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Potsys Pretentiously Plucked Plethora Of Preciously Personal Picks Part I

Some of my favourite songs from all stretches of life for various reasons. No particular order, these are just the first 70 that came to mind, will probably make more lists like this with other favourites!
1Dersu Uzala
All Is Not Lost

All Is Not Lost. Modern Pink Floyd dare I say holy fuck this track makes my spleen.
starfishing on my condo floor hungover as balls staring at the ceiling and waiting for
water to grow legs and walk over and get inside my mouth weep gently;
2The Doppelgangaz
Lone Sharks

NY Bushmen. Really hard to pick a fav from these guys but this is one of the first I
fell for. Just straight hood rat city drivin'; http://www.youtube.com/watch?
3Massive Attack

Black Milk. My favourite song of all time, bar-none. Being on all the drugs plastered
to my hammock in my parents room back in early high school at night. And that time
my buddy trav (RIP trav) hobbled out of his wheelchair to steal this off a display rack
for me on vinyl. best present ever. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=li-adM-qOwI

Hell Is Around the Corner. Just hnnngggggh. feelin really sexy about losing my
virginity at 16 to a cute hipster girl; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E3R_3h6zQEs

Biscuit. Pedestal is really close tho... all the marijuana;
6The Knife
Tomorrow, In A Year

Colouring of Pigeons. Also the title track. The two together bring more feels than an
abandoned baby. hitchiking across BC.; http://www.youtube.com/watch?
7Fever Ray
Fever Ray

I'm Not Done. You know, one of those ex-gf songs. drivin around recklessly wailing
this at the top of our lungs on our way to the forest to get weird;
By His Deeds

By His Deeds. A one hit wonder. My favourite reggae song ever, not even kidding.
just straight chillin mostly...; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q5bNKk5cML0

Good Friday. Grade 12 winters in Calgary driving with 40's of OE to house partys at
friends houses singing all the words with all my best homies;

I Might Be Wrong. Being a bad drunk in early highschool peacing off from my friends
when we were drinking in parks around town so I could go listen to this song by
myself cuz angsty teen; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BopLWdixRkM

Lovely Bloodflow. Second fav song ever tbqh. Another one of those ex-gf nostalgia
songs. I have an ink rubbing (tattoo) about this song;
God Is Good

Cremation Ghat I & II. Oh man just you know being on all the acid and gettin all
existential and empowered; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ra-WnsOxMgw
13Boards of Canada

You Could Feel the Sky. Part of my other favorite acid album. Driving around with
my ex and my good friend robson on acid. me and the ex mimicking the weird trees
falling down in the forest sounds by making awful horking noises and other
discomforting things and making robson completely fear and hate this song;
14Boards of Canada
Music Has the Right to Children

Aquarius. First, high school getting baked at lunch break memories. Second, acid
party at my parents house the summer before I moved to Victoria for college. After
listening to this song once the rest of the entire trip was just everyone interrupting
each other with random numbers, "ORANGE" and "HAHAHA YEAH THATS RIGHT";
15Binary Star
Masters of the Universe

Evolution of Man. Hanging out with a sexy hippy who smelt like lavender and rose
and getting shit faced as fuck off gin and fermented fruit and longboarding around
last spring; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sAFfvRxzl7E

Untitled. Stargazing in winter and CONTEMPLATING WHAT DOTH LIFE and such with
my friend robson the winter before moving to victoria. feels feels feels;
17Cannibal Ox
The Cold Vein

Pigeon. Summer after graduation, final park parties by the river before everyone
went their seperate ways. longboarding home at night with beers in hand with the
homies feelin all the nostalgia; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kj-4kHBHoTQ
Fantastic Damage

TOJ. Feeling resentful about ex's of course and walking home downtown late at night
from work at blockbuster chainsmoking cigarettes. Also watching my buddy get
arrested out of his car while he was high on m or trying to fight cops that pulled up
on us for smoking weed; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TKEXGRJSN4s
19The Pharcyde
Bizarre Ride II the Pharcyde

4 Better or 4 Worse. Feelin' real hip hop first year in Victoria. ya know just feelin
good hittin the town lookin fly turnin those honeys heads;
20Souls of Mischief
93 'til Infinity

93 til Infinity. Quite possibly my favourite hip hop song. Cant even handle the
nostalgia. Pretty encompassing in all of my experiences of my year in art school and
all the people I met and my general life style; http://www.youtube.com/watch?
21James Blake
James Blake

I Mind. Drivin' the ex around in the middle of -30 pretty winters of calgary in the
dearly departed mini van of mine. smokin those next blues and chillin at the weasel
head; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iyb9LNLIJd0
22Wild Beasts
Two Dancers

Fun powder Plot. Sleeping with a girl that I met at the final show my high school
metal band 'Snake Fetus' played. She was doin photography and I almost vomitted
my kidneys up when I first laid eyes on her. fortunately i was able to keep them on
the inside and ask her out without rupturing my spleen;
23Q Lazzarus
Goodbye Horses

Goodbye Horses. Another one hit wonder you may recognize from silence of the
lambs. But holy fuck, this song hits the heart soul right in the feels gut with a tractor
of pain; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_DVS_303kQ
24Xiu Xiu
The Air Force

Buzz Saw. Gettin' dumped by my stupid hipster first gf. jk shes not stupid she was
great we had good times lol i wore skinny jeans back then and only metal band
hoodies and shirts wow gross; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nfBo4yTLZak
25Flying Lotus
Los Angeles

Camel. Winter car chilling sessions with the gal and the best bro doin the camel head
bob and drinking double double timmy hoes coffees and doin that chain smokin
thang; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t6SXXx1Fu_4
26Blood Orange
Coastal Grooves

Champagne Coast. Feelin pretty good about myself/exceptionally sexy and thinking
im hilarious for playing cheesy poppy r&b and overly sexualized hip hop while getting
my dick sucked by a girl who only listens to crust punk;
27Nine Inch Nails
The Fragile

The Big Come Down. Pretty much ALL of the teenage angst right here. yeah, all of
it. This was my first real favourite band other than Linkin Park but we wont count
that mmkay yeah. Too many memories; http://www.youtube.com/watch?
28Gold panda
Lucky Shiner

You. More winter driving nostalgia with the ex feelin pretty sweet about things and
stuff gettin stoked and buttery; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Su1wK7iCQfQ
A Sufi and a Killer

Duet. Smoking yaughts/poppers all night at THE SHED the summer after graduating
with my sugar momma, too baked to really function but not too baked to listen to this
song on repeat forever and ever and ever and ever and ever;
30Four Tet

Locked. First semester of art school, vibin' on that shit feelin' the weird of life and
doin' my art shit in the studio with only this song on youtube on my phone on repeat
cuz my ipod got lost at an airport; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1lNJ-FoyZRE
31The Horrors
Primary Colours

I Only Think of You. Oh man what to even say how can I even say how much soul
heart pretty hurts feels this causes me you'll just have to listen and nostalgia pretty
hurts feels for yourself; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vjTIbuaGozU
Demon Days

November Has Come. Favourite Gorillaz song easy peasy. Feelin pretty swaggy in
grade 12 when I actually dressed like some kind of gypsy fuck and people called me
that as a nickname commonly against my approval. Apparently they just call me
Genie now, I can't escape it. But yeah you know summer swaggin', only havin one
class in grade 12 semester 2 which was art and usually just doin acid and chillin in
that room and listenin to hip hop the whole time well fucking around with ink
Halcyon Digest

He Would Have Laughed. Oh man the lyrics on this guy really get me all worked up
and stuff. Lots of feelin' good to this song; http://www.youtube.com/watch?
34Kayo Dot
Blue Lambency Downward

Title track. My uncles funeral in the appalachian mountains. Very trippy new age
style funeral, one of the coolest experiences of my life quite honestly, everyone
deserves a funeral as beautiful as this was. anyways after all the hippy ass
ceremonial stuff the whole family got tanked and ate well and smoked weed and by
the end of the night i was like immobile drunk listening to this song and it will forever
remind me of my uncle

Heart of the Sunrise. Driving around high on Lucy with my good bud rockin out to
this track and wailing the chorus at the top of our lungs SHARP. DISTANCE.
For Your Own Special Sweetheart

Savory. That one time Godspeed You Black Emporer did a reunion tour and I flew to
vancouver with my now deceased buddy to go see them and we both cried during
the climax of every song because Godspeed You Black Emporer. And then we
walked all the way from Granville to the airport so we could smoke all the rest of our
weed before our flight left. Sweet little 4 hour walk full of getting lost and highway
hopping.; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ap3L_NCZk4s
37Son Lux
At War With Walls and Mazes

Betray. This was me and my first gf's 'song' ya hurd;
38Mount Eerie
No Flashlight

My favorite Mount Eerie song. Just another one of those ones that no words can say
enough about, the subtleties of the little picking fuck ups, the distorted kick vs
organic tom percussion, the fuzzed out intro, the vocal melody, the way it falls in and
out of tempo, one of those perfect songs; http://www.youtube.com/watch?
39The Velvet Underground
The Velvet Underground & Nico

Venus In Furs. First time I heard this was on vinyl when I was high on acid after a
night of chilling with some lovely ladies. We broke into a big highrise complex
downtown and climbed to the roof with blankets and watched the sunrise and shit
was pretty swell; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AwzaifhSw2c

Hey. BEEN TRYIN' TO MEET CHYU. Just nostalgia for hangin out with all the hipster
ladies in high school on my gfs patio blazin and drinkin and smokin marlboroughs
and being just utterly HIP AS FUCK; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v6xU96KLBL4

SpottieOttieDopaliscious. oh my GOD that horn... Late nights after close at the
brickyard pizza joint and bar here in victoria with all the lovely sexy brickyard lades.
Drinkin endless beer for free and smokin on the roof jammin all the good tunes and
dancin' and just being so friggin sweet and stuff ya hurr;
42King Krule
6 Feet Beneath the Moon

Neptune Estate. Reminds me of my good friend Shanny. We met at the pharcyde
and I ended up going to her friends house with her and doin coke all night and
randomly months later found out she was the sister of my best friend in vancouvers
roomate. small world. started going to school together out of another small world
act and then we became friends and went to Souls of Mischief together. the line was
massive and shanny of course forgot her id at my house. by the time we got it and
got back they were saying people that far back probably wouldnt get in. shanny was
so close to tears but then she accidently cut herself and i told her she could do some
ritual blood magic and put an inverted blood cross on my forehead and we'd deffs
get in so she did and we got in no problem. this album, late nights at my condo
drinkin wine jammin tunes givin each other tattoos; http://www.youtube.com/watch?
43Wise Blood

Alarm. this one really just reminds me of weekend nightlife in victoria this year. lots
of feels to be had lots of really good people; http://www.youtube.com/watch?
44Fela Kuti

Title track. so one winter back in high school my friend robsons parents went away
for a month. they had a real ballin house with incubators outside and speakers in the
ceilings of every room and such. basically we just did acid for a week straight and
watched the entire twin peaks series and ate home made cherry pie and drank black
coffee. the only thing we took breaks for was to go listen to fela kuti and dance on
the ledge in his backyard while taking our cigarette breaks;
45 Lil Ugly Mane
On Doing An Evil Deed Blues

On Doing an Evil Deed Blues. A new nostalgic classic for me. More definitive vic life
vibes. Reminds me my lovely friend Rachel; http://www.youtube.com/watch?
Eclectic Zoo

Taurus. This is another Rachel song. She's a Taurus. Its called Taurus. So I
showed it to her and now its one of our songs naturally. Really love this dude;
47Balkan Beat Box
Nu Med

Gypsy Queens. Dat Gypsy Swag. Folk fest the summer before moving to vic with
my cousins from MASS and my gf of the time. When these guys played it was just
like fucking hippy estrogen madness. it was an outdoor show and it had rained
earlier so the whole field was a mud pit and it was just me and my cousins and my
girl and a bunch of girls and ladies and women of all ages in white dresses throwing
down barefoot in the mud oh my god i almost peed myself with pure unbridled joy
boner; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZwTZ-g_DFB0
48The Herbaliser
Very Mercenary

Starlight. longboarding too and from work at a hipster ass gelato cafe in calgary the
summer before moving to vic and chewin dat coppenhagen straight cut dip like a
dirty bastard ya hurr. this was my graff phase good memories bringing out the cans
and the paint markers and the vinyl and stencils and plastering the town with the eye
of horus to this tune; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y75nU4pWS1c
49Beats Antique

Sweet Demure. First semester at college in vic. Feelin' all the lovely new ladies all
around, listenin to this on my way home from school every night all sexy like;
50Amon tobin

Slowly. Those really drunken nights feeling the pavvy gravvy on the good ol
longboard takin the long way home so i can listen to this song and chain smoke and
Broken Soul Jamboree

Reality Harshness Defender. Dat clicky clavaka solo thing oh sweet baby jesus.
More first semester in vic vibes lots of feels first time moving away from my home
town lots of pretty night times with these tunes feelin the feely feels;
52Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs
Household Goods

Waulking Song. alright but this one is THEEEE signature first semester in vic song.
On the bus to school every day, lookin at all the pretty ladies ALL THE POTENTIAL i
was so EXCITED it was like LIFE WHAT DOTH YOU? and this song was like HOT
FUCKING BABES DOTH YOU; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nz9IJkLnpuY
Glass Swords

Surph. ok so when i first moved to vic all my friends went back to calgary for
christmas and i didnt know anybody yet. i discoverd this album and was listening to
surph every day. my buddy from van came out here and me and his older gay bro
and him spent new years together. it was my first new years outside of calgary. we
thought we were just gonna like play it real chill and have some champagne or
whatever and just bro out. on our way to his brothers we stopped at my dealer of
the times house just to say happy new years. he was getting all teary eyed and
writting his new years resolutions so it was good timing. He freaked out and was so
happy to see us that he invited us in, gave us each some blow, a couple caps of m,
and a giant blunt. then we left and got our champagne and met his bro for dinner.
on our way back to our house bro did his slick gay dude thing where hes really good
at talking to cute girls cuz hes not interested in them and stopped and talked to these
cute girls on some stairs outside an apartment. they invited us to a party so we
went. i remember the room with music was some girls room with a floor level bed
and there were all these pretty ladies dancin on the bed and shit. someone
magically played this song right before new years, and of course it perfectly went
into the wonderful breakdown at the end right at the end of the countdown while we
are all dancing and sabering champagne and havin a friggin gay ol time. and then i
met this lovely older girl from another town who was a massage therapist and
brought her home. nothing like a morning-after-great-sex professional massage.
best new years ever. /song nostalgia; http://www.youtube.com/watch?
54Gang Starr
Moment of Truth

Above the Clouds. Oh Guru (RIP). you know just drinkin .40's with the bros and
gettin our hip hop on, scrub life always ballin'; http://www.youtube.com/watch?
55Mobb Deep
The Infamous

Trife Life. See above. Swaggity feels; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6rve9-
No York!

Never Be The Same. This sexy vegan chick i met last spring. yeah this shit reminds
me of kickin' it with her damn was she fuckin hot could not handle;
57Bob Marley and the Wailers
African Herbsman

African Herbsman. Ok, I didn't discover this song for so long but it is easy my fav
bob song. My friend Sarah sings in a reggae band and i remember I went and saw
her play at this carribean bar and she dedicated this song to me and I feels bonered
all over the place; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nfyLTdEo8jo
58The Brian Jonestown Massacre
Their Satanic Majesties' Second Request

Anemone. Those acidy psych feels man just unbeatable. Reminds me of winter
break out here house sitting my buddies place and having dance parties in his living
room and thinking im hilarious for getting girls in his bed and making it stink like my
man odour and patchouli hahaha so funni he didnt think so...;
Mount Chimaera

Slow Knots. Hurty feels this one is a heart ripper for sure. Seeing this band live kind
of ruined me for a couple weeks; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yk1g5FAB9_Q
Native Speaker

Lemonade. More winter car sesh's with the ex yeah we listened to some fab electro
pop shit didnt we yes we did very fab indeed; http://www.youtube.com/watch?
61Ellen Allien & Apparat
Orchestra of Bubbles

Leave Me Alone. More of the above. When I was just graduated and my girl of the
time was still in grade 12 on her birthday I showed up at her school and got her
phoned down to the office, kidnapped her, and drove her to banff. We always liked
to steal things for each other cuz we were shit heads so we spent the day hitting
stores up and secretly stealing things for each other and presenting our catches as
we got out of each store. She was fresh out of rehab so she wasn't drinking so when
i got her dinner I got the waitress to bring two wine glasses with apple juice in them
haha I'm so clever wowie wee wa. we listened to this shit all the way home;
62Colin Stetson
New History Warfare, Vol 2: Judges

Fear of the Unknown and the Blazing Sun. This one is just so mesmerizing. Lots of
dramatic life contemplation and existential mind raking to this behemoth of a bitty;
In Rainbows

All I Need. Night times baked out of my tree in the winter of grade 9 walking around
in the snow and just being all mezmerized and tripped out about life and stuff. this
one went on for years, one of those hurts so good cant even listen kind of songs;
64Jenny Hval

Portrait of a Young Girl As An Artist. First off those lyrics. Even more VISCERAL
than I was feeling at one of the feeliest times of my life! Anyways, not much to say
about this except there were feels to be had. Lots and lots of feels;
65Nicolas Jaar
Space Is Only Noise

I've Got A Woman. I didn't have a woman when this song became an important part
of my life so thats ironic... but I had a sugar momma! Another song often listened to
while smoking poppers in her shed until 4 in the morning.
Maggot Brain

Title track. laying in bed all sprawled the fuck out wit natalie and dan coming down
off molly and smoking weed out of a giant wooden peace pipe while listening to this
on vinyl. floaty ass float feels for sure; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JOKn33-

Guuurl. This one reminds me of my lovely friend Rachel too. We jam, feels are had.
Also memories of listening to this on a tiny island with missy hippy sexy tits from last
spring while watchin the sunset go down and smokin those cloves;

Pistols and Crystals. Magically misty night walks home in the winter in victoria to my
old place down town god damn another one that hurts so good id hate fuck it;
69The Microphones
The Glow pt.2

The Glow Pt. 2. List would not be complete without, I can't even talk about this one,
probably don't need to this is sputnik, many many of you will understand perfectly;
Eyelid Movies

When I'm Small. Oh god. Driving around intoxicated with suga momma eva back in
calgary bumping the shit out of this good-in in the summer time. love cannot be
summerized. also this chick touched my butt when i went to see her live. SHE
TOUCHED MY BUTT; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=28tZ-S1LFok
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