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Darkest metal albums ever

A list of the darkest, gloomiest or most disturbing works in metal
65Today Is the Day
Temple of the Morning Star

Vulgar, controversial and a little bit disturbing

This lp can make you feel phisically cold
Dead as Dreams

Without any doubt the best us black metal album ever, contains some truly upsetting vocals and disharmonies
62Silencer (SWE)
Death - Pierce Me

While Nattramn vocals are more funny than disturbing, the songwriting and the guitar tone vreates some truly dark atmospheres

A bleak prog/post concept album about a broken child neglected and abandoned by his parents
Still They Pray

Muddy sludge metal with a majestic melancholic closer
Jeux d'enfants

A short depraved and perverted avant-garde lp dealing with paedophilia and weirdo stuff
The Anatomy of Addiction

Chris Broderick's side project is basically godflesh but with an unnerving sax and a disturbed experimental songwriting
The Dreaming I

Sleep paralysis black metal

The atmospheric sax on undercurrent and on the shores is somehow both relaxing and creepy

Maybe the heaviest "mainstream" album ever, disasterpiece is their most aggressive song, (515) noisy intro contains Sid's desperate screams after his grandfather's death, plus tracks like gently, skin ticket and iowa contains some truly dark atmospheres
L.D. 50

The opus magnus of nu metal. A smart songwriting about taboo themes such as child abandonment, terminal diseases, drug addiction and a perfect psychological view of Ed Gein's pathology. Plus severed is one of the most accurate depictions of suicidal tendencies ever. Chad vocals catched perfectly the atmosphere.
Jane Doe

The dirge during Jane Doe's chorus is bonechilling
52Pain of Salvation
The Perfect Element, Part 1

Abuse, hope, disillusion, hate and love. Dark in the most human way possible. A concept about two abused child meeting each other and going into a disfunctional love relationship. It's both depressing and gloomy
51Dir En Grey

Abyssal cryptic stuff that will make you feel uncomfortable without even knowing why
50Black Sabbath
Black Sabbath

Imagine to discover a brand new genre in the 70s, esoteric, occult and full of satanic imagery.
I Don't Care Where I Go When I Die

One of the most pissed off records ever, just pure angst.
A Blaze in the Northern Sky

The essence of black metal itself.
47The Angelic Process
Coma Waering

The soundtrack to a coma. Is like sinking below the walls of sleep.
Life Is Peachy

While daddy is still their most disturbing LIP has an overall dark and demented vibe that makes this album creepier. Lyrics deals with themes such as paedophilia, mysoginy, addiction, perversion and child abuse. Jon vocals are top notch here, good god's screamings are insane.
Brave Murder Day

Sombre, gloomy and still elegant.BMD can be both ethereal and eerie.
The Mantle

The mantle is like walking alone at night through a dead haunting forest
43Cult of Luna
Somewhere Along the Highway

There is something absolutely dim (pun intended) behind the majestic aura of this monumental work, sometimes relaxing sometimes cimmerian, SATH is like a beautiful grimy landscape.
42Mercyful Fate
Don't Break the Oath

One of the most devilish works ever that inspired BM. Diamond's hauntong vocals fits perfectly the satanic themes.
Watching from a Distance

No controversial lyrics or disturbing music. Just pure depression. The vocals are full of regrets and the slow doomy music are both fascinating and sad.
White Pony

Featuring one of the best atmospheres in music WP contains some pretty cryptic lyrics about dark themes such as kidnapping and electrocuting the partner during sex. Pink maggit is a perfect sombre enigmatic ending but the darkest part is Rodleen's vocal solo in knife prty that goes from singing and orgasm to screams of anguish and pain.
To the Depths... In Degradation

Most of gory death metal fails to be truly dark, this is an exception. The heavy riffs combined to the almost puked vocals and sick lyrics makes this an uncomfortable listen

Just pure fucking hatred and rage. Members of the band cut themselves during the recording session.
37Shining (SWE)
V - Halmstad

A journey through a depressive suicidal mind

An upsetting distorted masterpiece
The Crystal World

While sunn o))) imo fails to be truly dark because of too much repetition, Locrian creates an unique cloudy, lightless atmosphere sending you right to a murky world
Perfect soundtrack for night jogging.
34Lunar Aurora

Tenebrous black metal with terrifying background noises and atmospheric chants.
33Old Man Gloom

Paranoid, bizarre and psychotic sludgy album. The psychotic vibes are priceless, that cover of "to be with you" is truly something
Human = Garbage

If misanthropy had a soundtrack.
31Bell Witch

Like a slow depressive funeral procession
30Depressive age
Lying in Wait

Depressive thrash with sinister guitar tones and monotone ominous vocals. Lyrics about Rape, poverty, depression and addiction will make you feel unhappy for a while
29My Dying Bride
Turn Loose the Swans

A grim macabre and yet exquisite goth fable. Keyboards, deep clean vocals and apt violins creates a nice balance with deep growls, sombre lyrics and dark atmosphere.
28maudlin of the Well

Dark in a weird way, the songs switches from relaxing beautiful parts to nightmarish heavy stuff. Ferryman is like sailing hell with charon and They aren't all beautiful is pure mysanthropy while geography is incredibly emotional.

One of the most unnerving albums ever. There are basically no riffs, just a mixture of drone, doom and Alan Dubin's morbid sick screaming.

One of the scuzziest works in sludge, the first and the last minutes of the album are pure dread. I bet they have some issues with screaming women
Il Était Une Forêt...

Depressive suicidal black metal that balance beautiful music to tortured screaming vocals. The lyrics are some of the eeriest ever. Le gala des gens heurex contains some of the most disturbing suicidal allegories ever.
Seasons in the Abyss

Switching to pure thrashing hate to slower scary pieces. Spirit in black and temptation keeps their traditional satanic lyrics, war ensemble and expendable youth criticize war and weapons but the scariest ones are the Ed Gein inspired dead skin mask, which features some creepy riffs, vocals and even a screaming woman and the esoteric seasons in the abyss. Araya's vocals switches to furious screaming to creepier monthone vocals
More Constant Than The Gods

Esoteric, occult atmospheres of witchcraft. The comatose female vocals and screeching violins contributes to create a Dark romantic masterpiece.
22The Body
I Shall Die Here

Their closest attempt of being traditional music. Ominous disgusting vocals screaming surrounds a chaotic monothone low fi guitar that will torture you for 42 minutes straight.
21The Ruins Of Beverast
Rain Upon The Impure

This albums gives a unique feeling of impending doom, the bad production makes it even more apocalyptical, pure biblical terror
20Dog Fashion Disco

A psychotic concept that depicts a descent into insanity with almost every genre possible, which gives the perfect feeling of schizophrenia. Some dark tracks are followed by happy sounding music with even darker lyrics. The outro with classical music and the background "i was always easily influenced" is terrific
Mass III

I don't know how to describe the esoteric feelings that fulfill this album. Just listen to understand it.
Veronika Decides to Die

The most personal choice here. This masterpiece gives me depressing vibes like no others. The slow music, the sombre melodies and the deep grunts alternated to spoken monogues keeps this album among the saddest ever
17Celtic Frost

One of the most apocalyptic works in music. Heavy guitars, demonic atmospheres and the duets are perfect. Obscured's "no" repeated over and over gives me goosebumps every time
16The Axis of Perdition
Deleted Scenes From Transition Hospital

Basically if silent hill and outlast were a musical. A trip into an asylum full of nightmares
De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas

Another BM Anthem with freezing atmospheres, and surrounded by disturbing backstories.
14Oranssi Pazuzu

Psychedelic BM that will make you descend into the darkest abyss
13Alice in Chains

Knowing Layne's condition during the recording session makes this even sadder. The lyrics are the most authentic example of self loathing. The muddy guitar/bass sound and the depressive lyrics about death, regret and drugs makes this one of the most iconic albums ever

This album sounds so dirty that makes you feel soiled
11Forgotten Tomb
Songs to Leave

The melodies contrapposed with the bleak hopeless screaming and slow rythm creates a desperate masterwork of DSBM. The cover is pretty fucked up too
10Nine Inch Nails
The Downward Spiral

The album name explains it all. Cynical, perverted and hopeless. Hurt is what pain sounds like, the most depressing song ever
9Sleepytime Gorilla Museum
Of Natural History

People fears what they don't know and well.... nobody knows wtf is that. It has the almost lovecraftian feeling of something lurking, watching you and crawling under your skin.... in the weirdest way possible
8Obscure Sphinx
Void Mother

Wielebna's clean vocals are haunting as hell, her tortured screams even scarier. Musically is perfectly structured for being dark, menacing and solemn. The dirge at the end of WTBDTR is terrific.
7Pig Destroyer
Prowler in the Yard

A depraved gory concept albums with implicit but still effective psychotic lyrics, deranged vocals by Haynes and perverted themes. Jennifer may be the scariest spoken intro ever
Close to a World Below

The hell awaits of death metal, listening to this chaotic, blasphemous heavy work is like witnessing hell itself.
The final guitar disharmonies are pure evil
5Dragged Into Sunlight
Hatred For Mankind

Sludgy black metal with ominous psychotic vocals, blasting drums, scuzzy sound, totally misanthropic lyrics and serial killer dialogues in the background while a depraved atmosphere surrounds the album
4Gnaw Their Tongues
Spit at me and Wreak Havoc on my Flesh

I don't know what to say. A cacophony of nightmares
Souls at Zero

Imagine of being in an unknown island surrounded by a cult that sacrifices you and smiles watching you burn alive.
2Deathspell Omega
Si Monvmentvm Reqvires Circvmspice

Damn the prayers sounds like actual satanic rites, this is like dwelling in hell for eternity. Very few things are known about the band, the members are unidentified, the singer seems to be the pervert Mikko Aspa but it's not confirmed. Latin lyrics, chaotic music and gregorian chants adds the feeling of being in hell, the theist satanist lyrics makes this a solemn tribute to satan
1Acid Bath
When the Kite String Pops

Here we are, maybe the darkest album ever. The screeching guitars, the perfect bass sound, Dax's cleans add to acoustic masterpieces such as bones of baby dolls and scream of the butterfly a touch of darkness and sorrow, his screams are terrifying. The sick atmosphere surrounds every song, the lyrics deals with controversial stuff such as misanthropy, addiction, serial killers, paedophilia, sadism, masochi, abortion, depression, rape, loss of innocence and blasphemy. Both depressive and disturbing
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