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Top 55 Melodic death metal albums

One album for band. if you diisagree just argue without being a know it all douchebag, it would be great
Dead Fantasia

a japanese unknown album with power metal elements, the only problem with this is the electronic drums.
A Celebration of Guilt

one of their heaviest and still melodic releases, black metal elements all over the lp
11 Dreams

this one is slightly softer with more clean vocal and interesting sound
52All That Remains
The Fall of Ideals

Metalcore with a lot of Melodeath elements, "this calling" is their best work yet

modern gothemburg with awesome clean vocals, awesome use of keyboards
Hunter's Pride

Pretty unknown album, lot of power metal elements here
49Bloodshot Dawn

first of all, awesome artwork. Technically majestic, the first half of the album is better than the second one

their most atmospheric album,features lots of clean vocals and some fast death metal classics, selfinflicted overload contains some of the best highpitched screams by Peter

never been a great fan of their later work but this album features catchy melodies and a really good use of clean vocals. Lullaby contains their best guitar melodies ever
Hornets of the Pogrom

Controversially racist band for sure, but their music it's undeniable great, mixing the old school death metal sound with guitar melodies

dark atmospheres in this awesome record
Shogunate Macabre

Norwegian melodic death metal with traditional japanese music sound (wtf). Pretty original though
Proponent For Sentience

extreme musicanship and "the extermination" features two of the best vocalists in melodic death Metal
42In Mourning
The Weight of Oceans

great concept album about oceans legends, Chtulhu will be proud.
41Divine Heresy
Bleed the Fifth

Dino Cazares side project features Tim yeung's ridiculously speed drumming and awesome Tommy Vext vocals. it's not pure melodeath but really close to it

Prog melodeath concept abum with exquisite musicianship
Rusted Angel

Their only really great album, really wicked vocals and thrashy riffs combined with classic melodeath sound
38Swallow the Sun
The Morning Never Came

Melodic doom death at its finest, truly depressing and melancholic
37Into Eternity
Buried in Oblivion

the production is the only flaw of this awesome Gothemburg prog work, awesome clean vocals and musicianship
36Serpent (JPN)
Cradle of Insanity

another overlooked gem from japan, really heavy and majestic sound, love the piano parts

an overall dark and melancholic atmosphere in this goth oriented awesome album
34Eternal Tears of Sorrow
A Virgin and A Whore

sounds like a(slightly) better death version of Cradle of filth, awesome keyboard sound
33The Black Dahlia Murder

one of the heaviest and "dirtiest" albums in the list, a succesion of fast deathcore oriented riffs with nice melodies and blasphemous lyrics
32Mors Principium Est
The Unborn

Unique atmosphere and emotional moments through the album, the title track catches you from the very firt second
31Vital Remains

Without doubt the heaviest album in the melodeath genre. VR combines their classic brutal sounds with guitar melodies, the result is an album with long tracks and incredibly heavy but still melodic sound
Conclusion of an Age

Thrash combined with melodeath, the result is one of the mmost innovative albums in the genre. After lifeless years is an absolute highlight
Back to Times of Splendor

Progressive, melodic, unique
28before the dawn

This is the best example of how catchy choruses are made , atmospheric keyboard ambience inspired by dark tranquillity and not even one filler
27Imperial Circus Dead Decadence
Kurooshiku Saita Seisan Na Mukuro Wa Kanaderu-

what the fuck did i just heard? experimental melodeath with japanese lyrics and unique sound
26Arch Enemy
Burning Bridges

always been their best release for me, just hear Silverwing and tell me if is not their best song ever
25dark age
The Silent Republic

pure gothemburg from this underrated band

Celtic folk combined to melodeath gave birth to one of the most memorable album in folk's genre
23Disarmonia Mundi
Mind Tricks

Italian band featuring Soilwork's Bjorn, i love every single song on this one, nihilistic overdrive is one of my favorite songs in the genre
Timeless Departure

an energetic and overlooked power/death metal with awesome armonies
Tales from the Thousand Lakes

this band never made the same album twice, in this one you can find elements from doom, prog, melodeath and also some funky keyboard signatures
20Ne Obliviscaris
Portal of I

dozens of different genres combined together creates an unique experimental progressive melodic death metal gem
Veronika Decides to Die

inspired by one of the saddest novels ever this gloomy album is maybe one of the most depressive in music history
18Omnium Gatherum
New World Shadows

insomnium influence all over the record, every single track is awesome and atmospheric
17dark lunacy
Forget Me Not

Piano and violins makes this band unique, Lunacircus have some creepy circus atmospheres and serenity is one of the best song in the genre, truly melancholic

Power melodic death folk combined together creates an epic musical journey
With Vilest of Worms to Dwell

one of the first albums i've heard when i was a kid. Symphonic melodic death metal with medieval tones, dozens of different instruments played by only 2 guys
14At the Gates
Slaughter of the Soul

One of the bands that defined the genre with aggressive yet melodic riffs
13Amon Amarth
With Oden on Our Side

the godfathers of viking melodic death metal, this release contains some of the most epic songs ever, like cry of the black birds
12Darkest Hour
Deliver Us

unique guitar sound and metalcore vocals defines one of the best modern albums in the genre, this young guys wrote some badass pieces of art like paradox with flies and the melodies in doomsayer are pure dope

considered to be the album that inspired the genre. Carcass changed completely sound and created a modern version of death metal with classy guitar work

no one could ever imitate wintersun's sound, emotional, epic heavy and still classy
Stone's Reach

be'lakor create an impressive atmosphere that will give you goosebumps
8Children of Bodom
Follow the Reaper

Bodom after midnight is still my favorite song by them, Alexi laiho's technical and melodic riffs combined to Wirman's unique keyboards playing defines one of the most influential albums in the genre
7Scar Symmetry
Holographic Universe

Alvestam shines as a vocalist in this oniric powerful journey through gothemburg sound. Nobody can recreate a sound like this
They Will Return

it was hard to choose just one album, this one is maybe their most complete and energetic release.
5Edge of Sanity

Dan Swan wrote a dystopic storyboard similar to a fantasy version of Children of men and transformed it in a 40 minutes melodic death metal song with awesome progressive elements, memorable solos, deep growls an beautiful clean vocals
Above the Weeping World

this band never released bad albums, this one is maybe one of the most influential atmospheric melodeath albums ever, love the growls alternated to the whispers, the guitar melodies are catchy and complex at the same time
3Dark Tranquillity

I know that most of you expected to see the gallery here but in my opinion the dark vibes cotained in this albums and the gloomy influential keyboard sounds makes this album their best
2in flames

same as the previous pick most of you expected The Jester Race to be their best but Clayman in my opinion is a perfect album without any filler and the unique sound managed in flames to create their own sound.
The Ride Majestic

Soilwork latest work is my all time favorite album in the genre. it has no flaws. Bjorn's growls are awesome and his clean vocals reach some high notes that makes him one of the singers with the best vocal range in modern music. Dirk's drumming is flawless, guitar solos and harmonies too. You can find fast death metal songs (alight in the aftermath), slow atmospheric tracks (whirl of pain), emotiotional power ballads (father and son), and majestic unique gems (petrichor by sulphur).
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