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July 2016 résumé

July was full of great albums, but not so much excellent ones. There are some, but they mostly slipped over my head, because for some reason, instead of seeking out new stuff, I was stuck in previous months running errands, trying to fill them up with albums that slipped by me previously, therefore leaving this month very poor of checked out records. Guess, I'll have to make up for that following months. This is no best-of list, it is just a bunch of records I've heard, that were RELEASED this month. Not the ones I've heard this month, but ones that were RELEASED this month that I've heard. Therefore, as the time goes, I'll be adding more items on the list, since I listen to stuff constantly. By the way, the names occasionally written under the comments are titles of songs that I recommend. If there are none written, it's either because I didn't like enough of them or because I can't point out a highlight. And now a score guide: 10/9 - 5; 8 - 4.5; 7 - 4; 6 - 3.5/3; 5 - 2.5; 4 - 2; 3 - 1.5; 2/1 - 1

The singles were so damn promising. Speaking Gently and Time Moves Slow are still some of my favourite songs of the year, but unfortunately the album itself doesn't bring the excitement much anywhere beyond the singles and a couple of tracks in. Everything feels like your moody tired Hip-Jazz that, though still enjoyable, evokes less enthusiasm than expected. 6/10

Speaking Gently, Time Moves Slow, IV, In Your Eyes
2The Julie Ruin
Hit Reset

And the award for the most irritating vocals this month goes to...The Julie Ruin. 5/10
3Wymond Miles
Call By Night

A collection of genuine and sweet to hear songs full of humane sadness, but also occasional joy. 7/10
P.S.: That closing track, damn good.

Protection, Bride Of The Lamb, Divided By Two, Devil's Blue Eyes
Night Hides the World

An album of songs to softly guide you from the eighties to present day. 6/10
Disappointment Island

TTNG come through with their most obnoxious and tedious record to date. Every song sounds exactly the same, which is sad, because you can actually hear the instrumental mastery in there, it all still falls into the same pit of repetitive and bland Emo-Punk with almost no distinctive sound whatsoever. 4/10
6Slow Season

Slow Season deliver something I needed for a long time now, a good throwback to the golden age of Psych-Rock. 7/10

The Jackal, Miranda, Manifest Eschaton
7Bat For Lashes
The Bride

Despite all her efforts, at the end of the day Bat For Lashes failed to evoke any emotions in me. But it does have a lot of pretty melodies. 6/10
8Sonic Art Crew
Sonic Art 4

GO GO MIGHTY CUNTFORCE! or an album you might find funny if you are a 12 year old video games obsessive. 6/10
9Tangents (AUS)

This album is perfect as something that plays on the background while you deal with some housing issues you are so concerned about that you don't even notice that there is music playing on the background. And that's where this album belongs, unnoticed on the background. This is that kind of music that plays on the background in the movies where the filmmakers just didn't want to leave the scene completely silent, despite the characters doing the most generic and nonexciting things. It's boring, is what I'm saying. 5/10
10The Avalanches

Look, I wish I was into this album. I really do. But it just fails to grip me on every level, though the music is sometimes really nice. I just don't have much else to talk about. I will eventually probably force myself to like it. 5/10
11Salem's Pot
Pronounce This!

Salem's Pot have a lot of appreciation for the past of Psychedelic Metal music and I have a lot of appreciation for such bands. The band always sounds like they are just having fun on stage and maybe even improvising some of the material, but ultimately coming together to a certain cohesiveness. Man, this must be a blast live. 7/10

Tranny Takes A Trip, The Vampire Strikes Back, Coal Miner
12No Joy
Drool Sucker

Noise done right and much more tenderness than you would expect. A tendreness that is mostly hidden behind walls of ruthless instrumentation. 7/10

A Thorn In Garland's Side, XO (Adam's Getting Married)

Welp, this got annoying real quick... 5/10
Summer 08

Wow, despite how genuinely cool some of the musical moments on here are, it all just feels way too cringeworthy, what with all their vocals styles and the quirky music. 6/10

Ty Segall, the prolific madman and lover of all things Garage, is back with another album that bears very little difference from any of his other albums. 6/10
16ScHoolboy Q
Blank Face LP

When an album just makes you feel like you are in a taxi in an evening downtown in the 90s, location unimportant. 7/10

Torch, Kno Ya Wrong, Whateva You Want, Dope Dealer, Str8 Ballin, Tookie Knows II
Bobby Tarantino

Logic tries his best to sound like a black trapper, but ends up sounding like a slightly better produced fresh outta high schooler. 5/10
Hypercaffium Spazzinate

"But grandpa, I don't want to see your photos of you being punk in the 80s." 6/10
1921 Savage
Savage Mode

Someone once told 21 Savage that he can't be a rapper and he said "Hold my beer." 4/10

Smooth and wanna-sound cool and sexy, but nothing beyond that. 5/10

What the hell is this obnoxious blandfest? 4/10
22Gucci Mane
Everybody Looking

Possibly the only good thing about this album is that line on Pussy Print (feat. Kanye West) that reads "I only feature Kanye, because we are both narcissists." Self-awareness is a good thing, I guess. 5/10
23Lil Durk
Lil Durk 2X

Every song sounds exactly the same. No, seriously. They are just way too unimaginative and repetative that in the end I couldn't distinguish one from another. Not even the features help, they just sort of sit there being a background to Lil Durk and nothing more than that (and they don't sound differently from Durk either, if I didn't know beforehand that Young Thug was featured there, I wouldn't even notice). 5/10
24Blues Pills
Lady In Gold

This sounds a lot like that Seratones album. In that it fuses BLues and Psychedelica together with great female vocals and the result is as fascinating and vivd as such albums can get. 8/10

Lady In Gold, Burned Out, Gone So Long, You Gotta Try
25Steve Aoki

Well, what d'you want? It's as typical a radio-friendly EDM as it can get. I wouldn't mind listening to it on the radio in my car...if I don't have any other choice. 6/10
Periphery III: Select Difficulty

I know that this is as stale a Prog-Metal as it can get, but that doesn't mean that it isn't enjoyable at least for the time it lasts. 6/10

Motormouth, Marigold, Habitual Line-Stepper, Absolomb, Prayer Position
Confirmation Bias

Not a lot can be said about this one. It's a really good Post-Punk album with some highs and low here and there. What else is there to say? 7/10

A fairly odd and comforting EP and nothing else to report. 7/10
Hostis Universi Generis

Good goddamn! This wa one heavy ass record. Not that I particularly thought it was original or innovative for its genre, but it certainly had a horde of guts. It's not easy to make a bunch of 10 minute tracks and have only occasional, mild lowpoints. 7/10
30Wreck and Reference
Indifferent Rivers Romance End

Quite boring, but intriguing to a certain extent. 6/10
The King of Whys

Adding it to the list of albums that went completely over my head. But c'mon, it's ... just ... so ... dull. 5/10

My only issue with this EP is probably the depth of the vocals. They're just too growly for me, I guess. 6/10
33Thank You Scientist
Stranger Heads Prevail

This just sounds like another typical Prog-Rock album with disordered, twingling and wavy instrumentation. And even in that it doesn't really strike me as anything particularily memorable. And again, as with almost every such album, the vocals are almost unbearably high-pitched. It's rare that this sort of vocals are anything but annoying on Prog-Rock records nowadays. There are of course a few good moments, but the blander bloatedness prevail. 5/10
34Moon Bros.
These Stars

It has some sort of drowsy and lazy feel to it. And though at times it does get kind of boring, I mostly found myself enjoying the tape. 6/10

El Conejo, Oh So Cold
35Woodkid & Nils Frahm

In a way quite similar to this year's Jóhan Jóhansson's output, but this mini-album is far less engaging, unfortunately. Though the Robert De Niro narrative on the second track was a nice touch, it didn't lead much far away from the fact that this album is simply not that interesting. Still, I see the idea and I see the ambitions, but it is just a little too dull for me. 6/10
36Dark Suns

I like the vibe and instrumentation overall (and you can't do Prog-Rock without good instrumentals), but the album has just way too little to offer in terms of variety in sound. It just seems so painfully one-dimensional. 6/10
37Relient K
Air For Free

As gutless and accessible a Pop-Rock as it can get. Waiting here for Green Day or Sum 41 to top that. 4/10

Anicon definitely pull off a good performance, but the music is just not that interesting to me, unfortunately, partially because of the production. 6/10
39Black Crown Initiate
Selves We Cannot Forgive

Isn't it weird that the vocals are only likable when they're clean on here (in those rare occasions when they pop up...I mean the clean ones)? Otherwise, they're just too deep and growly for me to be able to digest them. And the music doesn't really compliment them that much either. It all just has too low a sound for me. 6/10
Death Touches Us, From The Moment We Begin To Love

As it usually goes with Post-Hardcore albums, this one too offers a horde of emotional, soulcrushing powerful songs. However to me, there was not that much appealing mateial on here. I like my Post-Hardcore a little more sombre and sophisticated (like Unwound). 6/10
41Dead Vibrations

Dead Vibrations come through with a surprising amount of echoic guts, but still quite struggle to paint in their own style. 7/10
42Hippies Wearing Muzzles
Animist Pools

This is a very odd record. The music has this sort of quirky, goofy vibe to it (sort of like Tobacco and Iglooghost combined), but in the end it just comes off as somewhat annoying. 6/10
Past Life Regression

Is it possible? Could it be? Is this reality? An actually good modern Prog-Rock album? Yes, lads and gents, it is a certain extent. A large portion this album is compiled of still the same clichés I was so enthusiastic to hate on other albums of the genre. However, on here they don't bother me that much, except for the vocals that at times are way too annoying, when they don't add to the overall oddball nature of the record. But everything around them is great. Paradoxially enough, it still sounds very typical. I don't really know what to think. It might also be that the band wasn't trying to create anything especially original and all the good stuff on here was absolutely accidental. Still, as of right now it is one of my favourite Prog-Rock albums of this year...which actually isn't saying all that much. I'd really love to give it full 7/10, but those vocals simply push it lower a notch. 6/10

Death Is Imminent, These People Are Animals (THIS IS A GOOD ONE), El Burro

An album with a horde of potential, but ultimately extremely tedious execution. 5/10
Oddments of the Gamble

Nonkeen present their second album this year. Unfortunately, not as stellar in its sound. 6/10
46Inter Arma
Paradise Gallows

Well, on the bright side, it could have been even more boring. Look, I accept the idea behind the long duration and the music on it. I personally just like my leghsty metal to not sound as deep-down and bassy. Inter Arma for me is just another grotesquely dark band, that doesn't use their sound to their advantage that much, rather they just stretch it out into an hours long albums. 6/10
47Thunder Tillman
Jaguar Mirror

Jaguar Mirror EP is quite a bore that doesn't go much anywhere beyond the bland Dance-y Electropop it serves on the surface. 6/10

This album contains a lot of over-the-top moments (and a whole bunch of cringy ones too, like the very beginning of the very first track) and the overwhelming nature of the album is unable to grip with almost anything. It's like 40 minutes of too much of anything. Every song eventually dissolves into an unrecognisable mess that is anything but interesting. 5/10

You can't really say much about this record other than "It's good." It really is. There's no way you can't enjoy it. The killer instrumentation is killer. The growly vocals are growly. The heavy production is heavy. This description is silly. Just listen to it. 7/10
Looking Wet In Public

Never knew that a Metal record could be this annoying. And the annoyance comes mostly from the vocals, they are really just mediocre shouts. 5/10
51A Million Dead Birds Laughing
Umbilical Dystrophy/Air Missile Defense Battle Lab

I mean, yeah, it's heavy, intense and insane. Okay...ehm...that's cool. (yeah, I've nothing to all) 6/10
Ready Not Ready

Conveyor delve into the fields of slightly obnoxiously disordered Indie music. However, the melodic disorder mostly feels more like a laziness mixed with lack of ideas rather than experimental approach to music. 5/10
53Johnny Foreigner
Mono No Aware

There's a lot going on here, from the fun instrumentation, to playful song-writing. And though it isn't exactly a game-changer or anything near that, Mono No Aware is still a mix of engagind and optimistic tunes. 7/10
54Eternal Closure
Screaming In Silence

I mean, it's fine, as far as this sort of music goes. I may have been just quite annoyed by the vocals at times. 6/10
55Show Me The Body
Body War

Oh my god! You know, for as much potential there is hidden inside this piece, I seriously doubt that their hyperactive and beyond-obnoxious delivery will ever get under my skin. Annoying as hell! 5/10
56Hanni El Khatib
Savage Times Vol. 3

As I delve into Hanni's Savage TImes EP saga deeper, I start to notice a certain pattern. Each EP has three tracks, from which one is exactly that, savage, one is quiet and one is rather more melodic. And on this volume, Hanni delivers another trio of such songs. I don't think I have much more to say about these EPs. They are good, refreshing and fun, each one. 8/10

Come Down, Mondo and His Makeup
57Psalm Zero
Stranger To Violence

Although instrumentally and melodically Psalm Zero do wonders, and from the songwriting standpoint too. The progression on some of the tracks on here is fantastic, albeit sometimes drowned by the production. But my biggest issue with the album are, besides the occasional production flaws, the vocals. They do not compliment the music at all. They sound like they've been cut out from a Joy Division revival band's demo, and not good one at that. And let's talk about the production again. I mentioned that the songwriting is almost impeccable, but the 'almost' means that the production often leaves the good and emotional melodies sink underneath the heavy instrumentation. For example, the drums are quite simplistic, that's fine, but production-wise they easily overshadow the other instruments. This record had a lot going for it, but unfortunately is falling flat on almost every aspect. 5/10

Real Rain, partially Oblivion's Eye
Nothing's Real

Yeesh, this album is almost an hour long and n that time it didn't bring anything compelling to the table once. It's just pure washed out Bubblegum-Pop with no personality at all. 4/10
59Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve
The Soft Bounce

Playful and fun album full of intriguing songwriting and interesting instrumentation. I adored the atmosphere of the record. It was joyous, blissful and slightly dreamy, but never to such extent where it would sound overly synthetic. 7/10
P.S.: Is it just me or does Black Crow really sound a like like Adele's Skyfall?

Creation, Door To Tomorrow, Diagram Girl, Black Crow, Finally First, Triumph, Third Mynd
60Focus Indulgens

Actually entertaining and fairly original Psychedelic Blues Rock. I did not expect that from a 4-votes album that isn't even on Bandcamp. It sounds really blissfully, but has some charming and harsh edge to it at times. Instrumentally, compositionally and production-wise, this album is nearly flawless. Lyrically it's...quite italian. I have no complains about this record and it's a shame that the band doesn't even try to promote it anywhere outside a full album Youtube stream. 8/10

La notte del santo, Campagne toscane, Canale maestro, Danze tirreniche, Porsenna
61Jarren Benton
Slow Motion Vol. 2

Definitely a worthwhile listen, though I personally couldn't really pick up on Jarren's appeal. I still can't see him as a distinct and wholly original artist, even though he clearly knows what he's doing. 7/10
62Biffy Clyro

Biffy Clyro are not trying to push the envelope or simply progress with their sound (unless you count attempts at sounding more radio-friendly a progress; well I don't), they are simply doing what they've always been doing and whoever likes it will like it now too. Nothing changed, though I did notice that the sound got even softer than usual. Outside of that, everything is just as harmless and contempt as it always used to be. 4/10
Over There That Way

At its best, this album delivers some vivid instrumentation, but at its worst, it is a boring dud. And unfortunately, the second part prevails. The songs mostly unengagingly drag on and the dull vocals are mostly not helping either. The only real saving grace are said slightly-faster tracks or those where this nonchalant vibe manages to create a certain homely atmosphere (though I believe that was accidental). 5/10

War Isn't Over, Over There That Way, Dardanellas Part 1
64Fates Warning
Theories of Flight

Thank god, we got a Prog Metal album that is not trying to be a textbook-example of that Djent vomit of a movement. Well, not entirely. I appreciate that for the most part this album is not as mathematically calaculated and lifeless, but the album still has such computer generated moments. And above all, the vocals went over my head. I can see the range and even some sort of professionalism, but they don't appeal to me almost at all, for some reason. Maybe because with all that range they simply feel off with the music (granted, slightly rougher vocal performance would throw this album into the pit of Post-Hardcore or Metalcore or something, and I would like that even less). 6/10
65Harakiri for the Sky
III: Trauma

Something unprecedented happened, folks. I thoroughly loved the last three new albums I've heard. I don't remember this happening before. Now the reason behind that might be that two of the said albums are standard Black/Death Metal and Satan knows you can't go wrong with those. And this album is just as gritty, brutal and emotional as I'd want it to be. Fantastic listen from beginning to the end. 8/10
66Clams Casino
32 Levels

It may be just my blindness (or rather deafness), but Clams Casino doesn't have anything to show on here. We get a bunch of actually decent tracks and then a bunch of other stuff that sounds exactly like that good stuff, except watered down a bit. It goes like that track after track; good, redundant, good, redundant, good, redundant etc. 6/10
67Senior Citizen
The Hawk

Psychedelic Electropop? I'm intrigued. Now, this album's kick-off won't necessarily fill you with a lot of hope for quality, but just you wait, because surprisingly enough it is getting better as the album progresses. The elecronic production becomes a little more up to par and the overall loose vibe managed to grow on me too. 7/10

Drowning Bea Arthur, Footprints
68The Amazing

Welp, nothing particularily amazing to look at here. 6/10
69Billy Talent
Afraid of Heights

Oh, look who's not terrible in 2016... 6/10
70Gap Dream
This Is Gap Dream

Well this is potentially good. Sure, it is amateurish and extremely rough around the edges, but I can see it working in the future...maybe. 6/10

This is definitely a nicely played Black Metal, but I really couldn't get into the production. Certain elements sound flat and make the genuinely interesting moments drown in placidity. 7/10
The North Corridor

Oh would you look at that, another bloated, tasteless and instantly forgettable record that everyone loves this year. 4/10

On this emotionally crushing and instrumentally thrilling album, Numenorean show just how talented they are. 7/10
74Message to Bears
Carved from Tides

A tedious yet ambitious effort that may only satisfy the one pretentious listener, who wants an easy-listening and relaxing one-off music to accompany his dismay and slight depression. In other words, it's simplistic and forgettable blandness for one listen at best. 5/10
75Dream the Electric Sleep
Beneath The Dark Wide Sky

Overwhelming and overarranged, yet still enjoyable Rock album that, however, does seem to try to sound much more accessible than I'd like. That slightly watered down accessibility could use some heavier punch to it. 6/10

Flight, We Who Blackout The Sun
76Night Verses
Into the Vanishing Light

So much potential ruined by completely disharmonic and almost unlistenable instrumentation mixed with vocals that are completely off. Oh well. 4/10
Where the Light Shines Through

Blandness galore. 4/10
78Maxo Kream
The Persona Tape

Maxo has a pretty decent flow and production, but there's nothing lyrically, musically or in delivery that would implicate originality. Still, it's decent enough. 6/10
Foreign Breath

On here you'll find a lot of intriguing musical ideas, from the echoic production to a bit dreamy and loose atmosphere. But for everything good there's always something underwhelming. For every stmospheric instrumental there's a painfully bad vocal performance. For each vibrant and explosive passage there's a boring one with corny lyrics. 5/10
80Monarch (USA-CA)
Two Isles

D'you want to feel joy and radness for half an hour? Well, Monarch are happy to bring you that. 7/10
Towards Inevitable Ruin

It's odd that you can hear the band's instrumental professionalism buried by that godawful production and vocal performance. 4/10
82Bear's Den
Red Earth & Pouring Rain

Gutless and forgettable. 5/10
Dungeon Bastards

Instrumentally and production-wise it's a decent record, but vocally...eezh...the vocals are almost as off as on that last Six Feet Under album. 5/10
84Gone Is Gone
Gone Is Gone

Gone is Gone fetishise on themes and styles that were done to death by far better contemporaries. 5/10
85The Most
At Once

An raw Jazz-Fusion release that incorporates the distortedness and oddball disharmonic nature of Math Rock into quite an intriguing experience. However, despite its curious musical concept and nice execution, it still has a lot of simply uninteresting points in it. The instrumentation and the vocals often become obnoxious to a certain extent and the album doesn't quite try to go beyond its initial idea into weirder and more off-the-wall territories, which is definitely something that might have improved the record a lot. 6/10
86Jay Som
Turn Into

Lo-Fi and Dreamy experience full of joy and passion, albeit one that lacks any particularily memorable or distinct personality to it. 6/10
Christ Clad In White Phosphorus

So poorly put together Black Metal with so much wasted potential is really a sight to behold...or rather listen. 5/10
P.S.: I might be using the idiom 'sight to behold' wrong.
88Roisin Murphy
Take Her Up to Monto

Slightly weird, but still oddly charming Art-Pop album that doesn't engage as much as it could have, but still contains some truly moving moments. 6/10

Pretty Gardens, Thoughts Wasted (this one is fantastic)

Sweet and intriguing in its sound experiments, yet almost utterly unengaging. 5/10

Josef, Venus Demonic
90Jherek Bischoff

A gauntlet of potential, little to none interesting execution. 6/10
Zeta Reticuli

Well, I gotta say, this is a decent piece. Overwhelming moments strike, heaviness intigues and the melodies and atmosphere grip. It does its job well. I did have a feeling I've heard it all before, but that's nothing serious. Next time maybe, clean up the production a little, because here it sounds somewhat messy and flat. But all-in-all, if you like hard-hitting Doom with elements of Prog, check this one out. 7/10
For All We Know

I guess it has some nice moments, but it's just so unengaging, like really. 5/10
93House Of Heroes

I mean, there's something to the songwriting a lot of the times, but this album just falls short on nearly every song. It's just so desperate to be this style of somewhat overwhelming, booming chorus Hard Rock that it ultimately just sounds needlessly bloated and the production makes it all sound flat and unengaging. Bland and forgettable album. 5/10
94Radical Face
The Family Tree: The Leaves

Occasionally some sweet melodies, some nice instruments, but beyond that it is as typical as you can get. Each track is a standard set of Indie Folk gutlessness, from its mildly melancholic atmosphere to soft lacklustre vocals, it's a tediousness galore. I do admit that the sweetness of some songs managed to get under my skin sometimes, but overall, this sort of sterilised Folk-Pop does nothing for me. 6/10 ‎
Das Nichts

I don't know what to make out of this. It's obscure noisy Electronica that doesn't even try to make you like it. Its existance is purely to exist. 5/10
96A Diadem of Dead Stars
Kingdoms Bathed In Golden Light

A fairly decent and promising Black Metal release with some sriously awkward vocals. I mean, they're okay, but the way they are produced and pasted in is just weird. Nevertheless, the hard moments hit and the overwhelming moments engross, so I'd say this release is a success. 7/10
Hope Misery Death

Another release that I have really nothng to say about. It's just good stuff with some sweet ass riffs. Go listen to it. 7/10

Cormorant Tree, Peregrine's Timbre, Suffer The Day
98Black Kirin

Well, this certainly is an interesting and a lot of the time truly beautiful piece of guitarwork. Go into this if you are really into traditional (I suppose) Chinese musicianship. 7/10
99Deny The Cross
Alpha Ghoul

It's like when you're not sure what you want to listen to, so you just flip through the playlist on your phone, playing each song for like 5 seconds tops. 6/10

Well, I'm sure there is some decent musical concept underneath, but it just sounds so computer-generated and dull. 6/10
Blisters in the Pit of My Heart

Sometimes nice, sometimes obnoxious. Basically, all in the best traditions of simple Indie Pop-Punk (emphasis of Pop). 6/10
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