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Albums that I'll admit I like

So rather or not you like these albums, I'd like to give my personal few point on why Iike them.
Scorpio Rising

Now a lot of people might not like this because of Tommy forced sounding vocals on this album and that's cool. I still found a great deal of the songs like Avoid Promises Detached and Out of This Realm to be pretty catchy. The vocals on this don't bother me though, even if some of the songs sounds forced.I can tell why a good bit of people might dislike this album, But I just happen to find them catchy and even heavier and aggressive.

Now I felt a little bit of their second album Awake in this one, and I liked songs like Turning To Stone I guess that's why I felt this was fine. Now I know Godsmack isn't everyone's cup of tea and that's fine, but compared to The Oracle which I didn't care much for but I thought it was ok I thought this was a bit better. I didn't think this was going to be any good either after The Oracle, but to my surprise I enjoyed it and not many people on this site did but that's cool. Now to me is this anything special compared to Awake and Faceless? well no not really. But compared to the Oracle which people do seem to like more (unless you also go to metal storm which it holds a 7.6 and Oracle holds 7.4). I liked this more. But I wouldn't mind hearing anyone's opinion on why you think Oracle is better.

Yes I like this album it really shouldn't be a surprise with a silly name like Tomstein lol. But anyway I didn't feel like it was that bad. Now some will say it's boring and doesn't have the same energy like Herzeleid, Sehnsucht, and Mutter and that's cool. Although I thought it was fine to me it's just as heavy in a way but just slower I guess. Songs like mann gegen mann and benzin are great to me, it shows a side that's just as heavy as mutter. Now a lot of people say Sehnsucht is heaver and that's cool, but I've always thought Sehnsucht was more up beat with songs like du Hast, bestrafe Mich, sehnsucht, and eifersucht.To tell you the truth I always thought it was their least heavy album compared to Herzeleid and the others. Rather this is the lighter albums or not I still like it but then again this album is more mixed then negative. So to some it's not entirely a bad album which is great.

Now to tell you the truth I was new to this band when I heard this album. I was just getting into them after I heard keep on galloping So really I didn't see the whole repetitive thing with this band until much latter. Now I still enjoy this band but I haven't heard every album they made really. I guess that's why I still enjoy them because I haven't heard every single song they made. Silly reason but that's all I got they just seem like a really fun band to listen to from time to time.
Start a War

Now to many it seems Static-x went down hill after the first album Wisconsin Death Trip. But I still liked them after that ,heck I'm the one is what really got me into them. While yea Cult of Static is one of the weaker albums I think start a war is more enjoyable as well is Cannibal also at least.
Democratic Solution

Yes this album is terrible, it's laughably bad and that's why I like it. It's so ridiculous but I can't help to have it as a guilty pleasure. I know there are people who probably can't even stomach this album but me I had a blast.
Skills In Pills

Surprised? I'm pretty sure no one would be. Anyway to make this short and sweet it was fun to me and really that's all they really wanted, and that's all it really matters to me. Didn't really need to be super serious or classy for me to enjoy it. That's all I can really say.
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