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Top 55 thrash metal albums

My top 55 thrash metal albums ranked, if you disagree just argue without being a know it all douchebag, it would be great.

Technical and melodic, the title track is stand out
54Cyclone Temple
I Hate Therefore I Am

Thrash with alternative vocals
Act Of God

Debbie Gunn was one of the most underrated female singers in metal
Endless War

Check out their Eleaonor Rigby cover
Slaughter in the Vatican

Phil anselmo took much inspiration from this, really violent and fast
Seven Churches

one of the biggest influences of death metal

this one it,s really overlooked, the band itself quitted because of lack of support, proggy thrash at it's best
The Laws of Scourge

Aggressive black thrash from Brasil

Before Type o negative Peter steele relased this controversial crossover thrash full of blasphemy and satire
Violent Restitution

this album begins with one of the most insane screams ever
Chaos of Forms

Thrash combined with technical death metal, heavy yet melodic
44Nuclear Assault
Handle With Care

One of the best and fastest crossover thrash ever
Victims of Deception

it took time to appreciate this one, after a few listens you,ll love it
42Holy Terror
Mind Wars

more aggressive and technical than their first one

another overlooked prog thrash, a great modern album with a truly talented singer
40Wrathchild America

this one it's weird, you can find jazz, funk and avant garde influences
Conclusion of an Age

my favorite metal subgenres (thrash and melodeath) combined together, what else could i say?
38Death Angel

Maybe i'm the only one to prefer this one to the ultraviolence but i find it more entertaining, experimental and versatile than the previous albums, a room with a view is one hell of a ballad!
37Stormtroopers of Death
Speak English or Die

One of the funniest albums ever recorded
36Municipal Waste
Hazardous Mutation

modern crossover, bangover is one of the catchiest tracks in the genre
Eternal Nightmare

the singer sounds like bruce dickinson on codeine and musically is pure energy
34Depressive Age
First Depression

one of the most depressing bands ever, really technical, you have to get used to the vocals
33Demolition Hammer
Epidemic of Violence

maybe the heaviest album on the list, the sound of the drums is something out of this world
Brain Damage

technical and melodic thrash with many influences from other genres, entertainment at it's best
Forbidden Evil

it was an hard choice between this one and their next work but forbidden evil wins because of lack of filler tracks and vocal performance
30Dark Angel
Darkness Descends

Gene Hoglan is a fucking machine gun. this album sounds technical and dark at the same time
Control and Resistance

The biggest influence in math metal, one of the most technical albums ever, not a great fan of the vocals
By Inheritance

compared to the previous works this one it's really ahead of it's time, heavy tracks alternated to more accessible ones
No More Color

one of the pioneers of tech thrash, this album is musically outstanding, with better vocals could be higher tho
26Thought Industry
Songs for Insects

Jason newsted himself loves this band, truly complex and experimental thrash with unique sound and signatures
25Flotsam and Jetsam
Doomsday for the Deceiver

speaking of Newsted, the debut album of Flotsam contains some of the most high pitched vocals and catchy riffs in the genre
Absolute Power

this one combines perfectly melodic elements with technical and heavy sound
Dimension Hatross

Sci-fi thrash with futuristic sound, complex and unique
Agent Orange

pioneers of teutonic thrash, Sodom sounds like a thrashy motorhead which is obviously a good thing. Check the german version of ausgebombt, better than the english one
Evolution Purgatory

Ever wondered how a thrashy blind guardian would sound? here is the answer. A great underrated masterpiece.

Rage always been one of the best and most prolific german bands ever, with unity they combined their classic speed/power music to a more aggressive Thrash/groove sound. Mission accomplished

Maybe you expected to find Years of decay, but imo this masterpiece is their finest work. Horrorific, atmospheric, groovy and totally original music.
Pathogenic Ocular Dissonance

Prog thrash never been more complex like this, tourniquet created a psychedelic yet heavy album that sounds fresh still today
17Suicidal Tendencies
How Will I Laugh Tomorrow If I Can't Even Smile Today?

S.T. temporarily abandons crossover to focus over pure thrash, the result is their best albums ever. Politically satirical and ironic, Mike Muir influenced an entire generation.

another hard choice but i think that arise defines better what Max's sepultura was:pure brutality.
Black Future

Voivod,Obliveon and black metal influenced Vektor to create one of the best and most unique albums of the 2000s. This album can bring you to another dimension with space atmospheres and weird songwriting.
Think This

Much more technical than the debut, Think this is one of those albums that are accessible even to people who don't like thrash due it's versatile songwriting and talented singer
13Machine Head
The Blackening

A gloomy, heavy, dark masterpiece.
halòo is one of the greatest songs of the 2000s
This Godless Endeavor

R.I.P. Warrel Dane
Pleasure to Kill

One of the heaviest and most evil sounding albums of the 80s, kreator were really ahead of their time about heaviness
Screams and Whispers

i've never heard anything similar to this, Anacrusis created their own genre. Kenn Nardi is one of the most original singers in music.
9Strapping Young Lad

Industrial thrash metal written by Devin Townsend and with Gene Hoglan at the drums. Need to say more?
Bonded by Blood

One of the most popular albums of the 80s, Bonded by blood is pure thrash.
Cowboys from Hell

C.f.h. is the album thhat created groove metal, every single song is pure energy, Dimebag Darrel remains one of the most iconic guitarrists in metal
The Legacy

testament,s debut album is still a classic, every single song is pure gold, Skolnick solos were pure epicness
Among the Living

anthrax have indeed fun when they record their albums, you can clearly hear it, a.t.l. has everything you need from thrash plus a little sense of humor
Ride the Lightning

yes, better than master of puppets, even Metallica haters loves this one. The sound is perfect, Burton did a perfect job and every single song is great and different from the previous one (i like even escape).
Rust in Peace

Always considered as one of the best albums in music,Rust in peace is technically perfect, the songwriting is gold and the production fits perfectly well the music
Seasons in the Abyss

i love reign in blood but Seasons is by far their most complete album. The band combines their classic fast and energic tracks to mid tempo tracks and slow dark sounding masterpieces.
Never, Neverland

my favorite thrash album ever. technical, heavy, melodic andoverall complete.
you can find unique sounding tracks (fun palace), heavy thrashers(i am i command, phantasmagoria), punkish(kraf dinner), proggy ones (sixes and sevens), dark power ballads (never neverland) and even more traditional ones (stonewall). p.s. the guitarwork is outsanding
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