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Good/Bad: The Competition GRAND FINALE

Two men enter, both leave unharmed, but one is technically a winner. bgillesp X CompostCompote
1Echo and The Bunnymen
Ocean Rain

So here's the deal.
Both of you will submit TWO BEST ALBUMS you've ever heard.
Both of you will submit TWO BEST EPs you've ever heard.
Both of you will submit TWO BEST SONGS you've ever heard.
Both of you will submit TWO BEST B-SIDE SONGS you've ever heard.
Both of you will submit TWO BEST SINGLE-ONLY SONGS you've ever heard.
Both of you will submit ONE MOST DISAPPOINTING ALBUM you've ever heard.
Both of you will submit ONE ALBUM FROM 5s OF YOUR RIVAL.
Besides, CompostCompote will have to submit ONE ALBUM in the genre of DJENT and bgillesp will have to submit ONE ALBUM in the genre of DRONE. Needless to say, I utterly despise both of these genres so make sure you submit a goodie.
The BEST SONGS should not be from the BEST ALBUM.
2St. Vincent

Once you submit something, you cannot change it.
One or possibly more of these requirements is a red herring and will ultimately mean nothing in the long run. Your previous victories mean nothing now.
I'm also cooking up one big "Fuck you!" surprise points-splitting technique that will either save you or completely ruin you, we'll see.
3Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra
Fuck Off Get Free We Pour Light on Everything

Here's also something about the scores you probably need to know:
a) One category is a red herring and you won't receive any points for it
b) One of the received ratings will go to your opponent
c) One of the received ratings will not be added, but subtracted from your overall score
4King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard
Nonagon Infinity

5The Rolling Stones
Sticky Fingers

Sister Morphine

This is a quite pleasant, albeit somewhat underwhelming track. I like the instrumentation and the songwriting, but I kept expecting it to turn into something bigger and more enthralling. Granted, it did (sort of), but not it wasn't as explosive as I maybe wanted it to be and as it seemed like it has the potential to be. Yeah, it's not a big gripe, it's still quite a nice experience. 3.7/5
I Believe You Liar

Dinah Washington - This Bitter Earth

This I love! This track is a beautiful and emotionally stunning orchestrally-charged piece with some engrossing atmosphere. I honestly had to delay most of my other listenings that day, cause I had this on repeat. It's a pure beauty. If Dinah's vocals went with higher range, I might have dropped dead of joy. 4.7/5
P.S.: There's also a version with Max Richter's music behind it that is maybe even better.

(Dinah Washington wasn't in the database, so I put Washigton as a placeholder)
7Devin Townsend
Ocean Machine: Biomech


This track is surprisingly engrossing and stunning in its songwriting beauty and technical perfectionism. And it holds that breathtaking quality for a long time...well, for about first 6 or 7 minutes, then it just overstays its welcome and once the overlong and unwelcome outro kicks in, you've basically lost the excitement. 3.7/5
8John Coltrane
A Love Supreme


A good-timer! A Jazz beauty that strikes and relaxes at the same time. From its gentle drumming, gradually turning more and more rapid, its disrhytmic instrumental layers and vibrant, colourful and dizzying saxophone passage. 4.1/5
9Joy Division

Hail to the Thief


A little drab and somewhat uneventful, but still carrying that typical Radiohead dream-like looseness. I just wish it had a tad more punch to it. 3.2/5
11The Velvet Underground
The Velvet Underground & Nico


Overstaying your welcome is never a good thing. This song is 10 minutes long. It was decent for about 3 or 4 of those. I do admire the instrumental additions kicking it in the second half of it, but it's still quite a dud and I wouldn't want to sit through it again. 2.8/5
12Casualties of Cool
Casualties of Cool


This song's tender and soft sound just puts me to sleep. Ugh. 2.8/5
13In Flames
Black-Ash Inheritance

Goliaths Disarm Their Davids

Though the heaviness is certainly decent and the guitar riffs rip and shread, I still felt like the track lack some sort of distinct and memorable sound. It's just sort of forgettable and flat, seems to me. 3.0/5
14Dead Kennedys
Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death

15Queens of the Stone Age
Era Vulgaris

The Fun Machine Took a Shit and Died

A tune from their most experimentally unsuccessful era. It sounds quite odd and the production is just subpar. Everything sounds toned-down and dome-ish. And had it at least had some interesting songwriting or delivery and not been almost 7 minutes long, I could have enjoyed it slightly more. At least it has hints of great song towards the back end, but the muddy production ruins any punch it could have had. What it is as it is, is not good. Man, and this was submitted by someone, who found Villains underrated... 2.6/5
16The Kinks

Still Searching

Pleasant and nicely sounding tune that reeks of a certain amount of Kinks' usual cookiness and relaxed atmosphere, but one that just doesn't have as strong a songwriting presence, I suppose, as the rest of tehir material (of what I've heard). 3.3/5
U218 Singles

Silver Lining

A rather un-U2-like song that has a nice cocky chorus and is instrumentally quite vivid. Yeah, that's all I have to say about it. 3.5/5
18The Beatles
Hey Jude

Lady Madonna

This track is a B-Side for a good reason, it's rough around the edges, forgettable and uninspired... and that was by the Beatles? 2.5/5
Chinese Nü Yr

20The Jesus Lizard
The Jesus Lizard

Rough, raw and hard hitting EP that checks out all of my requirements for a good Hardcore record. Its energy is magnetic, its instrumentation is spastic, its songwriting strikes of that good old "Fuck y'all" attitude. It's a great EP. 4.2/5

BS: Inflicted by Hounds

HERE'S THE THING, I listened to the wrong Jesus Lizard EP as it turns out, so the actual Lash EP soundoff is lower.
21The Jesus Lizard

Oof, I thought this fuck up of mine wil affect everything, but not really. This Lash EP is just as hard-hitting, wild and vibrant as the one I heard before. Even the live recording tracks were well-done and clear. In fact, any sort of distortion and live recording mess added to the whole insanity of the experience. That's odd, I actually like this even more than the previous one. 4.3/5

BS: Deaf as a Bat
22Pere Ubu
Datapanik in the Year Zero

A coarse and nonchalant Post-Punk, just the way I like it. It's a really well-put together couple of tracks that might be hard to get to like if you're an inexperienced genre listener, but ones that are striking and great, if that's the kind of music you're looking for. 4.0/5

BS: Heart of Darkness

Yeah, I don't know, you guys. I tried to like it, I really did, but it just feels tiring and nausiating. It's a decent enough output instrumentally speaking, but the constant sameyness and the, as I said, tiring and dizzying instrumental/production style just made it all the more difficult to sit through. I don't know if there's any point in talking about the vocals at this point, but they're fine, nothing outstanding, but good enough. 2.9/5

BS: somewhere between 10th and 12th minute.
24Typhoon (USA-OR)
A New Kind of House

Not as poignantly life-celebrating and instantly memorable as White Lighter. This EP has almost as many ambitions as the band's subsequent full-length work, but half of the enthusiasm. I praised White Lighter for knowing, when to turn the band's weaknesses around and make them listenable. Weak vocals were mixed with upfront and bold instrumental/production combo, the overly sugary songwriting was accompanied by masterful instrumental work and the bloated sound knew how to upkeep its variety and never turn stale. All that is exactly what the band fails to do on this EP. It's a bloated, forgettable and weakly sung over-the-top Folk Pop. Not that there's anything bad with that, but it's just not as interesting to listen to as I'd wish. 3.2/5

BS: The Honest Truth
25Sunn O)))
Black One

26Animals As Leaders
The Joy of Motion

AaL is a peculiar band and definitely something I've always deemed a better side of Djent. After all, their 2016 album The Madness of Many I almost enjoyed. But the word 'almost' fits pretty much everywhere with their work. It's always ALMOST enjoyable, ALMOST interesting, ALMOST bearable to sit through. I admire their instrumental abilitites and the production, but the problem is that it all overstays its welcome. That is not just as a whole album, but also each song individually. They showcase their incredible sense of technicality...but then they try to turn directions in songwriting and the songs lose their appeal. And that'd be somewhat fine...but then the album just keeps going and going and going, until your ears start to bleed and the formless instrumentation brings you insufferable nausea. So, for now, okay enough, but still tedious. 2.9/5

BS: Tooth and Claw

Well, this is not what I remember Drone to sound like, but if you say it is, I can only trust. Nevertheless, even though it's not as godawfully formless as music of, let's say, SUNN o))), it is still lacking pretty much anything gripping. I've heard it once, while doing something else and realised an hour later, when it was over, that I can't remember anything from it, except the fact that it was long and on-the-background-purposelessly-puttable. So I checked it the second time, this time with more dedication and now I'm certain. It's unbearably uneventful. And I do admire certain artistic decisions and the instrumentation does sound like it builds up to something...except nothing worthwhile ever comes. And even when it almost hits that level, it's either too brief and forgettable or just irritatingly tedious. But the aggressive middle part of Flood III saves this record a bit for me. But otherwise yeah, it's nothingness galore. 2.2/5

BS: Flood III, only because I have
28The Veils
Total Depravity


Holy shit, this is grand! Even though Bjork's vocals have always been a point of doubt for me as they always seemes somewhat too high-pitched and specific to a certain mood I was almost never in, but on here, they fit perfectly. Outside of that, the music is by far some of the most engrossing and mind-bending combination of orchestrally gorgeous and experimentally demonic. It swirls with hellish obscurity, mixed with a layer of engulfing symphonic mastery. I got through this album in one breath and I did so again right away. Now I see all the hype. 4.6/5

BS: Bachelorette
30Third Eye Blind
Third Eye Blind

Maybe it's because I missed it at the age, when I was supposed to be into it, but I just can't connect to this album, thematically or musically. It's fine, don't get me wrong. I didn'T mind listening to it, but that's about all it really was to me. It was an alright album that was nice to listen to at times, but one that I will most definitely forget in...oh, I already did. 3.1/5

BS: Motorcycle Drive By
31Queens of the Stone Age

32The Beta Band
The Beta Band

I enjoyed their Three EPs output quite a lot, I remember. And I never understood, why was it that I never checked out the vast majority of the remainder of their discography, but I feel like it was a divine intervention or my own subconscious intuition that kept me from delving into this. This album is a formless, forgettable experimental style over substance jack-off that just keeps shooting itself creatively in its six mutated legs, all stretching into different direction, but effectively contributing to no actual movement. 2.5/5

BS: Broken Up a Ding Dong (yeah, that's an actual song)
33In Flames

Given the fact that I wasn't a fan of the band to begin with, this doesn't seem as that big of a let dwon to me. A transition from a brutal all-hands-on Metal extravaganza into accessible Pop-Metal in a band like In Flames doesn't seem so problematic to me. It's still quite a generic album, but at the very least it isn't difficult to sit through and some of the songwriting was fairly decent. It went for overwhelming, but not necessarily a quality stable, and what d'you know, it kind of worked. Again, it is an unimaginative and fairly stale album, but at least it's catchy and pleasant in how silly it comes off. 3.6/5
P.S.: I don't even want to think just how much rage goes through anyone's head, whose favourite albums I rated lower than this.

BS: The End
In the Flat Field

35Miles Davis
Dark Magus

36Elton John
Tumbleweed Connection

37Devin Townsend Project

Misplaced Childhood

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