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An Exploration Into Nu Metal: Part 3

Part 2: https://www.sputnikmusic.com/list.php?memberid=1052549&listid=187256
Felons And Revolutionaries

Wow. Just wow. An album of epic proportions. One of the best albums ever? Maybe. THE best album ever? Definitely. Dope don't give a FUCK what you think and if you bitch-ass conformist punk pussies even think about listening to this, stay the fuck away, 'cause this album is for felons and revolutionaries. The album has everything you could want in an album. The guitars chug like a motherfucking BIG TRUCK (little nod to another favourite band of mine, Coal Chamber). The drums and bass are INTENSE and the electronics are super innovative and not stale and pointless at all. Throughout the album the vocals have this cool effect that make it sound like the lead singer is gargling on spit, through the WHOLE. GODDAMN. ALBUM. And it neeeevers gets old. Some people may say that sounds disgusting but what they fail to realise is it was an artistic choice to represent the disgusting 'Pig Society' we all live in.
Felons And Revolutionaries

My favourite track though has to be Fuck tha Police, which turns out is actually cover by some band called the N.W.A. But Dope makes this song wayyyy better, the original I just can't relate to, what with it's use of black words like the n-word (if my dad heard me listening to that shit he'd FLIP). So yeah, overall I'd say go out and get yourself a copy of Felons and Revolutionaries and FUCK Fantano! DOPEHEADS RISE UP!!!


Talk about an improvement. After Follow the Leader, I was kinda worried for the rest of the band's discography (still kinda am) but I have to say, I am very pleased with this album. This might honestly be the best Korn album instrumentally so far, it's far more diverse and daring than their others, taking a slightly more psychedelic and experimental approach and even taking some elements from darker electronic genres like trip hop and horror synth. There's even these spacey, kinda disturbing experimental rock interludes sprinkled throughout the tracklist that are actually really interesting and I kinda wish they had made some of them into full songs and fleshed them out. And Jonathan Davis on this album is far more serious than he was on Follow the Leader, the guy really seemed to be going through a lot due to the success and fame that album brought and drug addiction. He is as great of a vocalist as always and I honestly really do feel what he is saying at some points in this album.

However, I must admit that he is not exactly a wordsmith, the lyrics on this album do get a bit... bland? I guess that's the right word to use. Even though he's clearly going through real emotional pain sometimes I don't think he uses the best or most interesting words to display that. That being said, his vocal performance helps a lot to get those emotions across and even with lackluster lyrics it's hard to not feel the agony in his voice. For example, the chorus to Let's Get This Party Started has subpar lyrics that would probably make for an embarrassing song with another nu metal band, but with the pure ferocity of the vocals I can't help but get sucked in. So yeah, I'm really happy with this, it's consistent, no stupid joke tracks, no pointless features, NO FRED DURST, just some great emotional and creative nu metal. (Also, just wanna say, that album art might be among the best of all time.)

5Crazy Town
The Gift of Game

This was just a complete nothing of an album. Honestly all I remember is Butterfly, the only song that really stands out at all and it isn't even a good track. Completely disposable.

The Sickness

A short time before I decided to start this list I had listened to this album out of pure interest, making it one of the few albums here I've heard before. I hated it. I was certain going in this would be easily one of the worst of the genre. But now, after hearing so much nu metal (a chunk of it being verrrry fucking bad) this album kinda sounds a little better now. Don't get me wrong, it's still bad, its attempts to be dark and edgy are laughable and end up coming off as goofy instead, the lyrics are some of the most boneheaded I've heard and the instrumentation is not very interesting at all. That being said, this band does manage to stand out from the crowd a little bit, David Draiman, as goofy as he is with his overly dramatic singing and random bursts of animal impressions, is actually somewhat unique. The production is actually pretty good, occasionally even adding some decent electronic/industrial elements. And every now and again a song can be pretty catchy and fun.
The Sickness

Overall, not much of value here but I'd take this over some of the other shit I've heard any day, and I kinda wish there were more moments on the albums throughout this list as hilariously bad as Droppin' Plates.

8Papa Roach

This is like the most inoffensive album on this list. Like, I can't really even remember all that much about it. And for that reason I can't really give it any lower of a score because nothing really struck me as awful (except for when one of the tracks turns into like a faux-reggae song half-way through). Yeah, this just sounds like PS2 wrestling game soundtrack-filler. In one ear and out the other, hell, I sometimes forgot this was playing WHILE I was listening to it. I'll give a little props though for Last Resort being the most enjoyable song to listen to with friends ironically, that shit's hilarious and actually pretty iconic.

White Pony

Given how much I loved Around the Fur, I was extremely excited to listen to this album. But also, given how much I loved Around the Fur I wasn't sure it would be able to live up to the heights of that album despite everyone calling this one superior. I can say with certainty that this album lived up to those heights and also surpassed them. This album is the first of its kind on this list, because its the first album here I could and would call 'beautiful'. This album is absolutely gorgeous. Definitely the least nu metal album on this list up to this point, incorporating even more of the shoegaze and post-metal influence from Around the Fur, taking their sound in a more ethereal and atmospheric direction. The chilling and airy yet larger-than-life sound of tracks like Digital Bath, Change, Pink Maggit, etc., are breath-taking.
White Pony

Hell, there's even an acoustic track on here, which on paper an acoustic track by Deftones sounded like it could've flopped hard, but it actually ends up being one of the best songs not just on here, but of their whole discography up to this point. That being said, the moments where they get just as heavy as most of the tracks on Around the Fur are pretty damn stellar too, the opening track; Feiticera, Korea, etc., are all ferocious bangers. This album is something special and really feels important, I encourage anyone who hasn't heard this album already to check it out.

L.D. 50

What seems to be one of the most respected albums in nu metal and for good reason. This album really differentiates itself from the crowd while still appealing to what the nu metal kids wanted back in the early 2000s. The guitar riffing feels a lot similar to Slipknot's self-titled and Chad Gray's unclean vocals do sound like they take inspiration from Corey Taylor, and with those elements and their ridiculous image at the time (just look up the video for Dig) it's easy to see how someone who maybe wasn't paying that close attention might have dismissed them as a clone. However this band is far more proggy and technical than Slipknot ever were, Chad Gray has an impressive vocal range, he has a more nasally clean tone that doesn't really sound much like any of the other nu metal of the time, the guitars at times can get pretty interesting texture-wise and focus on atmosphere and there are all these strange dark ambient interludes.
L.D. 50

However the one thing that is unmistakably them is their bass sound, it's funky, twisted, wonky and almost cartoonish, it really is a defining feature of this band. Overall I love this album, I just wish it wasn't so long (as per usual).


From the very beginning, if there's one word I would use to describe this album it's 'raw'. It's a bit refreshing for nu metal at the time, no gimmicks, no flashy production, for the most part just guitar, bass, drums and vocals. It's very a very agressive album and a lot of fun.


For all of you that don't know there's an album that Godsmack put out in 2000 called 'Awake'. Other people say it's garbage, but it's not, it's by far the best Godsmack album ever. The guitar riffs are kickass, the bass is hard as hell, the drums are accurate, Sully Erna, the singer, his vocals are just so agressive and so awesome and, ugh, the lyrics are there, it's just a great masterpiece. And they say it's the worst album. Dude, I looked online, I looked at all of Godsmack's albums that were rated on the site and Awake was dead last BEHIND GODSMACK IV! You have gotta be kidding me, lol, they think Awake is worse than IV, oh my god, what the hell is this world coming to. I mean are you people literally braindead? I mean Jeepers Christ... And this dumbass who calls himself gabecanread says that it's just for "people that lift weights" and wanna "bitch about their ex-girlfriends", bla bla bla bla. You gotta be kidding.

For your information dumbass, I lift weights all the time, I play for a high school football team called the Duran Bulldogs. We lift weights intensively for three days of the week. We do bench, we do squats, we do curls, we do tricep extension, power cleans, unfortunately we don't do dead lifts anymore but we used to dead lifts. We do all kinds of workouts and the music really does help soooo once again, fuck you! And you guys, all you ever say is "oh they're just tough guy lyrics", oh "tough guy lyrics", I haven't heard that one before. But y'know I always say if you can walk the walk you can talk the talk and y'know what? I really believe Godsmack's earned that right. But, I mean, dude, what the hell do you know anyway? You're just a fuckin 30 year old living in your basement writing a bunch of crappy ass reviews that hold no water whatsoever. That's all I have to say to you, fuuuck youuuuuu, sincerely, my brother, gabecanread.

16Linkin Park
Hybrid Theory

Now we have what is probably the most iconic nu metal album of all time. This album is so important and influential to alternative music and possibly modern music in general. Linkin Park had effectively merged rock, metal, hip hop and electronic music like no band before, in a way that had mainstream appeal and could be respected by most fans of music (even if a lot of them needed time to shake off their biases towards any music that appeals to teens). I'm sure for a lot of young music listeners this album was a gateway into other music they previously may have closed themselves off to. And I still think it holds up extremely well today. The production is top-notch for an album like this, everything feels huge, the guitars are crunchy, the glitchy electronics add a forward-thinking flavour and the vocals soar. Chester Bennington was a stunning vocalist, he had a sweet crooning voice almost suitable for R&B and a ferocious screaming voice that sold well the angst and rage of LP's music.
17Linkin Park
Hybrid Theory

Mike Shinoda may not be the most skilled rapper but he is serviceable and adds a great verse here and there and quite frankly, their music wouldn't have been the same without him. Overall. it's easy to see how tracks like Papercut, One Step Closer and In the End are looked back upon as classic and exremely important pieces of music history.

18Cold Hart and YAWNS
Wish Me Well

Albums on this list ranked:
1. White Pony (10/10)
2. Hybrid Theory (9/10)
3. L.D. 50 (9/10)
4. Issues (8/10)
5. Violence (8/10)
6. Awake (5/10)
7. Infest (5/10)
8. The Sickness (4/10)
9. Felons and Revolutionaries (3/10)
10. The Gift of Game (2/10)
Art Angels

Top 5 Overall (So Far):
1. White Pony
2. Around the Fur
3. Korn
4. Slipknot
5. Hybrid Theory

Bottom 5 Overall (So Far)
1. Coal Chamber
2. The Gift of Game
3. Felons and Revolutionaries
4. Significant Other
5. Hard to Swallow
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