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Top 55 alternative metal albums (nu metal included

My ranking of best alternative album, including subgenres such as nu metal, rap metal, funk metal etc...
Voodo for fun and profit

So unknown that was'nt even on this site, nice soft alternative
Confusion Bay

Catchy industrial alternative with catchy choruses, a little bit of melodeath and terrible lyrics about fucking and drinking, very fun to listen
53Butthole Surfers
Independent Worm Saloon

The closest work to metal from this weird guys, it's like a bad trip of expired ketamine.
Love the jesus built my hotrod reference
Blast Tyrant

Southern rock with an heavy guitar sound and though attitude
El Cielo

An ethereal dreamy work of art, Sanzen is awesome
Self Destructive Pattern

Aggressive nu metal with an industrial sound that fits perfectly, smothered is great
49Infectious Grooves
The Plague That Makes Your Booty Move

Funk metal by Mike Muir and Trujillo that will makes your booty shake
Deaf Dumb Blind

Rap metal with satyrical lyrics and a pretty ahead of it's time production

Sepultura gone korn with tribal elements, stuff like Ratamahatta and roots bloody roots makes this far better than y soulfly album

A great blending of nu metal, alternative and post grunge. The ballads are dope but the proggy "silent acquiscence of millions" takes the cake
The Sound of Madness

Never understood the hate for this one, sure is a bit edgy but every single song is worth listening, devour is a flawless opener
44Thought Industry
Short Wave on a Cold Day

This guys switched from prog thrash to avant-garde and ended their career with this gloomy indie/alternative lp that delivers some of the most unique and underrated sounds ever
43Guano Apes
Proud Like A God

Female fronted nu metal with lots of ska, raggae and punk influences
42The Butterfly Effect
Final Conversation of Kings

An elegant upsetting alternative album with proggy vibes, seven days is a masterpiece.

Another hidden gem that needed more recognition
Sound Awake

A more alternative version of tool but with their personal touch, songs like All i know are iconic
Get Some

Angsty nu metal with punky attitude, humorous lyrics and even some country experimentation

Nu metal with pantera-like riffs, adrenaline.
3710 years
The Autumn Effect

Mainly depressive songs such as the beautiful wastelands and prey
36One Minute Silence
Buy Now...Saved Later

Once you get over the weird vocals (they grew on me with time) you will sing along "my god is good to see you, another day another dollar" for days, plus the bass and guitars sounds really original
The Routine

1/3 post hardcore, 1/3 nu metal and 1/3 metalcore

Another forgotten gem remembered only for their biggest hit "nil by mouth" the synths makes songs like the awesome opener "mind dependancy", the intense "fall down" and the reggae "phlex" melancholic in a weird way, if

Other depressive stuff in this goth alternative anthem
32Jane's Addiction
Nothing's Shocking

One of the most original and iconic albums of the last 80's
Torcha !

Avant garde alternative with elements of thrash, funk, electronic, and other weird shit all combined together
30Maximum the Hormone

Speaking about weird stuff, this japanese nu metal albums contaims some of the oddest and yet catchiest songs in the genre

Clayton's Industrial nu metal one man band will always be remember for that fucking Chef Antoine
28Alter Bridge

Post grunge with heavy guitar sound and the great Miles "kevin bacon" Kennedy, one of the best vocalists in the genre
27Dry Kill Logic
The Darker Side Of Nonsense

Among the most aggressive nu metal albums ever, a constant banger, rot sounds a little like "wannabe" by the spice girls, nonetheless the whole album is great, even the unexpected acoustic ending
Frizzle Fry

Les Claypool is the most original bassist ever, this album makes you feel uncomfortable without knowing why
25In Flames
Soundtrack to Your Escape

In flames blended their old melodeath sound (almost) to alternative metal, the result is an underrated original work with a claustrophobic atmosphere and introspective lyrics
Wisconsin Death Trip

R.i.p. wayne

Less immature than the previous work, this second effort keeps some of their old nu metal style combined with a more melodic vocal approach and meaningful lyrics
Figure Number Five

Soilwork switched from Gothemburg to Alternative with an album that's slightly softer but still worth listening, every song is good expecially the sad departure plan and cranking the sirens. Distortion sleep is easily top 5 from them, Bjorn's vocal range fits perfectly in any style they played.
21Mr. Bungle
Mr. Bungle

Before going completely avant garde they were a funk metal band, the weirdest in music history but still funky. Love the creepy circus vibes
Beyond Hell/Above Heaven

They managed to create their own sound blending heavy guitar sound and Elvis/Johnny cash vocal style to a country/ southern rock music
19Pain of Salvation

P.os. always loved to piss off fans, so they decided to Add nu metal to their prog style, this album is weirdly epic. THERE'S A DANCE PROG NU METAL SONG HERE.
18Ill Nino

Hispanic music style combined to a raw nu metal sound, Machados switches perfectly from soft vocals to dirty growls
17Dir En Grey

Unexplainable, i don't know how to describe this, a dark absurd journey.

Saturical, controversial and utterly heavy for a nu metal album

Punky tracks with a weird industrial sound and alt. Metal influences, i love the black humout lyrics
14Rage Against The Machine
Rage Against The Machine

Godfathers of rebel alternative music, among the first to experiment with funky and rap in metal
13System of a Down

This doesnt need any explaination, one of the most iconic and well known albums in the genre

I prefer this to superunknown, imo it's more unique and every single track is top notch
11Incubus (USA-CA)

They never done anything better, a blending of nu metal, rap and funky never worked better
Still sounds fresh due to a retrofuturistic sound. The bass is flawless and i love how they put here a smooth jazz track

While i prefer Lateralus i consider it to be entirely prog. This album combines in an unique way prog and alt to create music that will stuck in you forever, i think the only description needed is "Tool"
9Fair to Midland
Fables From a Mayfly: What I Tell You Three Times is True

A majestic work starring one of the best and most underrated vocalists and lyricsts ever, every single track os like a fable telling ordinary and real stories like if it was a fable, hiding the real meaning of it except for some clues
8Alice in Chains

One of the most devastating works ever, a depiction of downfall and failure, truly deep.
7Faith No More
Angel Dust

Experimental, eclectic and weird, wherever is Patton There's genius
6Fear Factory

After their masterpiece they moved in a more alternative sound and managed to keep their original style. Outstanding dystopic concept album, you can feel the rise and the fall of the Edgecrusher and failure of the human genre
White Pony

How to begin? This album is pure art, the implicit lyrics, the haunting atmospheres, the use of trip hop and nu metal combined to their unique sound. Everything is perfectly structured, a dark inner journey

The Essence of nu metal itself. Raw, vulgar, angsty and dark. Hundreds of bands tried to emulate their sound qithout reaching the intensity of this iconic work
Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses

Their most mature album. Mick and Jim improved their guitar skills, Corey's vocals are less aggressive than before but still great. There are the iconic tracks such as Before i forget and the marvelous Vermillion. Folk atmospheric tracks like circle, aggressive and almost thrashy ones like welcome and blister exists, dark and upsetting like The nameless and the last 2 experimental tracks: the depraved noisy "virus of life" and the relaxing danger keep away
2Dog Fashion Disco

The most experimental album of the list. DFD fused alternative to pratically any other genre to create a dark concept depicting the downfall towards insanity
L.D. 50

My favorite nu metal albums ever, emotionally struggling, heavy, proggy, the atmospheres are psychedelic, depressingand dark, the lyrics depicts devastated minds, drug abuse, anger, madness and the music contains some of the best basslines ever and heavy riffs combined to prog elements
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