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RULES: Rec me ANY ONE hip-hop song NOT IN MY RATINGS, i'll give it a score after listening. the users rec'ing the songs with the lowest scores will be eliminated, and the rest will make it through to round 2. i'll cap the number of songs at 20.
Rap Album Two

TED Talk - LandDiving

3.5/5 This guy has a pretty interesting voice, coupled with some clever and funny lyrics. Stylistically, he almost reminds me of MF DOOM with the East Coast-like beat, the husky vocal delivery, and the humorous and abstract lyrics. Some lines referencing depression make the song a little different, though. Pretty good.
2Erick Sermon
Insomnia: The Erick Sermon Compilation Album

Funkorama (Redman) - hikingmetalpunk

4.1/5 I've never heard a Redman song before but ohh man he brings the heat here. Redman's delivery is aggressive and energetic throughout--he really captivated my interest. That Tribe sample on the hook about Redman himself is a perfect touch. This song also benefits from its brevity; it makes the song feel like a burst of energy.

Kill Us All - Ovrot - ELIMINATED

2.5/5 Another track unfortunately suffering from a very weak hook. This song features that classic fast flow you know and love from Twista (even if it gets tiresome after a while). Nothing particularly terrible about the verses, but that chorus is incredibly underwhelming. Meh

Pigeonfeet (Frivolous)

3.9/5 Super nice. The beat is excellent but really lowkey, so MIKE's vocals are mostly the big focus. Dude has great flow--not super flashy, but it works well with the sleepy beat. The last minute is terrific--wobbly keys, jazzy bass, and percussive elements all meld together to make one hell of a soundscape.
5Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire
Lost in Translation

The Last Huzzah (Remix) -TheMrAlexK

3.6/5 Haven't heard any of this guy's work so I can't really judge his abilities as a rapper (especially since we only get one verse from him here [it's decent]), but as a posse cut, there's a lot to like here. Heems pops up with a very witty verse, we get a taste of that patented Danny Brown flair, and El's verse is extremely clever. Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire himself doesn't do anything special, and I'm not so sure that hook is necessary. I'll be listening to this a few more times since there's a lot to digest here, but it's a solid posse cut.
Revenue Retrievin': Day Shift

Bitch - Drifter - ELIMINATED

2.0/5 What an irritating hook, I mean woww. The beat's quite unmemorable and the whole song is way less fun and entertaining than it thinks it is, but I suppose the verses aren't unlistenable--just boring. That hook ruins any momentum the song could possibly have though.
7Swordplay and Pierre the Motionless
Tap Water

Papier Mache - UniqueUniverse - ELIMINATED

1.7/5 Yeahhh this has almost none of the qualities I look for in my hip-hop. The sadboy vibe is pretty unpleasant, it's rife with some pretty cringey lyricism--and not to mention those fucking vocals. Sorry Unique, but unless other users really bring the garbage, I don't think you're making it past this round.
Come Home With Me

The Roc - Keyblade

3.7/5 Goddamnn this feels so 2000s. The maximalist beat is the perfect backdrop for a posse cut, and the features are fun as fuckk. Everyone brings the heat. I'm not a huge fan of Cam'ron, but this is one of his better tracks that I've heard.
Clear Blue Skies Re:Release

I'm Gonna Kill You - adr - WINNER

4.3/5 Whewww, this bangs. It's got that classic East Coast 90s feel that I love so dearly, and the beat has some great character to it. Terrific flows too, it's just non-stop bars after bars. Choice lyrics: "Like honey said, 'Don't stress it, just don't care/And hit the streets like Mr. hardrock'/But hardrocks become rock hard with rigormortis"
10King Mez
Long Live the King

Morris - Aberf - ELIMINATED

3.4/5 Some of the bars felt pretty cheesy "God been doing surgery on me, no anesthesia though/Feeling every little thing but pain is what we need to grow" but I appreciate the vibe he's trying to go for here. Even though it's perhaps overlong, King Mez delivers a pretty good introspective tune here (even if some of the lyrics have a kind of condescending holier-than-thou approach to them).
Silica Gel

Aasim - Hip Hop 101 - Yotimi (not in database)

3.6/5 Pretty dope guitar samples. I wish i could find the lyrics so I could judge them too, but he's clearly a talented MC. Solid tune.
The Night's Gambit

Delaney Card - gagnonov

4.0/5 It makes sense that this song was from a movie soundtrack, since it has a very cinematic quality to it. I like Ka a lot, and his calm disposition fits as well here as it does on any of his other songs. The song progresses beautifully as the horns ebb and flow, and Ka's lyrics are as affecting as ever.
13Lost Boyz
Legal Drug Money

Is This Da Part - JamieTwort

3.9/5 This is one of the more upbeat beats I've heard in the style, but it's a nice touch to a very fun song. I like the gang vocals on the chorus since it reminds me of Black Moon, which is always a good thing. Got me bobbin my head. Good stuff
14Speaker Knockerz
Married to the Money

Married to the Money - superliminals

3.4/5 Pretty decent pop-trap track. Not quite bop, but it's kind of fun, if a little repetitive Not really much more to say than that
15Chief Keef
Bang Pt. 2

Haha - sach

3.8/5 I am usually a fan of the more melodic Sosa like Thot breaker and Nothing, so I like this quite a bit. The chorus is super infectious, and Terintino's feature is quite entertaining.
16Atoms Family
The Prequel

Atoms All Stars - calmrose

4.2/5 Woww such a beautiful beat. It's quite stirring, that ambient sample is gorgeous. The appearance of Cannibal Ox members make me love this more, of course, and the abstract verses fit in perfectly. It's got kind of a Clouddead vibe to it.
Temporary Forever

Imaginary Places - 50iL

3.8/5 Certainly one of the more songs I've been rec'd. I'm a big fan of the way he rides the beat, matching almost every note with a syllable. The beat itself, a sample of Bach's Orchestral Suite, is pretty unique itself. Really fun tune.
18L'A Capone
Separate Myself

With The Shits - hal1ax

3.5/5 This nails that nihilistic Chicago drill vibe. Maybe a little overlong, but still banging. Not a massive fan of the style but this does it pretty well.
19Sean Price
Mic Tyson

Pyrex - DikkoZinner - ELIMINATED

3.0/5 Sean Price is the man. I haven't heard any of his solo material, but this was alright. Nothing particular grabbed me about this track, but nothing particularly wrong with it either. The beat is bouncy and fun, and Sean brings good energy to the track.
20Brotha Lynch Hung
Season of da Siccness

Siccmade - TheCrocodile

3.7/5 I'm not a huge fan of the West Coast vibe, but the horrorcore elements keep this interesting for me. The horror vibe and triplet flow remind me of underground Memphis raw g shit occasionally, which is always a good thing. Catchy as hell, a solid tune
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