for weak stomachs.
26Fear Factory

Before becoming one of the lamest (and the most famous) sagas in horror, James Wan directed a low budget horror thriller with passion and smart writing. Jigsaw became soon one of the best villains ever, the movie is not about how creative the traps goes but how deep the meaning were. One of the most fun to watch thrillers ever that contains some genuinely scary moments (the pig home invasion).
25Camille Saint-Saens
Danse macabre, Op.40

Dracula's story recreated and shot with Murnau's masterful hand.
24Deathspell Omega
Fas - Ite, Maledicti, In Ignem Aeternum

Not to be confused with the 2008 shitfest.
Zulawski's movie is.....something. For the most is not even an horror movie, well it is put just in a psychological subtle way. It's hard to explain. The main subject is Divorce, the movie plays with you making you think always the wrong solution and making you uncomfortable. I swear you'll hate every character and after the movie is over you'll keep wondering about the true meaning.
23Howard Shore
Videodrome (Vinyl Press)

Another Cronenberg's masterpiece. A complicated satire about television, control, manipulation, perversion and human nature. And of course Body Horror.
Death to videodrome. All hail the new flesh.
22Modest Mussorgsky
A Night on Bald Mountain

Carpenter perfectly nails the meaning behind Lovecraftian horror, projecting Sam Neil into a spiral of madness and literally into a Lovecraft like novel that becomes reality.
Bringing Back The Bloodshed

Hooper's soiled masterpiece is one of the rawest movies in the genre. The whole movie feels dirty and disturbingly plausible, being inspired by serial killers like Ed Gein and Dean Corll. Leatherface and family are still an inspiration for many medias such as Resident Evil 7
20Mark Korven
The Lighthouse - OST

I was undecided about which Eggers movie was better so i put em both.
Both are surrounded by majestic photograpy, slow burning narrative and not so sane characters, the most interesting thing about Egger movies is the doubt. He always plays with it, both with yours and the character's, always questioning what is real and what is not.
The witch is about a christian family isolated in the woods being involved with witchcraft and the second is a post expressionist work about two lighthouse keepers involved in a toxic relationship and surrounded by a lovecraftian atmopshere
19Gnaw Their Tongues
An Epiphanic Vomiting Of Blood

A perfectly shot found footage about an infection spreading into an apartment. It perfectly catches the viewer's subjective, the night vision scene is one of the most genuinely tense moments in the last 20 years.
How the fuck did the directors switched from this to the last 2 chapters?!
Annihilation of Civilization

EVIL DEAD (1981)
While ED2 and Army of darkness are amongst my favorite movies ever clearly belongs to comedy horror.
The first one was shot in a cabin by Sam Raimi and his friends with 100.000 dollars. The result is one of the most well known and well shot horrors ever. The steadicam technique used for the entity's pov is sublime. The low budget effect contribute to create a more organic feeling.
17The body
I Shall Die Here

FREAKS (1932)
Tod Browning's odd masterpiece was controversial due to the use of real deformed people and a supposing gruesome ending that got literally burned by some audience. The movie is still a masterpiece and the social commentary is still actual after 90 years.
16John Carpenter

Wrongly credited as the godfather of slasher (in fact the first slasher is a bay of blood by Mario Bava).
Carpenter did actually revived the subgenre and commercialized it. Myers as the personification of human evil is still awesome and the home invasion moments still works very well.
15Maurice jarre
Les yeux sans visage (Eyes Without a Face) OST

A poetic yet gruesome story about a doctor who kidnaps girls and removes part of their faces in order to create a new one to his disfigured daughter. The movie contains pretty graphic imagery for being produced in the 60s but still remains elegant and deep. The famous mask inspired Carpenter himself for Myers creation.
14Jerry goldsmith
The Omen

THE OMEN (1976)
The story of the antichrist. A child adopted and raised by powerful yet good people without knowing who he really his. The whole movie is surrounded by a strange aura of impending doom that was rarely replicated in other movies. The symbolism and subtle horror makes it a timeless masterpiece. The
Movie was even scarier behind the scenes, seems like a lot of accidents and sudden deaths happened around it's productions.
13The Axis of Perdition
Deleted Scenes From Transition Hospital

SHUTTER (2004)
Avoid the useless american remake. As i said i'm not a fan of rancorous ghosts.
But holy fuck this movie is scary. The presence is always there, the photography is an important Thai culture so it is for the plot. The ending is maybe the most disturbing and gloomy ever saw in a ghost story.
12Mike Oldfield
Tubular Bells

Here it is, the most popular horror ever. As an atheist i've never been bothered by demonic possession but this movie was so ahead of it's time. Linda Blair's performance was just perfect, how can a little girl be so intimidating? Kudos also to Ellen Burstyn. I guess that for a religious person this movie is the supreme fear.
However the imagery and effects are still believable to this day and the tense atmosphere teached many generations how an horror is done.
11Mark Isham
The mist

Underrated gem from Darabont, director of all time favorites like the green mile and Shawshank redemption.
Some people find themselves trapped into a supermarket while a mysterious fog surrounds the city. There are 2 types of horror in this movie. The creatures which represents the fear of the unknown (some desogns are truly chilling) and the people which represents the weakness of humans, finding themselves worshipping a crazy religious lady due to fear of death.
10Akira Yamaoka
Silent Hill 2

This movie has the merit of inspiring one of the best videogame sagas ever:silent hill.
Actually this movie it's a psychological thriller for the most, with like 4 or 5 scary scenes. But damn....those scenes are terrifying. I watched it as a kid so the hospital scene stayed with me for a while. The classic silent hill monsters head convulsions that inspired hundreds of movies was created here.
9Jerry Goldsmith

Maybe the highest budget horror ever.
Ridley Scott's masterpiece involved Geiger as the designer for one of the best creatures in movie history:the Xenomorph. Accessible even to people who doesn't like horror, this timeless classic should be watched by anyone.
8David Lynch
Eraserhead OST

Subconscious horror. Lynch's debut took 7 years to come to life. The result is one of the weirdest and oniric works in movie history. The whole film is like the personification of uncanny valley, perfectly nailing the dreaming sensation throughout surreal and illogic, it's disturbing but you don't even know why. Not for everyone for sure. It was Kubrick's favorite movie, he used to make the actors watch it during the making of shining in order to make them feel uncomfortable.
7Krzysztof Komeda
Rosemary's Baby

A Masterpiece, Polanski managed to create anxiety without showing anything. A perfect depiction of paranoia, an illogic fear that something evil is growing inside of you. Like the omen this movie seems surrounded by disgraceful events.
6Wendy Carlos
The Shining

From the mind of a genius it comes both one of the worst adaptation of a book ever and one of the best movies ever. The attention to details is almost manic. The atmsophere is the pure essence of isolation. The true horror is rarely show, it's all around, lurking inside the characters. The actors performances are simply divine. Jack Nicholson basically impersonating himself is something out of this world and Duvall looks genuinely traumatized by the whole experience.
5John Murphy
28 Days Later Soundtrack

The movie who reinvented zombie genre.
The rabids feels like a true danger, even if the worst of the horror is still the human being (as Romero teached us). The whole scene of deserted London with East hastings in the background is just perfect.
You can feel empathic with the characters and you'll worry for them, you'll almost feel sorry even for the rabids. The soundtrack is superb too.
4Bernard Herrmann

Perfection. Hitchcock put himself into this, like shining there is a manic attention to details like the mirror representing duality. This is the first movie ever introducing the MacGuffin. It was unthinkable to change plot, genre and characters in the middle of the movie. The famous shower scene recorded in reverse is another touch of genius. The atmosphere that fills Bates motel is tense and creepy and the acting is sublime, Perkins was god like in this role, especially in the ending.
3Ennio Morricone
The Thing

An unknown alien creatures that perfectly imitates other beings as a metaphor of social mistrust and paranoia.
Hands down the best practical effects OF ALL TIME. The thing perfectly nails the concept of fear of anyone close to you and the lovecraftian atavistic fear of the unknown.
2Seppuku Paradigm
Martyrs OST

MARTYRS (2008)
Another movie plagued by a nauseating remake.
This baby is hard to watch, really. The faint of heart should avoid it. It starts pretty straightforward but totally changes in the middle becoming something really hard to digest. The large amount of physical violence is nothing compared to the psychological one, but it's not at it's own sake. It has a solid philosophy and meaning. A disturbing masterpiece
Zombi (Dawn of the Dead)

How could i not include all of them at the same place? Any of them as a different flavour.
The night of the living dead is the"most horror" and the movie that created the modern zombie as we know it. A claustrophobic survival horror with some messed up moments for its time. Dawn of the dead has a more social approach, the survivors barricades themselves inside a mall while the living dead blindly follows them (metaphor of consumerism) and introduced the human being as the real horror. Day of the dead contains an heavy anti-militaristic criticism and some of the most gruesome effects ever by Tom Savini. The apex of horror
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