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2018 Releases Ranked

Just a list with all the releases of 2018 that I somewhat cared about. I will give a description of my rating, favorite songs and the time spent listening to the records (for top 10 at least, also thanks lastfm).
32Against The Current
Past Lives

Well, I enjoyed the last record but this one tries so hard to be mainstream radio-friendly music with cliche lyrics and stupid choruses that it actually made me kinda aggressive whilst listening to it. 1,5/5
Favorite song: Sweet Surrender
31Bullet For My Valentine

Don't Need You hyped me up, only to completely disappoint me with this record. Not sure what I expected. Half of the album seems to be filler songs. 2/5
Favorite songs: Don't Need You; Breathe Underwater
30Machine Head

Ugh, well, Not great, apart from some nice riffs. 2/5
Favorite songs: Triple Beam; Razorblade Smile
29Eyes Set to Kill
Eyes Set to Kill

Not even sure why I decided to give this record a listen, because I did not care about ESTK since their earlier stuff, which I really enjoy though. This record however was not that enjoyable and most of it rather uninspired, whithout memorable parts or emotional lyrics that you could relate to. 2,5/5
Favorite songs: Saved You With a Lie; Survive
28Parkway Drive

Oh boi, Wishing Wells made me excited for this one, but it seems we won't get a heavy sounding Parkway Drive back. Lots of this record seemed boring and forgettable to me and this record continues the downwards trend for this band. 2,5/5
Favorite songs: Wishing Wells; Absolute Power
Till Now

Expected to get a full length from these guys after their last EP, but this EP seems like a step down and I wonder if they will release some great stuff in the future or not. 3/5
Favorite song: Downcast
Burning Alive

I expected to like this record more than I did in the end. Not sure why I can't get into this that much, might be because there are lots of quiet songs/parts on this one, which make even the heavier songs not that enjoyable for me. 3/5
Favorite songs: Tears in Rain; Nitroglycerin; I Am Tetsuo
Made An America

New project from letlive. singer Jason Butler and it gives me Rage Against The Machine vibes with a modern twist. Overall a little experimetal, but it makes me happy to hear some screams out of Jason again, overall nice to listen to. 3/5
Favorite songs: Made An America; (The First Stone) Changes
Dinosaur Warfare - Legend of the Power Saurus

Dinosaurs. In Space. With lasers. A pretty fun listen, even though it is power metal. 3,5/5
Favorite songs: Legend of the Power Saurus; Dinosaur Warfare

This record seems like a step up from the last one and is probably their heaviest since their debut, making this a very interesting listen, because the cleanest clean vocals ever come together with some great breakdowns. 3,5/5
Favorite songs: Chemical Reaction; Mouth Breather; Five Years
22Moose Blood
I Don't Think I Can Do This Anymore

This record also has some of the best Moose Blood songs on it, but overall the title of it kinda represents the mood of a lot of the songs. They are not that inspired like earlier works and the lyrics seem kind of repetetive at times. 3,5/5
Favorite songs: All the Time; Such A Shame; Pull Me From The Floor
21Mayday Parade

Although there are some great songs on this record I feel like this is a step down from their last record 'Black Lines', which changed the usual sound of Mayday parade up quite a bit, while this one seems to be the take it safe approch, therefore making this record less memorable. 3,5/5
Favorite songs: Looks Red, Tastes Blue; Piece Of Your Heart; It's Hard to Be Religious When Certain People Are Never Incinerated by Bolts of Lightning
20Circus Of Fools

A pretty good record from real-life friends of mine. Felt like this was a substantial step forward form their last record and the addition of the new singer really helped to make songs like 'Watch Me' memorable. Seeing them live at their release show was also really impressive. 3,5/5
Favorite songs: Watch Me; Fallen Paradise; Testimony of an Ignorant Prick
Magic Gone

Has its lows and highs, at points it was just too quiet for me, I guess, since she did not always used the full potential of her voice, which makes half of the record more forgettable, for me at least. On the other side songs like 'Stardust' or 'I'm Sorry' are incredible. 3,5/5
Favorite songs: Stardust; Magic Gone; I'm Sorry
18Mire Lore
Marrow Leech

Another nasty Deathcore record with really slow and really fast paced parts with filthy vocals. The drum-machine drumming might be a little overdone at parts, so it makes your brain melt when you listen to it with too much bass. Overall pretty solid debut. 3,5/5
Favorite songs: Marrow Leech; Summoning
17Dance Gavin Dance
Artificial Selection

As always with DGD there are some songs that I really, really enjoy, but then there are also those songs that I really dislike (e.g. 'The Rattler'), which makes this album yet another good one, but not amazing. Also, these clean vocals are sick as usual. 3,5/5
Favorite songs: Midnight Crusade; Count Bassy; Evaporate; Flash; Care
16Pale Waves
My Mind Makes Noises

Overall also a pretty good record which stayed under its potential due to being a little too long. I feel like some songs like 'One More Time', 'Drive' or 'She' could have been left out. Nonetheless most of it is enjoyable and catchy, but still not too pop-driven. 3,5/5
Favorite songs: Television Romance; Noises; Came In Close
15Black Tongue

Mixing some Deathcore and Doom together, to get slow and nasty breakdowns - nice. 3,5/5
Favorite songs: Second Death; The Cathedral; Abuse Ritual
14The Wonder Years
Sister Cities

Had a hard time with this record, it has a very melancholic, gloomy note to it, which I usually like, but it lacks the usual energetic parts that made earlier songs so enjoyable and relatable. So, overall I was kind of disappointed with this record, although it is by no means bad, it might also have come out at the wrong time of the year, might have been better to release it at the end of autumn or something.
Favorite songs: It Must Get Lonely; Heaven's Gate; The Ocean Grew Hands to Hold Me
13Hot Mulligan

Finally got a full length record out of these guys and it is pretty good for a debut. 3,5/5
Favorite songs: How Do You Know It's Not Armadillo Shells; All You Wanted By Michelle Branch
12Like Pacific
In Spite of Me

Great follow up record to their debut, I think they have not released one bad song overall, although parts of this record seemed forgettable, that's why it is not further up. 3,5/5
Favorite songs: Self Deafeated; In Spite of me, Consider Me
11Hollow Prophet & Scumfuck

Filthy vocals, but overall a little too chaotic for me to be top tier. 3,5/5
Favorite songs: Scumprophet; Voracious Human Grubs
I Loved You at Your Darkest

Pretty good record, has its low points tho. I also don't enjoy Behemoths black-metal style that much, maybe because it is too chaotic for me, not sure. 3,5/5
Favorite songs: Ecclesia Diabolica Catholica; Rom 5:8
Time spent listening: ~10 hours

A step up from their last record, which I did not really enjoy, this record seems to be even with their debut 'Disgusting'. 4/5
Favorite songs: Bad Listener; Used and Abused; Clever
Time spent listening: ~9 hours
Knowing What You Know Now

At first this record was way too experimental for me, especially vocal-wise, although after I saw them live and how Becca was able to hit even the weirdest notes, I quickly changed my mind about this record. 4/5
Favorite songs: Major System Error; Habits; New Religion
Time spent listening: ~26 hours
7Acrania (UK)
Tyrannical Hierarchy: Vol 1

Insanely filthy vocals. Great highs, great lows, insane pig squeals and on top of that great lyrical content. What else can you wish for? 4/5
Favorite songs: Exterminate the Liberated; Gagged With Propaganda
Time spent listening: ~4 hours
Devouring Radiant Light

Another great black metal album, not sure how I got introduced to it, but it sure is a well executed record. 4/5
Favorite songs: Fen of Shadows; The Luminous Sky; Sacred Soil
Time spent listening: ~13 hours
5Happy Accidents
Everything But The Here And Now

Saw them live as opener for Tiny Moving Parts and therefore started listening to their setlist beforehand and their music fit right into my love for emo/pop-punk. Their energy on-stage was also impressive and they seemed genuine. Keep up the great work! 4/5
Favorite songs: Act Naturally; Wait It Out; Different Views; Text Me When You're Home
Time spent listening: ~10 hours
4Senses Fail
If There Is Light, It Will Find You

Senses Fail was the band that got me into 'heavier' music in the first place (besides A Day To Remember), but I did was not really able to get into their newer works that came after 'Life Is Not A Waiting Room'. I was pleasently surprised that this record sounded much more like the old stuff that I was obsessed with. Furthermore I think the lyrical content has matured a lot since then, which made these tracks even better. 4/5
Favorite songs: First Breath, Last Breath; Elevator to the Gallows; Stay What You Are
Time spent listening: ~7 hours
3Tiny Moving Parts

At first I wasn't really into this album, but it grew on me when I prepared myself to see them live, which was a great experience. Super nice guys as well, but I still feel like this is a step down from their previous record 'Celebrate' 4/5
Favorite songs: Wishbone; Warm Hand Splash; Whale Watching
Time spent listening: ~19 hours
2Harakiri for the Sky

First record I really payed attention to from them and it blew me away to be honest. The depressive lyrics and overall concept of this record work very well together. 4,5/5
Favorite songs: Tomb Omnia; The Graves We've Dug; Heroin Waltz
Time spent listening: ~14 hours
Holy Hell

Really powerful lyrics, great vocals and some nasty breakdowns. Glad I finally gave Architects a chance again, after not being able to get into their earlier albums. 4,5/5
Favorite songs: Holy Hell; Doomsday; Modern Misery
Time spent listening: ~13 hours
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