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Favorite Pies (2500 ratings)

List is favorite pies in correlation with my pie chart genres, and a celebration of 2500 ratings. Within each pie ranking is my 5 favorite albums from the corresponding genre.

Pie: Pecan

Genre: Electronic

Get consumed by the minimal deep dark dub techno of Richie Hawtin. Let the blissful production wash over you until you drown in it's depth. This is minimal techno.

There is a very warm quality unlike any other Autechre release present here. I think this is the result of adding lush pads and synths as an atmospheric backdrop. This doesn't become apparent, however, until after the opener, Foil , which is the coldest sounding track on the album. From that point on lushness blooms before you with the fusion of IDM and an atmosphere that helps everything breathe life. The cover art is a perfect reflection of the warmth (atmosphere) hitting a rocky cold and distance world (the unpredictable nature of IDM).
3Aphex Twin
Selected Ambient Works 85-92

Richard D. James under his most prominent pseudonym Aphex Twin crafts an album (compilation?) of Ambient Techno that hadn't been heard before. Through 13 tracks he is able to seamlessly fuse ambient soundscapes and the techno rhythms of rave and acid-house culture,and sprinkle subtly beautiful melodies over top. This aesthetic became a driving force for his albums to come and influenced a countless number of bedroom producers.
4DJ Shadow

After the explosion of hip-hop in the late 80's and early 90's, there was still a lot of room for fusion of influence and innovation. So the california kid did just that. He took the crate digging aesthetic of early boom bap and hip-hop producers to a whole new level by uniting dozens of samples from the works of varied artists around the world. He did this with unfaltering persistence which is turn made the music come to life as a whole. It's a shame that not many casual fans of hip-hop are able to identify and realize what made DJ Shadow so great.
5Massive Attack

This is probably the album that made me fall in love with the vast genre that is electronic. It wasn't until 12th grade that I grew an appreciation for it and it was a comment on one of my tracks under the name An Urban Assault on soundcloud that gave me incentive to check out Massive Attack. After about 30 seconds of research I started with Mezzanine. I put on my headphones and was drawn into a dark world unlike anything I'd ever heard. It's dystopian aura of foggy atmosphere swirls into post apocolyptic rhythms and beats that fall onto lyrics and vocals of self reflection and the state of the times in London. As time went on my obsession grew larger and I was able to spread roots and draw inspiration and appreciation from many different styles of electronic.
Autumn Aurora

Pie: Banana Cream

Genre: Black metal

Roman Saenko is able to successfully take you on a journey through the enchanting Ukranian forests on Autumn Aurora. This album has dense layers akin to a forest and does this with an organic sound and mix that surrounds you with life and meaning. The guitar riffs drone and hang around a pummeling drum performance from Vlad. Sunwheel is probably my favorite atmospheric bm song ever written and the albums closer has a tendency to give me shivers due to it's enchanting nature.
7Blut Aus Nord
The Work Which Transforms God

I'm fairly new to this album so it's inclusion alone validates it's impact on me. This album is like a deformed beast wreaking havoc on the listener. And like the spectacle that that would be it draws you in. The riffs are unlike anything you've heard before. They spiral around programmed drums which are done with such precision and nuance that an acoustic kit might not do the album justice, all while creating a hellish sound that encapsulates the listener into it's apocolyptic cage. If you are a fan of dissonance and atmosphere this is the album for you.
Bergtatt - Et eeventyr i 5 capitler

If you are a fan of atmospheric black metal, you've heard this album. It is quintessential in all that it does. From it's dreamy atmosphere on the opener to the alluring qualities of acoustic minimalism all the way to the fierceness of it's more aggressive passages, Ulver craft an album showcasing their black metal wizardry, which in turn justifies their right to further explore different musical endeavors for the rest of their astonishing careers (some 25 years ongoing) .
In The Nightside Eclipse

Emperor to me does black metal like no one else does black metal (at least at the time). Ihsahn seems to reach a higher register than most yet he still manages to maintain a painful rasp and anguish in his inflection. The atmosphere on this album is incredibly sinister and dense akin to being trapped in an unknown dungeon during a cold winter. This cornerstone of black metal may have opened up doors for subpar symphonic bands like Dimmu Borgir, Cradle of Filth, and the like but it doesn't take away from the mastery of this album.

With the release of Autumn, I can't help but be a little disappointed that he didn't continue to trademark just how beautifully he created this brittle winter wind atmosphere. The songs are perfect length in that they don't drag yet still long enough to bring you close into his world of despair. His voice is painful in a very convincing and inspired manner. Also, in the track listing is maybe the best ambient track I've heard from a BM outfit.
Double Nickels on the Dime

Pie: Blueberry

Genre: Punk
12The Clash
London Calling
13The Stooges
Fun House
14Dead Kennedys
Plastic Surgery Disasters
16Demolition Hammer
Epidemic of Violence

Pie: Apple

Genre: Death Metal
Unquestionable Presence
Left Hand Path

Pie: Boston Cream

Genre: Ambient
1 2 3
New Age of Earth
24Tangerine Dream
25Aphex Twin
Selected Ambient Works Volume II

Pie: Blackberry

Genre: Folk
27Nick Drake
Pink Moon
28Neil Young
On the Beach
29Mark Lanegan
I'll Take Care Of You
30Bob Dylan
Blonde on Blonde
Still Life

Pie: Cherry

Genre: Progressive Metal
32Edge of Sanity
Black Future
Mental Vortex

Pie: Pumpkin

Genre: Thrash
Think This
Ride the Lightning
39Morbid Saint
Spectrum of Death
Alice in Hell

Notable artists not rep'd by pie
42Dead Can Dance
Within the Realm of a Dying Sun
43Alice in Chains
44Black Sabbath
Black Sabbath
45Faith No More
Angel Dust
MM.. Food
Welcome to Sky Valley
49Pink Floyd
The Dark Side of the Moon
51Queens of the Stone Age
Songs for the Deaf
Kid A
53Rites of Spring
Rites of Spring
Marquee Moon
55The La's
The La's
56Tom Waits
Rain Dogs
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