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Most depressive metal albums

Some of the most depressing albums in metal. List will lack some Dsbm which I don't find truly depressing or sad. No particular order aside the top 5.
Veronika Decides to Die

This is the one I recall to be the most depressing ever. A bleak depiction of loneliness and depression, the low growls and the clean spoken parts fits perfectly the dark mood of the album. The beautiful piano work is smartly balanced with the guitar melodies and the slow burning drums.
2Alice in Chains

Even more depressing if you know the story behind Staley's depression. A masterpiece full of self-loathing about addiction, death and self despise.
Watching from a Distance

Passionate, sombre bittersweet doom with some of the most melancholic lyrics ever

A concept about a neglected autistic girl isolating into her own world. Don't listen to this if you have parent issues
5Forgotten Tomb
Songs to Leave

There's something about the tortured vocals, the repetitive sections and the bleak melodies that makes this the most hopeless album in dsbm

This one can make you feel physically cold.
7Type O Negative
World Coming Down

Recorded during Peter's peak of depression due to drug abuse and several losses, wcd lacks the black humor of the other album focusing only on negativity.
8Pain of Salvation
In the Passing Light of Day

Gildenlow's auto biographical album about sickness and dealing with the possibility of leaving your loved ones
The Mantle

Soundtrack to desolation
10Nine Inch Nails
The Downward Spiral

Hurt may be the most depressing song ever recorded, an accurate depiction of self destruction
Il Était Une Forêt...

Check out the translations of the lyrics, messed up stuff
Alternative 4

Delusive, ethereal and hopeless
13My Dying Bride
Turn Loose the Swans

A cryptic, ominous masterpiece of doom death genre.
Dreaming Neon Black

A concept about Dave's ex girlfriend disappearance after joining a cult and about depression due to the death of her by the hand of a serial killer
From These Wounds

Heavy, ethereal... Perfect album to listen for a rainy day
16Shining (SWE)
V - Halmstad

Always pushing the boundaries of suicidal thoughts
Brave Murder Day

Majestic death doom
18SubRosa (US)
More Constant Than The Gods

This one can makes you feel comatose with those monotone vocals, distorted arks and witch hunt atmospheres
19Cult of Luna
Somewhere Along the Highway

Ethereal and abstract concept about loneliness
Songs of Moors and Misty Fields

The album title sums what you will find
21Porcupine Tree
In Absentia

Sometimes the simplest things can make you feel even more melancholic
22Lurker Of Chalice
Lurker Of Chalice

One of the most negative and misanthropic albums in black metal
23Ghost Brigade
Isolation Songs

Gloomy atmospheres and passionate lyrics about loss, grief and loneliness
24Bell Witch

Maybe the best funeral doom ever
Epicus Doomicus Metallicus

Please let me die in solitude
26Paradise Lost
Draconian Times

The godfather of Gothic metal. The lyrics are pure sombre poetry
27Solitude Aeturnus
Into the Depths of Sorrow

A more accessible doom with great vocal performance and emotionally struggling lyrics
28Swallow the Sun
The Morning Never Came

Hold this woe.
29Celtic Frost

More dark than depressive but the impending doom vibes and the struggling duets makes monotheist an hopeless Apocalyptic masterpiece
30Dark Lunacy
Forget Me Not

A cold dark fable-like melodeath work with some decadent circus atmospheres
31The Angelic Process
Weighing Souls With Sand

You don't need lyrics to deliver anxiety with a masterful wall of sound
32Dirge (FR)
And Shall The Sky Descend

Truly heavy atmospheric sludge with funereal atmospheres and melancholic lullabies
The Difference Between Hell and Home

A great depiction of wasted youth and teen anger
34 Mournful Congregation

Poetic and existential funeral doom
Dead as Dreams

A tortures work that manage to be both unsettling and sad
Arcane Rain Fell

Death come near me is monumental
37Make a Change...Kill Yourself
Make a Change...Kill Yourself

Title speak for itself
38Dark tranquillity

Different from the previous works, projector focuses more on the emotional side of melodeath
Blackwater Park

A grey depiction of a dried dead world
Dead Winter Dead

A concept about war in sarajevo, savatage always wins regarding sad ballads

Intense musicianship and hopeless lyrics. I can't take that vocals seriously though
42 Solstafir

A post/black album with Type o negative elements
43Lacrimas Profundere
Burning: A Wish

One of the most underrated Gothic albums ever
Still They Pray

Heavy, sludge and nihilistic. The title track is delightful
45Oceans of sadness
The Arrogance Of Ignorance

A weird avant-garde work with melancholic vibes
A Sun That Never Sets

Less heavy and way more disillusioned
Forest of Equilibrium

While not being among the saddest bands in doom they really gone sombre with this one
48The Old Dead Tree
The Nameless Disease

A concept about the suicide of 21 years old former drummer of the band
L.D. 50

Nu metal is sure not famous for being depressive but the superb songwriting depicts some controversial themes like suicide (severed), cancer (death blooms), failure (-1), child neglection (cradle) and drug addiction (pharmaecopia) in a perfect way.
50Dog Fashion Disco
Ad Nauseam

Depressive in a weird way, most of the songs are happy sounding but with some truly messed up lyrics about suicide, domestic abuse, self loathing and depression (check Starving artist)
To Lay Like Old Ashes

Dsbm at it's bleakest
52Depressive age
Lying in Wait

Depressive thrash with disturbing lyrics and dark atmospheres

A collection of tracks about, well, issues. Such as domestica abuse, rape, psychosis and depression
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