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Top 55 avant-garde and experimental metal albums
Hyperblast Super Collider

Basically Nyan cat instrumental turned death metal

Black metal with symphonic experimental stuff in there
Jeux d'enfants

Short depraved lp with creepy perverted tales
52Transcending Bizarre?
The Four Scissors

Black industrial

Officially labeled as tech death, the deep growls, jazzy signatures and the early release date makes this one avant garde enough for me
39 Jahre für den Leierkastenmann

Death folk with a large amount of singing styles
The Director's Cut

Classic movies soundtracks reimagined by Patton

I could talk about how this sounds like 3 albums played at the same time with black metal, classical and electronic genres, or i could focus on that chicken remix, i think i will choose the second one
47Exotic Animal Petting Zoo
I Have Made My Bed in Darkness

Accessible metalcore with experimentations
The Habit of Fire

A slow building tool inspired industrial concept album
45Made Out of Babies
The Ruiner

Everything Julie Christmas touches is weird and great
44Vulture Industries
The Dystopia Journals

Circus themed metal with catchy choruses

The softest effort in the list, alternative with amounts of experimentations
42Thy Catafalque
Roka Hasa Radio

Industrial folk... i guess?

If you like black metal mixed with synthwave, dream pop and psychedelic stuff, this is for you
40Le Grand Guignol
The Great Maddening

Theatrical (like the name suggests) circus black metal
Imaginary Sonicscape

Lots of influences such black metal, low-fi, mongolian throat singing, dream pop. It would be higher if it wasn't for the dull muzzled drums. Sounds like Ulrich played it in a bathroom nearby the recording studio.
Anthology II:Links From the Dead Trinity

Women vocalists are great in the avant-garde genre, this is no exception
It's Understood

Switching from balcanic prog 20 minutes song to an 8 bit interlude isnt weird enough? Well there are a lots of other genres blended in it like country, folk and even death metal.
The Anatomy of Addiction

A tribal jazzy godflesh, one of the heaviest stuff ever

Post black with an ethereal atmosphere
34Tub Ring
Zoo Hypothesis

Punkish experimental stuff blending many genres
33Carnival in Coal
Collection Prestige

You know a death metal album is good when you find a great dance track in it, honorable mention to the psa interlude
32Diablo Swing Orchestra
Sing-Along Songs for the Damned & Delirious

The band's name is the most self explainatory ever, it's all so happy in a creepy way
31Shining (NOR)

Well, it's black jazz, in the most original way possible
30In the Woods...

Elegant, deep and pure. Need to listen 3 times to fully appreciate it
29Butthole Surfers
Independent Worm Saloon

Listening to this is like having lsd trip while giving birth, in a good way
28Thought Industry
Mods Carve the Pig

This band is so versatile that this is the 3th album appearing in my subgenres lists along with Thrash and alternative, this is my least favorite of the 3 yet awesome and odd
27Shaolin Death Squad
Intelligent Design

Sure they are Mr. Bungle fans, in a proggy way
The Linear Scaffold

The weirdest atmosphere yet one of the best for a black metal album, strange and beautiful
25Screaming Mechanical Brain
The Process of Assimilation

Basically industrial swing punk woth a bit of nu metal, truly an hidden gem. Watch me die is their masterpiece
24Kayo Dot
Choirs of the Eye

How to transcend with an album
23Naked City
Naked City

John Zorn, pioneer of grind jazz and the most (maybe the only) famous saxophonist in metal
22Ephel Duath
The Painter's Palette

Hailing from Italy, this guys mixed art and songwriting in a perfect way
21Maximum the Hormone

Weirdest nu metal ever. Catchy and happy choruses switching with heavy and groovy riffs. I like how every member is also a singer with different styles.
Fables of the Sleepless Empire

They managed to stay elegant even if your brain won't understand wtf are you hearing, nice female and growling vocals. The bassist is a monster.
19Stolen Babies
There Be Squabbles Ahead

Dominique is flawless , both as a vocalist and as a songwriter. This lp is full of odd stuff but the peak is the sad unsettling "lifeless"
18Celtic Frost

What a comeback! One of the darkest and gloomiest albums ever
17Major Parkinson
Major Parkinson

An odd journey through weirdness and nonsense
Frizzle Fry

Les Claypool being the most original bassist ever for 51 minutes straight
15Pin-Up Went Down
2 Unlimited

A perfect mix between death and pop. Deep growls alternated to Asphodel's impressive vocal range (she can easily switch from childish vocals to opera)
14Oceans of Sadness
The Arrogance Of Ignorance

The awesome vocals sounds like a pissed off depressed Tomi Joutsen. Some tracks are truly depressive, others are heavy as hell with some melodeath and black metal components
Khaooohs And Kon-Fus-Ion

Ever wondered how death metal could sound if it came from the subconcious of a weird 5 years kid? This is the answer
The Sham Mirrors

Futuristic approach to black metal, philosophical and space atmosheres all over

The sax during undercurrent and in it's reprise on the shores is one of the most unique feelings ever, a perfect balance between relaxing and unsettling, you don't know how to feel, depressed or happy, truly a new sensation
10Idiot Flesh

If a darker and even weirder Frank Zappa met the swans during "the seer" era and took an acid trip togheter while watching lynch, this would be the result. The Cheesus spot makes this deserving a place in the top 10
9Dir En Grey

A weird journey through darkness, you can't listen to just one song, you must listen the entire album every time
8Deathspell Omega
Fas - Ite, Maledicti, In Ignem Aeternum

Structured chaos, unsettling.
This is how hell could sound

Jazzy death metal with one of the heaviest guitar tones ever
Blood Sample

How come this is so unknown? It managed to fuse radio friendly stuff with, for example black metal(new york) or death(helsinki), or catchy songs inspired by ringtones, even some rap and electronic stuff, and a majestic ballad (wide awake)
5Devin Townsend

Not Dev's finest work (city by s.y.l. and biomech are unbeatable) but sure his most avant garde work. Bad devil's industrial swing sound made that song a masterpiece, "ants" is pure genious and there isnt even a filler, love also some r'nr vibes and circus themed track.
4maudlin of the Well

You don't know when to be relaxed or when you will shit your pants. This is the best balance between light and darkness
3Sleepytime Gorilla Museum
Of Natural History

Well...this makes you feel things. It's impossible to describe it, which is goot speaking about experimental stuff, it makes you feel uncomfortable even if you dont know why
2Mr. Bungle

Patton and friends managed to creat a whole new genre blending a lot of other genres with something never heard before, some tracks are so relaxing but in a disturbed way
1Dog Fashion Disco

A dark demented concept album that shows in a perfect way the descent into madness and does it with almost every genre ever, it's like a movie shot in your brain and devour your sanity
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