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Pangea's Beastly discoveries

So i did this gimmick thing in the monthly causal convo thread where each user could pick a soulanimal that would be represented by an album. I decided to listen to them all at some point, since a lot of them aren't all that well known, and why not give them some love? Anyway the casual convo thread will be deleted tommorow and I don't want all this work go to waste, so hereby I present to you these beastly albums

Techno/Club Music
Selected track: Fly Guitar

Album with a big sound. Lesnevsky brings us loud, pulsing beats that were made for the club

Pangea's take: Had a good time with this. It does feel fairly generic, but it is varied enough to not get boring. 3.0+
24 Bonjour's Parties
Okapi Horn

Chamber Pop/Psychadelic Pop
Selected Track: Omicron

7 member band from Tokyo, that create a sound as big as their line-up would suggest, but that still manages to be intimate. It's maximalist, throwing in numerous of instruments, but the ambience it creates within is warm. Ars wrote a review, please check it out!

Pangea's take: This is super lovely and mostly what inspired me to listen to all of these albums. 4.5
3Tyler, the creator
Flower Boy

Hip Hop/Neo Soul
United States
Selected Track: See You Again

Hip hop with strong soul influences. The production especially really brings a lot of soul into Tyler's introrespective lyrics.

Pangea's take: I definitely get the appeal for this, the production is gorgeous, but overall is not quite for me. I found myself craving the hooks i found in IGOR. 3.0
4Mikhail Lezin


A single 45 minute track of looping noise. There's a bit of variation within the track, but is mostly a loop of noise.

Pangea's take: it wasn't as assaulting to my ears as anticipated, but i did get insanely bored about half-way through. 1.5
5The Format
Dog Problems

Indie Pop/Power Pop
United States
Selected Track: The Compromise

Before forming the succesful group fun. was Nate Ruess a duo with Sam Means with the format. This is stylistically not all that different from the first fun. album, summer-y pop with lots bells and whistles attached to it.

Pangeas take: I don't like this nearly as much as the first fun. album, instrumentally it's not as interesting. But this is still a fun time. 3+
6Cue and See
Dirty Crocodile

Selected track: QNC Murda

Ready to rave? Cue & See are with some super energetic and chaotic jungle. It's a really short ep of about 5 minutes, so if you might dig!

Pangeá's take: I didn't like this at all, way too chaotic for me. I found it to be quite obnoxious. 2-
7The Prodigy
The Day Is My Enemy

Big Beat
United Kingdom
Selected Track: Nasty

And so is subtlety, Electronic icons release this aggresive rave of an album.full of loud beats and chaotic sounds.

Pangea's take: Another album i found to be absolutely obnoxious. Reminds of music they play in Dutch fun fairs, just constantly screaming for attention. It gets really tiresome of a 1 hour of run time. 2.0
8Gentle Giant

Proggresive Rock/Chamber
United Kingdom
Selected track: Think of Me With Kindness

A really playful & quirky approach to prog. Gentle GIant decide to for shorter songs and quickly moving from idea to idea.

Pangea's take: Yeah, I love this. It's so joyful with so many nice ideas. It's somewhat refreshing to have prog that doesn't take itself too seriously. 4+
9Chill Bump
The Loop

Hip Hop
Selected track: Home Sweet Home

Cheerful and, well, chill hip hop. It has energetic production and uses a lot of samples. It's a relatively short ep (18 minutes) with 2 dexbro 5s, so def worth a check

Pangea's take: This is a lot of fun with a lot replay. I have been listening to Home Sweet Home daily for about a week. 4.0-

Post Hardcore/Alt Rock
United States
Selected track: People Like Me, We Just Don't Play

Melodic alternative rock with a post-hardcore edge

Pangea's take: I want my post-hardcore to have atleast a little bit of an edge. This is just soft. Really can't stand these types of vocals. 2.5-
11Porcupine (US)

United States
Selected track: Slider Inside

Could only find audio for this single track. It's upbeat, good-vibes jazz. You can definitely tell it's from the 80s as well.

Pangea's take: I enjoy the track quite a bit. Just a really nice feel good song. The sax (?) is so 80s too, love it.
12PET records
The Complete Cockatiel Training Album

Goes beyond music
United States
It has a track called "Hey Good Lookin', I Love You, Want To Play With Me?"

Can't find audio for this online (atleast not from non-shady looking websites). I don't know if these are tracks sang/spoken by humans to birds or that the birds are speaking/singing themself on record, but either way it sounds like a masterpiece. This is 5/5 unil proven otherwise

Black N' Roll
Selected track: Sultans of Satan

A really interesting combination of Black Metal, hardcore punk & rock n' rolll. Super high energy with lots riffs and screaming.

Pangea's take: This is super fun. I first checked it a couple of months ago and it has been in constant rotation ever since. Unfortunaly, they haven't been able to capture the same magic in their following releases, but that's okay cause i think i can jam this until eternity. 4.5+
14The Beach Boys
Pet Sounds

Baroque Pop/Psychadelic Pop
United States
Selected track: Caroline, No

I probably don't need to tell most of you that this is an incredibly important and great album, but if you haven't done so, definitely listen!

15Matching Mole
Matching Mole

Progressive Rock/Jazz Rock/Psychadelic
United Kingdom
16Calluna Sween

Alt Country/Indie Rock
17Moose Loose
Elgen Er Los

Progressive Rock/Jazz Fusion
18Love Sloth
Love Sloth

United States
19Neil Diamond
Jonathan Livingston Seagull OST

United States
The Music Scene

Instrumental Hip Hop/Trip Hop
United States
Return Of The Koi

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