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August 2016 résumé

This is no best-of list, it is just a bunch of records I've heard, that were RELEASED this month. Not the ones I've heard this month, but ones that were RELEASED this month that I've heard. Therefore, as the time goes, I'll be adding more items on the list, since I listen to stuff constantly. By the way, the names occasionally written under the comments are titles of songs that I recommend. If there are none written, it's either because I didn't like enough of them or because I can't point out a highlight. And now a score guide: 10/9 - 5; 8 - 4.5; 7 - 4; 6 - 3.5/3; 5 - 2.5; 4 - 2; 3 - 1.5; 2/1 - 1‎
1Thee Oh Sees
A Weird Exits

You know, I love Psychedelic Rock. If I had to pick just one genre of music that I would be allowed to listen to till the rest of my life and no other, I would most likely go with Psychedelic Rock and wouldn't regret it. You may have noticed (you being those two and a half people who actually read these lists) that I don't hesitate in praising almost every new Psych-Rock release. Well, to me it is a genre that can do no wrong. But every now and then, a record appears so vivid, energetic, magnetising and simply musically ideal that all the others fade in comparison. There's been a handful of such lately (King Gizzard, Mondo Drag, Flamingods or Kaviar Special to name a few). And now Thee Oh Sees have joined the club. Well done, you goddmamn handsome beasts. 8/10

Dead Man's Gun, Ticklish Warrior, Plastic Plant, Gelatinous Cube, The Axis
2Dinosaur Jr.
Give a Glimpse of What Yer Not

On this album you'll get a lot of what you would get on any other Dinosaur Jr. album, so if you were never into it to begin with (like myself), you will most likely be quite lukewarm on this one too. 6/10

Love Is, Mirror
3Wild Beasts
Boy King

Each song sounds like it would be a great banger with just a little bigger instrumentation, but it just feels disappointingly flat. But there is still that Wild Beasts charm that strikes nonetheless. 6/10
4Chris Staples
Golden Age

Chris Staples released a genuine album that unfortunately a lot of the time sounds a bit repetative, though not to a point where you'd be annoyed. 7/10

This mini album is an audio recording of a person's self-destruction. It sounds like your biggest and most twisted nightmare and it is brutishly unsetteling. 7/10
6Exploded View
Exploded View

The band probably wanted to sound tortured and freaky, but they didn't quite get there. It is eird to a certain extent, but the melancholia prevails on here. And that melancholia sometimes can get really tedious. But when the fast and loud songs kick in, that's when the album is truly great in its strangeness. 6/10

One Too Many, Disco Glove, No More Parties In The Attic, Gimme Something
Spend The Night With...

A raw and angsty Garage Punk, but not one that gets anywhere else outside of its stale angsty nature. (Throwing this one into the same pit as So Pitted) 4/10
8Racing Glaciers
Caught in the Strange

Racing Glaciers try to amaze with atmosphere and emotional instrumentation, but take a nose dive on almost every song due to forgettable dullness of the whole record. And, to me personally, the vocals didn't fit at all. I seriously don't understand what's this trend nowadays to put out Post-Rock influenced albums, but with soft vocals. It just makes the experience worse. Though, granted, they are not as terrible on here, they still are quite offputting. 5/10
9Slow Club
One Day All Of This Won't Matter Anymore

An Easy-Listening album that is hard to get into. 6/10
10Of Montreal
Innocence Reaches

Of Montreal are with this album at that point of their carrer where they are basically saying "Look, we're just doin' our schtick, okay?" Though some moments on here do sound fresh for the band and slightly more hip than usual (like some dance tracks on here have those), they are still in their incubation form yet, waiting for a proper album to show all their potential. 6/10

Gratuitous Abysses, My Fair Lady, Chaos Arpeggiating
Sweatbox Dynasty

Tobacco offers a handful of obscure tracks to bend your mind for about half an hour. 7/10

Home Invasionaries, Dimensional Hum
12Ages and Ages
Something to Ruin

This album is pure acoustic-ish Pop-Folk sweetness and nothing beyond that. I can't say it is a great album, but I can't say that it is not one such either, because it just doesn't even aim any higher than where albums like these belong. 6/10
Stay Lost

As typical and stale a Prog-Metal as it can get, with all the soft unfitting vocals, disordered instrumentation and hilariously pretentious lyrics. However, as most of such bands do, Sianvar too manages to pull off some sort momentum and even catchiness on a lot of the songs on here. It still does not excuse the mediocre music, but it does mean that the 5/10 I give this album is slightly brighter one than one I'd give such albums usually. Still, that changes nothing at all.
14DJ Khaled
Major Key

Well, DJ Khaled definitely knows his shit, I can say that. Unfortunately, by the end of the album songs always just seemed like they were getting dizzier and dimer. (So going into this, focus rather on the first half, that's where the quality's at) 6/10

Holy Key, Jermaine's Interlude
The Apothic Gloom

Skeletonwitch are as rapid and brutal as one could ever wish for, it's just shame that this is just a 20 minutes long EP. 8/10
16Russian Circles

Russian Circles created another overwhelming record that, once again, proves that Post-Rock is the best genre to express all your anger and sadness and other emotions, but mainly power. And that's what this record is, powerfu. The only issue I have with the album is that I can't quite figure out how exactly does it stick out from all the other Russian Circles albums (or other Post-Rock albums, that's kind of the problem of the whole genre). The most likely answer is that it doesn't. It's just another great Russian Circles' output. 8/10

Vorel, Mota, Calla
17Gemini Syndrome
Memento Mori

Welcome to the good side of Nu-Metal. Honestly, I was pleasantly surprised by their previous album, it was a kick ass and epic ride. However, on here the band is just trying to sound grand and bombastic, whilst failing to create anything remotely memorable. It just feels redundant and bland compared to their debut. Still, while it lasts, it does sounds ambitious and heavy. 6/10
18Count to Altek
Simulating Contact Against Thraxus

Okay, what the hell is this? This has to be one of the most headscratching and earscrewing albums I've heard this year. These are the sounds one hears in their head when they are burning alive, probably. I still can't decide whether it is in fact godawful or ingeniously weird. One thing that I can point out without feeling that I miss the conceptual point, though, is that every single song ends abruptly and therefore seems like just a collection of ideas (or demos) that will later transform into something more cohesive or, you know, listenable. 6/10
19The Album Leaf
Between Waves

I don't know, folks. This just feels like yet another middle-of-the-road electronic album without any actual charisma whatsoever. 5/10
20Lymbyc Systym
New Varieties

This is probably the most whimsical electronic EP this year. As if it tried its hardest to make your day a little brighter. 7/10

A synthetic Pop-Rock record that only has the sweet melodies going for it, and also some sort of general lightweight atmosphere. But it doesn't really have to be anything beyond that, and it's also not. 6/10
22Lil Uzi Vert
The Perfect Luv Tape

Alright, even I am ready to admit now that Lil Uzi Vert's shtick got a little stale for me. 5/10
23Cass McCombs
Mangy Love

One would think that with so much arrangement and musical experience, Cass McCombs would be able to come through with a record full of emotions, memorable moments and maybe even some ambitions (at least the slightest). Nope, doesn't happen. 5/10
24Ryley Walker
Golden Sings That Have Been Sung

Ryley manged to release an album that is both full of promising potential and is quiet subtle. There's a lot to hear on here, but almost nothing to say. 6/10
25The Veils
Total Depravity

Though at times the music can get a little stale and even cheesy, The Veils always manage to completely win me over with their beautiful choruses. The only major issue is just that everything that is not a chorus can sometimes be dull. But don't worry, you'll get used to it and won't regret the listen for eventually every now and then comes a song so captivating and noir with great lyrics that you'll need to hear it again. 9/10
26Lisa Hannigan
At Swim

A genuine and emotional Folk album that has the exact same problem as many other such albums. In a longrun, it becomes quite stale very quickly. 6/10

Fall, Undertow, Ora, Tender

You know, if you just pretend that the lyrics are not religious, but rather all about some really cool...other thing. It's not that godwaful, just slightly above the "holy shit, they still exist, well I'd rather they didn't" level. 3/10
28Nisan Farber
If You're Ever Feeling Lost...

I don't really have much to say about this one. It definitely has a certain sense of authenticity in the song structure. The vocals are a little bit obnoxious, but that kind of goes along with the genre, you can't expect a particularly wowing performance. (by the way, the Bandcamp page didn't say it, but it really sounds slightly Emo inspired) 6/10

Are You Afraid Of The Dark?, The Ambien Blues, Setting Fire To Bridges
29Morgan Delt
Phase Zero

Morgan Delt delivers another album full of foggy, dizziing and dreamy Psychedelic Pop ballads that unfortunately sometimes lack finesse. 6/10

Sun Powers, Some Sunsick Day
30Young Dolph
Rich Crack Baby

When an artist realeases four albums in less than a year, you can already suspect that they are going to be repetative, at the very least. But since I'm a masochist, I will listen to all of them. This cliché-filled, boring dump is just a beginning. 5/10
31Field Mouse

One-dimensional and flat Pop-Rock with no distinct characteristics whatsoever. I'm done. 5/10
The Eternal Lonesome

It is quite one dimensional, but nonetheless enjoyable, partially because of the really good lead vocals. 6/10
33Banks and Steelz
Anything But Words

Oh how I wish that there was anything but those words RZA and Paul Banks are saying, and while we're at it, a different music might be fine too. In fact, delete this useless collaboration from the history of music completely. It's just so damn corny and filled with a horde of awkward performances from both of the collaborators. I didn't see the point in this when it was announced and now I know that there is none. 4/10

This record has a really nice Soul-Bluesy vibe to it. However, at times the lyrics tend to get a little silly and corny, but that kind of adds to the charm. But I would like it more if the next time they emphasised on the loud banger songs more. 6/10

How To Cook Me, So You Say, Dusty Trails
x Infinity

I've noticed a strange pattern with every white rapper. They tend to overexaggerate their sound with needless arrangements, crisp-clean production and pretentious lyrics. Nearly all of them. With Watsky it's just most apparent...and irritating. 6/10
36Frank Ocean

What CAN you say about this? Seriously. I have no idea. But the fact is that...well...I didn't like it. Or at least not as much as the others seem to. I don't know if that is in Frank's singing (or whatever he calls it), music that is just so bland that to me it sounds like someone just cooked up something from R'n'B 101 schoolbook. Frank's lyricism is still on point sometimes. That is possibly the only interesting thing to me on here, honestly. The only explanation as to why do I find this record dull and at times even obnoxious (Frank's vocal are still aggressively average) is that I am mentally insane and pathologically despise every fantastic release. But as of right now, Blonde, to me is just a collection of boring and redundant tracks with no personality. Say what you will (and I am already quite afraid of that). Maybe I'll at some point in a couple of decades I'll maybe grow to love Frank's music (although with my age now I probably have a couple more years to live). Sorry. 5/10
37Imperium Dekadenz
Dis Manibvs

Since I started doing these lists at the beginning of the year, I came to realise that I am a huge apologist for Post-Rock, Psychedelic Rock and Black Metal. These genres almost exclusively sound always the same. In Post-Rock the problem is the lack of variety, in Psychedelic Rock the problem is my own addiction to the genre's looseness and psychedelic mood (duh!) and in Black Metal it's the fact that each record sounds alike because of how powerful and ambitious it always tries to be. But I am an apologist. Though I can rarely find differences between certain albums, I always find myself enjoying it. No explanation why. I just do.
I hope that served as an explanation as to why I am not going to explain the 8/10 I gave this album (sorry for the tautology).
Six Steps To Resurgence

I expected nothing, and that's what I got. 5/10
Well Worn

Well, I can see the appeal, but that nasally and samey sound just doesn't do anything for me. 6/10
Handmade Cities

Again, another one of those, over-blown samey Prog-Rock Jazz-Fusion influenced album that has nothing new to offer. This genre was done in this particular style to death already. And though I can ceratinly appreciate the masterful instrumentation (of course, you can't do Prog without good instrumentation...I think I already wrote it somewhere), this album just did absolutely nothing for me. And so the search for bearable modern Prog album continues. 5/10
41Pill (NY)

This is at the same time one of the most intriguing Punk records of the year, and one of the most underwhelming ones. 6/10
Decision Day

The album cover alone could tell you about the quality of this album. It's generic at best. 5/10
43Peter Broderick

Taking a turn for the dull... 5/10
For This We Fought the Battle of Ages

Well done goddamit! This album has a remarkable ability to grip you tightly and not let you go even for a second...okay, for a couple of moments maybe. However, given that the album is over an hour long, it is impressive to me how few lackluster moments it had in it. It just hits home on almost every turn. 8/10
45Apologies, I Have None

Beware, this is not another Emo Punk album with a lot of angst. It does have all of the elements typical for the genre, but the genuine emotional nature of the record makes it overall a worthwhile experience, though it does slow down to a quite underwhelming speed in the middle. 7/10

Wraith, The Clarity of Morning, It's Never The Words You Say, A Pharmacy In Paris
Fear and Fury

I am baffled at how perfectly okay this EP is. I have nothing to say. It has everything going for it, heavy instrumentals and production, good vocals, great atmosphere. It is just a good Bluesy Doom EP, check it out. 7/10
47Creative Adult
Fear Of Life

Indie Rock revivalism done right...sort of. There's a lot of good material on here that sounds, well, creative. However, for the majority of the record I simply felt quite indifferent towards the music. 6/10
48A Day to Remember
Bad Vibrations

...and then I realised that there is no difference between the songs...at all... 5/10
Dead Ringers

Having troubles falling asleep? Well here's your solution. 5/10
P.S.: I don't get why all these labels on Bandcamp are advertising albums like this one as Black Metal (like Blood Music, I don't remember them releaseing a single actual Black Metal album, only some Dance-Electronica with a slightly darker tone to it)
50Sivyj Yar
The Unmourned Past

Though it is short, Sivyj Yar deliver the exact amount of tortured and loathing Black Metal one would want. I don't have all that much else to say about it, it's just really good. 7/10
51The Amity Affliction
This Could Be Heartbreak

"...there was nothing there for me." Indeed. 4/10
52Holy Balm

Passivity. 5/10
Our Puram

Members of Menomena, The National and others come together on an ambitious, albeit quite dizzying record. Now, with a lineup like that you'd expect some sort of magnetic experience and for the most part, that's what you get. The album has a uniquely odd feel to it and it uses it marvellously. Our Puram is a colourful record with massive amount of potential that sounds truly majestically in its own peculiar way. 8/10
P.S.: It's basically the new Menomena album we've all been waiting for (unlike the previous Menomena/The National collaboration, which no one was hoping for)

97741, Red Vermin, You're With Us, Sheela, The Commune, Our Puram
54Mac Miller
The Divine Feminine

The music is gorgeous, the lyrics are sensible and the album has the potential to be worthwhile if only Mac Miller had the delivery of a person with emotions. Otherwise it just sounds like someone handed him the lyrics and asked to read them with some sort of flow. Not to mention even the features are quite dismal for the most part. It pains me to say it, but this album is truly a letdown. 5/10

Dang!, Stay, Cinderella, My Favorite Part
Fishing Blues

This album has a lot going for it, the flow is mostly decent, the lyrics are good to a certain point and the production is high-value. However, it all just simply dissolves into some sort of cloud of nothingness. Atmosphere deliver an album of tracks that exist purely because Atmosphere thought that it was about time to release another set of songs. Nothing we didn't see before. 6/10
56Blood Incantation

Goddamn, I did not expect something as heavy as this (how foolish of me). This record is striking to its core, however it carries the burden of such restlessly brutal albums, that is the unmemorability. All I could really think of after listening was the immense gruesome heaviness of the album and its fantastic instrumentation, but never anything specific. 7/10
Ostalgia - Volume I

Calmness and sophistication set in no particularily interesting direction. 6/10
58Young the Giant
Home Of The Strange

At its best, this is a refreshing, entertaining and sharp Indie Rock album; on its worst it is a rehash of all the clichés and tropes we've heard and were annoyed by in almost every modern Indie release up to this point. 6/10

Something To Believe In, Repeat, Nothing's Over, Home of the Strange
59Brendan Canning
Home Wrecking Years

This album is almost baffling in how non-distinct and simplistic it is, though the instrumentation is indeed quite extensive. 6/10
60Anna Högberg Attack
Anna Högberg Attack

This album has an extraordinarily warm, but simultaneously obscure atmosphere. I feel like I'm listening to a soundtrack to Michel Gondry's film. 7/10

Playful and non-chalant charming Post-Punk abum that doesn't even try to pretend it is something bigger than what it needs to be. 7/10
Snoring (Music to Sleep to)

Yeah, you know all these 'compositions' developed by some scientists that are supposedly meant to help you fall asleep? Well, this one actually does its job. 7/10
Outer Edges

As close to Dubstep as you can get, without being called Dubstep. 5/10

Dismal and crushing album that when it hits hard can be regarded as almost a gold standard of Metal. However, it has way too many slow, drony and boring moments that are probably supposed to ease out the tension and the abysmal atmosphere created by the heavy moments. But that isn't necessary, moreover the slow-downs just make the experience slightly more timid. 7/10

A Semblance Waning, Bask in the Lingering (approximately from the 3 minute mark)

Witness as they shriek and scream and burst into emotions on their blazing path to redundancy. 6/10
66Glass Animals
How To Be A Human Being

Much hyped Electropop record by Glass Animals is unfortunately nowhere near a revelation or anything like that. At best, it is a stale and ininspired, boring washed out Pop album with maybe only certain interesting production aspects or instrumental moments, outside of that it is as dull as anything this album was promised to be an excapism from. 4/10
The Dark Hereafter

Though the music sounds magnetic, dismal and landscapic (in the best traditions of Black Metal), none of the songs really stick out to me. Throughout the whole album I had the exact same feeling that this exists purely so that Winterfylleth could once again show that their Black Metal is fantastic, but they don't stay in your memory for that long or even have any particularily stunning musical moments except for the general atmosphere. 6/10

The band surely seems like they know what kind of music they want to play, but I just grew increasingly disinterested in listening to it. It's just one dull track after an underwhelming one over and over again. 5/10
Slow Death

It's not that this album is bad, it's just that I don't care about this kind of Death Metal... 6/10
70Bent Life
Never Asked For Heaven

How trivial and simplistic cany one get? 5/10
71Crystal Castles
Amnesty (I)

On Amnesty, Crystal Castles deliver a lot of intriguing ideas and potential, but no actual substance. 5/10

Toned-down, dirty and heavy like hell. I might have a general misunderstanding for this brand of music, but I can always appreciate the effort. 6/10
73Ritual Howls
Into The Water

Preoccupations seem to have an evil and slightly more electronically dense twin. 7/10

Scatter The Scars, Nervous Hands, God Swamp, A Thoughtful Beast, Going Upstate
74Bad Sports
Living With Secrets

Admittedly, this is lackluster to a certain extent, it is also pretty forgettable and the songwriting isn't that impressive. However, the atmosphere on this record throws me back to the early 90s. 6/10
75The Mud Howlers

An album full of nice riffs, vibes and slightly pretentious, but still acceptable lyrics. I just guess this whole cheesy riffs-oriented Pop-Rock just isn't my thing. 6/10
76Happy Diving
Electric Soul Unity

Nicely played and well constructed Hard Rock album, but all-in-all with its dirty Lo-Fi production and samey songwriting on each track it ultimately results in quite a bore. 6/10
77De La Soul
and the Anonymous Nobody...

Is it any good as their first four LPs? Of course no, but it surely is the most solid and stable they've been in years. 7/10

Royalty Capes, Pain, Snoopies, Trainwreck, Here In After, Exodus
78Vince Staples
Prima Donna

Vince's delivery and production are quite intriguing, but he doesn't really use his potential to its fullest on here, unfortunately. And by the way, what's up with those odd outros on almost every tracks, where he mumbles some lines with no background music? 6/10

Smile, Loco, Prima Donna
The Inward Cold

Decent enough Black Metal record that uses all the tropes typical for the genre, from landscapic atmosphere to lengsty instrumentation. It's okay is what I'm saying. 7/10
Honor Killed The Samurai

Lyrical master and experimental rapper Ka is back with another album of low-key and quite subtle tracks that aren't trying to wow you with some booming production or bombastic delivery. All it counts on is Ka's lyrical professionalism and your own understanding and deep interest for the presented themes and Ka's subdued flow. 7/10

Just, Mourn at Night, Destined, Finer Things/Tamahagene, I Wish
81Young Thug

On Jeffery, Young Thug delivers a slightly more focused and interesting kind of his usual unengaging and non-distinct brand of Hip-Hop. 6/10
82The Pineapple Thief
Your Wilderness

At last, I found a fully digestable Prog album from 2016. It seems like a miracle, but this album, despite the slightly obnoxious overly-soft vocals, managed to prove its worth and be fun, catchy and entertaining and excite me for the band's future releases. 7/10

In Exile, No Man's Land, Tear You Up, Where We Stood
83Black Foxxes
I'm Not Well

Well, it certainly is decent...yep, that's it... 7/10
84Harm Wulf

It may be just me, but this album's moody and dark atmosphere is possibly the only thing it has going for it. 6/10
85Twilight Force
Heroes Of Mighty Magic

Oh here we go, the most ridiculous and over the top album of 2016. Suck it Soto, Avantasia, Magnum, Starkill and others! 7/10
86Blind Pilot
And Then Like Lions

Aye who wants 40 minutes of something (with rare exceptions) you've heard already not only on the first track, but on nearly every single Folk-Rock record released lately? 5/10‎

Well played instrumental Black Metal that shows potential in its rapid and near-atmospheric instrumentation. And I said "near-atmospheric", because the one thing that kills the atmosphere on this EP, as it does indeed on everything this band does, is the production. Guys, you can't keep going on like this, you need to change the production somehow, otherwise you'll just keep on killing any shreds of potential you have. And that's a shame, because underneath that placid sound, there is a fantastic instrumental work. 6/10
88Moose Blood

One-dimensional mediocrity galore! 5/10
89Viva Belgrado

When this album hits hard, it is as vicious and unforgiving a Screamo Punk as one would want. However, when it calms down into these subdued interludes, instead of giving the listeners time to breathe out and relax between the heaviness, it just sort of loses its pace and turns somewhat bleak (not always though). Besides, is it just me or do they sometimes use the same songwriting over and over again track after track? Nevertheless, the album is a great presentation of truly moving Screamo and is enjoyable all throughout. 7/10

Pleiades/Pasaportes, Erida, Fresas Salvajes, Ravenala
This Album Does Not Exist

I wish it didn't. 4/10
91Dead Gaze
Easy Travels

Typical Indie Lo-Fi Rock, BUT at the very least, unlike a lot of its contemporaries, this one stays true to its genre and actually presents a decent enough album that is first and foremost ROCK. 6/10

Constantly Happy, Running All Around, Bus Stop
92Storm The Sky
Sin Will Find You

An okay songwriting, mixed with okay instrumentation, mixed with messy production and mixed with out of place vocals. I get where the band is going with this, but it just sounds so flavourless. 5/10
93Haley Bonar
Impossible Dream

I think I've heard this already...oh yeah, that's because this sounds exactly like every other Lo-Fi Indie Rock. 6/10
94Big Eyes
Stake My Claim

This is actually really good. If you like some easy-listening Pop-Punk, then go ahead and give these guys a well deserved shot. 7/10

Behind Your Eyes, Giving It Up For Good, Leave This House, When You Were 25
95Single Mothers

A really energetic and hard-hitting EP that leaves an odd aftertaste of both musical satisfaction and a raw aggression. 7/10

Meltdown, City Slicker, Idiomatic
96Chris Farren
Can't Die

Sweetly written and with a tender instrumental accompaniment, but it all just comes together into such an unengaging blandfest that even though most of the songs are about 1 or 2 minutes long, they can bore you to death. 5/10

Can't Die, Human Being, Everything's My Fault, Until I Can See The Light
97Echo Tail
Drowning the Pacific

I can hear all the instruments and the production (though it is quite muddy, when the hard hitting stuff begins) coming together nicely and even the vocals are alright, but the thing that kind of ruins it is the songwriting, which is just unremarkable, and the lyrics, which are often just laughably silly. I mean:
"Can you feel the blood in the air?
The metallic smell enters my lungs
It is time, throw away your fears
Bring an end to this suffering."
What is this about, the dangers of vaping?

Ends to a Mean, In the Absence of Faith
November Days

Yeah, it's okay, the production is kind of amateurish, but it is still enjoyable. Don't expect too much. 6/10
99Factory Floor
25 25

Yeah, I don't know what was I expecting, but whatever it was, I am not pleased. It's just not interesting to me at all. 5/10
Lord of Suffering​/​Die in Haze

Wow, they really managed to rip off Black Sabbath's sound faithfully...even down to the typical shitty 70s production. That's what's called being true to the roots. 5/10
101Black Nail
Black Nail

Very, very, very rough and not just around the edges, but the sheer brutality and soulwrenching nature of the record is absolutely dismaying. 6/10
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