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January 2016 résumé PART 2

The original list ran out of space, so I'm making another one. This is no best-of list, it is just a bunch of records I've heard, that were RELEASED this month. Not the ones I've heard this month, but ones that were RELEASED this month that I've heard. Therefore, as the time goes, I'll be adding more items on the list, since I listen to stuff constantly. By the way, the names occasionally written under the comments are titles of songs that I recommend. If there are none written, it's either because I didn't like enough of them or because I can't point out a highlight. And now a score guide: 10/9 - 5; 8 - 4.5; 7 - 4; 6 - 3.5/3; 5 - 2.5; 4 - 2; 3 - 1.5; 2/1 - 1‎
30Ondt Blod

Surprisingly magnetic release that doesn't miss anything. It has catchy hooks, overwhelming instrumentation and harsh production. The yelpy vocals might be a slight turn-off, but not to me. An unquestionable 8/10

Svarte Daga, Kompis Med Satan, Gjengtegn, 9900 Sodoma, Finnmark

Certainly intriguing, instrumentally vibrant Hardcore album, but not exactly one that'd stick to mind besides your usual "that was a cool album I just listened to". 6/10

The Clouds, The Mountains, Have I Become Hell

Not at all terrible EP that might not be the most interesting, but at least has some sort of umpf to it that keeps you listening. 6/10
Glimpses of Sorrow

A little bit messy, but still atmospheric enough to be listenable. An okay Black Metal that needs some improvement, but is ultimately harmless. 6/10
26Violet Cold
Magic Night

This album, though quite enjoyably atmospheric, leaves a lot to be desired in production and an overall execution, osmething Violet Cold improves upon exponentially on his next release. 6/10
25Get Well Soon
Schulz & Böhmermann (The Original Soundtrack)

Get Well Soon team up with Kat Frankie to create a gorgeous track When You're Near Me that reeks of emotion and masterful musicianship. The rest of the EP are three typical for a soundtrack of any sorts fillers. Not particularily bad and some even intriguing in their style, but almost wholly uninteresting without the required visual component they were made to accompany. 6/10

When You're Near Me, Opium Dream
24Majical Cloudz
Wait & See

First two tracks showed some promise with their subtle production and a bit dreamy vibe. However, this style quickly wears off as the band simply rehashes the same thing again and again until it becomes stale. 6/10

Wait and See, Heaven
23Titan X
Titan X

Heavy, gargantuan and beautiful. I can see clearly where the band is headed and I hope to hear more ambitious material in the future. 8/10

Signs of Time, Forevermore
22The Savage Young Taterbug
Shadow Of The Marlboro Man

This is an ugly underproduced mess...why do I enjoy it so much? 7/10
America's Greatest Hits

If you want to listen to some intriguing Hardcore Punk that seems to be overly fond of the retro sound, then this barely 20 minutes long album is exactly for you. It doesn't exactly present anything wholly original, but it is quite an enjoyable listen. 6/10

A really intriguing Jazz-Fusion record that maybe has just one too many slowdowns for me to love it. 6/10
Showbread is Showdead

And just what in the world is this? And why did they replace the vocals with a raging chainsaw riding and armature? 4/10
Le Dernier Crépuscule

Could it be that I just don't like the vocals? I mean the music is alright, it's nothing special, but it is listenable. But the vocals are just way too down for me to like them. 6/10
17St. Lucia

Well, I see where they're headed, but it doesn't necessarily always sit with me. I just found a lot of the songs on here to be an overly blatantly expendable. 6/10
16M. Savant Stifleson
thHibnørshir stemologicles

I just wanted to point this oddity out. You know sometimes you hear about some odd 'genres of music' that seem absolutely ridiculous (whether it's lowercase or some other Avant-Garde shit) and you think that people making it are not serious. Well, here we have another one such precedent. I only listened to it, because as of right now it has a total rating of 0.5 (due to the power of staffers...or rather one of them...Tristan). Maybe one day I too will make random noises for a half-hour and pretend like it is a modernist-surrealist-eunuch-witchcraft-psychosis-avantgarde-minimalism or something. emptiness/10
15Cian Nugent
Night Fiction

Though not godawful, Cian's play and delivery is still quite monochrome and charmless. 5/10

14Eleanor Friedberger
New View

Eleanor proves once again who is the pushing force behind the quality (though quite questionable one, in my opinion) in the Fiery Furnaces. Not her. 4/10
Eraser/Pure Auto

Metz carry on doing a hell of a Noisy job. 7/10
12Alex Vargas
Giving Up The Ghost

Ugh...Soul-Pop with semi catchy tunes laying inside hollow. 5/10

So humming, hissing and doing other kinds of noises is nowadays called Dark Ambient? 5/10
10The Linus Pauling Quartet

Wow, could you put even less emotion into playing? 5/10
Don't You

No, I don't. 4/10
8Single Soul
cold drone blues expanded

The instrumentation is occasionally nice, but this thing is just all over the place. Sometimes some Lo-Fi Rock, then Folk, then Ambient. No structure or cohesiveness. And that would be alright if the music was good, but mostly it's just bland. 5/10
An Irosmic Tragedy

This album contains some really fantastic melodies and ambitious instrumentation, but the production lacks any soul and makes the music seem computer generated. And the vocals are simply...well...ehh. 6/10
6Losing Sleep
Fear of Missing Out

5Emma Pollock
In Search Of Harperfield

Emma Pollock manages to create an album full of songs with some genuinely intriguing ideas, but almost all of them build up to mostly underwhelming pay off. 6/10

Cannot Keep A Secret, Dark Skies

German Post-Punk that gets way too stale way too quick. Maybe it's just my inability to accept german language in music so much that my ears hear everything surrounding the lyrics morphed into that funny accent, including the vocals. But the vocals on here are really insufferable. 5/10

Somewhere in the middle I just stopped counting fillers... 4/10
Church Clothes 3

From an album titled Church Clothes I expected some gospely Jazz/Hip-Hop, but what I got is some strong and sometimes aggressively delivered personal Rap, but it does have a slight occasional Gospel influence. Some of the messages are maybe pushed on a listener a bit too strictly to a point of evoking a bit cringeworthy feelings. 7/10

Freedom, Gangland, Can't Do You
1Jazz Cartier
Hotel Paranoia

Very versatile and varieted Hip-Hop album full of tunes that may not be especially distinct or memorable, but they sure as hell will entertain you until the end of the record. 7/10

Talk of the Town, 100 Roses, I Know, Never Too Faded, Illuminati Love Song, Black And Misguided, Save Me From Myself
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