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Anime I Checked Out This Year (not From This Year)

A different kind of 2014 list (please not that none of these shows are from 2014, the albums accompanying them are though). I like anime, I think. I don't watch heaps of it but I know quite a few of you are the same so I thought I might indulge in a bit of it with those willing. The albums accompanying the entries are albums from 2014 that I enjoyed (or didn't) as much as the anime listed or for similar reasons as the anime listed, I'm not comparing them exactly though. So that means that this list is also musically related as well (and you can have fun with that in the comments). This took me ages so enjoy if this is your poison. If it's not, idgaf honestly just ignore the list in that case. Feel free to discuss anything I've said in the list in the comments, just have fun with this as I said.
21Black Tongue
Born Hanged

Mirai Nikki (Future Diary): SPOILERS PRESENT: I hate this, I really hate this. Seriously, if
you?re one of those people that hates shows like Elfen Lied (I love Elfen Lied, but yeah I know
it?s shit) then this takes the dick like nothing else. This is why people hate anime; this is it.
We?re introduced to Shinji Ikari? sorry, that is, Yuki whatever his name was. A socially
awkward loser that spends all his time writing in his diary. He is also really good at darts (this
is relevant once throughout the entire show). He has an imaginary friend that isn?t actually
imaginary, he?s God and he gives him a magical cell phone that can tell him the future (hence
the entire premise of the show). The future diary?s were also given to 12 other cheese balls
and cease to become a relevant part of the show very quickly. There is also a violent psycho
chick that?s in love with papa Yuki, and Yuki want?s that pusi mane. Right near the end, Yuki
becomes a completely new character for no reason and he gets that pusi. Also every time a
new character with a future diary is introduced (sans one character who *coughcough* dies
anyway *coughcough*) they are disposed of fairly quickly with minimal help from the future
diary?s they?d been gifted by God (who is poetically named Deus ex Machina). Also there are
no cookies available if you predicted how the show was going to progress and end by episode
10. Just? stay away from this if you haven?t already seen it? please. 1/10

Gilgamesh: Oh boy this show. Oh boy? (SPOILER ALERT)
Some of the dumbest shit I?ve ever seen, I mean it. I?m not hyperbolising anything, this show
is actually a fucking piece trash. Story? Wait until episode 16 and you might find it.
Character development? More like characters suddenly go from X to Y with no in-between (you
never really learn anything about the characters motives either, especially the villains).
Art? It?s renowned for that, that?s why you?ve heard of it undoubtedly. The sky is a mirror?
Sounds trippy. Wrong, absolutely incorrect. The entire thing is basically in grey scale, not
intentionally either. The whole thing is just so colourless that it looks like it?s in grey scale.
Like seriously, the colour livid was a contrasting colour (look up livid, you?ll get the point
pretty fast). How does the story go anyway? Everyone dies in the last 5 minutes. Why?
Because edge and profoundness, you probably wouldn?t appreciate it. Like, for Christ?s sake it
doesn?t even have a decent soundtrack going for it, the soundtrack is ghastly. One last thing.
So there?s this underlying thing/gag that the main guy likes his sister (like, LIKES his sister),
but no its ok because he?s not actually his real brother, he?s a clone of her dad? wait? WAIT,
THAT MAKES IT FUCKING WORSE!!!!! 1/10, no mercy.
Mash Bandicoot
18David Sylvian
There's a Light that Enters Houses...

Jigoku Shoujo (Hell Girl): If you saw my last list, as with Gilgamesh and Mirai Nikki, you know
what my stance on this one is. Never before have I seen something so unfortunately
uninteresting as this snore-fest. I watched this because the concept is really cool, but my
advice on it is this: watch the first episode, maybe the second one if you want more and
you?ve seen all 78 effectively. 2/10

Btooom!: This is everything that?s wrong with modern anime. Enticing concept, zero execution.
Basically explosions, shitty djunz djunz bleep bleep soundtrack, zero character development,
boobs, ass, boobs, ass, boobs, ass, kawaii desu desu, boobs, explosion desu, melodrama,
rape culture, cheap back story, boobs, and also did I mention that the whole thing is basically
boobs and ass? I think I did. Ordinarily that shouldn?t be a problem? if it?s porn. But Btooom!
is just one of those shitty made by otakus for otakus market sales pieces of shit. My rating is
extremely generous for what this is, I?m giving it the benefit of the doubt for its visuals, just
like something like Deadman Wonderland. 3/10
To Be or Not to Be

Nightwalker -Mayonaka no Tantei- (The Midnight Detective): Classic 90?s vampire anime.
That?s about it, it?s a classic 90?s vampire anime. It?s not actually that good, but it?s a classic
90?s vampire anime. Pretty mediocre story (it?s all over pretty quickly), just you?re standard
teenage vampire romance flick basically. BUCK-TICK did the opening and that was probably
my favourite part. Oh and I like vampires so ye. 4/10
Pale Communion

Darker than Black: Yeah, definition of average for me. I thought I was enjoying it, I kind of
liked that it felt like it was building up to something huge? except that it wasn?t. It never
really explained everything satisfactorily and it just in general wasn?t very satisfying in the
end. Also I?ve heard some really, really, really bad tales about Gemini of the Meteor so I
didn?t even bother watching that. Empty characters, directionless story, bland visuals, bland
soundtrack (good openings though), bland show. 5/10
14Damon Albarn
Everyday Robots

Hyouka: What can I really say about this honestly? This is an alright show, but after the
school matsuri thingy (I don?t know what it was called, I saw this a while ago now) the show
gets pretty stupid and unnecessary. Yeah, pretty passable, not bad. 6/10
13The Contortionist

Shiki: I like vampires, I think. Like, not if they sparkle though they?re shit but vampires are
cool yeah. This was a pretty cool horror show, some of the scenes were pretty scary. Great
atmosphere, fair enough cast and story. The art was a little campy but I?m no artist so it?s not
my place to talk about the art (unless it?s actually objectively bad like some of the ones on
this list that I won?t name). Yeah, good vampire anime and a pretty decent horror show too.
12TK From Ling Tosite Sigure
Fantastic Magic

Psycho Pass: Yeah, honestly I didn?t think this was amazing. I did get really into it around the
halfway point, but the first half of this was really boring honestly. I didn?t not like this, it was
pretty good, but I think it?s a little too highly regarded honestly. Definitely watchable but?
yeah, it was aight. Got me interested in Ling Tosite Sigure though, so that?s a bonus. 7/10
Distant Satellites

The Legend of Black Heaven (Kachou Ouji): Damn, what a classic. I mean, this show was just
so cool. A pretty funny story about a washed up old guitarist who meets a sexy alien chick
that needs his godly rock prowess to save the galaxy. There?s actually a bit of mid-life down
to earth seriousness to the story as well which actually makes the show a little more mature.
Also, this scene here is the greatest scene in anime of all time, oh my goodness gracious if
you haven?t seen this scene, your life is meaningless: https://www.youtube.com/watch?
The only reason this is so low is because? yeah it?s kind of cheesy. 8/10
10Stampede to Timberline
You Were My Coldest Season

Air: I haven't seen Clannad, which probably contributed significantly to why I found this as
good as I did, but I liked this way too much. For some reason, this whole thing just felt so
nostalgic. There could be a number of reasons why (I actually live in a town that?s quite
similar in set up to the town that Air is set in, that might be one reason) but usually with this
sort of sensation, you can?t place it. I actually thoroughly enjoyed the story and the
characters, honestly, I?m not going to lie. This was just a real refresher for me, fairly on its
own amongst the other anime I?ve seen. Probs never going to watch Clannad now though. I?ve
heard that this was based off of a hentai dating simulator so I suppose there could have been
more sauce to it, though I?d say considering the age gap between the main guy and the main
girls that the omission of any sauce was probably for the best. 8/10
9Trophy Scars
Holy Vacants

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (franchise): SABRUTIN PLEASE LINK ME TO THE NOVEL IN
PURCHASE IT. Now, I went into this with it being my only exposure to Higurashi no Naku Koro
ni, and I really enjoyed it. Unlike something like Elfen Lied, I didnt feel that this tried too
hard to be edgy, it was actually a really likeable horror show. My favourite thing about this
though was the setting for whatever reason. Im not a visual artist, so I know next to nothing
about art, but I was really captivated by the setting in this for some reason. What let this
down (among other things that Sabrutin can tell you about better than I can) was a) the
character design which was seriously lazy and b) the fact that this wasnt sure if it was aiming
at young adults or young girls (if youve seen it, youll know what I mean). It was really
graphically over the top when it came to torture or murder and even thematically at times,
but when it tried to be funny I cant even think of words to describe how funny it really
wasnt. I thoroughly enjoyed this though. 8/10

Soul Eater: One of the entries on this list is not like the other. I am not a fan of the longer
shounens at all. I absolutely hate the big four, cannot stand them and when I tried watching
this a year earlier, I hated the shit out of this one too. But for whatever reason, whatever
happened in between times must have changed something because I loved this the second
time I gave it a shot. It's pretty standard, but for some reason it's far more enjoyable than
most (I even thought that it was better than D. Gray Man overall). The art is really fun to
watch and it's even actually pretty funny for the most part. It's still loaded with cheese like all
of the other shounens of its kind and the roster of characters is pretty inconsistent quality
wise (for example, Black Star and Tsubaki are fucking unbearable and really bring the show
down a lot of the time) but other than that this is actually ridiculously good. Oh and Resonance
is a god-tier opening. 8/10.
once more 'round the sun

Baccano!: Big fan of Durarara!! So this one was a must see and it didn't let me down at all.
More than anything, this was just a really damn good all-rounder. The characters were fun and
the story was really cool. Not much to say really, this was just really good. If you liked
Durarara!! There's absolutely no way you won't enjoy this and vice-versa. 8/10
6Millicent Waffles
Under Dark Blue Blanket

Paranoia Agent: Crazy good show for all the wrong reasons. Morbid as fuck story arcs, my
favourite being the episode about the three friends that meet up on the internet. I love how
absolutely true the shows main idea is, although a let-down is that it is pretty obvious what's
going on from about episode 3. The show made a brilliant change from the anime norm for me
(I'm evidently a bigger fan of the more abstract ones than the action overloaded, kawaii desu
desu oriented shit. I do still enjoy a lot of those ones though, but don't tell anyone). Any way,
if you haven't seen this yet, you're missing out. 8/10
To Be Kind

Serial Experiments Lain: Probably one of the most unique anime ever, a real classic of the
genre. Although honestly, I had to research the damn thing after finishing it to fully
understand what most of it even fucking meant, I loved the avant-garde approach to telling
the story and establishing the characters. The whole thing just had a real, surreal paranoia
feeling to it as well which made it all the more interesting to watch. I loved the whole "if no
one remembers you, you never existed" idea, reminded me of Evangelion (one was probably
inspired somewhat by the other). I'm not 100% certain of what I enjoyed the most about this,
I just know that I really respect it for its artistic integrity. 8/10
4Sun Kil Moon

Aku no Hana: Say what you want about this; the rotoscope was awful, the set-up isn't that
original, it barely makes it halfway through the manga, whatever; I don't care. Ok, yeah the
rotoscoping is pretty shaky, but personally I feel that it adds to the instability of the situation
that the main character finds himself in. Also, the fact that it was rotoscoped actually makes
the characters easier to relate to since, you know, they actually resemble real fucking people.
This has to be one of the coolest stories I've ever seen, actually ridiculously cathartic, the
manga absolutely rules as well. 8/10
3The War on Drugs
Lost in the Dream

Steins;Gate: Did not expect this to live up to its hype but it proved me absolutely wrong.
Stellar cast of characters, perfect balance of seriousness and humour and unlike its sister
show Chaos;Head it didn't back itself into a corner and cop out at the end. Damn enjoyable
show. 9/10
2Animals As Leaders
The Joy of Motion

Phantom -Requiem for the Phantom-: I didn't expect to like this anywhere near as much as I
ended up liking it considering how shit the first couple of episodes were. But I ended up slowly
falling in love with this as it unfolded. Loved the whole theme of puppets and trying to justify
murder through forgetting who you are. Awesome conclusion too, wouldn't have ended it any
other way. I think I like this far more than I realistically should though. 9/10

Monster: Absolutely loved this. The story was something that I had kind of been looking for
after reading the manga Black Jack ni Yoroshiku (corruption amongst the medical community)
and the two bared similarities so I checked this out and was not disappointed. Loved the
characters (even Tenma), loved the way the mystery unfolded and especially loved that it
kept me devotedly interested for 74 episodes. Plus, stellar soundtrack too. One of the best
things I've ever seen, anime aside. 10/10
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