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sin's super cool rec contest or something: round 1

Bit late to the party but these things are fun. No limit on participants at the moment but anything i rate under a 3 is gonna be eliminated. Also try not to rec stuff i already have rated, round winner gets immunity in next round, you know the drill by now.
1Los Campesinos!
No Blues

Round 1: Rec me a song with an incredibly catchy hook that i'll get stuck in my head for the next few days
2Naive New Beaters
A la folie

Words Hurt // uniqueuniverse

Ehh this was ok. It had a nice sound to it I guess, but it's a sound that's been done a million times before and better. It also wasn't really that catchy or memorablee and just made me want to jam Cut Copy instead. Pleasant enough though so just about passes. 3.0/5
3Chief Keef
Finally Rich

Love Sosa // nocuffin

Not my favourite Keef track i've heard, but it is really catchy and has been stuck in my head for like two days now. Would have preferred a harder cut but for what it is I can't complain. 3.7/5
Operation: Mindcrime

Operation: MindCrime // 0GuyMan0

Queensryche are one of those bands which just make me smile. I'm really not a fan of hard rock in general, but they do it with such style and flamboyance that I can't help but love it. 4.2/5
5Daniel Cavanagh

The Silent Flight of the Raven Winged Hours // DoofusWainwright

Ok this is a decent track. The build is really good and has a nice atmosphere to it. But there's no satisfying payoff and the ending feels flat. Also I'm struggling to see what's catchy about it. 3.4/5
Catch Without Arms

Ode to the Sun // Sniff

How have I not jammed this before? I love their first two albums and somehow never got round to this. I've been missing out hard and will be replaying this track for like the next month. 4.3/5
7The New Pornographers
Whiteout Conditions

Whiteout Conditions // Dewinged

This is exactly the kind of thing I'm looking for, fuck this just makes me happy and warm. The synth work is lovely. 4.3/5

Suicide Demo for Kara Walker // Frippertronics (have heard and do really like this album but didnt have it rated so ill accept it)

Great track, and the kind of long song that doesn't get boring. Super smooth and relaxing and with a great toe-tapping funky beat. Vocals are super enjoyable and appropriate. 4.2/5
9Rx Bandits
The Resignation

Never Slept So Soundly // Dylan620 (same as above)

Not my favourite RX album but an excellent track and truly encapsulates what it means to be catchy, with one of their best choruses. 4.1/5
10Matt Skiba & Kevin Seconds

In Your Wake // Onionbubs

This just sounds like an acoustic Alkaline Trio cut that wasn't good enough to get on the album. Kinda plods along without much energy at all. 2.8/5 [ELIMINATED]
Magic Isn't Real

Number One Hit Single // StickFeit

Great little post-hardcore track. Love the super-groovy guitar line. Reminds me of McLusky a fair bit, which is never a bad thing. 3.9/5
Volume 1

96 Quite Bitter Beings // Dctarga

Well first off, woah, it's that song which I never knew the name of when I was a kid. Secondly, whilst not the most lappropriate to my taste, I can't deny how fun it is and in terms of catchiness this is very good. Will have to check out more of this band. 3.8/5
All Eyez on Me

All About U // Drifter

I've never been a huge fan of 2Pac and find his work largely overrated, but i do like the beat here, it goes all out funky rather than feeling a bit half-hearted like some tracks from the era fall into the trap of doing. Lyrics are a bit dull though. 3.6/5
14Paradise Lost
One Second

Soul Courageous // Azertherion

So this is pretty different from the Paradise Lost i know (Draconian Times, Icon etc.) but I guess I never jammed this album (despite owning it somewhere). This gothic kinda poppy style actually works reasonably well, but it seems a big step down from their legendary doom stuff. This track is pretty good but doesn't really stand out much. A respectable pick. 3.5/5
15The Sound
From The Lion's Mouth

Hothouse // butcherboy

This is a really nice post-punk track that I'm pretty sure I've heard before, or at least the riff. Good pace and the vocals are pretty nice considering the genre. 4.0/5

A Fact of Life // DeadlyNightShade

Having only heard In The Blink of An Eye, I'm gonna have to commit and jam their whole discography now. This spazzy post-hardcore style is very catchy and fun, and the instrumental work is great. May take me a little to warm to the vocals but very solid. 4.1/5
17Alex Cameron
Forced Witness

Marlon Brando // Frivolous

Really fun track. Not much more to say. Lyrics were pretty good. 3.9/5
No Grave But the Sea

Mexico // itsyaboicobby

Really never been a fan of Alestorm and this is no exception. It's chesesy, which isn't necessarily bad, but lacks the conviction and power it would need to work. 2.6.5 [ELIMINATED]
19indigo la End
Shiawase ga Afuretara

Wonder Tender // Aberf

This kind of energetic alternative rock reminds me of some of a more rocking Two Door Cinema Club, which is a pretty good thing. Good tune overall. 3.9/5
20Rainbow Kitten Surprise

Cocaine Jesus // bgillesp

I can't describe how awesome this is. It's like Modest Mouse goes indie pop? Could be talking out my ass here but whatever it is it fucking rules. Band name is super misleading though I was expecting scene kid stuff. 4.8/5 [ROUND WINNER]
21Hippo Campus
Bashful Creatures EP

Suicide Saturday // Conmaniac

Really nice slice of indie with a laidback beach vibe going on, reminds me of a lot of the indie pop around 09/10. 3.8/5
22St. Vincent
St. Vincent

Digital Witness // hesperus (same case as 8 and 9)

This is certainly catchy, and probably one of Annie's best songs.The driving, marching band style beat is emphatic and her vocal performance is very convincing. 4.1/5
23Dear and the Headlights
Small Steps Heavy Hooves

Sweet Talk // Futures (^)

Probably one of the most underrated albums I've ever heard, these guys get the perfect balance of indie rock with an emo tinge. The hook is super jammable and overall just a fantastic track. 4.5/5
24Cemetery (US)
Demo 2011

State Ward // BallsToTheWall

Beautifully raw slice of gothic punk. Remember this being jammed on plug/dubtrack a lot back in the day and not without reason. 4.2/5
25Manic Street Preachers
Send Away The Tigers

Your Love Alone Is Not Enough // TVC15

I think everyone in the UK is kinda tired of this song at this point, myself notwithstanding. However, it does have it's merits, and excessive radio play can't stop it from being enjoyable. 3.4/5
26Kuroki Nagisa
Hyouhon Bako

Hula Hoop (フラフープ) // 50il

This was a chore to find but eventually found a stream. Really nice slice of J-Rock, love the driving tempo and the little piano flourishes, but what steals the show are the vocals,which have a really cool kinda deep resonance which I appreciate. 4.2/5
White Pepper

Even If You Don't // Kompys2000

Ween is as Ween does. In terms of their output this doesn't seem too special, but that's not really a knock considering their usual quality. 3.6/5
28Willow Beats

Merewif // Verdant

Really nice track and it's good to see some electronic get recced. Reminds me of a dubstep Purity Ring, which means it's pretty lit. 4.1/5
29Keith Ape

Achoo (with SkiMaskTheSlumpGod) // CaimanJesus

Two of my favourite current rappers come together for an absolute banger. Beat is great and there's tons of energy, both are pretty technically impressive on this track. 4.3/5
30Baton Rouge
Fragments D'eux Memes

Que Les Fils // TheWrenKing

Really nice emo track. Not revolutionary or genre-defining, but very competent. 3.9/5
31DJ Koze

Homesick // Chortles

Really beautiful and laidback, and it's an awesome track, but there's nothing about this I would really describe as catchy, so this comes out with a lower rting than I would give the track otherwise. 3.6/5
32Das EFX
Dead Serious

They Want EFX // DikkoZinner

Man this is awesome, the technicality and lyricism is outstanding and the beat is everything good about this style. 4.4/5
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