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Song of the Day Sep 2022: Nature theme🌳🌿🌻

Hey i will host again and this time the theme is nature! please rec songs that are about nature, remind you of nature or uses nature sounds. Anything resembling nature! To rec comment the artist - title of the song with a link and tell me from which album/ep. Also keep the recs at 8 minutes max please. Link to the spreadsheet

September 1 - Pangea
"Rausch 7"

Gas has such an incredible foresty atmosphere. Wolfgang Volgt did say he wanted to bring the forest to the disco or vice-versa and i think he did.

dedex: 3.5
Vercetti: 2.5
JohnnyoftheWell: 3.4
fogza: 2.5
MiloRuggles: 4.2
someone: 3.0
Egarran: 3.4
Hyperion1001: 4.5
2Kapitan Korsakov
Stuff and Such

September 2 - SlothcoreSam
"In the Shade of the Sun"

Pangea: 4.5
dedex: 4.0
JohnnyoftheWell: 2.4
Vercetti: 3.0
fogza: 2.5
MiloRuggles: 3.8
someone: 3.5
Egarran: 3.7
Hyperion1001: 1.7
3Harry Sacksioni

September 3 - Schemke
"De Ierse Kust'

Yt link, but note that the spotify version is better so use that if you can:

Tanslated as 'The Irish Coast', I think it fits the theme perfectly and though I've never been to Ireland, it paints a vivid image of what it would be like in my mind. Hope you enjoy!

Pangea: 4.0
JohnnyoftheWell: 3.6
Vercetti: 3.0
dedex: 3.7
fogza: 3.3
someone: 2.5
Egarran: 3.0
Hyperion1001: 3.7
4Norah Jones
Come Away with Me

September 4 - Koris
"Seven Years"

Not only does the song use the imagery of falling leaves in the chorus, but the whole tune evokes the feeling of autumn in general. Listening to the song always mentally transports me to a chilly morning in the forest

JohnnyoftheWell: 3.0
Vercetti: 3.0
dedex: 3.1
Pangea: 3.0
fogza: 3.2
someone: 3.0
Egarran: 3.2
Hyperion1001: 3.0
5Dead Can Dance
Garden of the Arcane Delights

September 5 - ArsMoriendi
"Flowers of the Sea"

dedex: 3.8
Pangea: 3.0
Vercetti: 3.5
JohnnyoftheWell: 3.7
fogza: 2.9
someone: 4.0
Hyperion1001: 3.8
6The Tallest Man on Earth
The Wild Hunt

September 6 - PitchforkArms
"The Wild Hunt"

dedex: 4.5
Pangea: 5.0
Vercetti: 3.0
JohnnyoftheWell: 1.5
fogza: 1.5
someone: 3.5
Hyperion1001: 2.0
Harnessed the Storm

September 7 - Hyperion1001
"Under Sea Disturbances"

drexciya is basically the best band ever. aquatic, atmospheric, subterranean bliss, skittering electro rhythms, fully synthetic but feels totally organic. stay deep, stay pressurized.

dedex: 3.3
fogza: 2.0
someone: 4.5
Pangea: 4.5
8Fleet Foxes
Fleet Foxes

September 8 - rifkadm
"Blue Ridge Mountains"

Self explanatory, but its also on my road trip playlist for a cross country motorcycle trip I still have to take. Heard great things about the Blue Ridge Parkway.

fogza: 3.7
dedex: 4.2
Pangea: 2.8
9Baaba Maal

September 9 - fogza

I have no idea what this is about and the sounds of nature don't really persist past the start. It always reminds me of the empty balloon of precipitation pregnant space that precedes a thunderstorm.

dedex: 2.0
Pangea: 2.3
10The Hu
Rumble of Thunder

September 10 - Vercetti
"Mother Nature"

Feels like an obvious choice for me. The album came out yesterday and I'm listening to it a lot.
11Creedence Clearwater Revival
Green River

September 11 - ReefaJones
"Green River"
12Dream Dolphin
Atmospheric Healing

September 12 - JohnnyofftheWell
"Ichiban Tsumetaku, Ichiban Yasashii Umi"

just gorgeous gorgeous new age-y downtempo about the big ol' sea. bliss
13Ichiko Aoba
amuletum bouquet

September 13 - dedex 🎉
14Ryuichi Sakamoto

September 14 - mort.
Dark Medieval Times

September 15 - garas
"Into the Might Forest"

September 16 - Egarran
"The Group Who Couldn't Say"

When office workers discover the wonders of nature. Ooh it's a lyrics video too. Is good lyrics yes.
Visions of Bodies Being Burned

September 17 - Shemson
"She Bad"

This is not a celebration of nature, rather a Blair Witch inspired horror story.
Daveed is a master of description through slick lyricism so I hope you all enjoy nature’s sinister side especially the use of a squeaky gate sample
18Maurice Ravel
Daphnis et Chloé

September 18 - Trifolium
"Lever du Jour"

Sunrise. Personified. One of the most hair-raising pieces I've ever heard. And it is LOUD ( L O U D ! ! ! ! ! ! !!!!) when you hear it played live, oh my gosh. It overwhelms you yet warms you. And it's gorgeous. Also there are singing birds.
19Type O Negative
October Rust

September 19 - DavidYowi
"Green Man"

It’s about Peter Steele’s job where he worked for the NY Parks and Recreation department.
20Malibu Ken
Malibu Ken

September 20 - MiloRuggles

A bit of a different take on nature—Tuesday frames nature's persistence as a sign of negligence on behalf of our pus-ridden protagonist, whose absence sees fungi and cacti alike thriving.
21Archy Marshall
A New Place 2 Drown

September 21 - someone
"Thames Water"

cause you know, it's water. not that much in London can be considered nature
Given to the Rising

September 22 - evilford
"To the Wind"

I'd like to take this opportunity, in the wake of Scott Kelly's admission of abuse, to remind people that Neurosis is more than Scott Kelly and has accomplished truly beautiful things.

(But yes he's a terrible person)

I've selfishly struggled coming to terms with the fact that the frontman of arguably my favorite band of all time is an absolute piece of shit. I guess the moral of the story is don't idolize celebrities. But it's not about me, or anyone really but his (former, most likely) friends and family. I really hope the family gets whatever help they need, and I challenge music listeners to remember that there are/were many other people involved with Neurosis' music, legitimately good people who poured their hearts and souls into their craft, and it showed.
23Robbie Basho
Visions of The Country

September 23 - z00sh
"Night Way"
Ashes Are Burning

September 24 - Divaman
"Carpet of the Sun"

September 25 - Pangea
"Roede Blader"

Autumn is slowly coming up again so it's becoming Vali season! He did such a beautiful job portraying forests in autumn on Skogslandskap.
26Haley Heynderickx
I Need to Start a Garden

September 26 - mort.
"Bug Collector"
27Haruka Nakamura

September 27 - JohnnyoftheWell

September 28 - fogza
"Eshowe Cicadas"

Hydeout Productions 2nd Collection

September 29 - dedex
"Imaginary Folklore"
30Somewhere South of Here
Leave Me for the Crows

September 30 - SlothcoreSam

For those that don't know, it's fellow Sputbro PitchForkArms band.
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