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September 2018 resumé

Score guide: ask neekafat
1The Skull Eclipses
The Skull Eclipses

So this came out in March, but I have to talk about this and get people to listen to it. Botany and Lushlife on one bloody damn booming, but also ethereal record. Botany alone is decent, Lushlife alone is fantastic, together they are bloody incredible. This might as well be my hip-hop record of the year (tough fight between this and Hermit). Instantly memorable, catchy beyond comprehension and smoother than baby's ass. 9/10
P.S.: Special points for Murakami and Jodorowsky shoutouts. Pleasantly surprising.

All Fall, Angels Don't Mind, Take My, Encyclopedia, Gone, Gun Glitters, Pushing Up the Hills
2Dead Now
Dead Now

Yeah, this went about as good as it could have been. It's a typical, placid stoner hard rock. Nothing much to it, just heaviness and exhaustion. 5/10

Bird Leaf
Who Do You Love

Another in a long line of Arabrot's mildly off-the-wall, cocky records of simultaneous gloom and adrenaline. This may not be their best or anything close to that, but certainly a worthwhile listen, if you like Arabrot or these heavy alternative-alternative rock oddities. 6/10

Maldoror's Love, Pygmalion, Look Daggers, Uniform of a Killer
Cruel Magic

A solid dump of what metal used to be like (and still is among those stubborn types). It might lose on the song-writing side, but is energetic enough that it doesn't turn irritating. 6/10
Double Negative

Today in "That Thing People Like That Papa Can't Figure Out", we present an array of disarray and a masterpiece in piece-by-piece mastery or nonsense album that only makes sense when the brain is on low activity, so that it can process all that "energy". Double Negative? Yes. Minus and minus points. 5/10

Another project of those typical not-that-typical darkwave endeavours, except also with an element of disappointment, as their full-lengths aren't that bad, really. 5/10

Paradox, Spun
7Toby Driver
They Are the Shield

Oh, look at Papa missing another significant milestone in Sputnik's culture, this album did very little to me. It's a drawn-out, uninteresting plight of violins that are, admittedly, pretty and soothing, but end up grating as the overblown length of the songs forces the violins to become the only real descriptor for the whole record. Song-writing-wise, a parade of nothing noteworthy; vocally, breathy and average; instrumentally, pleasantly ethereal and calming, but stretched out and tedious. It's a mess, really. 5/10
Budding Ornithologists Are Weary Of Tired Analogie

Still missing the appeal, but starting to appreciate. 6/10
9Entropia (PL)

A bloody travesty is what this is. A clanging, clattering, striking blackened doom metal that reaches some exhausting lengths, but never tires. It's a marvel to behold, an album of beatdowns and continuous, meticulous crushing, excpet not under some redundant heaviness, but under fun and exuberance of metal, baby! 8/10

Poison, Astral, Vacuum, Endure
And Nothing Hurt

While the rest of us are freaking out about the world's perils, Spiritualized are here to make us comfortable. A truly overwhelmingly soothing listen, even if the tunes tend to be explosive and emotionally expressive, it still strikes as a calming experience. 8/10

A Perfect Miracle, I'm Your Man, On the Sunshine, Damaged, The Prize, Sail on Through
11The Joy Formidable

Even though I actually enjoyed their last album, I cannot deny this to still be an improvement upon that release, in song-writing, instrumental arrangement and atosphere, this wins on all fronts. So, damn, credit where the credit's due. A song, a kicker, one after another. 8/10

Y Bluen Eira, The Wrong Side, Cicada (Land on Your Back), All in All, What For, Absence, Dance of the Lotus, You Can't Give Up
12Richard Swift
The Hex

The man who brought so much much-needed weirdness and goofiness to other people's music finally at last allowed himself some of that off-the-wall zany attitude. Every song on here feels like it is going to be some straightforward simplicity, but a buzzing sound here or an all-over-the-place (in a good way) production suddenly turns that on its knees. A brilliantly nuts release, masquerading as completely sane. And a perfect send-off to a great late musician. 8/10

Broken Finger Blues, Selfishmath, Dirty Jim, Wendy, Sister Song, Nancy, HZLWD, Sept20
13The Black Queen
Infinite Games

As much as I'd love to, this just missed my head almost entirely. Some tunes are decent and the production is mostly decent, but overall it just did absolutely nothing for me. 5/10

A fucking atrocity! Yes! 8/10

Soothsayer, The Idolater, Divine Anhedonia, Devotion - Blood for Ink, Obulus
15An Autumn For Crippled Children
The Light of September

Congratulations, AAfCC, you've successfully regained your potential and relevance. Now to bring it to its full spin and we'll be cool. Too much mellow whine on here. 6/10

New Hope, Fragility, A New Day Has Come
Book of Bad Decisions

The kings of fun and games are back with an album of fun and games. You just need to relax to some blood-pumping rock every now and then. 7/10

Gimme the Keys, Spirit of '76, How to Shake Hands, In Walks Barbarella, Weird Times, Sonic Counselor, A Good Fire, H.B. is in Control
Family of Aliens

Teleman is one of those bands that is probably insufferable to anyone who finds Modest Mouse too soft. This is softness galore, nothing but pillowy, sparkly, tender, plush, blanket-wrapped kindness and careful happy-go-lucky niceness. I also pussy-out every now and then. 7/10

Family of Aliens, Cactus, Between the Rain, Somebody's Island, Fun Destruction
Rites of Despair

Oh what a solid gutload of doom and gloom and whatnot. May be a little too draggy (doom tends to be), but solid still. 6/10
19This Will Destroy You
New Others Part One

An okay piece. An okay song-writing. An okay arrangement and production. It's the very definition of absolutely basic cable post-rock sameness. 5/10
20Crippled Black Phoenix
Great Escape

An improvement, I guess, but it still also drags on forever with nothing to really show for or justify the excruciating runtimes. 6/10
21Guerilla Toss
Twisted Crystal

All things considered, I've decided against continuing my subscription to the Forgotten Delisional Futurism Theorists Magazine. Thank you. 6/10
22Mutual Benefit
Thunder Follows the Light

Absolute calm and pleasantness. 7/10

New History, Shedding Skin, Come to Pass, Waves Breaking, No Dominion, Mountain's Shadow, Thunder Follows
23Lupe Fiasco

You know, I might just have a problem with albums that go on for too long... I found myself enjoying this, but also being exhausted by the runtime and the inconsistency among the tracks sometimes. 6/10

Drogas, Gold vs the Right Things to Do, WAV Files, Haile Selassie, Alan Forever, XO, Cripple, Mural Jr.
Luxury Mass

thanks to anatelier
What the atrocious cover art doesn't suggest is that this is a surprisingly dark atmosphere-builder. This definitely is far from a one-off listen kind of album. It requires patience and longing mood. It's a chilling, cold and crushing, brooding, bold and bitter. What a delight! 8/10

Arrival, Run to the Porcelain Hills, Fallen, Wednesday's Child, On the Linen on the Skin, The Visitor, Eye/Exile
25Advance Base
Animal Companionship

thanks to anatelier

This is very similar to Ex-Isles, but more lo-fi and pop-y. All-in-all just as pleasant. I just wish it went more dissonant and loud, as it did on the first track. 7/10

True Love Death Dream, Your Dog, You and Me and the Moon, Care

Should have known this was a trap the moment I saw that Bell Witch was in the recommended artists on their Bandcamp page. 6/10
27Pig Destroyer
Head Cage

A beatdown like no other. No, wait, I was mistaken. It's a beatdown pretty much just like any other. 6/10
Render Another Ugly Method

I have to admit, I fear I'll stop giving this band a chance, because there's just nothing about this album that grips me particularly. Their last one was kind of alright, but now I am just sort of discouraged from continuing on with them. 5/10
29Paul McCartney
Egypt Station

...also someone I should have stopped caring about a long time ago. 5/10
30St. Paul and The Broken Bones
Young Sick Camellia

Easily their strongest, funkiest, poppiest and most memorable effort yet. Its fingersnapping attitude might get a little cheeky and obnoxious sometimes, but the smoothness ofitall eventually prevails and the record ends up sounding incredibly fun and body-moving. 7/10

Convex, GotItBad, Apollo, LivWithoutU, Bruised Fruit
The Blue Hour

Suede get slightly spooky and that goes perfectly in combination with their usual brand of britpop-ian alt-rock. It's refreshing to hear an actual quality radio rock record these days. It really is. It's catchy, fun and the flow is impeccable. No complaints and no regrets, when it comes to this record. 8/10

As One, Wastelands, Beyond the Outskirts, Cold Hands, Life in Golden, Tides, Don't Be Afraif If Nobody Loves You, Flytipping
32Yves Tumor
Safe in the Hands of Love

Tumour, indeed. 5/10
33The Story So Far
Proper Dose

This might grow on me. I might eventually love it, but I tried it again and again and ended up in the same spot: I like it, but it can be much better, but it feels like something I will start loving in near future. 6/10
Art of Doubt

For a band universally either hated or loved, this album is kind of middle of the road, possibly the uniter of all sides into one: It's just fine. 6/10

Dark Saturday, Underline the Black, Risk, Holding Out

For a band universally either hated or loved, this album is kind of middle of the road, possibly the uniter of all sides into one: It's just fine. 6/10 [2]

Thug Life, Weight, San Marcos, Tonya
36Gazelle Twin

Sometimes I'm just not built for these weirdnesses. 6/10
Digital Garbage

A somewhat disappointing release, mostly due to the song-writing forgettability, but since it is so deep into their career, I am glad it at least doesn't suck. 6/10

This, on the other hand, sucks. 4/10

A foresty Scandinavian black metal like we used to have, except with better production. Clashing guitars, murderous drumming, infectious satanic atmosphere. What's not to love? It's metal as it should be. 8/10

One Hundred Years, Lifehunger, Black Rites in the Black Nights, Sokrates Must Die, Heimatt
40All Them Witches

An exhausting, tiring, exhilarating and dizzying experience. Psych as it should be. Fucking headspins! 7/10
41Marissa Nadler
For My Crimes

It is an odd thing that I should love this by all logical means, but there is just something that pushes me off of it. It might be the slight sameness, but then again, I've heard more samey albums that I loved. It may be her slightly whiny voice, but I also liked or tolerated it before. It might be the forgettable song-writing, but that is not entirely the focus of the record. I don't know. I just feel slighty sleepy listening to this. 6/10
42Cypress Hill
Elephants On Acid

This was predictible. 5/10

My goodness, what a dreadful record. Vocals that do not fit at all, forgettable song-writing, awkward production and all-over-the-place atmosphere. I am left wondering, what is it that appeals to people. I suppose, it's the actually occasionally impressive instrumentation. But all that is trampled by the insufferably flat, boring production that - especially on drums - makes the thing sound like some drum machine synthesiser pre-set tune. What a boring, excruciating release. Wasteland indeed. 3/10
44Tim Hecker

In doing two things at once, trying to understand ambient music and Tim Hecker, I found myself failing at both. Ambient music, I am already convinced, can be quite charging and moving. Tim Hecker's ambient music can be tiring and overbearing. Even as a background music, I found it distracting. 5/10

oh look, that band I don't like. yeah, they're still vapid and timid. 4/10
46Emma Ruth Rundle
On Dark Horses

thanks to Dewinged
Somehow I did not find this all that pleasurable. She felt half-present and awkward and I found myself forgetting the sound and melodies very quickly. It was a good time to a certain extent while it lasted, but barely to justify repeat listens. 6/10

So this is the Sputnik collective hard-on 2018, huh? And you know what? I liked it. It's a harsher and more consistent Jeff Rosenstock, it's ballsier Foxing and it is also one of the few post-hardcore releases this year that were not insufferable. A testament that you can do it too, literally-everyone-else. It has its low moments, it goes a tad whiny every now and then, but the overwhelming energy and blood-pumping song-writing just keeps your mind away from that. 7/10

9:27a.m. 7/29, Another Head for Hydra, Winter Solstice, 2459 Miles, Wendy and Betsy
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