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Weirdest metal albums ever

Albums are ranked by weirdness, not quality.

Pioneera of sludge where pretty odd back in the day

Black metal but positive
Anthology II:Links From the Dead Trinity

Her vocals are both weird and delightful
Confusion Bay

Heavy and catchy industrial metal but with some dance influences and lyrics, well... Mainly about fu*king
Screams and Whispers

I've never found another thrash album that sounds like this one

Cyber metal blending house and huge electronics with some truly heavy death metal
49Ne Obliviscaris
Portal of I

Both chaotic and solemn, a progressive melodeath album that fuse heaviness with majesty in a unique way

This is like falling into sleep in an erotic and oniric universe
Pathogenic Ocular Dissonance

Catholic thrash with strange sci-fi atmosphere
46Ephel Duath
The Painter's Palette

Art metal. Literally.
45Thought Industry
Short Wave on a Cold Day

They switched from prog thrash to avant-garde to indie rock with psychedelic and industrial vibes, and it's also their best.
44System of a Down
System of a Down

The were pretty experimental back then, sounds like a shroom trip, love the armenian influences and spiders is majestic

Those interludes. From a man threatening in.Italian.with a piano background to cookies recipes that sounds like nazi speeches. The songwriting is unique, eulogy has one of the most hypnotic intros ever and stinkfist's fisting metaphor is both uncomfortable and genius
42Kayo Dot
Choirs of the Eye

Kayo dot being kayo dot
41Between the Buried and Me

Switching from pure heaviness to quiet astral atmospheres and suddenly becoming country or swing for some seconds.
40Major Parkinson
Major Parkinson

Demented oddball avant-garde

Sludge/doom with short songs, incredibly heavy music balanced with a soft vocalist.
38Stolen Babies
There Be Squabbles Ahead

I love Dominique's grotesque clownish style, lifeless is their less weird track and their most depressive one
37Carnival in Coal
Collection Prestige

Fucked up death metal with dozens of other genres blended together

Gastronomic metal
35Old Man Gloom

Ever wondered how it feels being in a paranoid schizoid'mind? Here's the answer
34Devin Townsend

Dev wreaked all of his weirdness in this. I've never tought to listen a more accurate musical representation of ants. Plus bad devil's combination of industrial and swing is delightful
33Screaming Mechanical Brain
The Process of Assimilation

Swing-punk-industrial-nu-avant-garde metal
32Faith No More
King for a Day... Fool for a Lifetime

Sure their weirdest release. One of Patton's best performance switching from punkish (digging the grave), to left 4 dead's smoker noises (cuckoo for caca), from gospel (just a man) to whatever it was in ugly in the morning
Are You Kidding Me? No.

Proggy Metalcore with a perfect sound, purania alone contains thrash, swing, electronic and metalcorr influemces. WTHNC is sublime, that zombie track is crazy and the folk/swing bridge in the title track is stellar

Tech death with jazzy signatures and the lowest growls on earth.
29Battle Of Mice
A Day Of Nights

Why is it weird? Julie Christmas. She could make a nickelback album original if she sang in it
28Pain of Salvation

The history of man from the origin to the future, both lyrically and musically. One of the most unconventional prog albums ever.
27Dir En Grey

A grotesque journey into the depths
The Pernicious Enigma

Uhm... Psychedelic hallucinogenic funeral doom with misanthropic lyrics could be a good description
25Maximum the Hormone

3 vocalists, one weirder than the other, aggressive nu metal blended with happy Japanese dance/raggae/ska/kawaii or whatever
Season In Silence

Technical christmas death metal. And trust me, it's cool
The Trees Are Dead & Dried Out...

The entire album is weird but jeez, can't we all dream is the perfect fusion between dream and nightmare
The Sham Mirrors

Cosmic atmosphere black electronic prog metal
21Diablo Swing Orchestra
Sing-Along Songs for the Damned & Delirious

No other band's name could be more appropriate
20Van Canto
Tribe of Force

Power metal. A Capella.
19Fear Before
The Always Open Mouth

Post hardocre-metalcore with ecstasy/mdma atmospheres
18Butthole Surfers
Independent Worm Saloon

Not properly metal but i hear some influences. This is like doing a bad trip while you are running naked after you robbed a bank
The Anatomy of Addiction

Basically a tribal godflesh with unnerving sax and weirder song structure
16Naked City
Naked City

Jazz grind with John Zorn
The Director's Cut

Patton's versions of movie scotlres. Enough said.
14HORSE the band
R. Borlax

Nintendocore. I think it's self explanatory
It's Understood

From prog rock to death metal, Balkan music, folk, electronic, classical and videogame music
Khaooohs And Kon-Fus-Ion

Basically death metal through the point of view of a disturbed six years weird kid
Imaginary Sonicscape

Black metal meets smooth jazz, psychedelic, reggae, electronic, Mongolian throat chants and stoner
Blood Sample

Listening to this is surprising every time, Kartsy is a living crossover, switching from pop to dblack metal in 1 second and creating awesome riffs with weird stuff such as a ringtone.
9maudlin of the Well

The perfect balance between relaxing and scary. Tracks like Geography or heaven and weak could lull you to sleep but then it comea nightmarish ones like they weren't all beautiful and ferryman.
8Dog Fashion Disco

A dark concept albums that depicts a descent into insanity with almost every genre possible, which fits perfectly the schizophrenia subjects. Among the weirdest moments there are the nazi jesus speech with discordant cellos, the elevator music part in the hitchicker, the electro swing murderish song, the sex act during private eye and the entirety of sacrifice of miss rose covington
Fables of the Sleepless Empire

Somehow the artwork fits perfectly the music. Beautifully bizarre and chaotic but still somehow elegant, i bet it's pretty hard to cover this guys
6Mr. Bungle

The pioneers of weird stuff, featuring basically almost every genre ever and more. The atmosphere is sometimes both relaxing and creepy, such as the masterpiece retrovertigo or totally fucked up like goodbye sober day
Frizzle Fry

Aaah Les Claypool, the god of bass, fucked up music, funny vocals and weird ass lyrics.
4Pin-Up Went Down
2 Unlimited

Asphodel's vocal Range and versatility is absurd almost like this album, blending ethereal electronics to heavy guitar sound. The growls are both out of place and perfectly fitting, the beat box is just weird, overall one of the most unique albums ever
3Idiot flesh

Similar to a real dark and even more crazy Frank Zappa featurning even country and kazoo solos, the Cheesus spot could be the best thing ever created. Distorted, upsetting and deviously funny

This is like listening to a victorian music record, a black metal cd and an electronic the same time. Plus, there's a fucking chicken solo!
1Sleepytime Gorilla Museum
Of Natural History

I... Just don't know how to describe it. Often weird bands are unique because of the fusion of more genres into.something totally new. But this is just something never heard before. Unsettling, weird and somehow creepy
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