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Pain of salvation albums Ranked (2020)

PoS have always been one ofmy favorite bands ever, here is my ranking of their LPs.
10Pain of Salvation
Road Salt Two

The worst PoS album is far from being bad, in fact there are pretty great moments in and there, The phisics of gridlock is an absolute highlight. The main problem with the album is the inconsistency of the tracks, there are some great ones and some others are pretty forgettable, the lo-fi production fits the atmosphere well. Sure the album that i listened the least.
9Pain of Salvation
Road Salt One

A nice retrò experience. There is no shadow of metal here, sometimes it sounds like it's truly coming from the 80s, still it's pretty experimental including blues, bluegrass, soul and even a waltz. Like part 2 there are a pair of fillers but for the most it's more than enjoyable. Sisters is one of the best tracks the band has ever delivered, a beautifully depressing tale.
8Pain of Salvation

Their latest album, i've listened to it just twice so i could change my mind with time. Daniel kept the harsh drums sound from the previous work but changed everything else. You can clearly hear Leprous influences ihere and there, the balance between acoustic elements and electronics works surprisingly well. The electronics are mostly found in the first 3 tracks, Wait delivers awesome piano/acoustic guitar harmonies, the title track contains an atypical rapped verse and as always the last gargantuan song shines above the others (sometimes reminding me of sisters). The only two flaws are the repetiveness in some parts and the lyrics, they are fine but less deep and complex compared to the previous works
7Pain of Salvation
One Hour by the Concrete Lake

The one that Mr.Gildenlow considers his worst, maybe for the lack of Daniel's typical personal songwriting but IMO it works anyway, same for the concept about pollution and enviromental destruction. While Every member of the band shines the true protagonist is Daniel Karlsson, delivering an outstanding keyboards performance with variety and originality (eg. Inside, inside out and shore serenity). Some atmospheres are pretty Tim Burtonish such as the title track. There are a pair of tracks that i often skip in the middle of the album that could have been easily replaced with the bonus track "timeweaver's tale" a truly epic work that along with "inside" is the best song of the entire album.
6Pain of Salvation

A Great sophomore album blending uncommon signature from traditional prog, Daniel's unique touch and funky basslines by K.Gildenlow. That funk bridge in the middle of "nightmist" is the best part of the album. Songs like "foreward" and "people passing by" are emblematic progressive works. Overall the album is both a great representstion of what early prog metal was and what PoS would be in future. P.s. "stress" intro is flawless.
5Pain of Salvation

I will get a lot of hate for putting scarsick so high but it was love at first listen. Daniel basically trolled the whole prog elite blending Pos unique style with hated genres such as Rap (spitfall), nu metal (scarsick) and pop punk (america), and works. The songwriting is less cryptic and emotional compared to previous works and more focused on straight forward explicit songwriting. The production is pretty gloomy and some parts are pretty aggressive such as "flame to the moth" chorus. The lyrics are satyrical and often over the top in a good way until the last 3 darker tracks, basically a giant middle finger to society. P.s. a motherfucking Disco prog metal song.
4Pain of Salvation
In the Passing Light of Day

An emotional journey through sickness. Without doubt Daniel's most personal album delivering rough production, intense songwriting and even djent experimentation. The contrast between Gildenlow and Zolberg shines all over the album both for songwriting and for vocal performances. The whole cd is a rollercoaster of emotions, from sadness to hope, from anger to love. A great balance between heavier material such as "on a tuesday" or "reasons" and softer emotional tracks like the haunting "meaningless" or"silent gold". The peak of awesomeness is reached by the title track, a 15 minutes epilogue with a perfect crescendo, the "ending theme" reference during the bridge still gets me after 3 years, the reprise, the ending, that song is amazing.
3Pain of Salvation

One of the most original, eclectic, brave and deep concept albums ever. Also one of the most divisive, you'll love it either you'll hate it. Basically earth's and human history both lyrically and musically. It begins woth creation, just a voice in the silence, then evolving with more genres: tribal, piano, a weird symphonic mash up, a broadway musical, nu metal, progressive and than the first song in futuristic style. The concept explore many complex topics such as human relationship with god, the essence of life, capitalism, egoism, human nature and pollution. The main character is pretty iconic and iter impius's backstory is fantastic.
2Pain of Salvation
The Perfect Element, Part 1

This album managed to make the listener empathic with two unnamed characters in a way that no other could. A pretty dark concept about abuse, violence, love, hate and redemption. The music features lots of variety, from the grim opener to the emotional Morning on earth. From the gloomy fable that is ashes to the epicness of her voices, plus this album delivers some of the best reprises ever. Idioglossia's reprise replicating ashes chorus with different lyrics and then the same solo but faster is outstanding. Same for reconciliation which is emotionally intense. Iconic, both for the wonderful lyrics and the complexity of instrumentation.
1Pain of Salvation
Remedy Lane

One of my favorite albums ever. Maybe one of the best storytelling from any concept album ever. While The previous effort was overall darker, this one delivers emotions even better. The band at it's peak, iconic songs such as ending theme, the devastating a trace of blood and the heartbreaking undertow makes this a classic. But the final track is probably the best song PoS ever done, mostly after listening the whole album, basically all the previous 3 songs delivering messages of love and hope are destroyed by disillusion, pain and hatred. The music is just perfect,it's almost impossible to describe tracks like fandango or the strange atmosphere that surrounds this masterpiece
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