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Sput Genres Ranked (But Correctly This Time)

what ars did but ryus version
75Against Me!
Reinventing Axl Rose

F-tier, FOLK PUNK: there is nothing redeemable about folk punk
74Blind Guardian
Nightfall in Middle-Earth

F-tier, POWER METAL: this might be the only genre here (besides folk punk) where i'm hard-pressed to think of an album i don't despise. "nightfall in middle-earth" gets a pass from me because i dug it when i was like 12. other than that, power metal is impressively awful across the board.
Milo Goes to College

F-tier, POP PUNK: looking at the all-time charts for this genre was truly a depressing experience. catch 22's "keasbey nights" was another 12-year-old-ryus-jam, so that's nice to see, and "milo goes to college" rules, but those two are cancelled out by the sea of bullshit here. it's seriously rough.

F-tier, MELODIC DEATH METAL – it's kind of amazing that despite death metal being high-upper-tier, we have such an awful genre here. to be honest, i probably enjoy more pop punk albums than melodic DM ones, but the lower bound of enjoyment is slightly higher for melodic death metal.
71Black Sabbath

E-tier, HEAVY METAL: black sabbath can't save this very bad genre from itself
70Electric Wizard

E-tier, STONER ROCK: i don't really like qotsa or kyuss, which is a bad sign for my enjoyment of stoner rock. dopethrone is aight though.
69Choking Victim
No Gods, No Managers

E-tier, SKA: i have no idea what actual ska sounds like but ska-punk and whatnot is certified garbage, save some vaguely amusing bands like choking victim.
Around the Fur

E-tier, NU-METAL: i have a soft spot for stuff like linkin park and the first slipknot album, and deftones is cool, but that's not enough to bring nu-metal out of the E-tier.
67The Stooges
Fun House

E-tier, HARD ROCK: when i think of hard rock, my initial reaction is one of repugnance, because i think of AC/DC, guns n roses, van halen etc. it's not all bad, but i'm basically allergic to this genre
Unquestionable Presence

E-tier, PROGRESSIVE METAL: athiest, MOTW, and voivod are doing some serious heavy lifting here. mostly terrible, rarely great
65Talk Talk
Laughing Stock

E-tier, POST-ROCK: if not for genre outliers "laughing stock,""spiderland,"and "hex," this would be even lower. death to crescendocore
64Grateful Dead
Europe '72

E-tier, JAM ROCK: yeah the grateful dead is cool, but i've put this one off for long enough. this genre is slim pickins, and mostly goofy in a bad way. i guess it's not as egregiously bad as the genres below, but it's still solid E-tier. not good
63Christopher Larkin
Hollow Knight

E-tier, SOUNDTRACK: just gonna get rid of this one since it is literally not a genre.
Blood Fire Death

D-tier, THRASH METAL: we have finally arrived in the D-tier. please forward all hate mail to mx because i know y'all are going to hate on me for this one but it had to be done. i'm sorry but metallica sucks. the only thrash i really like is when it's mixed with other genres, so yeah, thrash is D-tier.
61Black Sabbath
Master of Reality

D-tier, METAL: even though there are definitely some subgenres of metal i enjoy as we will see later, i have to get rid of metal at this point. the majority of genres i've eliminated have been metal. it was inevitable
Through Silver in Blood

D-tier, POST METAL: not so much terrible as inoffensive. neurosis is pretty cool, and if you're counting kayo dot stuff like "choirs of the eye" then that's another boon for post-metal. otherwise, meh
59Steve Reich
Music for 18 Musicians

C-tier, MINIMAL: we're already in the C-tier here. maybe i'm too posi but most genres don't make me spazz out in rage. anyway this is just one of the genre tags on sput that i've explored the least. maybe it could rise if i listened to more of it but honestly i just dont know much of it. "music for 18 musicians" was pretty alright i think. i'll plead ignorance on this one
Different Class

C-tier, BRITPOP: like most people, i only know like 4 bands in this genre. they're okay, for the most part. i like pulp, and the verve is good when they meld britpop and psychedelia.
Transcendence into the Peripheral

C-tier, DOOM METAL: traditional doom metal sucks. however, mix in some goth à la type o negative, or some DM à la disembowelment, and i'll have a good time
56George Harrison
All Things Must Pass

C-tier, POP ROCK: there's a lot of good stuff that could be labeled pop rock, mostly from the last century though. i'm not gonna pretend like it's not a genre mired in shit as well.

C-tier, SLUDGE METAL: sludge metal gets a small boost above similar metal genres for including godflesh. shit like eyehategod and iron monkey is cool too. honestly a genre i haven't explored as much as i would have liked
54Alice Coltrane
Turiya Sings

C-tier, NEW AGE: another genre i have to plead ignorance about. i like it, in theory. i think i liked alice coltrane's new age stuff. let's just stick it here
53Dizzee Rascal
Boy In Da Corner

C-tier, GRIME: this could probably go a little lower since most of it isn't great, but "boy in da corner" is one of my favorite albums, period. i don't particularly care about most other straight-up grime albums, but i have no qualms about putting the genre here just because of that one album. listen to it
52Johann Sebastian Bach
Matthäus-Passion, BWV 244

C-tier, CLASSICAL: i'm a philistine, a peon, and a plebeian. i don't listen to classical. i don't have any problems with it, per se, and there were definitely some pieces i liked when i used to play the piano. but i just don't have any interest in it, really. maybe some modern classical would pique my interest.
51Ali Farka Toure

C-tier, BLUES: this is really limited genre to me. i don't particularly care about it as a whole, but i respect it and certainly don't mind listening to it. the stuff i like is mostly from africa like ali farka touré.
50Doc Watson

C-tier, BLUEGRASS: another genre i don't really know where to put. is it good? yes. is it not very versatile? also yes. still, i dig what i've heard and i dig the vibes.
Horse Rotorvator

C-tier, INDUSTRIAL: i hate to blame the parent for the sins of the child, but i don't really like industrial metal or industrial rock. straight-up industrial is cool from what i've heard, like NWW. post-industrial is a thumbs up from me too. i guess it balanced out to a high C-tier
48A. G. Cook
Radio Tank Mix

C-tier, POP: feels kind of ridiculous ranking the big genres like this, so don't get too mad at me. pop can be very very good or very very bad. it goes somewhere in the middle
47The Congos
Heart of the Congos

B-tier, REGGAE: here we are, finally, at the B-tier. reggae is a nice and solid genre with plenty of bangers like gregory isaacs, king tubby, and the congos. could easily see it rising higher if i jammed it more.
46Miles Davis
In A Silent Way

B-tier, JAZZ FUSION: ok cotton, this one is for you. honestly, the extremely unscientific method of looking at the top-rated albums in the genre on sput makes jazz fusion look really good, but so many of them aren't actually jazz fusion. "in a silent way" is goated, and there's some other fun stuff out there as well, but i can't say i know too much about this genre to put it any higher/lower.
45Alice in Chains

B-tier, GRUNGE: i could see a world where grunge is C-tier or lower for birthing the beast of post-grunge and whatnot. but this world is not that world. i appreciate grunge, and a young ryus would have put it even higher. alice in chains is basically the only grunge band i continue to listen to, but it was a formative genre for me
44The Microphones
The Glow Pt. 2

B-tier, INDIE FOLK: despite its milquetoast possibilities, a lot of indie folk is quite good. there's a wide gap in quality, but there are some very high highs and some of my favorite albums fall under this genre.
43Natural Snow Buildings
Daughter of Darkness

B-tier, DRONE: wish i knew more drone, because i haven't found anything i really hated, and most of what i've heard i really dig. natural snow buildings, yellow swans, henry flynt, and other droners™ bring the heat. good genre!
42Paysage d'Hiver
Paysage d'Hiver

B-tier, BLACK METAL: black metal is a genre that i thought i would like more than i do. i still like it quite a bit, but it hasn't clicked with me like i thought it would. still, it's atmospheric, it's raw, it's intense, and it's wintry. good shit
Today's Active Lifestyles

B-tier, MATH ROCK: this is a genre that can go in a few different directions, good or bad. when coupled with post-hardcore and the noisier sides of rock, it can be pretty cool. then you have boring shit like toe and TTNG, which is pretty lame. still, i can't deny that math rock is a solid B-tier genre. thumbs up
40King Crimson

B-tier, PROGRESSIVE ROCK: when it's good, it's very good. unfortunately, those very good albums are less common than i wish they were, from my experience. when i have to suffer through porcupine tree, the mars volta, and tool rip-offs to find good neo-prog, it's not a good sign. still though, lots of quality albums that have been important to me in my musical journey
Youth of America

B-tier, ROCK: where the fuck am i supposed to put this? it's rock. you know it and you love it. there's a lot of good stuff. it gives me B-tier vibes as a whole. idk
38The Band
The Band

B-tier, AMERICANA: this gets put in the B-tier because i don't know what it means. looking at the albums on the charts, i like many of them. however, i've deducted some points because i don't like it as a category
37Discordance Axis
The Inalienable Dreamless

B-tier, GRIND: i really like all of the remaining genres so this is getting really tough. that being said, it's time to say goodbye to grind. even though "the inalienable dreamless" is maybe top 10 OAT, i don't think there's enough grind i love to put it in the A-tier. i guess this is the beginning of the B+ tier.
36Hank Williams
40 Greatest Hits

B-tier, COUNTRY: sorry boney. i do love a lot of country, but i don't have to even mention the issues with this genre. i just don't know enough of the good stuff to put it any higher. still, shout out to hank williams, merle haggard, gram parsons, patsy cline, mr. johnny cash, and everybody else keeping it real.
35Stevie Wonder
Songs in the Key of Life

B-tier, SOUL: very cool and good genre
34Frank Ocean

B-tier, R&B: very cool and good as well. this is above soul because of exciting modern r&b
33William Onyeabor
In Body & Soul

B-tier, FUNK: very cool and good again. this is above r&b because of afro-funk. i group these three together in my mind and they're about the same in terms of quality.
32I Hate Myself
10 Songs

B-tier, EMO: if we're including screamo here (which i am), then this is a fair placement for emo. if we aren't, i think this would have been a lower B-tier genre. the more pop-punk side of the genre certainly sucks, but i can forgive that when basically every other iteration of emo rules hard.
31Boards of Canada
Music Has the Right to Children

B-tier, IDM: the first electronic genre has fallen, and yes, it's IDM, despite boards of canada being one of my favorite groups of all time. how is this possible? well, boards of canada are pretty unique in the IDM world, and IDM might be the only electronic genre where i'm not really a fan of the underground stuff. this genre can annoy me sometimes, but there's definitely enough good stuff to keep it in the B-tier.
30DJ Metatron
Loops of Infinity (A Rave Loveletter)

B-tier, TRANCE: trance would have previously been a lot lower on this list. it was probably one of the last subgenres of electronic that i got into. i'm still a little iffy on some of the stuff i've heard, but trance can be super fun, super emotional, or both at the same time. dj metatron's "loops of infinity" showed me the power of trance and i'm thankful for that. great genre
29The Cure

gothic what? this is kind of a cop-out genre since it contains gothic metal, rock, country, etc. under one umbrella. type o negative might be the only gothic metal band i really like for whatever reason. gothic rock certainly rules though, with the cure, siouxsie, bauhaus, swans, clan of xymox, dead can dance, etc. etc. etc. we're close to A-tier now, i can feel it

B-tier, ALTERNATIVE ROCK: alternative rock is mostly just bland at its worst. at its best it can be amazing. 80s/90s alt has a special place in my heart.
Melody A.M.

B-tier, DOWNTEMPO: some of the stuff tagged "downtempo" on the top charts is very suspect, but this is a mostly terrific genre. maybe a little less danceable than i like my electronic, but there's plenty to love here.
26Massive Attack

A-tier, TRIP HOP: at long last, we have made it to the A-tier. we're starting it off with trip-hop. an excellent genre, one i've explored significantly, but perhaps one that i haven't been as in tune with in recent years. that being said, it's rare that all of the canon albums in a sub-genre are so high-quality to me.
25Tim Hecker
Haunt Me, Haunt Me Do It Again

A-tier, AMBIENT: the first genre on my pie chart has fallen, and it's due to sput's horrible tagging system that this is even on my pie chart in the first place. still, ambient is a lovely genre that isn't just for studying or doing work. the S-tier ambient stuff is some of my favorite music out there, and i crave it fairly often
24The Smiths
Hatful of Hollow

A-tier, INDIE POP: i had a tough time placing this one, tbh. a lot of the time, it can suck hard. still, i loved it when i was younger and i still do love a lot of bands in this genre. it's something i can throw on when i'm with my friends or when i want to relax. easy to listen to and easy to enjoy
23Die Kreuzen
Die Kreuzen

A-tier, PUNK: i really regret including these big umbrella genres here, but i love punk dearly. it was how i got into heavy music as a young lad. i love it when it's raw, lo-fi, and intense, but i also enjoy the more polished subgenres as well. good shit across the board
22Difference Engine

A-tier, DREAM POP: wonderful genre, even if i enjoy its cousin shoegaze a decent bit more. there's so much great underground dream pop that i've found, and it's one of the easier genres for me to put on and listen any time
21Husker Du
Zen Arcade

A-tier, POST HARDCORE: post hardcore has its fair share of stuff that i hate, but i can forgive that because the 80s and 90s stuff is some of my favorite music, period. one of the best rock genres when it hits
You Fail Me

A-tier, METALCORE: contrary to what ars may think, metalcore is an A-tier genre that mostly slaps. we all know about converge, but it doesn't end there. there's botch, coalesce, unruh, and new stuff like knocked loose and the chariot is great.
19Minor Threat
Complete Discography

A-tier, HARDCORE: this is the genre that taught me that music doesn't have to be pretty to be good. "nervous breakdown" blew the mind of young ryus and opened the gateway to music on the heavier end of the spectrum. hardcore will always have a special place in my heart, but i don't love it just for nostalgic reasons.
18The Goslings
Grandeur of Hair

A-tier, NOISE ROCK: an amazing genre at its most extreme moments, but at its most toned-down moments as well. it goes great with alt/indie, its fun, its raucous, what's not to love.
17LTJ Bukem
Producer 01

A-tier, DRUM AND BASS: it makes me want to dance. i could listen to dnb mixes all day. it can be atmospheric, banging, or both. i'm just gonna include jungle here since that's not a genre here. amazing stuff, endlessly listenable, solid A-tier
16Special Request
Soul Music

A-tier, BREAKS: there's just so much good shit here. the old stuff rules, the modern stuff rules. seldom do i have more fun than when i am listening to stuff with breaks
15The Chameleons
Script of the Bridge

A-tier, POST-PUNK: the upper echelon of post-punk is incredible. it was one of the best genres of the 80s, with so many classic albums coming from this genre during that decade. iconic genre with a great dark vibe
Objekt #1

A-tier, DUBSTEP: it's not just burial. i don't think i even need to say this, but it's not just skrillex, either (that kind of dubstep is overhated anyway, so it's not really a knock on the genre for me). i have a lot of nostalgia for the dubstep scene of the 2000s/early 2010s.
13Joy Orbison
The Shrew Would Have Cushioned The Blow

A-tier, GARAGE: one of the best genres for new music, imo. the past decade has done wonders for the genre, and there's been a lot of terrific garage-influenced stuff coming out. very good stuff
12Modest Mouse
The Lonesome Crowded West

A-tier, INDIE ROCK: indie bands like the pixies, modest mouse and pavement was how i got into music in the first place. it's a very nostalgic genre for me, but it's a very versatile one as well. it may be another genre that peaked in the 90s, but i can't deny the influence it's had on me as a music listener, nor can i deny the fact that i love many of those bands to this day.
11Albert Ayler
Spiritual Unity

A-tier, JAZZ: this is a very strong A-tier genre for me. if it's avant-garde or free jazz, chances are i will love it with all my heart. unfortunately, a lot of bop/post-bop kind of leaves me cold, otherwise jazz would be comfortably S-tier. typical sput, having 20 metal subgenres but none for jazz. anyway, i love most subgenres of jazz, and the very best stuff makes me feel like no other music does.
10The Microphones
The Glow Pt. 2

S-tier, LO FI: at long last, the S-tier. this is basically just indie rock but without the really bad stuff. top-tier stuff
9Arthur Russell
World of Echo

S-tier, EXPERIMENTAL: this gets docked some points for being too fucking broad, yet still, experimental has to be s-tier. everyone's favorite band, radiohead, is the quintessential experimental band (lol). seriously tho, there's just so much here to love, in so many different forms.
8My Bloody Valentine

S-tier, SHOEGAZE: my bloody valentine may be the best rock band of all time, but there's still a ton more amazing shoegaze out there beyond them. if underground dream pop was good, underground shoegaze is amazing.
Close to a World Below

S-tier, DEATH METAL: fuck yeah. this is how i like my metal: fast, beefy, and hellish. thank you to sput for making melodic death metal a separate genre, otherwise this would be substantially lower. riffz
6Joni Mitchell

S-tier, FOLK: i honestly couldn't tell you why i love folky stuff so much. it's kind of an outlier in this S-tier, but sometimes all i need is a person and a guitar. the avant-folk and weird stuff is just as good as the more traditional stuff too. folk is what i need to soothe my withered soul
5The Incredible String Band
The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter

S plus-tier, PSYCHEDELIC: like ars said, psych manages to bolster every genre it's coupled with. neo-psych, psych-pop, psych folk, psych rock, it all rules hard. incredible genre
4Oneohtrix Point Never
R Plus Seven

S plus-tier, ELECTRONIC: if we're judging this based on the strength of its all of its subgenres, i can't put it number one. there are obviously some less enticing ones. still, there's an incredible amount of subgenres of electronic that i love. it feels wrong not putting it 1, but it felt even more wrong putting it at 1 when i knocked other genres down for having some bottom-tier stuff amongst the gold.
3Porter Ricks

S plus-tier, TECHNO: honestly this and house are interchangeable for me. both incredibly fruitful genres that get me out of my seat and make me want to dance. there's nothing better for me than going to watch a dj play live set with my mates. live, at home, studying, chilling–i need techno, no matter the context. it's everything i want in music.
2Christopher Rau
Asper Clouds

S plus-tier, HOUSE: house gets the slight edge over techno for appealing ever so slightly more to my emotions, while also making me want to dance. house music nourishes me. like techno, i love watching it being played live, but listening to house dj mixes at home can be almost as good. it's everything i want in music [2].
Up 2 Më

S plus-tier, HIP HOP: it was written in the stars. east coast, west coast (even though i rag on it), southern shit, trap, drill, experimental–you can find gems in all of it. even if the boneys and the arses of the world might hate pop rap, the majority of it is, at worst, alright. that's a good sign if the shittiest stuff is mostly alright. as a genre on this godforsaken site with an awful system for what is and isnt a genre, hip hop gets the edge over house and techno for being so damn diverse. thanks to mx or whoever, there's only one subgenre of hip hop and it's not even one of the better ones. so yeah, as an all-encompassing genre, hip hop is the best. there have been periods of my life where i basically only listened to hip hop. it helped lay the foundations of my music taste as a pipsqueak. its very near and dear to my heart, and to this day, arguably my favorite genre. i guess if i was forced to choose one genre to listen to for the rest of my life, it'd be hip hop. whew
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